Subject: Asteroids at the Laundromat Ch 5 Hello Nifty Readers! Thanks for reading and please send any comments ota Thanks as always to Gamin Paramour, for his tireless help in proofreading and patience with my terrible punctuation and grammar. Please Donate to Nifty! Ain’t nothin’ in this life free, boys! Asteroids at the Laundromat By Red Jeff Chapter 5 I met Matthew’s eyes in the window. He was as surprised as I was, though I hoped my face didn’t show it as obviously. His head quickly disappeared when he recognized that I’d seen him. I wondered how long he had been watching. Clark, Nathan and I were cuddled up on the sofa, one boy on each side of me. It was late and we were spent, and our quiet conversation was interspersed with yawns and long blinks. I was eager to send them on their way and figure out what damage was done on the Matthew front. “It’s almost 4 AM you guys, are you ok to get home?” “Can we just sleep here for a couple hours? Ginny won’t be home until after 7, maybe later.” Nathan yawned and rubbed his head into my side. “I’d love that, but I’m pretty sure we’d all sleep way past 7 if we crash now.” “Yeah, he’s right Nathan. There’s no waking you up early,” Clark said. “Let’s all get dressed and I’ll walk you home, ok?” Both boys grumbled while they put on their damp clothes. I didn’t let them keep the loaner boxers though they both wanted to. Too many possible questions might arise. We walked and talked quietly, each boy excited about the money in their pockets, and each understanding the sensitivity of where it came from. I’d wanted to get Clark alone for a moment but hadn’t had the chance until Nathan announced that he had to pee. He ran down to some bushes to relieve himself. “Can I ask you another favor, Clark?” I held his shoulder as we waited for Nathan to return. “You don’t have to say yes.” “Ok?” he asked. “Will you give your old bike to Nathan? So he can call it his? I think it would mean a lot. Even more so if you did it yourself.” “Yeah, my mom said the same thing. I shoulda gave it to him already.” “He really looks up to you,” I said as Nathan was approaching. “You too, you know,” Clark said. “Sorry, I really needed to go all of a sudden.” Nathan fell in as we headed toward his house. “How’s everything else?” I asked. “Ok, maybe a little sore.” “Maybe Clark will take care of you and run a bath, make sure everything down there is settled.” “Yeah, let’s take a bath. Ginny has a decent tub, ok Nathan?” Clark offered. “Sure,” Nathan said, surprised at Clark’s suggestion. “But maybe in the morning, I’m tired.” “I’ll just check there before we go to bed. Just to be sure you’re good, ok?” Clark said softly. “That’s a good idea Clark, you take good care of Nathan.” I put my arm around the teen in a sideways embrace. “You’re a good man.” When I got back to my place after dropping the boys at home all I wanted to do was sleep. But there was a light on at the rental house and I needed to see if I could tell what Matthew was up to there. First I went to see how he had managed to reach the high window where I’d seen him. From the starlight and the bit of reflected ambient city light in the sky I could make out the tracks where a patio chair had been dragged to the window. It had since been replaced but on inspection, even in the dim light, I could see muddy footprints on the metal chair and many more on the ground where the chair had been placed. There were so many prints it looked like he had done a dance around the chair. They were obviously his, as the checkerboard shoes had the brand name `VANS’ cast into the rubber soles and advertised it in their tracks. Even if I hadn’t caught him looking, I wonder if he though I wouldn’t have noticed. The two bedrooms were on the back corners of the house and there was a sofa sleeper in the small living room. I had no idea what the family had done for sleeping arrangements. The light was on in the living room, a lamp on a corner table. The curtains were shut but I knew they didn’t close very well and I might be able to see who, if anyone, was in the living room. I passed the back room closest to my apartment, around the Subaru in the driveway, past the dark kitchen and dining room at the front of the house and started toward the room with the light on. I immediately felt a problem with my plan. The lawn at the front of the house that received all the roof runoff from the downspouts was waterlogged, and my feet sank into a grassy muddy muck puddle as soon as I stepped off the drive. Had I continued I would have left even more evidence than Matthew did. I retreated from the lawn and walked out to the street but could see nothing in the house. Heading back to my garage I saw movement in the back yard. I stopped and listened, but it was only crickets. I approached my entry door and saw more muddy tracks, these across the drive and to my door, then to the backyard. I was about to call out quietly to the shadows in the yard when I heard a voice. “Hey,” Matthew said, sounding uncertain. He appeared from the dark yard then. “I knocked a little bit ago, I thought you’d be home.” He looked scared. It wasn’t particularly cold for this early in the morning but he was wearing only shorts, a tee and his muddy Vans. He held his arms across his chest. “Hi Matthew. You ok?” I asked, trying to comfort with my voice. “I came to say sorry and stuff, for, you know…” “Want to come in?” I asked, unlocking the door. “It’s warm.” He stood looking at me, at the door, and back to me. “Just to talk, though, ok?” “Ok, but kick your shoes off, they’re muddy.” I entered my house and turned on the light above the stove, the same light as earlier when Matthew had watched us from outside. I put my keys on the counter and Matthew slipped off his shoes. He took a tentative step into my place. “Like some