Subject: Matty and John Mark part 3 This story is work of fiction and contains sexual scenes between adults and minors. If these things offend you or you are under the age of 18 then please hit the back button now. I consider his story mine so please do not reproduce or or publish anywhere without approval. As Always, please remember to support , as your donations are what keep the site going. fty/donate.html) Babysitting Matty and John Mark part 3 “I want to call in my favor you promised me. No questions asked.” He said his tone resolute. “Ok.” I said my mind reeling with the implications of what I had actually given this young boy, a blank check to do with what ever he wanted. Of course I could always say no but I had more honor than that He had done exactly what I had asked him to do and who was I to turn down any request he made. Ok calm down I thought to myself he won’t ask for anything crazy just breathe and relax. “I want you to treat me like you treat John Mark.” He blurted out like the words were going to make his mouth explode if he hadn’t let them out at that exact moment. As soon as the last word left his lips he face turned so red I thought he may not have gotten the sentence out fast enough and his head might still be in danger of exploding. “I thought we talked about this Matty? I do treat you” and he cut me off “No!” he stated without anger just certainty in his voice. “I want you to do everything you do with John mark with me.” He said looking at his feet. Then it finally hit me like a train going a million miles an hour riding rails of lightning, he was not just jealous of the way I treated John Mark he actually wanted to experience it. But why? What was his game? “Ok.” I said. “But you’re going to have to help me understand this and understand what your asking of me so we are both on the same page. First let me start by saying I will do as you ask but I want to know specifically what you’re asking me to do, specifically, and why.” I sat down in the recliner and looked him in the eye. “I don’t know… John is always so happy when you are here and you are always smiling when he is sitting on your lap and..” he trailed off gathering his thoughts. “I don’t remember ever getting that kind of attention and now all I ever get is you’re old enough, you shouldn’t need help with that, you’re a teenager now can’t you do that yourself.” He explained starting to tear up. I moved over to the couch and put my left arm around his shoulders and with my right I pulled his chin up so he was once again looking me in the eyes. His eyes were as blue as the azure sky, god they were gorgeous. “We can go about this one of two ways.” I told him my mind and my lower mind exploding with the possibilities of where this might lead our relationship for good or bad. “We can just hang out on the couch and watch a few movies just like we are right now or option number two you can be John Mark tonight and I will treat you exactly as I do him.” As I finished my sentence his eyes lit and started shaking his head vigorously, “But! If you choose option number two then you must be all in there will be no stopping half way through you must be completely on board.” I told him. “I do. I do. And I am. Option 2” He smiled so big it seemed to take up his whole face. He wiped his eyes and hugged me so tight I had flashbacks of John from the night before. I could not believe my luck; this was going to be a great evening I thought. “Alright let’s get this evening started. Movie and dinner, what do we want to do?” I asked him. He looked thoughtful for a moment then he made up his mind. “Lets order a pizza and watch Dr. Strange.” He said. “You get the movie ready and I will order the pizza.” I told him The pizza showed up about thirty minutes later, we both ate a few slices before we went into the living room for the movie. I sat down in the recliner and Matty came and stood in front of me with an uncertain look on his face. I patted my lap, he grinned and sat down. We izmit escort both adjusted ourselves so we were as comfortable as we could be. I started to get hard almost immediately just enjoying the closeness of the whole situation. I pulled him into me wrapping my arms around his belly. We sat there both of us more focused on each other than actually watching the movie, about ten minutes in he slowly laid his hands on top of mine. I slowly took each of his hands into each one of mine my left studying his left and my right studying his right, slowly intertwining our fingers. His hands were so soft; they were so much like his brothers just a little larger. This made us both relax and he melted into me, tension just ran off in buckets and left us in a state of utter bliss. I adjusted myself once or twice so I could get a little better look at our current situation; there we were his head on my shoulder, perfect hair inches away from my face. I inhaled and got a nose full of young boy musk mixed with a subtle scent of shampoo, it was intoxicating. Looking down on him he seemed so relaxed, yet I could almost swear the he was hard in his cute little kaki shorts, but I didn’t want to push my luck by staring too long so I turned my attention back to the movie. The movie was over before we both wanted it to be so I let go of his hands and made to stand up. “That was awesome.” He said not even looking at me. What now? He asked “Well