Tommy still wasn’t sure whether he was awake or dreaming. All he knew was that he was naked, and the thick tentacles were gently lowering him down towards the soft bank of waving cilia that formed the centre of the anemone. The multi-coloured, pale-tipped cilia seemed to have a faint aura glowing about them, which was soothing to Tommy’s eyes.

He gasped as he felt the first of the thousands of tiny undulating fingers brush across his buttocks. Then he finally was properly sat down on the anemone’s silky cushion. A second later, the snug seat lightly spread itself outward underneath him, gently parting his bottom cheeks. In doing so, it allowed the hypnotically waving nubs and tendrils to nuzzle up against Tommy’s anus.

Simultaneously, two tentacles carefully encircled his ankles and repositioned his legs for easier access to his bottom. Indeed, the lifting up of his thighs caused his cheeks to spread yet further, obscenely exposing his pink anal muscle.

Tommy gasped again, feeling the cilia teasing themselves up between his anal lips, some of them purposefully tracing the sensitive inner lining.

“Oh God..” he sighed under the erotic sensations that began to radiate out from down there. The tiny fingers undulated sensuously inside the confines of his sphincter, slowly but certainly spreading the pink muscle to further expose the fleshy passage. The tips of the cilia exuded their own natural lubrication, as they stroked sensuously inside his anus.

“Oh yes..” Tommy moaned in ecstasy, his penis quickly rising to full erection.

He was oblivious to the single long tendril that had started to slowly extend itself upward from among the waving bed of cilia, heading straight for the centre of the activity at his anus. It was slightly thicker, but still only about half the diameter of a little finger, and it was crowned by a sort of fleshy feathered tip, which dripped with a translucent gel.

At its approach, the smaller cilia shifted to the sides of Tommy’s anal lips, keeping them spread with the minimum of force required.

The feathered tip fit almost perfectly into the opening, only slightly brushing across the sensitive flesh on the inside of the sphincter as it went in.

This subtlest of touches was still enough to elicit a gasp from Tommy. A second later, another gasp as the gel-covered tip nuzzled against his inner sphincter. There, it began a slow probing and teasing motion, almost tongue-like.

“Oh.. my.. god..” whispered Tommy breathlessly, his body tense and still, focussing on the intimate contact of the tendril inside his hole.

Slowly and sensuously, the moist fleshy tip kept ‘licking’ at the small muscle, teasing it.

It made Tommy curl his toes, which were still held up in the air by the larger tentacles.

“Don’t stop..” he groaned, straining to further spread his thighs for the anemone.

A tremble of anticipation shivered through his rectum. It couldn’t take much longer until the tendril’s probing attentions would gain it attention to that part of him as well.

Tommy was in no hurry though. How good this felt.

And evidently, the feathered tip wasn’t in a hurry either. It took regular breaks from its probing action to explore and circle around, pleasuring Tommy’s anal membranes with its prickly texture.

Then, probably prompted by one of these little detours, his rectal sphincter spasmed, opening up a few millimeters. The tendril quickly flashed its feathery tip into the slit, and though the muscle clamped down on it immediately, it slowly wormed its way forward.

Tommy held his breath as he felt the slippery tip snake its way in.

With one final thrust, the anemone finally entered his rectal chamber.

“God.. Ohh..” moaned Tommy. “Ohh.. Yes..”

It extended, sending more of its length up inside his hole.

Meanwhile, the burrowing tip oozed out fresh lubricant over itself and began exploring Tommy’s rectum. The wet tip nudged against his walls, focussing on any spot that sparked a reaction from him.

“Oh..” Tommy gasped, his eyes hazy with pleasure. “That feels so good..”

The tendril swirled its length around inside his rectal canal, tickling and teasing the walls purposefully.

Two more slick, feather-tipped tendrils rose up to Tommy’s hovering opening and then paused just outside his sphincter, the length of the first tendril still protruding from it, occasionally twitching and moving back or forward.

The two new tendrils waited, as if watching with curiosity.

Finally, they moved to either side of the first tendril and began nuzzling their way inwards.

“Oh my.. Ahhh..” moaned Tommy, a tingle of pleasure shivering through his anal opening as the two new invaders wormed through it, neatly slipping into his rectal cavity.

The first tendril had already informed the anemone about the inner workings of its prey, so what followed was a coordinated and intensely erotic caressing of his rectal lining.

