For Andrea.

Okay, here goes. I’ve never attempted anything like this before, reaching into my deepest, darkest sexual fantasies for another’s pleasure. Well, maybe not the deepest, darkest but ask me about that another time… And why should this be deep and dark? Enough, here goes. I hope you like it.

It is a balmy summer’s evening and we have come out into the still warm,, still, warm eve to enjoy the sound of grasshoppers and the smell of the grass and to give Bruno a romp. We chat of this and that, of home and love and an upcoming trip. Unexpectedly we see a figure coming over the hill. At first he is silhouetted against the sunset and he cuts a strange figure. Walking with a cane he clearly does not need he carries what appears to be a portfolio case. Also he wears a hat and is slim. He is rather reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin at a distance but as he approaches the similarity fades. I squeeze your hand for reassurance.

He is tall, a couple of inches shorter than I with sandy brown hair and a crooked grin. He looks a lot like Brad Pitt, as clichéd as that may be. He is indeed walking with a cane. A wonderful affectation.

As he passes he raises his cane to salute us and gives a cheery ‘evenin’.’ We halloo him back.

‘Excuse me.’

We turn and he is facing us.

‘Is this the way to (insert place name in opposite direction and past home) could you tell me?’

‘It is’ you reassure him, and then, unexpectedly ‘we’ll walk with you some of the way.’

I give a half glance in your direction but off we go, the three of us. You ask what brings him along here and he tells us that he has work in whatever it’s called and that he starts in a coupla days. He doesn’t go further except to say that he decided to walk from the train instead of getting a cab because it is such a lovely evening. I glance at him and notice that he really is gorgeous. Perhaps twenty five he is slender but broad shouldered, his eyes are alive with laughter and intelligence and his right cheek bears a faint scar, as of duelling.

You point out that the town is another ten miles and his smile slips a notch before he catches it and hitches it back up. Before long we are back at the drive for our place and we stop to say goodbye. He sits down heavily on the verge and says he’ll rest a while.Before I know what’s what you’ve almanbahis yeni giriş said that it’s 8.30 already and it’ll be midnight before he gets to town.

‘Come stay with us, head off in the morning, you’ll never find a place to stay by the time you get there.’

I am taken aback and a touch jealous. It seems you really like this guy.

He accepts graciously and we head to the house. He is installed in the living room and you head to the kitchen to make tea. I follow you and suggest that you really like this guy in a jealous, petulant mood.

‘Well, don’t you?’ you say and swan out with the teapot leaving me unable to deny it.

Upon my return you and Antonio are deep in conversation. He says he’s a photographer and you tell him that that’s a coincidence because I am too. He then wanders the room looking at the still life, landscapes and gentle nudes that adorn the walls. I ask about his work and try to get him to show us his folio.

‘I’m not sure you’d want to see my stuff. It’s…rather different.’

Obviously this fills us both with insane curiosity and we badger him till he agrees.

He unzips it and another Mapplethorpe opens up before me. Beautifully composed sepia toned monochromes of daring sexual practices, a penis here, a mouth to cover it. A vagina there, a dildo to fill it. Big black men with white women, white men with small breasted, slight Chinese girls, Othello come to life. All is good, his technique, his sensuality, his lighting but beneath it all this is hard core pornography for the intelligentsia and I am getting so turned on to be by the man who has created them, been there and recorded these scenes. You’re giving off that aura of hot sexuality too. And i think there’s certainly a certain something coming from him too.

And then we come to them. a series of shots featuring Antonio himself. In one hand he holds a bulb to trip the camera, in the other it could be anything, a breast, a vagina, a penis. Here he sucks, there he is sucked. But the one that takes both our breath away is the one showing a blindfolded and tied man on all fours, bound to a specially constructed beam and Antonio entering the immobile man from behind. We can see that his mid sized shaft (perhaps six inches and slender) is half way into the man’s anus. Antonio is clearly being gentle almanbahis giriş but his back is arched and every sculpted muscle on his stomach is picked out in the beautiful copper tones of the sepia.