cocoa? There’s some left in the pan. I could re-heat it.” “No thanks,” he said softly, then sighed and nervously ran his hands down the shaved sides of his head. “Are you gonna tell Katie about me peeping on you?” “No. Of course not,” I said and he exhaled in relief. “But we should talk about that.” I sat on the couch and gestured to the recliner. He sat down on the edge of the big chair and looked at me expectantly. “Tell me about that. Why were you spying?” “Well, like I said, I’m sorry. It wasn’t cool, and I feel stupid for doing it.” “And for getting caught?” “And for getting caught.” He leaned forward from the edge of the chair, obviously uncomfortable and still holding his arms like he was cold though the room was warm. I smiled like I thought it was funny and he gave me an embarrassed smile back. “What did you see?” I could see the blush rise in his tanned face. He nervously tossed his floppy mohawk from side to side. “You know.” “I don’t know, actually. I only saw you when we were on the couch. I was naked and Nathan and his friend were cuddling. When did you start watching?” “Well, I saw lights on and I was going to come over and knock, but I heard sounds, you know?” He had his hands at his sides now, pressed against the chair. “I heard Nathan making a bunch of sounds like he was being hurt, or… well… that’s when I got the chair and looked in, and that older boy was…” “They were having sex.” “Yeah. In his butt! And you were jerking off watching.” “I was.” I admitted. “What were you doing then?” Matthew’s blush rose up past his ears to the shaven sides of his head. “Well, I was going to do something maybe to help Nathan, but then I could see he was liking it, and, like, helping?” “He was a willing participant. What were you doing, besides spying on us?” I asked in a neutral tone. “Well…” “I can guess. It’s probably what any boy or man would have done in that situation. You touched yourself, didn’t you? You jerked off watching us… Didn’t you?” “Yeah.” He looked down. “It’s ok.” I said. He looked up. “I never saw anything like that before.” “And you liked it?” “Fuuuuuck! It was so hot.” “Did you cum on my patio chair?” “Sorry.” I chuckled. “We have to clean it anyway. It has dirty Van prints all over it.” “I’ll help. I do whatever you want.” “We can clean it up tomorrow. Don’t worry about it. But tell me this, did you stand up there that whole time? We hung out and had cocoa for a while after that, and before I saw you.” “I left after Nathan and the other boy finished. Then when I got back to the house I saw my shoes were all dirty and I realized I better go clean the chair. I guess I was curious what you guys were up to so I peeked in again and saw you and Nate kissing and that other boy sucking your dick. I can’t believe I’m saying this.” He covered his eyes and leaned back in the chair. He looked at me again. “Then when you saw me, I freaked out. I just ran to the house and hid.” “So why are you here now?” “Because I’m an idiot?” “I think you are genuinely remorseful and confused. Not an idiot. An idiot would have screamed or made a scene, woke the neighborhood.” I leaned forward and placed my hand on his knee. He flinched and moved back into the chair. “Sorry!” he said quickly. “No, I’m sorry,” I said, “I wasn’t trying anything, just wanted you to know things are all right.” “Ok, I mean. Yeah, I mean, it’s ok if you were. You know.” “You’re a little rattled, I can tell. I want you to know that all is forgiven. The other two boys don’t know you saw anything. You should go back to bed and know that we can talk more tomorrow. Can I count on you to not tell anyone else what you saw tonight?” “I won’t tell anyone, no way!” “Excellent. I’d like to tell Nathan, if that’s ok? He really likes you and I don’t want him finding out you know things about him…” “He likes me?” Matthew interrupted. “Like `likes’ me like that?” “I think he thinks you are hot.” “Dude!” he smiled. “You can’t tell him. I want to tell him. Maybe we both tell him together? Oh shit!” He was holding his arms again and rocking forward. “Matthew!” I said sharply. He stopped rocking and looked at me. “Don’t worry. We will talk to him together.” “What about the other boy?” “Clark.” “Clark.” Matthew said the name aloud. “He’ll be fine. Maybe we don’t tell him right away. We’ll ask Nathan about that.” “Ok.” “What are you up to tomorrow, with your mom and sister?” “Step-mom. And not my sister,” he corrected me. “They are shopping for the wedding. I’m supposed to entertain myself.” “Wedding?” “Yeah that’s why they are here. Susan’s cousin is getting married Saturday. I’m not invited. I just had to come because my mom is busy.” “I see.” I lied. “Come get me when you wake up tomorrow. No earlier than 10, ok?” “Ok. Cool.” He looked like a weight had been lifted. I saw him out and watched as he quietly entered the house. I didn’t see any other lights come on, but soon saw the living room light go off. I was dead tired and asleep before my head hit the pillow. When I woke it was bright outside. My clock said 11:45. I had no Wednesday morning classes so hadn’t missed any school by sleeping in, but I had planned to go in for open lab that started at noon. So much for good intentions. I dressed and made coffee and poured soymilk on a bowl of honey-nut cheerios and took them out to the patio table. The Subaru was gone. The chair Matthew had used was clean and the lawn was mostly recovered from the trampling it sustained during the heavy rain. I hadn’t taken two bites when I heard his voice. “Hey! You’re up!” he called, smiling. “Yeah, I just woke up. You?” I smiled back. He was wearing red-flowered board shorts and an Ocean Pacific tank top and no shoes. I took a long look at his tan legs and arms covered in short golden hairs several bahçelievler escort shades lighter than