Anal Fuck


This goes back to a time when my wife and I had just moved into a flat. As it was a Saturday afternoon and the kids were playing outside, we, after watching some TV started fondling one another and very soon had we worked ourselves up into frenzy. I went down on my wife , removing her panties and pushed my mouth into her now very wet pussy. I used my tongue and licking onto her clit moved it with intent vigour until she started to convulse Not of much concern as regardlessly I carried on until she asked me to stop. Turning around she then proceeded to unbutton my pants and pulling it down she exposed my now erect cock. Without further warning she ringed her mouth over the shaft and proceeded with a blowjob. The faster she went the quicker I loaded up and then shot my entire load into her open mouth. This was somewhat different as normally she would not let go and keep the shfat tightly crossed on her lips. In this case she opened her mouth wide and by me holding my shaft shot it into her waiting mouth. I actually could see the sperm hitting her teeth tongue and throat and finally I wound it around her lips. We were just about satisfied orally and decided there will be more to come as soon as I have build up another load, which would be in about an hour’s time.
A while later I could feel that an erection is about kocaeli escort to develop as my cock started to feel hard. However, she opted to give me a blow job again and as time was getting a bit late we went into the bathroom. I immediately exposed my cock and bending down on her knees she took the whole 8 inches into her mouth. I fucked her mouth by holding her head with my two hands and unable for her to move away she just kept the her mouth open to accommodate my cock. This was a great fuck as normally a blowjob would last a few minutes, but because of my having coming earlier already it took a long time. Finally the explosion erupted and this time she swallowed my shaft whole and cleaned me out completely.
We went back to the room and after a few minute started fondling again. It took much longer for me to get an erection, but at least I could nudge away on her puss with utter delight. We than proceeded onto the stairway and exposing her cunt to me I literally stuck my face into it . We moved down one stair at a time and at the last stairway I sucked her with all intent so much so that my mouth had now engulfed her asshole as well. I licked fervently and she obliged that this is going to be a night to fuck her ass hole.
Despite all this my cock was still not in a condition to be as hard as a rock as I had too much sperm darıca escort already ejaculated. Finally we stopped and all I could notice under her bottom was the shine of saliva.
We retreated back to the room and getting out a vibrator I lubricated it well and slowly started to penetrate her ass. At first it hurt but gradually it seem to move deeper in and enlarge it enough to accommodate my cocks size.
By now it was dark and as we going out for the evening, she daringly just slipped a frock over herself, removing her bra and discarding her panties. Without even having a bath we both just got going to a restaurant and known to her, people were staring at her as her nipples were so noticeable from the her low cut dress. Coupled to that, sitting in her normal cross legged posed at the table, unknowingly , because of not having a pantie on she practically exposed her mound to a lot of on lookers. As we a bit later departed from the restaurant, her purse dropped on the floor, and going down on her haunches to retrieve it se fully exposed her naked underness in public.
On our way back we stopped at a drugstore to buy some condoms with the intention of using them for anal intercourse. Without any hesitation she explained to the owner what we intended to do and asked for a lubrication.
A bit later gölcük escort we were back home and I had now build up once again my erection to a hardened level. I slipped on the condom, got her into a position for anal intercourse and started to lubricate her well enough. Trying the vibrator, it seems to slip in easily so I it all seemed set to begin. At first we both got worked up once again, then at a point she positioned her asshole for me to penetrate and approaching her from the back, I ask her to guide my cock in. At first my head penetrated well enough, but as I pushed in deeper, she screamed out in agony. She held on to the headboard and cried, but was so desperate that she just wanted me to push it in deeper and deeper. I did one final thrust and she collapsed and slowly while laying flat on her back I gently pumped until she asked me to stop. She removed the condom, sucked me off and it was then that we decided that on getting an Anal breaker before we try it again. With time we did get one and after screwing her asshole and teaching her how to relax anal muscles the anal gap widened. The Anal breaker normally first fucks the woman with and usually has a very large Cock. This they claim it to make them get use to “Big” cocks and the same size cocks is used to penetrate the ass.The option lies with the woman whether the Anal Breaker has to use a condom or not. In my wife’s case she opted for a naked penis so as to have semen ejaculated into her ass hole, and get a feel and sensation.

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