Subject: At the Pool in the Park and the Older Men part 7 At the Pool in the Park and the older men This is the seventh instalment of the fun and mischief I got up to and the sex things I was introduced to by the older men I had met and come to love so much, and there’s always something new and fun for me to learn and new older men to be met, Thankyou very much for your kind words and support with my stories, and it really helps to know you like my life story so much, and I thank for publishing it for me and for publishing all these other amazing stories, so if you would life to help them keep the site going they would be happy to accept donations. I had been home about a week and half and the summer holidays had started and Alex and when we were not together and we had the walkie talkies and could chat with each other using them and James had told us about frequencies and said we would have code words for certain things in case other people were on the airwaves and we weren’t a hundred percent sure what that meant, but being kids we were soon coming up with with codewords in no time, and when it came to spending time together Alex and I played here in the houses and the bedrooms and the little back gardens, I wasn’t ready to go down to the park yet, and I hadn’t even gone to the pool since I had gotten out and came on home. And we were up in our room and playing properly and I had Lego out and I heard footsteps coming up and it was grandad and he came in and sat down and he said he wanted to ask me a question and I said okay and I had looked at Alex before grandad and he was just going to ask how I was doing with my leg as I was having a bit of trouble with it and I was still having so much physio, and grandad said would I be up for a weekend camping outdoors and that Alex would also be going as well he and nan had just been talking to Alex’s parents about it and he wasn’t sure where we were going exactly but Dave and James were going to take them camping away and we were listening, and grandad said if I didn’t feel like I could do it, I didn’t have to go at all and we could talk about it again maybe nearer the end of of the summer holidays, and when I said I should be okay and it would be nice for grandad to have time with nan and you could have a quiet weekend, and grandad did say that would be nice for a change lol. And so we had to wait to Friday and we would be picked up then and we had three days to wait and they did seem to drag on and grandad also helped me pack a rucksack bag and we had all kinds of clothes and underwear and a jumper too, even though I knew I wouldn’t need the clothes at all unless we were going out, and it just was a few days of being really bored as only ten year olds can be when waiting for things to happen and we did have our walkie talkies which we always left in our bedroom, and we were together a lot on those three days and one of them I had spent around at Alex’s, I did have a bit of trouble going around there as to get there I had to go past the spot where I had my accident and I went back and I got grandad to walk around there with me, and on the way grandad did stop and talk to a few of the people from our street and they all remarked that I was doing much better after the accident and on the corner was the house with lady who we knew and I just knew her to say hello to and being little angel I was I was smiling up at her and she gave me a pound to buy some sweets and back then we had �1 notes and that was a lot of money to me and I said thankyou, and after a little chat we continued around to the Alex’s house and we knocked and grandad was talking to Alex’s mom and dad about and you can always tell, and he said something about a panic attack and that he walked me around and maybe I can be walked back home and grandad gave me a hug told me to be good and headed home, I came through to the lounge as that’s where Alex had been and we sat in the sofa and we chatted and watched cartoons and when alone discussed what we might get up to when we went camping and the rest of the day was usual 10 year old fun and antics, and when we went up to Alex’s room which took time as there was two flights of stairs and I was worn out and I did see that Alex also had a new bed, not bunk beds like mine just a bigger bed I think it would be a double size and Alex said I sleep on the left and easier to get up and nearer to the bathroom or escape from tickling, I was testing it out and he did attack me with kisses and big cuddles and his hands were roaming all over my body and he said ‘Boing’ as he knew when he put his hand down my shorts he would find my cock all hard and it certainly was and that led to kisses and I tried to roll over and as that didn’t work I was kind of pinned and I wasn’t planning on escape, He just wanted to be on top lol, but I was enjoying the kissing and my hands were free to roam up and down the sides of his body and up under his T-shirt and I heard the first little moan when my thumbs brushed both of his nipples and he lowered his body down and I could feel his hard cock grinding and rubbing against me I know mine was rubbing against his as well and I just wrapped my arms around his waist and I moved them further down and it just felt perfect and I gently squeezed and held him with a hand on each sides of his sexy bum, and