now is bath time and if you still feel like it after we can watch another movie.” I said His face reddened again, so I took the opportunity and grabbed his hand leading him to the bathroom before he had a chance to change his mind. My conscience getting the better of me I turned to him and knelt done on one knee so we were eye to eye. “This is your chance.” I told him. “You want to change your mind now?” he steeled himself and shook his head no. I smiled at him stood up and lead him to the bathroom. We walked in together him slightly in front of me, I turned and closed the bathroom door and locked it, just in case. I moved around him and sat on the toilet lid and looked at him. God he was so cute and innocent looking all in that moment I just wanted to hold him close and never let him go, ever. I reached out and took his hand and drew him to me spreading my legs so he was standing between them just like I had done with his younger brother. I reached up and took a hold of the bottom of his shirt and started lifting upwards, not knowing what to do he just stood there. “Lift your arms.” I said in what I hoped was a reassuring tone. He did and I lifted his shirt over his head, I balled it up and brought it too my face inhaling deeply taking in all I could of his scent. I dropped it on the floor and looked up at him grinning “You stink. I don’t think you washed very well at the pool today.” I said in a slightly mocking tone hoping I was hiding how much I was enjoying this game of ours he had started. He only smiled still standing there like a lost puppy so I continued and reached for his belt. I was having a hard time with my trembling hands trying to undo his belt buckle but I finally was able to undo buckle and moved on to the button on his shorts. One simple move, a metal button sliding through the cloth loop of the shorts and they dropped to the floor leaving me staring at a beautiful boy package covered in the most beautiful purple boxer briefs. I’m not sure how long I sat there drooling and ogling his beautiful package wrapped up perfectly in that purple wrapping paper, but I was finally snapped out of my worship when Matty spoke. “Aiden? Are you ok?” he asked with more than a little concern in his voice. “Yeah Matty, I’m great. I just want you to know how handsome you are. I was just enjoying the view.” I said. With that he blushed a little and for the first time I took him in completely. From top to bottom he stood no more than 4 feet tall, not a bit of fat on him, his shaggy red hair covering his eyes ever so slightly, and yahya kaptan escort that being the only hair that I could see on his body, silky smooth from his nose to his feet. Again I pulled myself out of my worship and reached for the waist band of his underwear. No sooner hand my hands touched it, his hands were on mine, with a worried look on his face. I gave him a reassuring look and pulled down on the purple garment leaning forward to follow it all the way down to the floor where he stepped out of it one cute foot at a time. As my gaze made its way up his sculpted legs I arrived at what I had been only imagining about up to this point. If rainbows shot out of his underwear drawer, it was nothing compared to the chorus of angels that were singing when I took in the sight of a mostly hard 4 inch cut masterpiece that belonged to him. He was perfect in every way and right now he was mine. I stood making him take a small step back, I reached over and turned the bath water on and closed the drain. He leaned in and took a smell of me as I was setting the water temperature at the tap and it kind of caught me off guard. “You stink too.” He said with a sly grin on his face. “I think you need a bath too.” Knowing how hard I was and not wanting to scare him away at this point I politely declined. “I think I’m alright for now, and besides tonight is all about you.” I said. With that I took his hand and like a gentleman escorting his lady led my little treasure into the bath he stepped in and sat down in the hot water. I wet his hair, added some shampoo and started massaging his scalp. He closed his eyes and started rolling his head in time with my own movements enjoying the good sensations I was giving to him, a small moan of pleasure even escaped his mouth every once and a while. I rinsed off my hands in his bath water and grabbed a wash cloth and a bar of soap. Once the cloth was sufficiently soapy I started with his neck rubbing back and forth again making him close his eyes, making him let out long sighs and swaying as I moved back and forth across his back. While he was enjoying the moment I took time to enjoy it myself looking down through the partially clear water to take in the view of his hard cock. By this time he was completely hard, standing a proud 4.5 inches, and it made me glad that I could make him this happy. I collected myself again, god I do tend to drift off, and started to wash his chest, his smooth pectorals, smooth abs, and belly button. “Ok time to stand up gotta wash the legs.” I announced to him. His fog addled mind aroused itself and he began to panic noticing that he was hard and started to look around for anything to save himself with. I grabbed his chin and again and brought those piercing blue eyes to mine. “Its ok I soothed we are both men I have seen it before right?” He visibly relaxed although I could tell he