Annette Learns a Lesson


Annette had been cleaning house for Mr. Jones for quite a while, and the relationship was friendly and professional.

He never raised his voice, was always happy to see her and was always interested in her thoughts on various subjects – music, movies, food, religion, guns, politics, etc.

They were within 5 years of being the same age, with her being the older one.

He found her very attractive, and had fantasies about her. And rightly so – she had long blonde hair, alluring green eyes, a smile that made him melt, and the way her nose wrinkled when she laughed or smiled was adorable in his eyes.

She wore this perfume that intoxicated him. Very soft, very feminine and a scent he’d never noticed on any other woman, ever.

She usually dressed in a semi conservative manner, but he could tell she had a body he’d love to see more of.

Sometimes her tops were a little revealing as far as cleavage goes, and boy did she have a rack on her. Sometimes he could see just a bit of spilling out if she wore the right shirt with the right bra.

He would also watch her walk away from conversations, admiring the view.

She generally wore sandals and had toe rings which he found very sexy.

But while actually cleaning the house, she was barefoot.

And her voice? Her voice mesmerized him. Hearing her say his name. He could listen to her talk for hours.

However he felt about her, he wasn’t sure if she felt the same way, since she never let on if she did.

She came across as somewhat shy, though at times she did loosen up a bit depending on their topic of conversation.

She was always on time, and seemed happy in her work and had never caused him to question whether she did a good job or not.

There was a mutual feeling of respect and trust. She never felt uncomfortable around him and enjoyed working for him.

Of course, as with most housekeepers, she had a key to his home and was sometimes there when he wasn’t, depending on his schedule.

He had a level of trust in her that he never questioned.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t have security cameras strategically placed in a few rooms.

However, he respected her enough not to spy on her if she was there when he wasn’t.

Since he saw her as such an attractive woman, of course there were times he fantasized about her in every sexual way he could think of.

Well, it was actually pretty often.

Like every day.

All day.

Quite a few times after she’d leave, and her scent was still in the air, he’d jack off and think about her.

He imagined her coming on to him, saying, “Mr. Jones, I mean Jackson, I’ve been attracted to you since the day you hired me. I want you to make love to me. Right here. Right now.”

And just like that he was done. He had gradually become so turned on by her, his little fantasy session didn’t go beyond him imagining her saying that.

The mere thought of her saying those words pushed him over the edge.

He kept his cool around her, not wanting her to feel threatened or uneasy around him.

He tried not to stare and look all starry eyed when they’d talk, but he just couldn’t help it.

She was so pretty. So soft. And just so damn sexy.

He was not her only client, mind you. She had an array of single men, married couples and single women. With all of them she showed up, did her work and kept the small talk to a minimum. No one ever complained.

But with Jackson, she felt a connection from the time she walked through his door. A connection she couldn’t explain.

An attraction unlike anything she’d ever experienced. He seemed to genuinely be interested in her as a person and didn’t give her the impression he was just after a piece of ass.

She actually enjoyed working for him and did little things she absolutely did not do for any other client. She would empty his dishwasher, clean up whatever light clutter there was in the living room, or straighten his pillows on his bed.

One day at work while taking a break, his curiosity got the best of him. He had to get a look at her while she worked.

He knew she was at his house. He gave into his lustful feelings and turned on his interior cameras.

His phone app showed all 4 cameras in a collage: kitchen, living room, master bedroom (including a good shot of the master bath) and the back porch.

At first he didn’t see her anywhere. A minute later she walked into view of the living room camera.

He watched and listened as she worked. She vacuumed, dusted and did a general pickup of some clutter.

Then she moved to the kitchen where she unloaded the dishwasher, wiped down all cabinets and mopped the floor.

Finally she straightened up the master bedroom and vacuumed the floor there too.

He figured she was putting the vacuum away when she went out of view.

Then, she came back into view of the master bedroom camera.

She did something that made his heart race. She laid on the bed on her back, his pillow in her hands as she squeezed it tight. Then she put it over her face and inhaled deeply.

He felt a strange adiosbet yeni giriş tingling in his stomach. Not necessarily from spying on her, though that was a small part of it.

What he was feeling was hoping that maybe, just maybe, she had feelings for him too.

