Anna and the Steamy Hotel Encounter

Big Tits

Anna… Where do I begin…

It’s been so long since the beginning. That day, so many weeks ago, and so much since then… Anna first contacted me through a story. Something id written online. An erotic story, of course. It had driven her wild she had said. Both her mind and her body. It had shocked me at first. I didn’t think anybody had noticed my stories. Not until Anna at least.

So we emailed a few times. Things started to get interesting. The more stories I sent her, the more and more excited she got. Every response I had seemed like she was enjoying herself more and more. It seemed like her orgasms were getting more and more intense, and that was only through the emails. Photos were swapped, and we decided to go a step further.

We both got on msn, and within minutes, the conversation had turned interesting. We decided to turn on the webcams. I had seen her body in the pictures but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness of her perfect body. A natural blonde, tall, slim, and curvy. The most perfect pair of breasts I had ever seen lay so close under her bra, but in reality so many miles away. Her perfectly rounded ass in a lacy thong and her shapely legs were driving me wild. She started to tease me, stripping her clothes slowly. I could feel the bulge in my trousers getting bigger and bigger… I had to release it from the strictness of my jeans and boxers, and I saw the look in her eyes as she saw it escape. The rest of her clothes dropped to the floor, while one finger went to her lips, the other went between her legs, while she wished both of them were the pulsing cock she saw on the screen.

Within minutes, she had taken herself to her first orgasm, legs spread over her chair arms, and hands moving from the keyboard, to her nipples and then to her wet pussy and back. Trying to type, all I received was garbled messages, but I could see on webcam exactly why. She had three more orgasms from the webcam and the dirty stuff I was typing before I finally couldn’t hold it back and squirted hot cum all over my chest. That was the end of week one. Since then, a lot has changed.

We got a lot of phone and webcam sessions in, both sending each other wild, and finally decided we had to meet up. We chose a date, and found a hotel. 7:00pm she was supposed to arrive. I was there first, and decided to prepare things for her. I ordered up some room service. Champagne. Lots of champagne. As I changed into a dressing gown and waited, I grew more excited as it got closer to 7. I constantly turned from the clock to the chilled champagne and to the door, waiting in eager anticipation, my cock eager for the pleasure and the teasing awaiting me. That tight, wet pussy, those soft succulent breasts, and that perfect ass. I had to control myself so hard not to relieve myself.

Suddenly I heard the door knock. Opening the door, all of my dreams came true. Standing in front of me, there she was. A tight, black dress hiding what I so desired. Those slender, sexy legs, leading up to that taut, perfect ass. Her slim waste leading to her breasts. Those perfect spheres, hidden just behind her tight dress. I had to control myself pouncing her in the hallway. She pushed me backwards into the room, kicking the door shut behind her and shoved me onto the bed. Grabbing the champagne from the side, I opened it, pouring two glasses. I handed her the first glass as she knelt on the edge of the bed, crawling her way up the bed towards me.

“You look… well… wow!”

She smiled at me and replied, “I’ve only known you for two or three weeks, but ever since you blew my mind with that first story, I’ve dreamt of being her – the girl in the story. I’ve dreamt of having your skillful hands touching me all over my body, teasing me. I’ve dreamt of having you tongue inside me. But most of all, I’ve dreamt of having your cock inside of me. Tonight- I’m going to get that wish, and I’m going to make it the best night we’ve both ever had.” She downed her champagne, and stood up. She turned escort ankara to look herself in the mirror, casting her eyes from her body to me on the bed with my champagne and back. Slipping the strap from one shoulder, then slowly from the other, she dropped the dress from her slender body, letting it fall to the ground. A small black thong was the only thing covering her body. With one hand across her chest, she barely covered her ample breasts. Turning around, I saw her shapely body from the front. She lowered her arms, revealing her perfect breasts to me. She started to walk towards the bed, so I drank my champagne, and took off my dressing gown, lying on the bed wearing only silk boxers.

