Subject: “As Close As Friends Can Get” Prologue ********************************** Content Warning: Chapters of this story include sex between men and boys and will include situations of incest between brothers and a father and his sons. If these types of situations offend you, please do not continue reading. This story is completely fictional. The Prologue will be more about character development and backstory and will not include overt sexual encounters… but stay tuned, those are on their way starting in Part 1. Also, Donate to Nifty if you haven’t already! The more we support it, the more likely it is to stay here for years and years! Feel free to reach out with feedback, comments, or suggestions for future chapters or stories. This is only my second piece of erotic fiction and I’m excited to hear what you ail ************************************* As Close as Friends Can Get: Prologue ************************************* It is unbelievable to me that it had been 6 years since I’d last seen my best friend. We’ve texted every other day or so, had weekly FaceTime chats, commented on every single social media post of each other. It’s almost like we hadn’t spent any time apart, but this would be the first time in 6 years that we’d finally gotten to see each other face-to-face, and I was beyond excited! As I waited for my luggage at baggage claim I started reminiscing to myself about how Cameron and I had become such great friends. We were basically inseparable as soon as we met. He was cast as my younger brother in a little Los Angeles community theater production and the rest of the cast swore up-and-down that we were actually brothers in real life. Our resemblance really was uncanny. Both slender, fit guys, average sort of height, with light brown hair and blue eyes. Even his family said I looked more like him than his actual brother. “David and Cameron, separated at birth!” they’d all joke. Except for the fact that Cameron was 17, about to start his senior year in high school, and I was 23 wrapping up college. We spent most of our scenes in the show together on stage, and off stage we learned how much we both had in common; our love of Star Wars, and theater, and comic books, and swimming, and video games, and just about every other topic you could think of. Within a couple weeks of rehearsal, we simultaneously came to the realization that we were each other’s new best friends. The age difference never mattered to either of us, or Cameron’s family, who welcomed me like third son. Don’t get me wrong, my own family is amazing (and also thought Cameron was awesome), but it was really cool to have a second family and surrogate brothers, something that I had never experienced before as an only child. The rest of rehearsal and the run of the show over the summer was incredible! Ovations from the crowd every night, and Cameron and I spending all our time outside of the show together, too. As the weeks rolled on, we’d spend more and more time at each other’s houses. Since it was the summer, he’d be at my place a lot taking full advantage of our community pool. We’d spend all afternoon swimming, and chatting, and relaxing in the jacuzzi afterwards. As we became even closer friends our conversations inevitably got more in-depth. We’d talk about our goals, and school, and family frustrations. But oddly, never about relationships. Even at 23, I had never kissed a girl yet. Actually, I had never even really thought about kissing a girl… or a guy, for that matter. I kind of just assumed I was an extremely late bloomer, but I had never felt the things I heard other guys talk about feeling when it came to relationships and sex. But I found myself erzincan escort thinking more and more about Cameron as the months rolled on in our friendship. And my thoughts grew more sexual about him as I started to realize things about myself. Our time swimming together and relaxing in the jacuzzi became my favorite activity, and something I really looked forward to. And I increasingly found myself trying to catch glimpses of Cameron’s dick or ass as his swimsuit clung to his body when he climbed out of the water, or how it gradually floated up from his legs under the water when we sat in the spa. The gap between that thin fabric and his upper thigh was a tantalizing cave that I wanted so desperately to explore. When I was finally granted a tiny peek of his soft, uncut dick, mindlessly floating in his shorts, it was the culmination of so many fantasies of mine. I was very thankful the bubbles in the jacuzzi masked the immediate tent in my own swimsuit that night. Stories about how little brothers would experiment with each other and explore their developing bodies filled my mind and made me wish Cameron and I had really been brothers when we were growing up. Having that opportunity to study another boy’s body when I was younger probably would have allowed me to realize I was gay a lot earlier then