it was great I could feel the tingly feeling building up and Alex grinding and kissing my neck and then shoulder and he could him moaning but trying to keep quiet by keeping his lips against my body and we must have being going at it for about ten minutes and then when the firework moment arrived and I did my little growl and then a yelp and he had accidentally bit me on the shoulder, so that was my first love bite, although at that time we didn’t know it was called that and Alex was so apologetic and I said that’s okay and I had a no idea what was left there until I looked in the mirror and as I would be wearing a T-shirt I’d be okay. When Friday morning arrived and I had my ruck sack by the front door and every single time I heard a car I’d get up and look out the window and finally at half past ten arrived and I heard the car door and I was smiling and so excited (not that I already wasn’t over excited lol) and I said goodbye to Nan and Grandad and they told me to be to good and careful and I promised I would and I got in the back and shuffled over and then as we drove off I waved and Dave was driving and said “how’s my beautiful little man today” and I said “okay a bit achy”, and I was asked if I had brought my medication with me and I replied yes I had and it was on top in my rucksack and they are asked how’s my chest and leg and arm and I said “that still they did hurt a little but not to much, my leg hurts more than my chest and my arm doesn’t hurt at all, and I definitely thought not enough to want to ruin the weekend away” I always told the truth plus if anything did cause a problem they would notice straight away and I said “it hurt a little the other night when Alex had me pinned on his new bed” “well we make sure he is gentle this weekend” said James and they both looked at Alex one in the rearview mirror and James slightly turning, and he smiled and said “what” and we laughed, and we pulled up outside Alex’s house and he was all ready and waiting door open, and when Dave pulled up he seemed w bit surprised that he was out there and said to James before he got out I wondered how long he had been sitting there, and I said “since I told him on the walkie talkie you brought for me that you were at mine I’m guessing” with a big grin and they both laughed and again I thanked them for that gift and James talked to Alex’s mom and dad and it looked to me like he was excited and impatient to get in the car and get going lol. Eventually we were in the car and off Alex and I were sat in the back holding hands and blowing kisses to each other and after about ten minutes of driving and nice small talk Alex shuffled bursa escort closer and was whispering our version of sexy talk in each other’s ear, bearing in mind we don’t know much it was limited and it still did the job and we were already horny and now driving out of town and in the country side and we had a nice big long kiss and Dave must have seen us in the rear view mirror and said “can’t we wait till we get *home *or we would be worn out before we got there” and finished the kiss and said “yes daddy” and he growled at us from the driving seat, We pulled up into the drive way and the car was parked and Alex got out first and I liked watching that sexy bum of his wiggle as he picked up the rucksacks and went in and James helped me out and I had my crutches and once inside and I laughed as did James as Alex was already in the process of stripping down, and Dave said slow down little man we have all weekend for fun and sexy stuff, first let’s take the rucksacks to your room, which we did and once that was done I sat on the bed and Alex came over between my legs stood there his topless body pressed against mine and gave me a nice long kiss and hooked his hands under my T-shirt and pulled it up over my head and put it in the bed and that’s when James and Dave both saw the mark on my shoulder and said “you gave him a hickey” Alex and I just looked at them blankly and they said it’s a mark of passion, and then they saw the further blank expressions and said “give us a moment” and they went off somewhere and that led us it was a lovely big cuddle and I could feel how excited Alex was as there trembling or maybe it was just a heart racing I had my arms around him and leaning planted kisses on his lips and neck and we just rolled back on to the bed and about five or six minutes later we are still half dressed and laying on the bed cuddled up and Dave returned and asked us to come with him and we went to the lounge where James was sat and there was drinks and I saw crisps and sweets so I know we were not in trouble for anything. We were sat on the sofa and we were side by side holding hands, we were comfortable they had sat opposite us, the first question James asked ” do you know about the birds and bee’s” (nowadays I’m pretty sure kids of all ages know it back then it’s not so easy to get hold of info at a click of a finger) so I look at Alex he shrugs and I said “a bees stung me when I was eight and it hurt a lot” and I had been serious, they chuckled and asked the next question, “where do you think babies come from” and I course knew this answer and so did Alex “I was found under a gooseberry bush” and Alex was brought by a Stork, which did get a lot of laughter and they said maybe this would help they had a magazine