While one feathery tip tickled him deep towards the back of his rectum, almanbahis another brushed lazily to and fro across the top. The third tendril teased at seemingly random areas of the membrane, but this too was done with purpose and great skill, all serving to excite his body further.

Tommy’s nipples had hardened with pleasure and his breathing had become deep and fast.

His mouth hung open and moaned softly, while the soft flesh of his rectum was expertly probed and teased. The slick movements of the tendril’s bodies also pleasured the inside of his sphincter, as it reflexively clasped itself around the three squirming, pumping invaders.

“Oh God.. Ohhh.. yesss…” he mumbled, his heart beating faster as the obscene three-way probing of his rectal tissues continued for a few minutes.

Until, one by one, the tendrils were retracted and slipped out of his sphincter muscle.

Tommy didn’t have to despair for long though. For another tentacle, slightly thicker than the three tendrils combined, slowly rose up between his parted buttocks.

Its beautifully multi-coloured head was bulbous and it constantly rippled from the inside, as various hidden muscles, just below its outer membrane, pushed outward in an endless, inquisitive manner.

A tiny orifice was located on the very tip. From it, a tiny red wisp of a tongue flicked out occasionally, as if tasting its surroundings, much like a snake would.

The inch-thick bulb came to within a centimeter of Tommy’s spread anus.

Its little red tongue flitted out and teased in-between his anal lips, causing the opening to twitch.

Then the bulb pressed up against Tommy’s opening and slowly began to inch its way inward. He moaned, as the rippling muscles under the surface of the advancing head massaged his sphincter from the inside.

Once the thickest part of the bulb was hugged tightly by Tommy’s clenching anal muscle, it purposefully began to pulsate in a slow rhythm, working out the young man’s sphincter.

“Ahh.. Ahhh.. Ohh God…” moaned Tommy, a hot rivulet of pre-cum suddenly running out of the tip of his erection. Never before had he been so close to reaching an orgasm exclusively through anal stimulation.

But the vibrating fleshy knob that was keeping his sphincter open was not done with him yet.

Slowly, it crept forward, allowing the anal muscle to close around its stem.

Tommy’s young cock jumped as he felt the muscular head squeezing its way into his rectum.

The bulb gradually swelled up, expanding its fleshy rippling surface to fill the cavity and touch every side of his rectal walls.

Tommy gasped with incredulity at the sensation. It felt like simultaneously having a penis inside him, and having every inch of his rectal channel sensuously caressed.

Slowly, the tentacle began a steady pumping motion, sending the fleshy bulb deep inside Tommy’s passage, then sliding back until the bulb opened up his sphincter, then confidently and deeply back in.

“Ahh God.. Mmm..” he moaned, his lips parted in ecstasy. His toes curled and wiggled with pleasure, as the anemone deliciously pumped its muscular tentacle in and out of his anal canal.

The rippling, ropey texture glided back and forth across his rectal walls, tantalising the soft pink membrane.

“Oh my God..” he sighed, half-closing his eyes and tilting his head back, letting the tentacle penetrate him deeply, feeling the bulbous head nudge and ripple its way around inside him with each exquisite thrust.

Tommy’s hips instinctively moved along with the invader embedded in his anal opening, enticing the anemone to explore his rectal passage yet further.

The bulb secreted some thick lubrication, which facilitated penetration and caused a wet slurping to accompany the tentacle’s every stroke.

The viscous fluid also worked to add some suction to each movement, which caused Tommy’s rectal passage to narrow. This way, he felt every exciting thrust and twist all the more intensely.

“Ohhh.. Ahh yes.. Yesss.. Ahhhhh..” he moaned ecstatically, his penis regularly twitching upwards.

Occasionally, the tentacle’s slippery skin glided across Tommy’s prostate gland, which sent a jolt of pleasure through his erect cock.

The head reached down to the back end of his rectum and settled there, while the tentacle’s body exuded a fresh layer of cool lubricant over itself, then went into a series of strong flexing motions, acting as a sort of skipping rope throughout the tightened canal. The muscular tentacle jumped and danced around, tantalising Tommy’s sensitive rectal membrane.

“Ahh.. Don’t stop..” he moaned, tilting his hips up in an effort to let the bulbous head roam more freely inside his cavity.

His reward came as the invading tentacle sped up its undulating movements, wiggling wetly across his rectal walls.

Soon enough, it located his prostate, which it began softly circling with the pulsating bulb.

