Back Pain


Maybe it was just a matter of time. I reached to rub my lower back, right above my tailbone. I gingerly fell back into my couch with my hand pinned between the cushion and my body, rubbing incessantly as I desperately tried to rub the pain out. I knew it was futile. My back had been feeling stiff on and off for a few weeks and trying to move this couch had finally triggered something.

I had played sports my whole life and grown accustomed to enduring minor injuries and nagging pains, and perhaps developed this invincible mindset. Now that I was getting older – and probably more significant, not nearly as active – the bruises and muscle aches seemed to linger. Still, I was too stubborn to do anything about it.

I spent the rest of my Sunday watching football alone on the couch. I tried a heating pad to alleviate the pain, but the relief was pretty negligible and it was difficult to find a comfortable position. When the game ended, I decided to call it an early night.

The next morning, I could immediately tell it had tightened up even more. I could feel it as soon as my eyes opened and felt it stiffen when I tried to get up. I awkwardly turned sideways and rolled out of bed and determined right away that I would have to surrender my ego and get some medical attention.

When I got to work, I went straight to my coworker and asked if he’d been to a chiropractor. He asked what was wrong and I downplayed my injury, trying to salvage some pride. It felt pathetic to admit to getting injured by a couch by myself in my apartment. He had never been to a chiropractor, but my other coworker Sharon overheard us and chimed in.

She immediately started to rave about her chiropractor, Dr. Horn, and how he had miraculously fixed her back. She told me she would email me a link to their website and added, “It doesn’t hurt that he’s hot, too.” She giggled as I thanked her with a shake of the head and a smile. None of my coworkers knew that I am gay and I doubt Dr. Horn would be my type if he was attractive to straight women. My type was not the men people typically swoon about publicly. And I really didn’t care what he looked like if he could fix my back.

I opened the link from Sharon and looked into their site. I really wasn’t too concerned with Dr. Horn’s appearance, but I must admit Sharon’s comment did have me a little curious. As I browsed the site reading about prices and details before making an appointment, I kept an eye out for a photo. The site was pretty basic and there were no photos to be seen, but it did mention that they could usually book same-day appointments so I gave them a call. The receptionist sounded young and pretty and was very friendly as I explained I was a new client hoping to schedule a same day appointment.

“We are actually booked today. I’m so sorry. We usually are able to accommodate same day appointments. Would you be interested in an appointment tomorrow?”

I considered my options for a second and heard some noise on the other end. Suddenly she interjected before I could reply. “Actually, the doctor could meet at 5 o’ clock if that works for you.”

“Oh, thank you! That would be perfect.” I was relieved to not have to wait.

Work was eventful, which was fortunate for me in speeding up the time. The pain in my back wasn’t too intolerable but as 4:45 rolled around, I was excited to see if the chiropractor was all Sharon cracked it up to be. She wasn’t my favorite coworker and I was skeptical that the doctor’s magic hands that healed her so easily may have more to do with her hots for him than the actual results. As I left the office though, I thanked Sharon for the recommendation.

“Oh, tell Dr. Horn hello for me!” She winked and laughed.

“I will,” I joked along, certain that I would not be passing her greeting along.

When I opened the door to the office, I was greeted by a pretty receptionist whose face matched the picture in my mind formed when we spoke on the phone.

“David?” She asked with a smile.

“That’s me!”

“Welcome! If you could just fill these out for me, we’ll get you right on back.” She really was a great, friendly front desk worker.

I filled out my insurance information and then a little questionnaire about my back pain. For some reason, I lied on the form and wrote that I hurt my back while helping my friend move. I finished the paperwork and brought it up front.

“Let me go grab Dr. Horn.” She disappeared around the corner briefly and returned with the doctor.

My dick twitched and my heart began racing as I saw him for the first time. Suddenly, I had a new appreciation for Sharon bahis şirketleri – a woman of fine taste. With grey hair, a friendly clean shaven face, and a strong but heavy frame, Dr. Horn was exactly my type. He looked to be in his fifties and had me turned on even though I have a weird distaste for scrubs. He beckoned me to follow him to the back and said goodbye to his receptionist, who I assumed he was kindly allowing to leave on time while he volunteered to stay late for me.

“Thanks for making an extra appointment for me.”

“You’re welcome! I know people who call for same day appointments are usually in need of some immediate attention. Did you lose any sleep last night?”

“No, thankfully. But I almost couldn’t get out of bed this morning.”

He took me to a room that was dimly lit and subtly smelled of lavender and, with serene orchestral music lowly playing, created the most peaceful ambiance. He invited me to sit in the black leather massage chair and turned towards a machine on a table just to the left.

“It was the lower back, right?” Dr. Horn asked as he glanced again at my paperwork on the clipboard.

“Yes, sir.”

“Can you lean forward for me?” As I did, he explained he was using electric stimulation to help relax the muscles and would place the nodes on my skin that would tingle a bit. I felt his hands gently lift my shirt in the back enough to place two little patches on my lower back. “Let me know if you feel any discomfort.”