and he was right it did explain everything and although Alex and I gave a couple of “Eww” remarks here and definitely a few giggles too, we both said “that we did not want to do that at all ever”, and it was later and after a couple of questions and we were all done and we were then asked what we wanted to do next and as it was almost lunch time and I needed my next medication for my leg and Dave had a suggestion and it was a gentle massage to help with my leg and relax all our muscles. And Alex and I agreed to this even though I wasn’t sure about a whole body one, I had had leg ones as part of my physio and so we went and had some sandwiches for Lunch and they were lovely and we were happy, although i was looking forward to naked fun time, I knew we had all weekend for that and then when I had finished Dave around my side of the table and got down to my height and “come on then my little soldier” and he helped me stand up and picked me up and fireman carried me to the room with the cushions and I could hear Alex laughing and he was not only laughing at me he was also getting his own carry into the cushion room, and I was put down next to one of the tables with the holes in it and Alex next to the other and I was told to relax and given a nice big kiss and cuddle and Dave was looking me all over and at the scars and marks from the surgery and he kisses my chest and my belly and then blew a raspberry on my tummy and that made me giggles and, he gently pulled down my shorts and even though I wasn’t facing Alex I had heard him say “Boing” and I wasn’t sure if he meant me or him, and yep I was hard, and my little briefs came off next and Dave said “I have missed you and this beautiful body” and I though I was going to get the usual tingly fun but instead I was picked up and laid on the bed table thing and told to put my head through the hole and I did that and I said I could see Dave’s feet and my arms laying down at my side, and I felt something poured on my body which was cold and it startled me and I was told to relax it was oil and for the next hour after a few giggles when my side got tickled at the beginning and my shoulders and down my legs and up and down my back and spine, and then the fingers were on my bum and then up and down there between my cheeks and every time it brushed against my hole, I wasn’t sure at first but it felt like it was trying to enter me and I could hear the moaning sounds from Alex, and I was sure he was getting the same treatment and then we were rolled over and very gently and it was a bit bright on my eyes facing up wards, but when I could focus I was smiling upwards and Dave said your enjoying this and I nodded and then the front massage began and I was letting out little groans and I was well on the way to the tingles and I knew the tables were close and I can see one of Alex’s arms off the side of the table I reached out to try and hold his hand and I couldn’t quite reach and tried shuffling and Dave told me to hang on and he moved around he lifted Alex’s arm and hand and gave me that to hold an I said “thank you” and he turned his head to smile at me and the massage continued and I did find it so relaxing and then I heard the moaning again and it was getting louder, which I really love to hear and also here he can be as loud as he liked and I’m closing my eyes and listening and I can feel the tingles or Orgasm as had been explained earlier in our talk and what I liked is Alex pronouncing it organism, I still preferred the tingles and I felt Dave’s hand on my cock and he was stroking with his thumb and finger and his other hand was moving between my legs and all that oiling and massage the grip on my hand with Alex was very tight, and I’m not sure if it was a finger a thumb I know it was some digit and it entered me a little bit and it either hit or found something and I was making so much noise as Alex which was very unusual for me but I loved it, and I was shaking when I had finished I was still throbbing my heart was beating so hard Dave leaned in and gave me a huge long kiss, and he said I was magnificent and I thought I was supposed to be thanking him but wow. A few minutes later and I was sat up my little cock actually asleep for a change and Alex was smiling too and when they asked us what we wanted to do next, of course I wanted more sexy fun, but I was just so worn out, and I said “I want to see you to naked and give you a massage” and so we switched and I got James undressed and Dave was with Alex, and there were many bottles on the little table and I hadn’t got a clue and so I had to ask and they said use the baby oil, and then I aimed at James is back and having never used it, I was not prepared for how much and how fast would come out and I’d say at least a quarter of a bottle shot out and went everywhere and I’m reaching around trying to scoop up and use it all and giggling as well, and then I had oil on my hands and the bottle and the table and James of course and I was having a bit of trouble getting around the table without my crutches and i stayed in the same spot and I could reach almost everywhere, and boy did I did massage that sexy furry body and his back was just as hairy as his front and up shoulders bursa escort bayan and neck and bum and legs and I couldn’t get around to the feet and so I did his sides