As I Was Always Supposed to Be

Lauren Phillips

I’ve looked for myself since I can remember.When I met my ex I thought I’d found myself in him, but I was delusional.One night, in that moment in which you are asleep but you can feel all the happenings around you, I felt him. I felt who can get to me and give me what I need, myself.I was dreaming of his strong hand sliding the sheet on my naked body, exposing my heavy full breasts, my body shivering at his touch, asking me to wake up to see him, to be his.I can sense him, his smell, his touch all over my body. I feel in my dreams his desire for me. His fingers digging deep in my hip, I moan softly and my body gets aroused by him. My body is telling him to take me, to make me his.In my dream, I can feel his thoughts. The man at the side of my bed wants my body, his caresses are lustful, his eyes are taking me in, I can see me through him, my arm behind the pillow, my hair spread leaving my face exposed to the slight light of the moon. My skin glowing in the pale light and his strong lust for my body obliged me güvenilir bahis to open my eyes. As a normal movement, I blink a couple of times and sit on the edge of the bed. My body can still sense him, but my eyes cannot see him. Without a specific reason, my head turns to the window, the shadows at its side seem darker than ever.I stretch my body and my eyes fall on my hip, I can see his fingertips, my big dark nipples get hard, and I can smell my arousal.A thought of desire runs through my mind.My thoughts are a mix of mine and someone else’s, I can feel it, and I know I’m no longer alone.I turn my back to the window, showing my curvy body, my soft skin. I feel my desire and my need for whoever was here before being unbearableI look at my phone and it’s quite time to get up, so I grab my bathrobe and head to get a shower. I know that he can see my naked body moving around, I can feel his desire growing.I do not turn on the lights in the room, the shower is lit by a single spot, the water is barely warm so güvenilir bahis siteleri as not to fog the glasses. I want him to watch me.As the shower hits my skin I could feel my desire calling for him. I do not know what creature he is, but I’m sure he is mine. This feeling of possession is screaming in my mind and a couple of black reddish eyes flash in my mind, they are his I know. I do not use any soap on my skin or hair. I want my natural scent to entice him, so I quickly dry my hair and body and go back to the now barely shadowed bedroom. As I step into the room I feel two strong arms around me, caressing all my body, his strong sandalwood and cinnamon scent hits my nostrils and I feel my body get limp in his embrace, his lips running on my neck, breathing in my skin.His deep demanding voice like a whisper in my ear “You know I won’t hurt you, but I can only be taunted for so long, and you are being a temptress” Soft butterfly kisses down my neck from to my exposed left shoulder, tasting his way iddaa siteleri along my body, my skin heating, our scents mixing in the air, our lust burning us.His hand caressing my face and my lips parting to be able to taste him, like reading my mind he offers me a finger and a soft moan escapes just before my mouth closes on it. I gently graze it with my teeth and roll my tongue around its tip, showing that I want more, and I could do so much more to please him. His clothes on my bare skin are arousing and feeling his hard cock brushing against my ass is getting me wet. I need him naked, I need to feel his body against mine.I know he will leave if I turn and watch him, so I grab my silk scarf and offer it to him. I can feel his body going stiff for a second, then his hand grabs and ties it over my eyes, using it as a makeshift blindfold. We continue towards the bathroom.Now that he knows I’m enjoying his presence his hands explore further my curvy body, my big tit fills his hand perfectly. My nipples are hard as he grips gently. Now he is teasing me, squeezing my nipple, making me gasp, as a shiver of pleasure runs down to my core, and a growl of need is his answer to my desire. His other hand left my side and slides down to my damp hairy pussy.

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