his skin. “I’ve been up forever.” He flopped into the chair next to me. “Katie and Susan left about an hour ago. I’m supposed to be here for dinner.” I eyed him, nodding, as I scooped breakfast into my mouth. He watched, a hungry look in his eye. “You eat yet? Want some coffee or cereal?” I asked. “Coffee would be cool. I had lunch already. But that looks good.” “Honey nut,” I said, still eating. He looked confused. I pointed to the bowl with the spoon. “Oh yeah, heh.” “Thanks for cleaning up out here. And the chair,” I said. He nodded and gave me an uncertain grin. “Coffee is in the pot on the counter, Cups above. Help yourself.” “Cool thanks. Cream?” He said getting up. “Vegan,” I said, my mouth full. “Soy milk in fridge.” He emerged with a big blue mug. “This is good. I put in honey, hope that’s ok. The soy looked gross.” “Yeah I like it black.” I finished my cereal and pushed the bowl aside. Our eyes met over our mugs as we sipped our coffee. The sun felt good on my skin and Matthew seemed at home it its light. “Do you play Asteroids?” I asked him. “It’s ok but I prefer Stargate. And Galaga, that’s a good one.” “Basketball?” “I’m ok, I guess,” he said. “Let me grab my ball and we should hit the park. Maybe find Nathan and Clark.” “Ok, yeah. Let me get some shoes on.” “Hey,” I called as he headed toward the house with his coffee, “Bring that hacky bag thing.” Matthew seemed over his guilt at getting caught spying. I dribbled the ball and bounce-passed it to him as we walked and talked. He was a proficient dribbler and made a couple good between-the-legs moves before passing it back, talking the whole time. “See, my mom got me from a sperm donor,” he said unselfconsciously, “when she was with her old girlfriend who was supposed to be my other mom, but she flaked on us. Mom says she still loves her but she can’t handle commitment. She only met Katie like a year ago. Mom is Katie’s first girlfriend, so her daughters are kind of weird about that. Their dad seems ok, I guess, but I don’t really know him.” “Where are the other daughters, your other step-sisters?” “It’s just Susan and Sascha. Sascha is with Tom, her dad. She’s 11. She’s cool, I guess, for a girl. I kinda wish Katie had some boys and I could have step-brothers.” I was having trouble keeping it all straight, but it didn’t seem like there would be a test or anything so I didn’t let it bother me. Matthew was enjoying telling me all about it. We came upon the short basketball hoop where the boys were playing street-side the day before and saw a single boy dribbling and shooting. He was 8 or 9 and had short dark curly hair and dark reddish-brown skin, possibly East Asian. He was shirtless and wore soccer pants and Nike sandals over red thigh-length socks. “Hey you’re the guy who dunked!” he said in a delightful sing-song accent. “What’s up little man?” I greeted him, dribbling my own ball before shooting. I hit the backboard and rim, but it bounced out and Matthew gathered up the rebound. “Try to dunk it!” the brown boy called. I saw Matthew dribble and look at the rim, deciding if he could make the leap. “You can do it Mathew!” I encouraged. “Yes, Matthew, you can certainly do it!” called our young friend. “Heh, thanks. What’s your name?” Matthew asked the boy, still dribbling. “Arjun. This is my court. My father made it the right height for me, but I can’t dunk yet.” Arjun tossed up his ball two-handed and it bounced off the backboard and through the hoop. “Nice one Arjun!” Matthew called. The brown boy’s face lit up with a huge white smile. “What is your name, Mr. Dunker man?” Arjun asked, looking at me. I answered with my full given name. “Jeff-er-ee,” he pronounced it with three lilting syllables, “Very pleased to meet you.” He gave a small nod and smiled. While we spoke, Matthew was building his nerve. He dribbled twice on a smooth approach to the hoop, clutched the ball and leapt up toward the basket, extended his arms and pushed the ball through the hoop. He hung by the rim for a moment, his tank-top pulled up to expose his tan belly. His face and smooth white armpits gleamed in the sun. “Excellent, Matthew!” Arjun cheered, and Matthew’s face beamed with the attention. “You boys be careful with that basket, it is not anchored to the ground!” came the call of a man on the nearest front porch, his accent similar to Arjun’s but much thicker with rolling R’s and sideways vowels. We all smiled and waved, nodding our acknowledgment. “Sorry,” Arjun said quietly, slightly embarrassed. We shot around a bit, said our goodbyes to Arjun and headed to the park. “Jeff-er-eeeeeeee!” Matthew teased me as we walked and he dribbled. “I am so verrry verrry pleased to meet you!” he sang in his best impression of the beautiful brown boy. “Hey that’s not very nice.” I stole the ball and stopped, giving Matthew a stern look. “His English is better than us dumb Americans’.” “I wasn’t trying to be mean, just tweaking you for perving on him.” “Well, not cool to make fun of his accent. You can mess with me…” “Sorry, you’re right. He was a cutie though, wasn’t he?” Matthew asked “Little young for me,” I said. “Really? That smooth brown skin, perky nipples, pink mouth… and those socks.” “Who’s the one perving?” I said and bounced the ball back to Matthew. “He seemed to like you. For me, he was `look don’t touch’ age. Plus, his dad was watching close.” “I knew you were looking.” Matthew smiled, flopped his `hawk and continued dribbling. The boy Arjun was quite beautiful, and I was excited and pleased that Matthew thought so and was willing to tell me as much. We were nearing the full court which was uncharacteristically empty of any adult pick-up games. A couple teens were skateboarding on one side and three tween girls were playing horse on the other. I dribbled and shot a long ball toward