and under his arms and then I got him to roll over and that lovely long cock all hard in front of me, now you know me by now, you know I wanted to start at the cock and then just spend my time there lol, but I did chest and shoulders and once I had done his arm he reached down and put it around my waist and just made up and down motions it was like a caress and cuddle and also it was reassuring that he was enjoying the massage I was giving him and I found it also helped me stand up okay and I did his chest and his nipples, I was amazed how shiny the baby oil made his body and all that fur look, and I looked across at Alex and he was shiny and Dave was shiny and form what I could see of me and I was shiny and slippery, baby oil makes everything slippery as I found out, and I continued they massage his little growls and moans and I put my hand on his hard cock and found out baby oil and cock is very slippery but fun like holding and squeezing wet soap lol, and as I massages and I was trying to get closer as I have not had any of those lovely drops that appear form the tip in along time and I could see out of the corner of my eye Alex had Dave’s hard cock in his hand and then I saw Alex just sucking on Dave’s cock and I can hear load moans and I wanted to do the same but I couldn’t reach properly and I was stroking watching the other table and my hand had been getting faster and James seeing I was trying to get close to his cock he kind of slightly turned towards me so his cock would be closer to my face and that’s when my oily hand flew off the cock and hit myself in the face, it was funny later but for a tiny second it hurt a lot and I did stumble and land flat on my bum and back against the wall everybody stopped what they were doing and Dave and James got off the table and I can tell they were worried at first and it had left tears in my eyes as I had caught the bridge of my nose and no lasting damage and about five minutes later I persuaded them to lay back down on the table and although we were both facing a couple of cocks now half asleep, but I was determined to wake the one in front of me back up, and my first thought was to climb up there on the table and use both hands and stroke and lick and kiss and do what ever I could to wake up the yummy cock in front of me however, it felt so different to hold it gently in my hand all nice and soft and stroke it and feel it waking up and coming to life and it does throb more and a vein on the side seems to expand and then as it gets firmer and hotter and the tip, I was always gentle as without the foreskin I was worried about hurting it, but I could hold and stroke with one hand and the other hand gently hold and massage those heavy balls and i know that if I rolled my oily palm of my hand around the head of James’s cock it was so sensitive and I got a loud moan, and I know I could do that for ages and I wanted to do that thing that Dave did to me with the finger or thumb and I was also worried after the oil and the cock incident a few minutes ago sticking a finger up there and in my head I pictured it getting stuck lol, but I wanted to try anyway and so one hand I slid between the legs and he did move his legs apart and I did brush the hole and I don’t think I had the confidence to do the next part, but I know what James liked and I reached up and played with a nipple, I had a thought of sucking and licking one, and stroking and playing with his balls with my hands at the same time too, I did want to try as much as possible, but I didn’t want to fall over again, so I settled for stroking the cock and licking a nipple and I had james arm going up and down my back and also caressing and rubbing my bum and then I went back down to stroking and playing with his balls and I couldn’t reach his cock properly and so I just started blowing at it and he stuck his head up and looked at me asked what I was doing and I said I can’t reach to lick it and he chuckles and shuffled closer for me and I just went for it and I don’t know if it’s the practice I had before or the oil but I seemed to get more in as it reached the back of my throat straight away and I did gag a bit and I heard James said “to take it easy” and I also heard breathe through your nose, but I don’t remember which one of them said that to me, and I just leant there bobbing my head up and down and I can hear the breathing getting better and my hand on his nipple I could feel the heart beating and it felt like pounding and I seemed to be doing the best blow job ever and I don’t know why every down stroke it was right angle where it reached the back of my throat and no more gagging and then I felt it there was a hand at the back of my neck and then in my mouth I felt the throbbing and pulsing and I heard a grunting sound and squirt after squirt of lovely warm seed, and James was thrusting his hips as if to empty every drop, and it had been a while since I have had that and it seemed to taste even better than I remembered I know I would have liked some more, and as I pulled back and his cock came out there was another drip at the tip and I wasn’t letting that get away and I sucked that and another drip and I sucked that and James said “are you having fun”, and I nodded said “every time I come away and another drip appears” and he smiled and he his cock at the base and