An Unnofficial History Ch. 01


I write this history as an outlet for my frustrations. When you aren’t getting enough sex it’s hard to think of anything else, and for me thinking about sex is thinking about my past experiences. For this reason, the episodes I write about are in no real order- whatever scene haunts me at the time is what gets written. I will do my best to keep some sense of coherence, and I apologize if at any point I fail to do so.


I’ve always had a problem with size- not least when I first got with my current girl, Rachael. I stood at two meters tall, thin but well toned and weighed almost one hundred kilos. She on the other hand was easily a whole foot shorter and curvaceous, the sort of build that on first glance is cute or cherublike but on closer inspection yields a well made voluptuous body. I wondered what we would look like walking down the street hand in hand, what people would say or think. Six foot five was tall enough to be noticed but far from freakish, and in the same way five foot three was short but not dwarven, but standing side by side doesn’t help either party.

I wondered how we would ‘fit together’. In my nightmares I saw myself on top of my girlfriend but staring at a pillow, her head way down the bed somewhere screaming in agony from being crushed by my weight and injured by my cock. Such a small girl would most certainly have troubles with my size, especially if my past experiences were anything to go on. To compound my problems, she was not only a virgin but completely inexperienced- sex with the girl I loved was out of the question, as far as I could see.

I had just come from a difficult split from a girl who I had been with for almost five years. Sarah and I had been together since the last year of high school and she was the exact opposite of Rachael. Rachael was artistic and fun loving and Sarah was driven and hardworking. Where Rachael was easy going, Sarah was anxious. Sarah drank champagne, Rachael drank peppermint tea.

They were opposites physically as well- Sarah was tall and athletic with long and luscious blonde hair, the sort of delicate but imposing look that impressed other women and put men on the back foot. She had pale and flawless complexion, perfect ass and small perky breasts, and however shallow it was I was scared to go from having a relatively regular diet of amazing sex with a body like hers to one I had never seen and was probably going to injure.

That said, the sex life I had enjoyed with Sarah had started out fairly slowly- although she had been with other guys, it took her a while to get comfortable with both my size and her own body image. For a few months our sex was slow and meticulous, with me making every effort to get her accustomed seyranbağları escort to the feeling of my cock, always making sure it was as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. As well as this, Sarah had her own issues with size- she hated her breasts. Though any sane man or woman would delight in them, she was convinced that they were much too small and because of this always kept something between her bare breasts and my eyes.

It was the day she let me see them that our sexual relationship changed. We had been building up to it for a few weeks; she had been down to just her bra for a while and had decided that she was comfortable enough. I suggested we take a shower together first- some new foreplay that would perhaps take some of the emphasis off the situation.

We stood there naked, waiting for the water to get hot, and even though only two foam cups had separated her from complete exposure so many times I couldn’t help analyzing her body over and over again. Her breasts complemented her body perfectly- they were a small B but were beautifully shaped with perfect nipples that despite the hot steam now billowing from the shower were hard as diamonds.

And by following her eyes I realized they weren’t the only thing. More aroused than I had even been, my usually huge cock had grown even larger. Suddenly I was the one who was self-conscious. I worried about how this would make our sex even slower and how absurd I looked with almost ten inches of cock standing to attention, advertising how aroused I was. I looked back at her, shuffling my feet in a vain attempt to hide my shame. She still stood motionless, nipples hard and eyes transfixed. I opened my mouth to say something- anything to break the uncomfortable situation, but nothing came out. Before I had the chance, she was on her knees, swallowing my cock.

In our three months together I had licked her almost every time we had the chance, she loved it and the relaxation and wetness it brought helped her take my cock. I didn’t mind in the slightest, her clean shaven pussy was beautiful against my lips and having her respond to my tongue flicking over her clit as I softly sucked on it was wonderful, however she had never been confident enough to take me in her mouth before. The fact that she was now on her knees in the bathroom as the shower continued to run with her mouth filled with cock made it obvious that all reservations that she had were now gone.

I relaxed and breathed deep. In the air, mixed with the vapour I could smell her arousal. Eyes closed and mouth fucking me with passion, she had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock while the other ran over my stomach and chest. The more she sucked me, the weaker sincan escort my knees became, and in the end it was too much. I gently pulled her ponytail and she looked up, the tip of my cock still between her lips

“That’s really good…”

She swallowed me once more slowly as I watched exactly how much of my cock she took, and how much was still left.