‘I want to see that.’

I am blown backwards, my mind free-falling in the possibilities and implications of what you’ve said. Antonio looks up at you and seems to be weighing up your words. His eyes drift between your face and my body.

‘Are you sure?’ he asks you.

‘I’m sure.’

‘What about you?’ he asks me. You look at me but exhibit little interest in my wishes. Tonight is a special night and I am to be utterly the submissive, entirely at the mercy of you and this new extraordinary, beautiful, gentle stranger. I say that I have no opinion but will act only as instructed. I am instructed to remove my clothes. You and Antonio watch in silence until I am naked. Antonio appears to approve of what he sees and he unbuttons first his shirt and lets it fall from his shoulders. His shoulders as broad and as beautiful as the pictures depicted. Next his pants fall and he steps from them and is now wearing only white cotton boxers, the thick, body hugging, expensive type. Stood opposite me he raises one hand and signals with one finger for me to approach.

‘Remove my underwear.’ he instructs.

I can see you leaning against the wall simply watching with a faint smile on your lips as I walk over. Unprompted I sink to my knees before him and slowly draw down the boxers, unhooking them over his semi erect penis. I notice he isn’t circumcised either. He steps from the shorts and the end of his member swings a few inches from my face. I reach out, one hand on each beautiful, toned hip and gently extend my tongue to touch the end of his dick. It leaps at once. You have moved around the room slightly and taken a step forward for a better view.

‘This is not what you want, is it’ asks Antonio. There is a definite pecking order established as you answer that no, you want to see me fucked. I am his play thing and he is yours.

He directs me to the large low table and instructs me to kneel on it on all fours and I do so, my ass pushed out and longing for sex. You approach and watch. I can feel him coming up behind me. Gently, so gently, he places the head of his penis on the puckered skin, his approach so almanbahis güvenilirmi slow and careful I feel the wonderful warmth of it before I feel it touching and then, so marvellously pressing the opening. I sense him turn to you and hear a whispered ‘shall I’ and the response ‘do.’

And the pressure increases. Just slightly at first. Antonio pushes just a little more and just a little more and I feel so gloriously released, so controlled and free of responsibility as the muscles relax beneath his tender touch and slowly he pushes into me, his penis lubricating just enough to allow a tight but not too tight fit. I feel complete. well almost. I relax still more and Antonio is setting up a slight, slow rhythm that is warm, and delicious and what I wanted and needed inside me. But still not complete. Suddenly there you are at the other end of the table and you naked too now. You climb onto the table and, legs apart shuffle forward on your butt until, one foot each side of me your sodden pearl gets closer and closer to my hungry mouth and in the end each forward stroke by Antonio brings my tongue close enough to elicit a moan from you and provide me with a taste of what I want.

But that doesn’t satisfy you for long, you want what I’m getting and you shuffle still closer. Leaning on your elbows you wrap your legs round both me and Antonio and somehow mange to insert my penis into yourself. Every push from Antonio into my unbelievably sensitive anus is thrilling me and causing me, with no effort, to be fucking you. I can even get a mouthful of your breast. We fuck together, moan together and slowly the speed, controlled entirely by the Adonis behind me is increased and increased. He is moaning louder and faster. I am moaning louder and faster. You are moaning louder and faster. And suddenly I can feel his penis twitch and swell slightly and suddenly, with his gentle hands on my hips and his back arched as in the photograph I can feel myself filling, filling with his seed. This is too much for me and I am thrusted more and more by Antonio’s movements into you and without effort I too come, filling you with my hot cum. You shriek and twist as you cum and cum again and we collapse to rest and for me to play with your soaking vagina to my left and his still twitching penis to my right and you both fondle me, he stroking my penis, you with your hand between my legs which I open at the knees to allow you access to my anus which is flowing with his juices escaping me.

In the morning our perfect stranger is gone. He has left behind him the picture we both liked which started the whole thing and…a roll of film.

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