stroked it upwards and any left in the pipework as he would say came out and he scooped it up on to his finger and I opened my mouth and he inserted it in and I sucked his finger clean and he pulled me in for a bear hug of a cuddle and a long kiss and he sat me on the table and I thought I was getting another massage and he went and I think he had a quick visit to the bathroom and then returned with my crutches and Alex and Dave were cuddling over on the other table and we were walking out in to the other room, and it only been about four hours and I had days yet and I know I was going to enjoy what ever they have planned next and I heard them talking about something that had been put in the bathroom and they had little garden reclining chairs near the pool and I heard the phone ringing whilst we headed there and Dave went off to answer that and I was watching his sexy bum walk, I liked all three sexy bums they could walk in a line in front of me all day and I’d be happy, James asked me if I wanted to lay in the sunshine or have a swim and I said swim as that’s something I haven’t done since before my accident and so james had me sit on the edge of the pool and he put my crutches behind me and he hopped in and reached his arms out and helped me down into the water and Alex waited till we were in and then cannon balled in and soaked us both and we were all laughing and splashing and about five six minutes later Dave came back through and walked up to the pool and he asked James where some work file was, and James replied in the study and on the desk right side and Dave went to have a look and he couldn’t find it and so he came and got James to come and help him, they went to have a look and find it which I am sure they did and I was busy playing with Alex in the water, and I was either floating on my back and Alex was rubbing his hands over my body and I was so relaxed and then he splashed me and I was trying to get him back and I ducked under the water and having the odd fondle of Alex and he didn’t swim away from that and when I came up out of the water I could hear talking and I had thought it was James and Dave until I heard a third voice I didn’t recognise and I turned and there was a man with a big beard and it reminded me of a Santa beard all white and he was about the same size in build as Dave maybe his belly was a bit bigger he had the grey hair to be a Santa it was a bit whiter than James was and they were talking and he had something in escort bursa his hand, and I had assumed it was the paperwork that Dave had been looking for earlier and they were talking and save had his back to me and I could see James was there stood beside them and James could see us in the pool and smiled as from his end there was two little heads at the side of the pool peeking over the top at all three of them. James said something to Dave who turned and laughed and then the man turned and looked and he had a very deep booming sort of voice and he said “why hello there” and he had a friendly smile and Dave said “why don’t you get out and come and say hello” as they were naked and the man didn’t seem to have a problem with that and Alex got up the ladder and I remember him saying some thing about fine specimen of a young man and look at that beautiful body and he got Alex to give a spin around and he did smiling, and he looked towards me and I remembered the “aren’t you getting out to son there’s nothing to be shy about, I’ve seen it all before and I have seen many young boys as beautiful as yourselves” it was then James realised that I couldn’t get out with my leg and that ladder and I remember hearing an “ah then sorry sweetie” and he came and got in and lifted me up on to the side and when he got out he picked up my crutches and then gave them to me, and I came over I held a hand out and he shook my hand, and introduced himself as Michael and he then apologised as he had heard of the accident and didn’t realise I was still had a little problem getting about, and he talked about me and physio hospital stuff, and was I doing that and I could see him keep looking me up and down as well as Alex and I was positive I saw him lick his lips and he was very polite, Alex and I then sat on the little chairs near by, mainly because they were talking and only every now and then we were part of the conversation, I know I heard words here and there about ‘breeding ‘ and the words ‘cherry’ ‘missionary’ ‘doggy’ but then it could have been ‘Dodgy’ I wasn’t listening it was rude to do that, it was just he had that deep voice and you couldn’t help but hear other words too, and he also mentioned another name Sebastian, and he did say “his Sebastian” and I wasn’t sure who that was about half hour later he was ready to head off, he mentioned work things to and before he left he came over to say goodbye, and he asked if it would be okay to have a goodbye hug, and I looked straight at James and he nodded and if he said it was okay and I stood up and so did Alex and I remember when I got my hug he squeezed my bum and made a little growl, and then Alex had his hug and he said good bye and he did look us up and down and he said “much much better in person rather than just pictures” (and didn’t dawn on me till much later that he might have seen our pictures) he told not to be to good this weekend and that