right now, in my mid-20’s. But this was all just fantasy in my head, I still had no indication of Cameron’s orientation either way. I only knew that we were best friends, and that needed to be good enough for me. It was about a month into Cameron’s senior year when he texted me “BUDDY! We gotta have a jacuzzi chat this weekend, I have news!!!” I’d been missing our jacuzzi time and chats ever since we were both back in school, so this was such a welcomed invitation! Even though I didn’t want to admit it to myself at the time, I really missed seeing Cameron in his swim trunks. Needless to say, I was really curious what this big news could be. It was late afternoon on Saturday when he got to my place. He brought a pizza from our favorite place, and we got changed into our suits. As close as we’d become, he still never changed in front of me. I guess that was for the best, because lately I’d get instantly hard even just thinking about him in his swim trunks. We grabbed our towels and headed for the pool with the pizza. Thankfully the whole pool area was deserted, so we could bring the pizza box right up to the jacuzzi. Being in the spa with a nearly-naked Cameron was a perfect evening to me. “SO?! What’s this big news?” I asked as I grabbed a slice of pizza and settled down into the water. “Ok, so… I know we’ve never talked about this… or really anything like it… but I wanted you to be the first person I told,” he stuttered over his words. I got more and more nervous; this was sounding serious. “I’m in my math class like two weeks ago and this girl, Emma, sits in front of me. And she’s like `I hate this class so much, I just don’t get any of this stuff.’ And so I offered to help her with the homework during lunch. And we’re looking over the book, and she’s scooting closer and closer on the bench until her leg is right up against mine, and I look over at her, and she just leans in and kisses me! And we made out for like the whole rest of lunch, and now we’re a couple! I really really like her, and she’s super sweet, and I think you’re gonna get along so great with her too!” I… I don’t even know how to react. I should be totally excited that my best friend made out with his first girl, right? But I’m not at all. I feel this bizarre mix of jealousy and excitement and confusion. I know I have to say something though, he’s erzurum escort just staring at me, waiting for his best friend to be excited for him. So I choke down my feelings and shout out “dude, that’s crazy!!!! I’m surprised you waited this long to tell me!” My acting skills are definitely getting a workout here. “I honestly didn’t know how you were gonna react.” “Really?” I question, “How come, buddy?” “I dunno, we just never talk about this kind of thing. You’re my best friend, and I want to be able to tell you everything! And talk about girls… or whoever… and all this exciting stuff with you!” I feel like this is a moment of truth… for both of us. He’s sitting there in the jacuzzi, literally and emotionally exposed, sharing his feelings with his best friend. And I know there’s not going to be a better time to share with him too. “Ok buddy, since this is jacuzzi sharing time,” I lightly chuckle, “I’ve been meaning to tell you something for a little while now.” Cameron’s demeanor changes, and he gets a little more somber from his excited `first kiss” attitude. “I think… I mean, I’ve been thinking… I’m just not really…” “Fuck, David,” he laughs, “just fuckin’ spit it out, dude!” “Shut the fuck up,” I laugh back, “this is a big deal! Ok, fine… I think… I might be into guys. Like, I mean, I think I’m gay.” And silence. All we can hear is the jacuzzi bubbles roaring. In my head, I just know I lost my best friend in the world. “DUDE, HELL YES! That’s fucking amazing!” Cameron shouts and leaps up in the spa. He lunges over to my side of the jacuzzi and grabs me firmly by the shoulders, looking straight into my eyes. “I knew it! I’m so excited for you buddy, I didn’t know when you were finally gonna tell me!” What in the world just happened? Here I was, expecting some devastating, friendship-ending drama. And Cameron is somehow even more excited than I am! He leans in close and wraps his arms around me for a huge bear hug and whispers, “Just promise me you’re not gonna get a boner while I’m hugging you,” and starts uproariously laughing! I punch him in the shoulder, look at him for a split second, and crack up laughing too. “I didn’t know how you were gonna handle me telling you about Emma,” he confesses, “especially since I kinda already figured you might be gay. But I promise, literally nothing needs to change between us. You’re my best friend. Period! Hell, I’ll even point out cute guys to you now!” There was no way I could have expected this reaction. But I’m so incredibly glad this is how it turned out. “I know it will take a little adjusting for me to get used to Emma, but I promise I’m excited for you too, buddy,” I