He grabbed two more from the machine and placed them a little bit higher up. The buzzing felt foreign and I didn’t really like the tingling sensation. Dr. Horn walked over to the wall and grabbed three heat pads from this warming machine, returning towards me and placing them against the back of the chair. He told me to lean back and relax and he turned on the massage feature. Now I was enjoying myself. The warmth and the rolling pressure from the chair provided some instant relief.

“If you’re all comfortable, I’ll leave you for a few minutes and be back to check in on you.”

I thanked him and he left, closing the door behind him. The lovely smell, music and massage chair had me more relaxed than I can ever remember being before. Even the electric pulses became helpful as I grew more accustomed to the strange tingling. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the massage.

I paid attention to the rhythm of the massage chair as it moved up and down my back. I kept bracing myself as it reached my lower back, but the pain I anticipated never really came. It was the first time I was comfortable in the last 24 hours.

As I relaxed, my mind began to wander. I tried to think about anything else, but I couldn’t help it. All I could think of as I relaxed in the chair was Dr. Horn’s handsome face and round body. I had always been attracted to overweight, older men and with no other distractions, my mind imagined all the things I’d like to do to him. I imagined whether he was hairy or smooth, his belly button was an innie or outie, if he smelled like cologne or natural man. I delved deeper considering whether his cock was cut or uncut, thick or thin, a grower or a shower. Could he possibly be gay or was he more than likely straight? In my imagination, he allowed me to take off his top, feel his chest and rub my hands through his greying fur. He let me kiss his nipples and circle them with my tongue. He let me –

DING! I heard a bell sound on the other side of the door. He clicked the old-fashioned timer off and I heard him approach. I panicked a little and fidgeted with my pants, trying to hide the bulge I allowed to develop as I got lost in my fantasy. I tucked quickly and returned my hands to the arm rests just as he opened the door.

“How are we feeling?” He asked with a smile.

“Oh it was great.” I leaned forward as he approached the chair and he grabbed the pads and set them neatly on a table. He removed the electric patches from my skin and set them down as well.

“So, you tweaked something moving some furniture?”

I described a fake move-in scenario and how I felt something spasm as I helped move a couch.

“Follow me to this other room here,” he interjected and I continued to relate what had happened. “It sounds like your friend owes you dinner! Nice of you to help him.”

I smiled to accept the compliment and he had me lay down on the treatment table. “I’m guessing you are an athlete?”

“Used to be,” I quipped. It was a little awkward having a conversation with my face down to the ground talking to him above me. “I always played sports in school, but not too much now.”

“I’m going to bahis firmaları feel around and try to pinpoint where the pain is. Let me know when you feel it.” He lifted my shirt up above my ribs and gently prodded. “What was your sport?”

“Basketball was always my favorite. I played pretty much ev.. Ooo, right there.”

His hand had found the source of pain and he instantly lifted his hands in response to my reaction. “I’m going to gently feel around the area. Please stop me if it’s painful.” He gently circled the muscle he had identified and felt the disc nearest. “Any pain in the disc?” I indicated there wasn’t and he felt the one above and below. “Here or here?”


He prodded a little more before presenting his diagnosis. “It seems like a pretty typical lumbar strain. As you become less active, your body’s muscles will tighten and heavy lifting can cause these types of issues. It looks like a really common case, and I don’t see any serious inflammation. I am going to apply some pressure to help relieve tightness in the area, and I think it might help to do some adjustments. Is this your first time seeing a chiropractor?” I confirmed it was. “We typically adjust your back to help align your spinal cord. I do think your pain is mostly a muscle strain but sometimes imbalances in your alignment can aggravate the muscle even more, so I could do that to see if it offers any relief as well.”

“Sounds good to me.” I liked his descriptive approach to his work because the understanding and clarity helped build trust in his treatment.

He began massaging the muscle gently and methodically. Maybe I was just entranced by my attraction to him, but his hands really did work like magic. His touch stimulated me but also physically rejuvenated my muscle. The blood returned to my groin under his touch and I was quickly aroused once again. My hard on strained against my pants, trapped beneath my body and the table, but pushing to escape. I was in a bind because I knew this time, I wouldn’t be able to adjust myself when I turned around without him noticing. That nervousness settled in the back of my mind, but I still was able to appreciate his touch.

He stood from his chair and asked me to turn on my side. I tried to hide my bulge as I turned and he came around the table to one side. It was definitely bulging but my position made it somewhat discrete as he grabbed my lower leg and raised it. He informed me he was going to do some adjustments that would generate some controlled pops in my back. When he positioned my arm and leg, he pinned me beneath his weight and pushed his body on top of me. It startled me how many times it cracked even with his forewarning.

“Same thing but on the other side.” I again turned and tried to hide my bulge as he walked around to the other side of the table. He guided my arm and leg into the same position and again pushed his weight into me. Not only was I rock hard, his weight bearing down on me made me a little wet as I felt pre-cum wet the tip of my dick and underwear.

The next position left me no chance. He asked me to straighten my legs and lay flat on my back. My heart pumped in my chest as I positioned myself as he instructed. I avoided any sort of eye contact as he stood at the foot of the table and my pouch bulged straight out before his eyes. He would undoubtedly notice it, but if he was straight like I imagined he likely would be, then hopefully he wouldn’t mention it at all.