He didn’t have a whole lot of experience with women to be honest. He wasn’t a bad looking guy really, just shy around women he didn’t know.

And that led to a lot of missed opportunities over the years.

Which leads to self doubt and low self esteem.

But when Annette started coming around, he felt at ease with her.

Mainly because he didn’t think there would ever be anything other than a platonic aspect to their relationship, so he didn’t feel the need to try and woo her.

She seemed to like to talk to him. She genuinely laughed at all of his jokes.

He would catch her sometimes blushing if he gave her a compliment.

But their conversations were always cordial with no suggestive language or even a sex joke.

He had so much respect for her and loved her company, he didn’t want to scare her off or make things awkward between them.

So he closed the app and pondered what he’d just seen and heard.

He was afraid he might act differently around her now. He’d have to make an effort to not let on that he saw her basically breathing his scent in.

The next time he was there when she was, he played it cool, but asked her something he never had.

“I can’t believe I’ve never asked you this before but do you have a husband or boyfriend? I’ve never noticed a ring, but figured it was maybe from working with household cleaners. It’s OK if you don’t want to talk about it. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

She smiled, her nose wrinkling at the top, “Well no, actually. Why are you interested in applying for the job? I should warn you though, I’m very particular though.” She gave him a wink.

He blushed, “Oh…well, no that’s not what I…”

She laughed, “Relax Mr. Jones I’m kidding! I don’t date clients anyway, so first you’d have to fire me!”

He said, “Well that ain’t happening! Guess I’ll just stick to my fantasies then. Oh shit I mean my um, uh…” his voice trailed off, obviously embarrassed as he turned beet red and looked away.

She was flattered and gave him a sly grin and nothing more.

A few days later she was back at his house alone.

He opened the surveillance app again, hoping to see her working again.

This time he got a lot more than he bargained for!

At first she didn’t appear on any of the cameras.

Then he saw her walk into view of the master bedroom.

She had her hair in a clip to keep it out of the way.


She was completely naked, right down to her bare feet.

She was cleaning the bathroom, just humming along with whatever was playing in her earbuds.

He was shocked and mesmerized.

He watched her move and dance as she cleaned.

The sway of her tits when she cleaned the mirror.

The purely indescribable image of her on her hands and knees as she cleaned the bathroom floor, occasionally wiggling her ass in time with the music.

He longed to grab those hips in various scenarios – slow dancing, kissing, making love to her from behind.

When she finished cleaning the bathroom, she drew a bath and soaked for a while before washing and shaving.

All in plain view of his camera.

He’d never noticed that the tub had been used by anyone but himself.

He wondered, “Maybe she gets sweaty when cleaning my house?”

Awe. He was simply in awe.

Nothing else to say.

He started scheduling breaks at work around the times she’d be there.

One day he got even more of an eyeful. And an earful.

She was streaming from her phone to a small speaker she carried in her box of cleaning supplies.

The song, “I Get Off” by Halestorm was blasting.

She was in the master bedroom. On his bed. Wearing only a bra. Lying on her back, legs spread wide as she rubbed her pussy and held his pillow to her face.

Within a few minutes he saw her toes curl as she was in the throes of multiple orgasms, her legs shaking as she clamped them together, saying his name over and over through her teeth.

He didn’t know what to think. He was super aroused, his cock straining in his underwear.

This changed everything. But now what? Keep up the charade of not knowing she was attracted to him?

He felt a cocky sort of confidence actually. He thought he could use this newfound revelation to his advantage and they’d both get what they wanted.

So the next time she was there when he was, he was going to bring their mutual fantasy to life.

She showed up at her normal time the next day, prompt as always.

They exchanged their normal pleasantries, but she sensed something different.

Today she had on a white skirt, a peach shirt that actually showed a little more cleavage than normal, her usual sandals and matching white/blue flowered bra and thong panties.

She’d also put her hair in a little pony adiosbet giriş tail with a little gold dolphin at the end.

He seemed nervous. Apprehensive. His hands were shaking. He was nervous about what he wanted to do, but excited at the same time.

She asked if he was OK.

His voice quivered, “Annette, I uh…I need to talk to you. Can you sit down?”