A hard gasp from Tommy told the anemone that this was a particularly good spot. almanbahis yeni giriş The bulb slowed down its circling action and oozed out a thick aphrodisiac lubricant, proceeding to spread the tingling gel around the young man’s excited prostate.

When the anemone was satisfied with the amount of lubricant that had been distributed, it gave Tommy a short reprieve to catch his breath.

He sighed and panted heavily, his heart throbbing fast.

Then Tommy’s mouth fell open in another gasp of disbelief and pleasure.

The bulb had begun a gentle rippling motion over his prostate, until the gland was thoroughly throbbing with erotic pleasure.

“Ohhh.. my..” he sighed, his thighs trembling with the incredible feelings surging through his lower body.

The bulbous head kept exciting Tommy’s prostate for over two minutes, before leaving it and slipping out of his anus altogether, leaving him breathless and with great anticipation.

Long seconds later, another tendril, glistening with thick translucent jelly, pushed its thick round bud of a head against Tommy’s sphincter.

“Ahh.. Yes..” he moaned, anxious to find out what this new invader could do.

The small bulbous head passed through his anal ring with ease, thanks to its lubrication.

Once inside Tommy’s rectum, the bulb blossomed open into a dripping, soft, mouth-like flower, its moist tissues rippling and undulating hypnotically, tiny cilia lining its ridges. Three sticky feelers occasionally flitted out from it, apparently exploring the environment.

Tommy groaned as the flower began groping its way around his anal canal. Its saliva was cool and abundant, sending little shockwaves of pleasure through his bottom.

“Ohhh..” he moaned, as the succulent mouth slithered moistly over the walls of his rectum.

Whenever the flower-mouth sensed that it had touched one of the more sensitive areas, it adhered itself to that part using gentle suction. It would ripple its slimy surface deliciously across the rectal tissue, nuzzling and suckling wetly.

Usually, this would cause Tommy to moan and writhe his hips in abject pleasure.

The mouth would then extend its three feelers. And they would slowly, one by one, begin to ripple in different directions across the walls of his quivering rectum.

This always led to a shudder of ecstasy running through Tommy’s rectal sheath, making his toes curl and his breath get stuck in his throat.

“Oh! Oh God!” he moaned, still squirming his hips helplessly. His eyes blurred with the erotic daze that the succulent flower in his ass put him in.

His breathing turned ragged and his thighs spasmed within the hold of the tentacles around his knees and ankles.

Every now and then, a soft slurping sound could be heard from inside Tommy’s anus, when the flowery mouth realigned itself and began sucking on a different area.

“Ahhh.. Ohhh, please don’t stop..” Tommy groaned, his drooling erection making involuntary jumps as the flower teased and suckled his rectal sheath.

Finally, inevitably, the flower reached his prostate.

It wrapped its lips around it and started to gently suck on the throbbing gland.

“Ohhh! No! Stop!” gasped Tommy, tensing his entire body, feeling that he would explode if the flower would unleash its feelers on the hyper-sensitive spot right now.

It seemed that the tendril picked up on Tommy’s increasing excitement, and it slowed down its loving administrations. The flower-mouth drooled its lubricant over his prostate, suckled on it lovingly for a few more ecstatic seconds, then abruptly disconnected itself from it, to Tommy’s sighed relief.

The anemone allowed him to slightly come down from his orgasmic plateau.

Then it sent the mouth deeper inside the rectal channel.

The three feelers flicked out and groped around the less sensitive walls at the end of their prey’s rectum, sending butterflies of wonder and pleasure up through his belly.

Tommy was still panting, his prostate still feeling as if the slightest caress could send him into the throes of orgasm.

He could feel the gland throb, while the flower sought to redirect the pleasure towards the back of his rectal channel.

The flower-mouth, eight inches deep inside, spilled an extra dose of its cool lubricant. The contrast in temperature with Tommy’s warm rectum caused the mouth’s activities to become more acutely feelable.

Tommy gasped when he could feel its lips nuzzle at the bend that leads up to his colon. Almost imperceptibly, the tiny cilia on the lips waved and caressed him.

“Ahhh..” he sighed, feeling the back of his rectum beginning to tingle with erotic delight.

The anemone knew well what it was doing. The increasing pleasure gradually made Tommy’s rectal sheath contract, so that the excited tissues wrapped themselves closely around the invading tendril.

“Oh!” gasped Tommy.

Sensing the moment, the three feelers, freshly lubricated with cool saliva, joined in the relentless teasing almanbahis giriş of his rectal lining, lasciviously squirming and rotating in the narrowed passage towards the back.