“Oop, looks like we’ve got a little situation.” I was flushed completely red, never more embarrassed in my life. “Kind of matches mine.”

Suddenly, in a drastic reversal of emotions, my heart fluttered and my heart pounded even faster. I tried to peek at his groin, but he had leaned forward to grab my foot. With a jerk of the leg, he popped more bones in my pelvis region. Did he really say what I thought he said or was my imagination going again like I allowed it to earlier? I looked up and met his eyes, which glimmered as he grinned at me.

I couldn’t believe it. I already felt on edge and he hadn’t even done anything to me other than massage my injured back. He repeated the pop with my other leg and then walked around to the head of the table and stood behind me. He steadied my head in both his hands as he lifted it slightly off the table and quickly cracked my neck on each side. As he stood above me, out of sight, he offered.

“I can take care of that for you too.” My bulging dick twitched in my pants as his magic hands rubbed my head.

“Oh my, please….” I could barely speak I was so intoxicated. He pushed down on my shoulders, deliberately kaçak bahis siteleri moving me down the table a bit so that my knees rested on the edge. He again moved around the table to my feet and pulled his chair back in, settling between my legs. I stared intently down at him as my dick literally pulsed in my pants. He reached for the button and slowly unfastened it, pulling the zipper down. My dick was still trapped beneath my briefs, but finally free from the strain of the pants. He pulled my pants all the way down to my knees and slowly, tantalizingly inched his hand back up towards my groin. He grazed my thighs with his fingertips as he moved. My dick put on a show as it tried to push through my underwear and close the distance to his hand. Instead, it just stretched the fabric and poked outward like a tent.

He looked up again and met me eyes and at that moment I felt powerless. He could truly manipulate me however he pleased. Whatever he asked, I would do. My eyes pleaded for him to own me. “Please.” I didn’t say it, but it dominated my thoughts. Please do anything you like. Make me do anything you like. Please. Please. His hand cupped my balls over the fabric and he finally pulled the waistband over my straining cock.

“I’m not going to last.” I finally spoke.

He placed his finger on the tip and stole my precum.

“Oh, please.” I begged.

He used my own precum to trace a trail down my middle vein and then raised up to take me in his mouth. The pleasure was overwhelming.

“Aaaahhhhh,” my moan was quiet and strained.

His tongue danced over my tip and his lips tightened and relaxed repeatedly against my shaft.

I strained my neck to see him as he bobbed gracefully around my knob. His grey hair had looked thick but now looked thinner seeing him from above. He released me and lowered himself a bit to wet my balls. Now I could see his beautiful brown eyes as he straightened his head to lick. It was easy to say now as he bobbed back down my dick, but I may have been more attracted to a man than ever before. The desire within me raged uncontrollably as I longed to be his and to pleasure him.

My prophecy proved true as I already felt a tension in my abdomen. My moaning intensified as I warned him I was close. He held my thighs steady against the table as my body spasmed. No longer quiet, I cried out as I felt the crescendo of pleasure and my cum spurted into his waiting mouth. My upper body shook considerably while my legs trembled beneath his steadying hands.

He held me in his mouth until my last spurt shot and I eventually was able to relax, though still out of breath. As I tried to recover, he lifted his mouth off my cock and released my cum back onto the tip of my cock. It trickled down like syrup before he swooped down swiftly to take it back. His mouth but also his fervor sent a wave up my spine and another pleasurable wave through my body. He stayed there for a moment before swallowing my treat with my dick still in his mouth. I’d never felt like this. I savored the moment and caught my breath and he released me from his mouth one last time.

I was more than satisfied physically, but still felt a stir. I still longed to pleasure him.

“Please take me.” I pushed my hips up toward him, offering my hole. He looked down at it and lined it with his finger causing my head to fall to my left and my eyes to close involuntarily. I could feel him explore the outer wall tentatively and looked up again to see what was causing the delay.

He checked his watch and patted my knee. “I’d better not. I really should get going.”

I couldn’t bridge the disconnect. He had, after all, made the first advance and satisfied me more than I could ever ask. I wanted to pleasure him, too. I almost needed to pleasure him.

He helped me up and waited as I pulled my pants back up and straightened myself out. Despite other things dominating the forefront of my mind, I couldn’t help but notice a drastic improvement in my back. I reached for my muscle in awe at the immediate difference.

“Feeling better?”

“It’s unbelievable! I almost feel nothing at all.”

He smiled wide. “You should be completely recovered in a couple days, but even after that it would be a good idea to stand up and stretch occasionally. These kinds of injuries are pretty common for athletes who transition to more sedentary lifestyles.”

True as it was, it kind of hurt. But I just nodded my understanding.

“Normally we recommend a return visit in a week, but honestly I don’t think your back will require that.”

I didn’t know what to make of it all.

“Of course, we would be happy to see you back if you wanted to be cautious and just take a look.”

Frustrated as I was not knowing why he wouldn’t have me right then and there, I knew I’d be back for a return appointment.

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