we might see him again over the summer and Dave saw him out and James stayed with us and he asked us what we thought of him, and I said he looked like Santa with the beard and the belly, and he said he gets that a lot, and he said he either was a judge or used to be a judge, I just remember the word judge being used, and he said he liked you both a lot and maybe we would have fun at a later point, maybe a little pool party in a few weeks. When Dave came back he also asked what we thought of him and we said the same as we and said about him to James, and he then went and got something from the garage and it was two big packages and it turns out that it was a tent and the poles (and as it was many years before the one flick and the tent goes up those tent) there was about an hour of bending over crawling about and the odd bit of mischief from myself or Alex and the other package once the tent was up was for inside and it was two huge sleeping bags and they were each a double size and they did some unzipping of each separate one and then zipped them together as one big long sleeping bag that could fit at least five people but judging on our sizes it would be comfortable enough for us and James went into the house and he came out with some of the cushions from the relaxing room and we put them down as lovely and we were laying down to test it out as Dave had said, and Alex and I were in the middle and I had Dave behind me and James was behind Alex, and it doesn’t take much to get me excited but I saw Alex had got three before me “Boing” I sad and he laughed and he put his head to mine and whispered some thing in my ear. And we were going to roll over and launch a kiss attack on both Dave and James at the same time, and so I rolled over and there was Dave unsuspecting and I lean in for the first kiss and then straddling him I laughed and said the “kiss attack” and launched it and was kissing all over his faces and neck and I could reach his shoulders and that meant I move my waist down over his and I could feel his cock just resting against my bum and it felt so warm and i shuffled down a bit more as I was trying rest my cock and balls on top of his and I could reach his nipple and so I started kissing that to and I heard a squeak from Alex and James had turned the tables and rolled over and now had him at his mercy and kissing him back and he is laughing and wiggling and trying to escape, and I had expected Dave to do the same but he was quite happy with the position I was already in and he said “why would I do the same as James, when I have you right where I want you” and I laughed and said “no it is me who has you pinned here and you will have kisses until you bed for me to stop”, and he replied “with what if I don’t want you to stop” and he was laughing, and this had me there, i was puzzled, and thinking what to do next he was trusting and moving his hips up under me so our cocks were rubbing back and forth and I was enjoying this, And then Dave said how about you shuffle forward a bit, and so I moved up his chest and I had thought my weight and movement might be squishing that lovely cock of his and it turns out nope, it was a way to get me forward a little more and then a little more and then he said “now why don’t you slide up a little closer and then I can get that lovely cock of yours into my mouth” now I hadn’t been in an on top position and I didn’t mind that at all, I was up by his shoulders and his head on the cushion and I leant forward and he first stuck his tongue out and it tickled the tip so much and then ran up and down the sides and I was told that was a good baby and I needed to move a little closer I was practically over the top of his face, and he said that’s perfect and it was all sucked in and back out and Dave’s hands were on my hips and bum and he started sliding me back and forth in a motion and there was a wonderful suction feeling and the sounds were sloppy and then a popping sound and I’m rocking and I looked across and James and Alex were in a sixty nine position, and I could hear the moans from Alex and I always find that so hot and I know Dave makes those moans to but so similar yet different and James was growling and I’m heavy breathing and panting so close to the tingling and I can feel Dave’s hands squeezing my bum and he was running his tongue around the tip and at the same time it felt like he was trying to devour me alive or at least swallow me alive and I felt the tingle building and it was very intense and seemed more intense than usual and I was shaking and I started feeling a little light headed and I was just so out of energy and started sliding forward and Dave’s reached out and held me and stopped me falling flat on my face and he laid me down next to him and gave me a nice long kiss and just held me close and I noticed it was quieter behind me, however I was out of energy and just loving this cuddle and I know it wasn’t going to be long before I was fast asleep, I heard james and Dave talking and I remember saying to Dave “Is what everyone going camping does” “more or less he replied, and with a big smile and he added “just wait till what we have planned for tonight and the rest of the weekend” and that was the the last thing I remembered for a little while at least.

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