the basket with the skaters. It swished and the bigger of the two boys deftly grabbed the ball, dribbled while skating and shot the ball. It was a slick move, and though the shot was good the boy lost balance when he released the ball and fell sideways off his ride. “Bwaaahahhaa!” croaked his buddy as he skated around the fallen boy, grinding his board to a halt. I grabbed my ball, dribbled, and shot another from the top of the key. Matthew got the rebound and dribbled back to me. I made a sign to hold the ball. “You dudes skating or playing round-ball?” I barked. The smaller one, a dark-skinned Black kid with a closely cropped fade shot me a look while his larger friend got back on his board. “Skating, can’t you tell?” replied the bigger of the two, a white kid with greasy brown hair and bad acne. “Well, do it on the court with no hoop, will ya? This one’s for basketball.” “Fuck you beanpole,” The smaller one coughed under his breath as they skated off. I noticed the girls playing horse seemed relieved the boys were gone. I smiled and nodded to them. “Hah!” Matthew crowed. “I thought you were going to have to kick some ass there.” “I would have let you handle the light work.” “I’da kicked their asses. Probably. They can’t skate for shit anyways.” About then I saw Clark pedal by on his ten-speed, standing on the cranks and moving at a good pace. He saw me and made eye contact but never slowed. “Wasn’t that the boy…” “Clark,” I interrupted. His look was a question mark, and I shrugged and kept playing. We copied the girls and played a couple rounds of horse. I won the first with my long jump shots. Matthew called a couple good bank shots from off-hand that I couldn’t repeat to beat me by two letters the second game. We’d barely begun our third game when the sound of a bike skidding on the grassy court edge alerted us to Nathan’s presence. “Hey you guys!” he called. “Hey how you doing buddy?” I said. Matthew chirped a shy “Hi.” “Clark raced past us a bit ago, didn’t even stop.” I said. “Yeah he’s in a hurry. You’ll never guess!” “He won the lottery?” “Hah, Close.” “They elected him President?” “Nooooooo.” I looked at Matthew to see if he had a good guess, “Matthew?” “Oh, uh… did he…run away to join the circus?” Matthew tried. We both groaned. “He found a guy to sell him an Atari cheap if he gets there before 1:30. It’s way over past Charnelton.” “Cool! I have Atari at home. I hope he gets some good cartridges!” “Yeah and even better, he sold me his old bike for only $10 so he would have enough to buy the game.” “He sold you his bike?” I asked “Yeah, I had some money…” He looked at Matthew. “Cool. That’s a great deal for a Huffy!” Matthew said. “Yeah and I’m going to fix it up and make it even better. ” “How is the seat?” I asked, realizing a second too late what each boy might take from that question. I could see Matthew swallow a surprised chuckle, but don’t think Nathan noticed. “It’s fine,” he said, his look giving me his meaning. “Since you adjusted it.” He looked back to Matthew who had regained composure. “Can I try your bike?” Matthew asked. Nathans face brightened as he jumped off the bike. “Sure, take it for a spin. The rear brakes are pretty touchy, easy to skid.” “Nice!” Matthew pulled away onto the hard dirt and grass surface of the park and gained speed before popping a wheelie and holding it while pedaling past us on the other side of the court. “Wow, is he good at everything?” Nathan asked, eyes on the blond boy. “He likes you I think. He wants to tell you something. We need to go talk somewhere.” “Tell me something? Good or bad?” “Good, maybe. Not bad, I hope, but embarrassing for him, and maybe you. But he’s cool and is worried about what you will think.” “That’s pretty random.” “Yeah, but don’t worry.” “Did you guys do anything, you know?” Nathan’s eyes squinted, ready to be upset with me. “No, no, nothing, I promise. Not that it would be your business.” “Oh. Ok.” I could see him thinking that over. Matthew rode a wheelie back onto the court and set it down just before skidding to a stop between us. I could see the three girls on the other end of the court looking at him doe-eyed, but he was oblivious. “I have quarters. You guys up for some `roids?” I asked. “Roids?” Matthew asked, incredulous. “Steroids?” “No silly! Asteroids!” laughed Nathan. The Laundromat was mercifully empty and therefore not as hot as it could be on a warm day with dryers running full tilt. One load spun in a dryer, but as we passed it we all stopped and read the note taped to the machine: “Will be back by 5. Put clothes in a bin if you need this dryer.” I grabbed the stool from under a folding table and set it in front of the arcade game and plugged in quarters. “You two first and I’ll take winner.” Nathan started well, clearing the first set of rocks and killing two alien ships without hitting the thruster once, thereby keeping his ship stationary in the center of the screen. On the second level he was forced to start maneuvering his ship to avoid asteroids and aliens. Drifting across the screen edge, he backed into a slow-moving rock he hadn’t seen approaching from the diagonal, ending his go. Matthew congratulated his good turn and started his play by immediately thrusting across the screen and blasting rocks as he passed them. He was adroit in dispatching aliens as they appeared, and when he cleared the last boulder from the first set he quickly decelerated, reversing his thrust and stopping near dead-center. Nathan and I stood close behind, observing Matthew and his play. He was on the stool, though he didn’t need it, and his butt stuck out at a bakırköy escort rakish angle. Our attention was shared equally between the action on the screen and the boy flesh before us. “I think he has a hard-on,” Nathan whispered in my ear. I looked