He had a cup of her favorite hot tea with the caramel chocolate creamer she liked.

She braced for the worst. She thought he was firing her as she nervously took a sip.

“So can you tell me about those marks on the front door?”

Feeling relaxed now, she played it off as nothing, “Oh those…pfft. I was washing the front door and there was some caked on dirt. I guess I used something too harsh or scrubbed too hard and it took some of the paint off. It’s not like it can’t be painted over. I don’t see the big deal.”

“You guess? I have to say I’m a little disappointed Annette. I’m not really sure what should be done about this.”

She felt herself getting defensive.

“What do you mean ‘done about this’? You mean as if to punish me, Mr. Jones?”

“Well I don’t know Annette. Should I punish you?”

She sensed an air of playfulness in his voice and she was instantly turned on.

She blew it off as she took a sip of tea, “Oh yeah right. I’d like to see you try.”

There was a brief awkward silence, neither of them knowing just how to kick this off.

Seizing the moment, she broke the silence. She looked up from her tea, slightly unsure of herself.

Then looked down, almost as if she was embarrassed, “Maybe you should. I’ve obviously been a bad girl. I don’t like disappointing you Mr. Jones.”

She looked up at him, biting her lower lip, wanting him to take the bait.

“Yes Annette, you have. And I’m going to make sure you don’t do this again, starting right now, right here. Go stand against the wall over there.”


“Just please do it. Don’t make me tell you again.”

She took her hair, put it all on the right side, so only her ponytail was on the left side.

At this moment, she felt incredibly sexy. And she was.

In an act of sheer defiance and teasing, she put a foot on the seat of her chair and spread her legs. He now had an unobstructed view of her panties.

She crossed her arms, looked him dead in the eye and raised her eyebrows, daring him, “No. Make me. That is, if you think you can. “

Oh shit was she ever sexy. He didn’t think it was possible but her sexiness just went off all known charts.

He looked down at the table and mocked a sigh of exasperation, “OK I see how you are.”

He walked over and got behind her, he put his hands on her shoulders and gathered her hair and wadded it up in one hand.

He moved to be in front of her while keeping her hair in his hand.

With his other hand he put it around her throat and applied the slightest bit of pressure as she looked up.

He was nearly nose to nose with her.

He firmly said, “I said…go…stand…” he pointed to the wall, “against the wall. Don’t make this any more complicated than it needs to be.”

Her eyes were wide with lust and anticipation. His hand on her throat made her wet.

She looked at him and raised her eyebrows, “And I said…make me.”

He sighed again, “OK. As you wish.”

He grabbed her by both arms, stood her up and escorted her to the wall. He spun her around to face him.

Her hair slightly covered part of her face. She gave him a smirk, daring him to keep going.

He got right in her face, “Please don’t make me take such drastic measures again.”

She wasn’t sure what was about to unfold exactly, but whatever was happening was making her wetter.

She thought to herself, “Oh fuck he has me so fucking horny right now. How’s he doing this? How does he know all my buttons?”

He stood in front of her, less than a foot away. Her scent intoxicated him as his cock started to grow in anticipation.

He put his face in her neck and nuzzled and kissed his way to her earlobe. He sucked her earlobe, her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

As much as he wanted her hands all over him, he knew there would be time for that later.

Right now he was in control and told her to keep her hands to herself and not to touch him unless he told her to.

“Put your arms above your head.”

She obeyed.

He removed her shirt up over her arms and tossed it.

“Take off your bra.”

She obeyed.

“Take off your skirt.”

Her eyes were locked to his as she nodded and obeyed without hesitation and now stood there in just her panties. He was still fully dressed.

He backed up a few feet and looked her up and down, “Turn around for me. Very nice Annette. OK, face me again. You know, I’ve always wondered how your nipples looked. I must say they’re perfect and well, my mouth is watering.

Run your palms over your nipples. Give them a good squeeze for me. That feel good?”

Her eyes burned with lust as she did what she was told, “Yes Mr. Jones, it feels really good. It adiosbet güvenilirmi makes my…”

“Makes your what?”

“It makes my clit tingle.”

“Oh really? What’s this do?”

He cupped them both, squeezing them together and kissing and sucking both nipples at the same time, the gentlest of nibbles with his teeth. She moaned as her clit tingled.