As she crawled across the bed towards me, her breasts hung perfectly below her chest, and the grin on her face was driving me wild. I tried to sit up to kiss her, but she pushed me back down, planting a kiss on my abs. She kissed gently up my chest while running a fingernail gently along the inside of my leg, and I very quickly started to feel a bulge in my trousers. As her hand reached the top of my leg, she felt the bulge too. She gave me a cheeky grin as she slipped her fingers under my boxers, releasing my rock hard shaft. She continued to slowly stroke her hand up and down my shaft, and started to kiss my neck softly. I ran my hands up and down her back, allowing my fingers to roam from her neck down to her perfectly rounded ass. I grabbed her ass with both hands and rolled her sideways onto her back, watching her breasts bounce as I did. She let out a squeal and a giggle, so I moved to kiss her neck, and the sounds changed to soft whimpers. I kissed all around her neck, placing soft, gentle, open-mouthed kisses on her neck, from the lobe of her ear on one side of her face, all the way to the other side. Feeling the tension in her body, I slowly kissed down her body, slowing when I came to top of her breasts. Every kiss was placed gently, with my mouth just open, letting my tongue touch her skin ever so gently. The combination of my soft lips and my wet tongue sent shivers through her body. Reaching one of her nipples, I kissed it softly and gently, applying a small amount of suction. My hands roamed her body, stroking any surface I could, sometimes allowing my fingernails to scratch her skin gently, and making her shiver every time. The soft moans coming from Anna let me know she was enjoying herself. I kissed down her soft smooth stomach, reaching her panties, and kissing gently around the edge of them, teasing her. My fingers ran up the inside of her thighs, and I started to kiss her softly through her already wet panties.

I cud smell her sweet juices, and the sweet taste lingered on the edge of my lips as I kissed her. I wanted to ravish her there and then. I wanted to rip her panties off her and lap up all the juices. I wanted to taste her sweet wetness, but I needed to wait. I wanted her to be teased so much that she couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted the tension in her body to build up so much that she was just one finger, one tongue, and even just one kiss away from orgasm. I slipped her panties down her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs slowly on the way back up, adding a little tongue to my kisses. As I reached her pussy the sweet aromas were driving me wild. I kissed around the inside of her legs, reaching her pussy lips, and I let my tongue slip just under her pussy lips. I lapped up the juices, savoring the sweet taste on my mouth. I spread my tongue wide, and ran it the length of her pussy, flicking at the end on her clit. I felt her body spasm underneath me, and flicked my tongue once again. I could feel the tension building in her body, feel the way she needed her pussy to be filled by my tongue, but still I teased slowly. Running the tip of my tongue just under her pussy lips, then lapping up the juices from the base of her pussy to the clit was starting to drive her body wild. She started to push her hips slowly but firmly into my face, letting me subtly know that she sincan escort needed something harder.

After a few licks under her pussy lips I let my tongue slide into her pussy. Just holding my tongue in her pussy, the taste of her juices and the soft lining of her pussy were driving my taste buds wild. I slid my tongue all the way up and down her pussy; keeping it pushed in as far as I could before starting to lick in and out of her pussy. Every time I pulled my tongue out of her pussy it was dripping with pussy juice, and I lapped it all up savoring the taste. I started to slide my tongue in and out of her pussy, faster and harder, curling it at the tip as I pulled it out, and could feel her body starting to tense. I slid my tongue to the top of her pussy and flicked it across her clit, watching her breasts rise as she arched her back on the bed. As I licked my tongue across her clit, I slid two fingers inside her. The combination of my fingers inside her pussy and my tongue on her clit sent her into her first orgasm. Pussy juices gushed onto my face, as moans escaped from her mouth. She arched her back and let out a deep moan before collapsing back onto the bed. After a few seconds, she sat up on the bed, and held out her finger, beckoning to me. Crawling up her body, she grabbed me and pulled me towards her, kissing me full on, pushing her tongue into my mouth, to taste the juices of her pussy on my tongue and lips. Slowly pulling away from me, she licked her lips and let out a moan.

“That was amazing… but there’s one thing missing… I need to taste your cum on my lips…”

With those words, she rolled my over, and started to kiss my neck. Nibbling gently on my ear, I felt a shiver run through my body, and my already hard cock twitched. She slid her hand down my stomach, and wrapped her fingers around my cock, sliding them up and down the shaft slowly. She slowly kissed down my chest and stomach, still stroking my raging cock. As she reached my cock, she ran her tongue from the base of my penis all the way to the top, licking away the drops of pre-cum escaping from the top. She kissed the top of my penis, and then licked her tongue around the outside of the head, then flicked it across the top. Her tongue danced wildly around my penis, and as I lay my head against the bed, I thought about how I couldn’t have been in a better place at all. My mind raced back to just a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t believe I had got to this point.