The tendril itself undulated sensuously throughout the rectal sheath, carefully avoiding direct contact with the prostate.

“Ooohhh my God..” moaned Tommy breathlessly, the busy tentacle worming wetly through his pulsating rectum.

Like a puppet on a string, his hips danced along with the movements in his bottom, and his moans had become steady gasps.

The busy mouth and the three feelers intensified their gyrations until they mounted into a steady crescendo of squirming, tickling, teasing and sucking deep inside Tommy’s spasming rectum.

His erection kept making small jumps and jerks, accompanied by the increasingly frequent sucking and squishing sounds coming from his asshole.

Then, Tommy’s heart skipped a beat, because he was sure he felt the mouth pull out of the back end of his rectum and inch closer to his prostate.

Yes, he was definitely sure.

His mouth opened in ecstasy as the flower’s cool mucus dripped onto his most sensitive spot.

The cilia-lined lips wrapped themselves around his swollen gland once again, and this time, the feelers did get in on the action.

Their obscene teasing motions focussed themselves on Tommy’s prostate, definitively pressing him towards a thundering rectal orgasm.

A second tendril, thicker and more muscled, penetrated his anus and squirmed its way towards the now unattended back end of his rectum.

This tentacle pumped in and out rhythmically, while the flower tendril sucked wetly on Tommy’s prostate.

It felt so good that the tickling feelers almost were a mere surplus.

“AAAAAH!” Tommy yelled, his rectal sheath quivering with orgasmic pleasure. His cock ejaculated violently, sending his cum yards away. It kept coming in steady spurts, as the anemone manipulated him anally.

The flower-mouth opened wide and increased its sucking of the young man’s pulsating prostate gland, taking his anal orgasm to the next level.

Simultaneously, the second tentacle began to fuck him harder, its ropey muscles churning against his rectal walls.

Tommy was in disbelief. His cock kept streaming pre-cum and spastically twitching, while his rectum throbbed with delirious pleasure.

“OH! AHH..!” he shouted. His rectal passage had begun a series of contractions around the two busy tentacles.

Every millimeter of his insides was being stimulated beyond his imagination and his cock just kept jumping and drooling.

Finally, the wet flower on his prostate ceased its sucking and smoothly slipped out of his sphincter, leaving the larger tentacle to continue pumping its way in and out.

The anemone carefully re-aligned Tommy’s body into an upside down position, the tentacle proceeding to fuck the young man’s rectum, slowly and deeply.

With every thrust, the spongy rounded head insistently pressed against the far end of his passage, ensuring that it was filled thoroughly.

When it was at its deepest, the tentacle would often rotate around its own axis, its muscular body writhing across the rectal lining and sending sparks up behind Tommy’s eyes.

His cum was spent, but his slowly softening penis still leaked clear fluid. He moaned and sighed softly, letting the tentacle languidly pump its way deep into his ass.

“My God.. Oh..” Tommy muttered breathlessly.

The soft head of the tentacle pushed up around the bend and began slowly fucking the entrance to his colon. The knob popped around the corner, time and time again, gently working out the young man’s intestinal tract.

Tommy found himself really enjoying this deeper penetration. The part beyond his rectum was much less sensitive, but the sensation of being invaded so intimately was a very nice alternation to the previous intense manipulations.

As the head kept slipping back and forth past the bend, it started pulsating rhythmically.

Floating in an erotic daze, Tommy felt it sensuously swell up and deflate as it passed through the entrance of his colon. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up.

“Ohhhh.. Thank you.. Ahhh..”

Slowly swirling, deeply exploring, the tentacle kept easing in and out of his colon, awakening erogenous zones he had never been aware of.

Every time, the moist tip squeezed itself past the turn at the back of his rectum, slipped through, and curiously probed and teased the walls of the colon.

Gradually, the anemone started stroking even deeper, moving upwards into the colon, but always returning to the far end of the rectal channel, sensing that its prey enjoyed the repeated experience of the head popping through it.

At last, the tentacle’s knobby end squirted a thick load of seminal fluid into the dangling young man’s intestines.

It writhed around in his colon for another minute, thoroughly coating the walls with its semen, before slowly retiring back to the rectal chamber, then out the sphincter.

Tommy sighed.

The lights had gradually dimmed, leaving him with only the swirling kaleidoscope of colour emanating from the anemone.

Tomorrow, would he still be hanging here, held in its arms? He passed out, hoping for it to be so.

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