but couldn’t tell. Nathan giggled and I winked at him. Matthew cleared level two much the way Nathan had attempted, pivoting his fire from a set position and blowing rocks and aliens away as they moved toward him. He was down to two small rocks when an alien ship klaxoned its way toward his ship and forced him to move. He spun around the alien ship, blasted one of the two rocks and was positioning for the other when the alien hit the last rock, ending the level. Matthew’s ship was still moving at high speed and he was unprepared for the level change. The third set of asteroids appeared and he was forced to hit hyperspace, reemerging into a falling boulder. “Baahhh! Asteroids!” Matthew bellowed. Nathan scrambled for his turn, but not before he and I both saw the obvious tent in Matthew’s pants. Matthew adjusted himself as discreetly as possible and I pretended not to notice. “So, Matthew…” I said loud enough for both boys to hear over the game. We were still alone in the room and would hear anyone entering before they saw us in the alcove. “Wasn’t there something you wanted to tell Nathan?” “During his turn?” he asked. “It’s ok,” Nathan said as he navigated around the last couple rocks on the screen. He had stopped firing, using the relative lull in the late-level play to listen to whatever it was Matthew wanted to say. “Well, this is awkward, but I wanted you to know…” Matthew paused and Nathan stayed silent, moving between but not destroying the small asteroids. “I came outside to Jeff’s place last night late, `cause I saw lights on, and I heard you kind of, well, making noise. I thought you were being hurt maybe.” An alien loudly appeared and Nathan swiftly killed it. I could see Nathan looking at Matthew in the reflection of the console’s screen. “Well, I was worried, and curious, I guess, so I got a chair and looked in.” “What did you see?” Nathan’s tone was flat. He shot one of the remaining boulders, then another alien. “I saw you and Clark, you know…” I could see a tear in Nathan’s eye. “I’m sorry I spied on you…” Several tears rolled down Nathan’s cheek. His hands worked the controls of the game, thrusting the ship faster and faster, zipping diagonally and cutting corners across the screen. I put my hand on his shoulder and he sucked in a quick sharp breath, and hit the hyperspace button, once, twice, three times. When the ship reappeared the fourth time it exploded in the path of the last rock. He broke away from my hand and turned to run, but Matthew had him, wrapping his arms around the boy, crying now himself. “Do you hate me now?” Nathan asked. “Hate you? No fucking way! I want to be you.” “Be me?” “Yeah, not only are you fucking gorgeous, but you have a hot boyfriend. Red hair too, who doesn’t like that?” Nathan chuckled once through his blubbering. “And a cool older guy like Jeff who seems to really care about you. I should hate you from jealousy, but I don’t.” “Really?” “Really. I feel shitty for spying, but Jesus it was hot!” “How long did you watch?” Nate wiped his face as Matthew held him. “Until Jeff saw me in the window. You guys were kissing.” I could see Nathan working out the timing of that. But before he could respond Matthew asked him a question. “Can I kiss you?” and instead of answering Nathan closed the distance and put his lips to Matthew’s. We heard the door open and someone drop a load of clothes in a roll bin. “Shit!” I whispered, adjusting the erection in my shorts. The game was over. “Let’s get out of here.” “This way,” Nathan said, and we followed him out the back door into the alley. “Let’s go to my house. Clark will be back soon with the Atari.” “What about Ginny?” “She’s gone until 5. Plus we will be in the basement. She never goes down there.” We passed through the gate and into the house. I couldn’t gauge Matthew’s reaction to the small threadbare home. I assumed by his clothes and demeanor that he came from more affluent surroundings, but he didn’t show any pause. “Lemonade?” Nathan offered, and poured us each a glass of weak but cold instant drink from a glass pitcher. “Bring your glasses, we have to go around back and down.” We followed Nathan out and around the side to an exterior stairway cut into the grade. The door at the bottom opened into a dark room full pipes and wires, the house’s furnace and water heater tank and electric panel. Nathan pulled a cord and a single bulb came on illuminating the crawlspace-like area with open joists and wall studs. He led us to a door on the opposite wall that opened to another darkened room, and turned on the light to reveal a dry, finished family room complete with a well-used sectional couch and overstuffed ottomans. “Pull the light cord and close the door,” he told me as I entered the room. “Cool space!” Matthew said looking around, eyes settling on the TV. “We don’t have cable so nothing’s on.” “I was enjoying a good show at the laundromat,” I quipped sitting on the soft sofa. “Before it was interrupted for a detergent commercial,” Matthew followed, sitting next to me. “Nice one!” I said, leaning and giving him five. “Clark should be back soon, maybe. But we will hear him and see the light come on when he comes down. If you guys wanna fool around…” Nathan said “Like what would we do?” Matthew asked us both. “I’m ok just watching if you guys want to do stuff, or I can go up and wait for Clark.” “No, I want you here, Jeffrey!” Nathan whined. “I want you both.” “What do you want to do, Matthew?” I asked. “Well, I want to kiss some more. Nathan for sure, maybe you too Jeff. I’ll be honest, I’m not usually into guys that much older, but I saw you last night and you are pretty sexy.” “He’s got a great cock.” “Yours is nice too, Nate,” I said. No one commented on the name. “Let’s get our dicks out you guys!” Matthew said pushing his tenting