was still extremely self conscious about it but he stood up anyway. “Good.” I said plainly and continued my washing. As I had done with this brother I skipped the middle section and washed his legs. As I expected there was not a hair to be found anywhere except on his head, I finished washing his legs and looked up at him. “Well we have gone this far.” He said. “Might as well go for the whole kit and caboodle.” He said wiggling his hips seductively. “Are you sure?” I asked not doubting his commitment but mine. He just nodded so I proceeded, deciding to save the best for last I grabbed his waist and turned him around and was immediately presented with two beautiful boy globes. Again not wanting to freak him out I kept my composure and washed the outside of both globes, gently parted them with the wash cloth and slid it down between the spreading my hand a little to hopefully graze his unseen rosebud. I must have succeeded because I got a slight squee of excitement out of him. He turned and grinned at me “Hey hands off the goods.” He said with a little giggle. I raised my hands in mock gebze escort surrender and he turned his front toward me again for the final part of our game. I rinsed the wash cloth in the water and soaped it up again not wanting to mix my fun. I started with his smooth testicles and washed them, slowly rolling them in the cloth, I moved up to the base of his cock and washed there and finally laid the cloth over his hard member letting it hang and drip for a moment. I wrapped my hand around the cloth which in turn wrapped the cloth around his throbbing hard dick. I slowly “washed” his dick moving the cloth up and down the shaft no more than two strokes in he shuddered and moaned loudly almost loosing his footing but I reached up and steadied him letting him enjoy the new feeling that were coming to him. He slowly opened his eyes grinning at me. “No one has ever made me feel this way before.” He said. “Did you like it?” I asked more than a little nervous. “Yes.” He said We finished his bath by rinsing him off with the shower head, my hands once again sliding all over his body for one more trip getting to know every bit of him as quickly as I could. I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel holding it open for him to step into. He did and I started drying him from his head down to his toes. I draped the towel over his shoulders and grabbed him by the hand again pulling him out of the bathroom, toward his bed room, leaving his clothes on the floor for me to enjoy later. We reached his bed room and I let go of his hand, leaving him standing in the middle of his room, with nothing on but a towel. I walked over to his dresser and pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts and tossed them to him an idea coming to me as I reached for his underwear drawer. “What no underwear?” He asked starting to get dressed. I walked over to John Mark’s dresser and pulled out a pair of Goodnites tossing them to him. Matty caught them but dropped everything else when he saw something other than underwear being thrown at him. He held them up and looked at me giving me an incredulous look. “You said you wanted to be treated like John Mark.” I said with a hint of grim satisfaction, He only smiled and threw the Goodnite back at me saying “Your right. I did.” As he went and stood in front of his little brothers bed waiting for me to come and dress him. God I loved this game. I walked over and sat down on the bed in front of him, taking in the breath taking view of the idol in front of me. I looked down and opened the Goodnite so he could step into it. On foot at a time he did and I slowly pulled it up his smooth legs finally up to the top covering his magnificent boy hood. I reached down and grabbed the shirt I picked out for him and put it on him. I stood up and met his eyes again, “Do we want to watch another movie?” I asked. “Yeah but you pick this time.” He said. We held hands as we walked back to the living room, we sat down in the recliner and I put something on Netflix neither of us watching it as we were both wrapped up in each other. We both melted back into each other him sitting on top of me again wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a Goodnite. “I have never had anyone treat me like this before.” He said as he was using his hands to play with my fingers. “And no one has ever made me feel like you did tonight.” He said his eyes going a little distant as he remembered what we had done minutes ago. “Matty I really like you and I really like doing stuff with you but I don’t want to take advantage of you. You are really young and I… Again he cut me off but this time it was with his mouth, he was kissing me or at least attempting to as well as any young teenager can I had not even seen him turn and face me, But I stopped trying to speak and returned his kiss. We kissed only for a minute a before I broke it off. “Matty are your sure?” I asked He took my hand and placed it on the front of his Goodnite, pressing it in hard as he asked “You found the one I left for you didn’t you?” he asked My head spun with the implications of what he just said, left for me, was he baiting me but just then he planted another kiss on my lips and I started to feel a warmth growing under my hand. He was peeing in his Goodnite.

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