Suddenly I was brought back to reality as felt her lips engulfed my penis. Her tongue danced around the tip while her lips slid over the rim of the head. She slid my penis back out of her mouth, and again ran her tongue around the base of the head. She then slid her lips down my penis again, further than before. With every suck she reached lower and lower down my shaft. Soon she had reached the base of my penis. She had swallowed all 7 inches of it. I felt her tongue flick against my balls and couldn’t help release a moan. She slid back up my penis, sucking up and down, hard and fast. I could feel my balls starting to tingle and knew I wasn’t far off. She reached up and cupped my balls as she sucked hard on my cock, and could feel them starting to tense. She looked up at me, and I could see a twinkle in her eyes, as she knew that I was about to come. She sucked harder and deeper than before, while keeping her eyes locked firmly on mine. Those sexy temptress eyes, burning passion deep into mine. I couldn’t handle it much longer, and after a few seconds I exploded. Cum exploded into her mouth, oozing over and over again from my penis, and she swallowed it all. Every last drop. She even wiped away the trickle that had escaped her lips with a finger, and sucked on it seductively, savoring the taste of my cum. Watching her seductively lick the cum off her fingers, she then slid her finger into her pussy, and I watched her slide her glistening fingers into her mouth. She had gone from cum to pussy juice, and loved the taste of both demetevler escort on her fingers. Those seductive eyes, and the way she was sucking her fingers made my now semi erect penis stand to attention again.

She crawled up the bed, grabbing and stroking my penis as she kissed up my body. When she reached my face she planted a long firm kiss on my lips. I could taste her sweet pussy juice, and the taste of my own cum on her tongue. This was a sensation I had never before experienced, and it was one that I liked. I grabbed her and rolled her onto the bed, making her gasp in surprise, and grabbed my now rock hard penis, thrusting it into her dripping pussy in one swift move. She let out a deep and sexy moan, and called out my name. Her hands slapped against my ass as she tried to pull me deeper into her. Slowly, I pulled my cock out of her; just so that the tip was still in, and then slowly slid it back in again. The feeling of her tight pussy around my cock, slowly sliding back and forth was sending shivers down my spine, and I could see that it was doing the same to her. I began to increase the speed I slid in and out, thrusting just a little harder as I reached the end, making her moan each time. As I slid further in each time, I knew that Anna was enjoying herself. With every hard thrust, I felt her push her hips up against mine. I could see her breasts wobble underneath me as I thrust, and watched her pulling and twisting her nipples to give that extra edge to her passion. As I started to reach full speed, my thrusts were making Anna moan deeply, and her hips thrust up further every time, trying to keep my dick deep inside her. The sensations were beginning to be too much for her, and after just a few more thrusts, Anna screamed my name out loud, and pulled my body towards hers. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock, trying to pull it deeper inside of her as she came. Sweet liquids flowed from her pussy and down both of our legs, adding to the sensations we were both feeling. She grabbed my head and pulled it towards her, kissing me passionately, and then looked me deep in the eyes.

“Now its my turn on top big boy” she whispered seductively into my ear as she rolled me over.

Her pussy sank down onto my cock, making her lean her head back and let out a deep moan. She started to gyrate her hips on mine, sliding up and down slowly as she did. I could see her enjoying herself as my penis reached new, different places in her pussy. Her tight pussy, twinned with her breasts wobbling up and down, and the sounds of her own ecstasy, I was also enjoying myself. As she got more and more into it, her bouncing became faster, and I could feel her pussy starting to tense around my penis. I could see the joy in her face, as she let out moans through a beaming grin, and feel the joy on my cock as the contractions in her pussy became stronger and harder. Soon, she was screaming again, calling out my name as she came, her pussy squeezing again and again around my cock.

Before she could collapse onto my chest, I grabbed her ass, and picked her up, carrying her to the wall and thrusting against her. The mixture of shock and the whole weight of her body thrusting my cock into her pussy made her convulse again in orgasm, her pussy clenching hard onto my cock as I thrust deep inside of her over and over again. I could feel the tension building in my balls, so I threw her back onto the bed, jumping on top of her and thrusting my dick straight into her pussy. As her pussy came around my cock once more, I couldn’t hold back, and released my load. With every thrust I released another load of cum into her pussy, and could see the ecstasy in her face. I released wad after wad, thrusting over and over into her pussy, which was squeezing every drop out of my cock as she had yet another orgasm. Slowly, we both collapsed onto the bed, leaning in to kiss each other deeply as we lay inside each other, out sweat and cum covered bodies lying skin against skin, then lay back onto the bed to catch out breath.

I turned to grab two glasses and the champagne, and poured one for each of us.

“A toast is in order I believe. To you and your sexy body Anna, and to one hell of a steamy night… Hopefully to many more to follow!”

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