erection against his flowered shorts. “No! Wait!” Nathan cried. “I have a plan. You’ve seen both our cocks, right?” Matthew nodded. “But we haven’t seen yours.” He looked at me for confirmation. “I haven’t. Not for lack of trying,” I said. Matthew made a surprised face at me and comically covered his groin with his hands. “Super duper! If you’re ok with it, Matthew, you sit back and Jeffery and I are going to take turns unwrapping you like a Christmas present.” “That’s freaky, dudes!” Matthew said with a grin. Nathan knelt at Matthew’s right knee and motioned for me to take the left. Nathan pressed his crotch into Matthew’s knee and ran his hands over the boy’s golden legs. I tentatively felt the top of his knee and ran my fingers down his shin. “First we kiss,” Nathan announced. He climbed up onto the sofa next to Matthew and moved in, brushing lips and then tongues. He broke and turned to me. “C’mon, you too!” I moved in and Nathan met me with a wet kiss not an inch from Matthews face. Matthew nuzzled his nose between us and pushed in to join us for a three-way snog before muscling in completely and meeting my mouth. His tongue was warm and strong and his mouth tasted good of lemonade and boy. We kissed for a moment, too short, then Nathan moved back in and they were kissing inches from my face. Nathan turned to say something and Matthew put his tongue in Nathan’s ear, making him giggle and squirm. “Let’s take his shirt off” the younger boy said, and Matthew raised his arms as we tugged the garment away. I held his arm up and dove my tongue into his smooth white armpit, tasting his salt and slight acid. Nathans eyes widened for a second and then he followed, and we heard Matthew hum with pleasure. “Oh Man, that’s crazy weird, but cool, don’t stop…” But I was already moving to his nipple, nickel sized and golden brown. I felt it stiffen with my tonguing and slurping, and I traced circles around it and blew cool air across it, stiffening it further. Nathan was suckling on his other nip like it was a mother’s teat and I worried he would leave a hickey. I looked down and saw that Nathan’s hand was rubbing the bulge in Matthews shorts and as he moved his mouth down the boy’s torso I reached over and caressed Nathan’s firm buttocks as they pointed at the ceiling. Nathan tongued Matthew’s navel, gripping his package unmercifully before rising up to work the drawstring on the blond boy’s shorts. I took the opportunity to tongue Matthew’s flat belly and navel, feeling the short soft golden hairs with my tongue. “Here, let me help.” Matthew said, raising his hips and pushing as Nathan pulled the flowered shorts down. The older boy’s erect uncut penis popped out with a smack against his belly. Nathan grabbed it as he gasped, “He’s like you!” and I hummed agreement as I pulled Matthews shorts the rest of the way off. He raised his legs to assist, giving me a glorious view of his smooth pale balls and perineum and a shadowed hint of his asshole. Nathan stroked slowly, once, twice, pulling the skin down the upward curve of the boy’s erection, exposing the tip and hiding it again. He ran his pink tongue around the bulbous head and took it in his mouth. Matthew breathed audibly, watching Nathan work the boy’s cock deep, then applying tongue and suction as he came back up. Matthew held Nathan’s head and groaned with pleasure. I massaged Matthew’s thighs and knees and reached for his smooth taint. I could feel the hardness there and I stroked it while Nathan sucked. Nathan came up for air, breathing hard, saliva coating his chin. “Take over, ok?” he asked. I leaned over Matthew’s glistening upcurved penis and took it to the root, stiff and warm and alive. My nose brushed several soft curly blond pubes. “Move up, I want to suck his balls,” Nathan ordered, and I obliged, concentrating on working my tongue in between his foreskin and glans. Matthew was becoming very vocal, gasping and panting as Nathan bobbled one testicle and then the other on his tongue and in his mouth and while I worked my tongue and lips on the boy’s shaft. Nathan pushed me off my work and gripped Matthew by the base of his pale golden member. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” he said and without an answer plunged down on Matthew and began bobbing with a strong fast rhythm. The boy would not last long. I moved up onto the couch next to Matthew and rubbed his chest, feeling his sharp hard nipples. I moved my lips toward him and he met me with his tongue, kissing and tongue-wrestling and grunting. He was like a wild animal, and soon he pushed me away and grabbed for Nathan’s head, holding him still as he pumped his cock, pulsing visibly as he filled the younger boy’s mouth with his semen. “Oh fuck, that was amazing,” he said, falling back against the couch. Nathan’s mouth was still full, and he looked up at us both. “You better let go, I’m getting pretty sensitive.” Nathan rose up then, holding the cum in his mouth, looking at us both, questioning. “Nathan wants to share your cum with you,” I said “Huh?” Matthew asked, holding his deflating penis. “If you don’t want a cummy kiss then I do,” I said. “Really?” Nathan shrugged then leaned over in front of Matthew and I did the same. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I tasted the thin watery boy juice Mathew had produced for us. “I’m trying to decide if that’s gross or not,” Mathew said, watching us swap spit and cum inches from his face. “It’s not,” Nathan said, breaking the kiss, then planting his lips on Matthew who balgat escort relented and opened up, kissing him deeply. I was still rock hard and had nearly cum twice just from the close body contact with two such sexy boys, one beautiful and one extremely charismatic. I was stroking myself when Nathan noticed my state. “Let’s blow Jeffrey? Want to?” Matthew looked from Nathan to me then Nathan again. “Can I just watch? Maybe I can rub his balls.” “You don’t have to do anything,” I said,” In fact we can skip it altogether if it makes you…” “No!” Nathan interrupted. To Matthew he said, “I’ll suck and you watch. Help if you want.” “I’ll suck yours if you want,” Matthew said, “but his is too big.” “Pshh! Pull it out Jeff!” I dropped my shorts as quickly as he asked and leaned back on the couch. Nathan handled me with new-found expertise, pulling my foreskin down and running fingers over my crown. “Man, all this skin. I’m so jealous of you guys who still have it.” “I know, I’m so glad my mom is a hippie dyke. She wouldn’t let the doctors cut mine off.” He reached over and helped Nathan examine my cock, wrapping his strong hand around me near the base. “It’s long but not much thicker than mine.” “You hold him there and rub his balls and I’ll blow him.” “Ok.” Matthew concentrated on his task, one strong hand on my shaft and one on my scrotum, rolling my balls around and squeezing lightly, then pulling. It was exquisite. “Cum as quick as you can, or Clark might walk in on us,” Nathan said. “Oh shit I almost forgot,” said Matthew. Nathan was all business, taking me as deep as the top of Matthew’s hand and back again, slurping and humming. Matthew started stroking in time with Nathan’s mouth. Several strokes with Nathan’s tongue and lips and I was near the edge. Nathan pulled Matthew’s hand away from my shaft and took me as far as he could, his throat massaging my glans as he swallowed me up. I held his head and groaned as he pulled up to tongue my slit as my orgasm started, spewing my cum into his hungry mouth as Matthew’s hand returned. “Fuck, I can feel him coming. That’s hot!” Matthew said. “Yeah me too!” said Nathan, pulling off my cock and laughing through a mouthful of cum. “I’m not kissing you with that, so don’t ask,” Matthew said, amused, and Nathan swallowed my seed. Bang Bang Bang! We all nearly jumped at the noise. “Nathan come help me bring this stuff in!” Clark shouted. We scrambled for clothes and shoes and checked the room for evidence. Nathan ran up to meet Clark, Matthew and I following close behind. Clark was out front balancing his ten-speed and untying a grocery bag from the handlebars. Another grocery bag sat next to him. “Dude, the guy had like a hundred cartridges. He gave me 13 with the console. Oh, hey Jeff.” His eyes met Matthew. “Hi, who are you?” “Hi. I’m Matthew. I’m staying at the house next to Jeff.” “Cool shoes.” Clark looked the boy over. “And hair. I want to get a mohawk for the summer.” “Dude you would rock a sweet mohawk,” Matthew said. “If I brought my clippers I could do it for you.” “Can you get them later?” Clark asked, excited. “No. They’re in San Diego.” Clark frowned, but then reached down and grabbed the Atari console from the paper bag. “Let’s hook this up. It works great, the guy showed me.” We all galloped down to the basement again. No mention was made of our recent activities. Clark dumped the bag of cartridges, joysticks and cables out onto the sofa and grabbed what he needed to set it up. While he worked the three of us sorted through the games, calling out good ones as we found them. “Pinball!” said Nathan. “Missile Command! This one is great!” Matthew crowed. “Warlords is fun,” I said, holding the game. “Defender, Centipede, Breakout,” Nathan shuffled through a pile, “Kaboom?” “Kaboom is cool, I’ll show you,” Matthew said. “Mrs. Pac Man!” I held up the prize. “That’s great Jeff, really,” Nathan mocked, “But where is…Claaaaark! You said you would get…” “Asteroids?” Matthew help up the game. “Asteroids!” cheered Nathan. “There’s also Backgammon, SeaQuest, Pole Position, Sky Diver,” I read the names off the remaining cartridges. “Backgammon?” Nathan and Matthew both sneered. “Ok, its working!’ Clark called out. “What first?” “Asteroids!” we all cried out together. There were only two joysticks so Nathan and Clark took first game, Matthew calling to play winner. The Atari was a good console but didn’t come close to the sounds and action of the real arcade game. I was terrible at it, never getting a feel for the joystick. Nathan and Matthew were the masters and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV working the joysticks in their laps. Clark and I sat on the couch and looked at the other games, trying to decide what to play next. The television sound was cranked up high and the sounds of asteroids and aliens filled the room. “Nathan said I could come visit you,” he said softly, leaning toward me. “Did he?” I asked. “Yeah. I thought, maybe tonight? He and Ginny have a thing she’s taking him to.” “If I ask him will he say that’s true.” “Yeah!” Clark replied too loudly and Nathan turned to look. I held up the Missile Command cartridge and gave a questioning look. Nathan smiled and turned back to the game. “He said its ok if you help me, you know, like you helped him,” He said, leaning in and speaking softly. “I’ll want to hear it from him.” “You don’t believe me?” He asked urgently, but quietly. “You said you were going to give him your bike, not sell it.” “I needed ten more dollars for the Atari. I’m sharing that. It’s going to be at his house even. He’s cool with that.” “Ok, I still want to check in with him about it.” I smiled and gave him a side hug. Nathan pulled the cartridge out of the console and tossed it back to us. “Centipede?” “Yeah that rocks!” Matthew said, still sitting cross-legged, holding the joystick and rocking side to side from his hips. “Clark has next. Nathan, come sit with me,” I said. The boys swapped spots and concentrated on the game as the room filled with the musical sounds of a giant arthropod devouring mushrooms. Nathan sat close to me and snuggled his head into my side, his legs