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Subject: Asian Teen Delivery from Grindr Please support all you can. This LGBT spot is fantastic, and let’s help it continue its mission. All the best, Terry Such a pedestrian day, where I did nothing in the house. Admittedly as a guy in my 40’s, I’m still young enough to be active, yet some days kicking back in the recliner watching Netflix works. The forensic files and tv binge worthy shows, kept my attention for the most part. Yet underneath the veneer of calm, it had been awhile since my passion was unleashed. I hadn’t jerked off for two days, and my 8 inches of fun was letting me know, especially since I had just shaved my pubes to be smooth again. The thought of going to my local spa to show off my nudity was a thought, but I decided to hop on Grindr. This app had brought me a lot of luck, some misses, because my youthful appearance and package brought ass to the home. I’m pretty sure my neighbors knew I was gay, even though I never announced it. They had to be looking out their condo windows, when I was walking around with another guy, or perhaps they caught me sucking cock in the parking lot. Maybe the men knocking on my door, or my jogging in tight athletic shorts clued them in. It’s not that I felt the need to enhance or diminish my sexual orientation, but it was a thought to be mulled over. Most of the folks in my building were friendly, and living in the DC area had advantages. Lots of LGBT friendly dive bars, and as a top, I had my choice in bottoms. As usual the Grindr app showed a good amount of guys in my area, and soon several taps along with conversations were going on. As most of you know, you have to whittle down, from those who will flake out on you. Also you want to make sure you do a couple of basic safety measures. Yet for the most part, the first is the biggest challenge. How many nights did I end up, with my hands blow a load, instead of with another gay man? A lot. This led to more being sexually charged, as I felt like a fire extinguisher that had its contents under pressure. At 6’3 and 220 pounds, I was pretty big for a white guy. This seemed to intimidate some, which hurt my feelings, as I never wanted to scare anyone. Sure I was big, hairy, but a teddy rather than a grizzly bear. Having worked out a good bit, had a wide chest with large biceps and triceps. Basically I was “25” per my physician, who couldn’t believe my resting heart rate was in the mid 50’s. This wasn’t as easy as it used to be, as I had to run more, tuzla escort along with including steps into workouts that were done daily. I also had to give up, fried and other unhealthy foods. Thankfully the weather had been pleasant, so I had jogged yesterday, shaved myself smooth, and now it was time to take care of business. As usual the ads on the app irritated me. There were a few taps, and finally I found a profile I liked. A lot to be honest. He said his name was Gao, and he was a 19 year old college student. Thai American and very sexy, he sent me some pictures of him first with clothing on. Gao was preppy, 5’6 and maybe 140 pounds. I liked him in shorts, as I saw dark hairless legs, and got horny when he said he was smooth. He asked for a picture of my penis, and I sent it. There was no response after such a good discussion and normal pics, so I thought “here I get ghosted again.” Ping. My phone indicated a message with Gao’s response, “want to do me tonight?” Of course! We set a time of 8 pm, and while I put odds at 50/50, there was a knock on the door around 7:45. Sure enough it was Gao. I invited him inside, as we awkwardly shook hands. Brought out beers, popped the tops off, and sat next to him on the blue couch. Damn he was sexier in person. I was correct about his measurements, but those eyes of his showed intelligence and passion. He wore tight shorts and a t shirt. I felt the machinery down below activated. It was amazing how good looking he was, and we clinked beers together, and chatted a bit. Gao was studying journalism and international affairs. We both agreed, “the world was really screwed up,” and I asked him if he would like anything to eat. He said he was good to go, but I brought more beers and some chips out. Nervously munching them, his cerebral qualities and voice were turning me on. Whatever cologne he had on, I wanted to dip my balls in it. Gao looked kind of feminine with his longish black hair and diminutive figure. Soon as the beers kept going down, we were closer than before. Eventually my hands rested on his silky soft legs. We were hugging and kissing. It just happened out of nowhere, and soon our lips touched with our tongues joining in. Oh yes this felt so good, and I touched his face, along with tugging his hair in a playful manner. Setting the tone. Tasting his lips were delicious, our kisses became far more passionate. I took his shirt off, and got him into his pink tight briefs. My groin was lit up like a Christmas tuzla escort bayan tree, as my heart beat faster, and I kissed his neck doing figure 