“It makes my clit throb. Don’t stop…please.”

She grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled his face up to hers and wanted to kiss him.

He allowed their lips to barely touch, their tongues meeting so lightly, heightening their mutual arousal.

He grabbed two chairs. He put one in front of her, “Put a foot on the seat of the chair. Yes good girl. See how nice I can be when you do what I say? Now, pull your panties to the side and show me your pussy.”

He sat in the other chair, leaning back as if to show he was only semi-interested.

But she knew he was mesmerized with her little show she was putting on for him.

She bit her lower lip as she pulled her panties to the side. She was completely fresh shaved earlier that morning.

“Put 2 fingers in your mouth and get them wet. Yes. Now put them in your pussy.”

She never broke her wide eyed gaze at him as she did it. She was so fucking turned on right now.

She was very wet.

“Yes, that’s it, move them in and out. That feel good?”

“Yes Mr. Jones, it feels…really…oh fuck it feels so good. I like you watching me.”

“How about from now on you call me either Jack or Jackson, I have no preference.”

She gave him an ear to ear smile, “OK…Jackson.”

He thought to himself, “She likes being watched, eh?”

He shot her a sly grin as he pulled up a playlist on his phone.

First up was “I Get Off” by Halestorm.”

Her eyes went wide as she thought, “Oh shit what the fuck?”

She picked up his message loud and clear.

As the first verses were heard:

“You don’t know that I know,

You watch me every night

And I just can’t resist the urge

To stand here in the light…”

He told her to keep fingering herself as the song played. His cock was fully hard and strained against the material of his underwear.

She took it a step further and rubbed her clit, licking her fingers to keep them wet.

“Annette, I want to watch you come. Can you come for me?”

“Yes Jackson I can.”

“Good. Then do it. I want you to say my name as you’re coming.”

“Yes, Jackson. I need to come. I wanna come for you.” Now she was about to lose control.

She went wild fingering herself.

She picked up the pace, her hair now partially covering her face as she frantically worked herself to multiple orgasms as he watched.

She was beautiful as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Just as he saw and heard her on camera, she said his name as the waves started, then louder and repeatedly as she went over the cliff.

“Yes there you go, that’s beautiful and so damn sexy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful sight to be honest.”

Her breathing was understandably heavy as her chest heaved, her face flush. Her hair hung down, nearly covering her tits.

He walked up to her, grabbed her hand and sucked the fingers she’d used on herself.

The next song, or songs to play was Live’s “Throwing Copper” from start to finish.

He got right in her face, his mouth near her ear. He cupped her pussy with his free hand and inserted a finger and whispered, “Annette I must say this little pussy of yours tastes so fucking good. And it’s very pretty if I must say. Here you try.” He pulled his finger out as she opened her mouth and sucked it.

His words and actions triggered aftershocks in her, and he knew it.

He backed up a few feet, “OK you can take your panties off for me. Turn around, face the wall and bend over a bit for me as you peel them down.”

She complied without incident this time. She had a beautiful backside in his eyes.

“Back up from the wall just a bit, put your hands on the wall and spread your legs about shoulder width. Yes, just like that. My my my Annette you just don’t have a bad angle do you?”

He stood there contemplating his next move, this beautiful, enticing woman completely naked and seemingly enjoying herself.

From her perspective, she was indeed having a great time. She’d ached for his touch from day one.

He paced a little behind her, mocking a decision process on what to do to her next, or have her do.

He came up behind her and put his hands on her hips. He ran his hands up her sides and cupped her tits, slightly pinching the nipples, making her moan.

He gave her ass a good slap which took her by surprise, “That’s for telling me ‘no’ earlier.”

He let her feel how hard he was, she wiggled her ass into him. As difficult as it was, he fought the urge to give in.

He bunched her hair up again, exposing the back of her neck. Damn was she sexy. He kissed the back of her neck, she closed her eyes tight and bit her lower lip as her body was covered in shivers.

He kissed his way down her back, across her lower back and knelt down behind her.

He cupped both cheeks and kissed them both. He spread them and gently inserted his tongue right into her pussy. She fought the urge to pull away since she had already come; she was a little sensitive.

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