“I need you to fuck me.”

My heart exploded. No-one, including her, had ever talked to me like that before. I stumbled for words, my brain trying to find the words that would ensure she got what she wanted.

“So… go back to the bedroom?”

“No… just fuck me, please. Here. I don’t care.” She spoke quickly, still grasping my cock. My mind raced trying to work out how it could be done, the shower was very large and could perhaps fit us in but the unforgiving tiled floor prevented us from having sex in our usual fashion; we had only ever done it laying down on our sides or in the missionary position. My train of thought was derailed by her pulling me in by my still throbbing cock.

She positioned herself under the water on all fours, the water cascading own her perfectly shaped ass.

“Like this.”

“Are you sure?” As if to reply before she spoke, the snaked her hand down her body and slid a finger inside her wet pussy.

“Fuck me please…”

My mind was gone for the moment; it no longer checked and double checked the situation. There was no more second guessing or worrying. The liberation of exposing her body to me and her realization of how excited it got me melted her inhibitions away. She was not moaning softly as we lay together carefully trying to enjoy each other, she was on her hands and knees begging for cock.

I positioned myself against her entrance and slid my hands over her hips and back, savouring the new way of experiencing her. She had other plans. Putting one hand against the wall for leverage she pushed back hard on to me, her tight pussy stretching to take me. Nine and a half inches of cock slid inside her until my hips were almost touching her ass. For a moment she stayed there on her hands knees impaled by my aching cock, then she spoke.

“Now fuck me.”

I eased out of her slowly, then back in. The head of my cock worked against her walls, its ridge massaging her.

“Harder.” Hand still on the wall, she worked back onto me faster. Momentarily my worries returned.

“It doesn’t hurt?”

She didn’t reply. She just kept filling herself up with my cock.

Putting my qualms aside again, I put my hands on her hips and gave her more. It didn’t take long until she responded to my effort.

Her pussy started to tighten, and as she took me she moaned much sıhhiye escort louder than any time before. Her hand dropped from the wall, her elbows started to give and her back arched.

“fuck me hard… fuck me fuck me…”

With one last pulse of tightness from her wet slit, she came hard. As she shuddered and her pussy relaxed an arm came back to hold me steady.

“I need a break…”

We stayed there, water still cascading over our skin, tile marks embedding deeper into our knees and still linked together, me as deep inside her as I had ever been. I was blank, still in shock. Eventually she turned to look at me and spoke again.

“Again. Harder.”

I just stared back at her for a moment, unsure of… everything.

“I don’t know…” she explained. “I need it. It hurts a little bit but I don’t care. I need it.” She put her hand against the wall again and eased back and forth on me again.

“I just need you to fuck me… “

As she worked down onto my cock, I felt the difference in her pussy. Coming so hard had made her normally tight entrance relaxed and ready for almost anything. Not being able to resist, I pulled away until my cock slipped out of her and replaced in with two of my long fingers. Although momentarily angered by my interruption she quickly resumed her movement, pleasuring herself while I explored her. Not only were the lips of her pussy much more accommodating after her first orgasm, but her walls had stretched and lengthened to take my long, thick shaft.

As I slid my fingers out her hand shot back for my cock, grabbing me roughly and pressing it up against her pussy. I looked at my fingers, she had been so wet they still glistened with her juice. Needing to taste it, I sucked them clean, realizing after the fact that as she gently rocked back on to me again she had watched me do it. Nothing was said- our gazes were locked as we slowly fucked.

Again I felt her entrance tighten around me, and as she stared at me she moaned loud. I couldn’t take it a second time. I grabbed her ass, kneaded it in my hands and pumped harder into her. Staring at her I thought about filling her stretched, wet pussy with my cum, and as her elbows buckled and she began to surrender to her orgasm I fucked her even harder.

“Do it. Fuck me.” She brought her hand back again, almost collapsing in the process and began alternating between her clit and the base of my cock.

It was all too much. Feeling her hand stroke me, her tight lips run down my shaft as I worked inside her now accommodating and wet pussy, hearing her moan and seeing her eyes barely open and glazed over with pleasure sent me over. My cock pulsed and tensed and as I felt the cum explode from me I fucked her as hard as I could, the water spraying off us as her ass thumped against my hips. Above the noise of bodies slamming together she moaned loudly, her orgasm compelling her pussy to squeeze every drop of cum from me.

That was the first time we let go and fucked properly, however it was definitely not the last…

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