8’s with my hands behind him. Gao moaned and was squirrelly with my sexual advances, opening his legs up. Looking at that bulge made me horny. Kissing his legs, sucking his toes, as I felt his crotch was incredible. Seeing Gao’s eyes go upside down, oh yes I had him in my control. Even more so as my hands touched the shaved pubic region, and then finally down to his cock and balls. His penis was four or five inches but beautiful. A bit on the thin side, but I liked being able to deepthroat him with ease. His salty musky penis was in my mouth, and I could feel the awareness, that my knees were on the ground. This added excitement as I continued licking up and down his shaft, and he continued to moan and beg me to fuck him. I noticed Gao liked it, when I sucked his nipples. They were so hard. Very sensitive. As we looked in each other’s eyes, he took my shirt off, kissing me. He went down my chest, to my belly, taking off my pants throwing them into our heap. He found my gift wrapped penis in blue briefs, and the eight inches was completely full. His hands were magical. I couldn’t believe how warm his palms were. So soft too, and watching his darker fingers wrapped around my manhood, brought up heat that hadn’t been known for a long time. His lips on my sex drove me buck wild. Gao had my penis all the way down, and he definitely knew how to give a proper blow job. It was if my body convulsed, as he sucked my every inch, and touched my balls in a manner that drove me damn near insane. The electrical impulses were on in full surround sound and scent, as our moaning and colognes, pheromones interlaced. We kissed so passionately on the couch. I felt his penis in my hands, and the heat from his hard on was incredible. So sensual. So wanted him and put my left hand on his buttocks and squeezed. No opposition whatsoever, no hesitation, and to see Gao smile was the green light I was looking for. Damn he had the nicest bootie and, if things continued as they were. Finally my hand held his. Our eyes together, as were our cocks together, I said, “want to make love in the bedroom?” He simply nodded, and walking hand in hand with him, and our absolute nudity was such a turn on. The feelings of our tongues and shaved cocks on each other, were just a prelude of what was to come. Oh yes my king sized mattress was spinning. escort tuzla The full lighting, the shadow of my tall torso sucking Gao’s penis again. He felt so good in my mouth. I loved his precum, and soon we were 69ing each other. The sweat, the magical connection, slurping noises and mind numbing sensations. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and started to rim Gao’s ass. He was moaning as I had him from behind, my tongue sliding around and inside him. My finger in his hole, lube added, he was cooing as I went in and out. I had him hypnotized as my finger then fingers slid in him so effortlessly, yet wow he was so tight and felt tender in a way that made me even hornier. As we kissed he touched my penis, and with one of his fingers under my testes, drove me even more off of my rocker. I had to have him. It was enough. I pushed him forwards with his ass up in the air, penetrating him inch by inch, and feeling his hole bring me in and clench. His dark rear end with my white branch in him, the visual was eye candy, and the warm feeling of a pleasant buzz was remarkable. Every inch further and with my hips now moving inside my Asian lover, brought more of a almost opiate induced bliss that can’t be described in words. Two became one as I grabbed his hips, and slid my manhood into him as far as I could. Gao’s face burrowed into the pillows, and I loved plowing into him with my sexual vigor. After a little while he moved, and I was now on top of him. Feeling his feet wrap around my back as I slashed his insides away, was a major turn on and got me going full hilt. He was so tight, wet, and I felt him squirm and saw his eyes get big. Oh yes he came all over my abdomen, as his screams pierced the walls, and I continued to stimulate his anal g spot with a fury. Gao was so tight, and soon I hoisted him above me, as I just love to be ridden. There something primal about this, and we were kissing once again. I could see my penis in him. He was going up and down it. Our tongues touched and our hearts beat so quickly, as our fingers interlocked. This heat and the smell of our sex filled the tense air. The holds we had on each other, the eye contact, and pure harmony of waves crash was immense. Soon my tanks stirred, and the inevitable flood created. Exploding inside of him, Gao screamed again as the heat and intensity of my cum was overwhelming. Breathing heavily, holding each other, we had met and resolved our hormones for the first time, but it wouldn’t be the last. As he kissed me at the door, he walked bow legged, and I found his number on the bed table. Oh yes I couldn’t wait to kiss my new young lover soon, and to make him explode all over me. We really had it all.

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