pulled up under him sideways. “Clark wants to come over to my place tonight. He said you were ok with that.” I brushed my nose into his hair. Nathan turned and looked up at me for a moment. “Yeah, I guess.” “That sounds like a no. I’ll tell him I’m busy.” I kissed his head. “No, I’m sorry. Don’t tell him you are busy for me. He wants you to help him so he can do stuff with Randy again.” “You could help him. Doesn’t have to be me.” “Haw! Mine’s not big enough to help.” He laughed softly. “You could use something else…” “Just let him come over, ok? I trust you. He likes you. You’re not my property.” I didn’t answer that. We sat quietly and watched the two boys in front of us play Atari. They were both attractive in completely different ways; Matthew lithe, strong and golden, Clark plump, pale and sturdy. There was a bit of good-natured banter between them as they played and Nathan and I cuddled. Matthew won the game, and when Clark looked back to give up the controller he saw Nathan curled up into my side. I nodded for him to keep playing. Nathan looked up at me again and smiled. “We left you out earlier,” I told him. He gave me a look that said he didn’t understand. “You didn’t cum but we both did.” “Matthew said we could fool around later, just him and me.” “He’s a good kid.” “I like him, but he’s only here this week. I don’t want to make Clark jealous.” “Clark is a good kid too.” “Then let him come over tonight ok?” He snuggled again, not waiting for an answer. The boys played through several more games. I abstained and had the pleasure of a revolving trio of boys sharing the couch with me, one at a time. I discovered that Matthew would be going out to dinner that evening with Katie and Susan and some of the wedding party. Nathan also had plans with Ginny — the movie she had promised and ice cream after. Clark had been invited but had decided not to go. When Clark returned to the couch I was looking forward to extending the invitation he had been angling for. He was in a huff when he plopped down next to me. “That game sucks,” he complained. “Nathan kicked your ass huh?” He gave me an evil look. “Nathan did tell me he was hoping I’d invite you over tonight,” I whispered in his ear, one arm around his shoulder and the other on his leg. “Cool, thanks.” He gave me a warm crooked smile. “I want you to come on foot. Don’t bring your bike. You need to wait until there is no car in the driveway, then come back and just come in, it will be unlocked.” “Ok.” “Nate…Nathan that is, gave me an idea of what you might want to do, but you should think about it and have an idea. I’m good with whatever, from just talking, to, well, whatever, ok. “Yeah, ok, cool.” “And one other thing,” I said, looking at him seriously, “Wear your nice white underwear.” Matthew had to be home by 5 so we walked together to the house. He said he was looking forward to the dinner as it was supposed to be a good restaurant and not exclusively vegetarian. Katie was there and greeted us from the kitchen door. “Hey, you guys have a good day?” She asked. “Yeah, we played basketball at the park and then Asteroids at Nathan’s house,” Matthew said. “Well, thanks Jeffrey for letting Matthew tag along.” “It was no problem, he mostly hung out with my cousin,” I said, maintaining the story of my familial relationship to Nathan. “Well, he has plenty to entertain himself here, so just tell him to buzz off if he’s a pain,” she said, holding his shoulder. “He’s a good kid. Not a problem. You guys have a nice time tonight.” I knew it would be a while before Clark would arrive, so I headed out for a run. I started slowly, warming my legs and finding my pace. I ran the loop that Nathan and I had taken and cut over a creek in the greenway and up to the foot of a butte. My feet and legs were wet from crossing the creek and I picked up a good bit of mud and dirt but shed most of it as the sun dried my legs and I ascended the hill. As I was climbing the rough path another runner rounded a switchback and approached me. He was late 20’s and had a full head of dark curly hair worn loose. He was fit and wore running shorts and a brown t-shirt with a country singer’s logo. It might have been George Strait. He smiled as he passed and nodded. I turned after and looked back, and swore he looked familiar, but wasn’t sure from where. As I was looking, he turned and looked also, catching me and smiling. I flushed with embarrassment at being caught looking, especially as he was way too old for my interest. But he was certainly good looking. I managed to make it to the top of the butte, only about 2 miles distance and 600 feet of elevation change. I looked out over the city. I could see the university and my neighborhood, miles away from each other. I could see the park where I’d played basketball and also the river, a mile or more farther. As much as I enjoyed climbing with my long legs and slight weight, I loved a fast descent. I strode down the rough path at a very good clip, being careful not to startle hikers or other runners but letting the hill carry me as it would. At the creek crossing I was blazing and I splashed through with abandon, getting fairly soaked. I steadied my pace on the flats and made my way home feeling a runner’s high like I hadn’t in some time. The Subaru was gone when I got home. I was wet, sweaty and breathing hard. Reaching for my hidden key above the door, I heard him call. “Jeff? Is that you?” I heard from behind the garage. “Clark?” I called, walking back into the side yard. He emerged from the bushes behind the building. His shirt was torn and his face had a nasty welt like he had been hit hard with something. He looked like he had been crying, and when he saw me he ran into my arms, crying again. End Chapter 5

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