confess. And with that, we each grab another slice of pizza and relax back into the jacuzzi. That night in the jacuzzi probably changed the course of our entire friendship, and our lives. I wouldn’t be hopelessly longing over my straight best friend anymore (except for obviously wanting to see what he’s packing still!). And we would start to share even more with each other about our relationships and feelings. I honestly thought I knew everything there was to know about Cameron, and vice-versa. Through the rest of his senior year and into his freshman year in college, Cameron and Emma got closer and closer, moving in together and really starting to settle down. Even for such young adults, they were shockingly mature! The three of us became inseparable, having family dinner nights together, vacationing together, nearly everything Cameron and I used to do, except for the jacuzzi chats. That was still our special time, thankfully. One Friday afternoon I get a text from Cameron saying esat escort “Buddy! We need some jacuzzi chat tonight, FOR REAL! You free?” Even if I wasn’t free, this sounds important and to this day I’d still drop everything to be in a jacuzzi with a nearly-naked Cameron! He shows up just a little while later and is already in his suit and ready to talk. We head right out to the jacuzzi and he looks like he’s about to explode from excitement! “What the hell is going on, buddy?! Spit it out already!” He takes a beat, catches his breath, and blurts out “Dude… I’m asking Emma to marry me tomorrow! It’s super last minute, I’ve only told you and my family, it’s not going to be some giant crazy ordeal. I just really love her, and I want to do this and it’s gonna be intimate and casual, just me and her.” We both leap out of the water and grab our best friend for the most massive hug! We’re jumping and splashing and crying! “I’m crazy surprised and also not surprised one bit!” I laugh. “Literally everyone expected this day to come sooner than later.” Life moved like a bullet train after that for all of us. Emma and Cameron both started college as I graduated and was shockingly offered an amazing role in my career field! The three of us hung out pretty often still, but there was a lot more wedding planning that trickled into our conversations and activities. All until one weekend when I was helping them choose a wedding cake baker, and as we were leaving the venue Cameron and Emma announce that she’s pregnant! One thing I learned quickly about Cameron in our friendship is that he is a go-getter and always moves fast. And this is no exception! Thankfully Emma’s biggest concern is alleviated, and the baby isn’t due for a while, so she won’t have to get her dress altered. The months roll on, the wedding is a gorgeous success, and 9 months later little baby Hunter joins our group. Now, honestly a lot of babies are seriously ugly, but this kid could have been a Gerber baby! Completely adorable from the first day. And I get a chance to be the fun gay uncle now! A title I was partially dreading, but really came to cherish. Over the next few years Hunter grew into one of the sweetest, most caring little kids I’d ever met. And our mutual passion of drawing, and Legos, and dinosaurs definitely helped. Life was pretty dang fantastic, if I do say so, for our growing group. And the growing didn’t stop there, three years later they announced Hunter would be getting a little brother! This amazing whirlwind of a friendship was something I never could have predicted when I started hanging out with that little 17-year-old in rehearsal. But I knew it couldn’t be quite so perfect forever, something had to give eventually. It was Hunter’s 6th birthday when Emma announced she was offered the most amazing new job… in Austin, Texas. Halfway across the country, but the position and the money were way too good to pass up on. Of course, it was bittersweet; not being able to see my best friend and his adorable boys whenever we felt like it, but there was no way I wouldn’t be excited for their opportunity. As we packed up a moving van that summer, and they started their drive across the country, we said we would plan vacations and visits as much as possible. But jobs, and life, and responsibilities get in the way. And the weeks turned into months, and into years. The saving grace was how connected we all got to stay, digitally speaking. Daily text updates and photos of all the fun stuff in our lives. We’d set up weekly playdates with the boys where we’d build matching Lego sets over FaceTime, or practice drawing, or just show me what they learned in school that week. It still felt like we were all a part of each other’s lives that whole time. But it wasn’t until right now, as I’m standing here 6 years after I watched them drive off, at the Arrival’s curb at the airport that I finally get to give my best friend a giant hug again!

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