Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 01


Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters involved in sexual activities are eighteen years or older. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


I don’t remember all the details of the day when my Mom and I moved into our current house. I was just five at the time. One thing I do know for sure, though: that’s the day when Lizzie and I first met.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that having Lizzie and her mom Rose as neighbors was the single most important event in my Mom’s and my life. My Dad had recently died and Lizzie’s parents had divorced just a few months before we moved, so it’s easy to see why our mothers immediately became such good friends. It was Rose who helped my Mom through her grief and got her a job at the office where they still work together to this day.

Since our Moms had pretty much the same schedules and were so close, it became natural for me and Lizzie to hang out at her house or mine and for the four of us to have dinner together or do stuff as a family. Our Moms even had the fence separating our backyards removed so that we could move freely from one house to the other, giving us kids more space to play as well.

I’m not sure what it’s like to have an actual little sister, but if it’s anything like what I have with Liz then it’s the best feeling in the world. For whatever reason, we synced perfectly from day one, Lizzie and I, and we were pretty much inseparable ever since. She’s a year younger than me but the age difference never really registered. We always did everything together, from the time we went to school in the morning, through the afternoons spent playing or doing homework until the time we chilled on the couch watching TV at night.

In retrospect, I’d say that Lizzie and I had a much better childhood than many of the kids we knew from school whose parents were together yet fought all the time. Our unusual family setup made us feel like we had two cool Moms who got along perfectly well and a sibling we could rely on and spend time with and talk to, all of which we loved. At the end of the day, we were a pretty happy family, me, Lizzie and our Moms, and that’s more than most of our schoolmates could say.

Even though being together became second nature to the two of us, we must have looked kinda weird to everybody else, since I was always tall and lanky while Lizzie was a bit chubby and she wore big nerdy glasses growing up. Not that we ever cared much about what other people thought, of course. Our closeness came very handy as we navigated our way through high school. Even if I had just a couple of dorky friends and Liz was never a popular girl, we always had each other and that was all either of us really needed.

To me, Lizzie was always amazing. Fun, bright and full of life, she’s always been quick with a smile and her big brown eyes never fail to sparkle with that keen wit of hers. Liz has such a sweet sensitive nature, and she was never afraid to express her emotions, which essentially meant that she’d hug me and smooch me on the cheeks any time she felt like, which was pretty often.

We spent hours on end together, always feeling good just being close. I can’t even count the times we fell asleep cuddled on the couch watching TV at night before one of our Moms gently woke us so we could go to our respective beds. That was always my favorite way to doze off, with Liz’s head resting on my shoulder and her lush auburn hair tickling my chin.

Lizzie’s love for books and stories was something I always found fascinating about her. It made perfect sense to me when she declared that one day she’d become a writer like J.K. Rowling. I feel privileged to have been always the first person to hear Liz’s stories ever since she stared writing when she was fourteen. The times when Lizzie would read her new stuff to me became one of our most sacred rituals. It always made me hum with joy to be there with her on those occasions, listening to her sweet soothing voice, drinking in her words, feeling honored to be allowed into the realms of her imagination.

Funny enough, she often insisted that some of her best stuff was inspired by me, but that’s just Lizzie being kind. I do agree with her, her comic fantasy pieces based on our characters on World of Warcraft are absolutely great, they even got posted on the game fan fiction forums, but her literary skills owe nothing to the fact that I introduced her to online gaming.

All in all, I often got the feeling that our friendship was somewhat of an unfair deal, like I was getting a lot more out of it than she did. I brought this up a couple of times over the years, always getting the same reaction from Liz. She would just look at me like I had two heads, pushing her glasses up on her pretty nose. Then she’d burst out laughing, hugging me harder than ever and shaking her head as she smiled her heart-warming smile, telling me how great I was for a guy who had no idea he’s awesome. I’m not ashamed to admit that when she said it I blushed like crazy, almanbahis which in turn made Lizzie laugh harder and tighten her embrace even more.

It’s weird, but I can’t pinpoint any single specific event that I’d call a significant memory binding me and Liz together, just a deep and persistent connection linking the two of us, a sort of empathy built over time through countless little moments. What neither of us expected was puberty.

It’s not like it changed what we had, but it did change us, well, our bodies at least. If I thought Lizzie could never get more amazing than she was, I had to think again during the summer that preceded her last year in high school and my first year of college. Of course I had noticed some changes in her appearance before, but that summer saw my sweet next door neighbor blossom into a beauty like none I had ever witnessed. All her baby fat and her cute pudginess, which once or twice she had mentioned feeling self-conscious about but that I firmly assured her were part of her indisputable awesomeness, suddenly blossomed into a set of full, soft womanly curves that made my head spin, literally.

Looking at her, I had a hard time focusing on her beautiful face and intense brown eyes while I forced myself not to stare at her big jutting boobs or her round bouncy bubble-butt. It was a good thing that she didn’t bother, my goofy stares actually making her giggle as I mumbled and turned away, embarrassed and all conflicted inside. Even more confusing than the persistent attraction I felt towards Liz’s curvy body, were the interest she seemed to be developing about me. It was nothing much, but I did catch her looking at me with a strange intensity sometimes. It was new for me to see Liz get all flushed and blushing, her eyes lingering on my pecs and abs, whenever she caught me without a shirt on after I worked out or when I came back from a run.

All through that summer, an undercurrent of sexual tension kept building up between us, making our usual closeness feel weirdly charged. We never talked about it openly, but we both instinctively knew that something major was on the horizon. The fact that images of my sweet Liz’s swaying tits and her plump meaty ass flashed before my eyes every time I masturbated kinda gave me a pretty clear clue about what was going on in my head, but I just wasn’t ready to deal with it yet.

Leaving for college that fall was pretty traumatic. The campus wasn’t too far so I drove back home every other weekend and we stayed in contact daily via texts and videochats, but I still missed Lizzie badly, and so did she, as she never failed to tell me whenever we talked. Every time I was back home and we got to spend some time together, it was like coming up for air.

Liz and I hadn’t had any sort of physical contact yet, beside our usual hugs and pecks on the cheeks, but now that we were apart for the first time, we’d cling to each other with a new urgency on the weekends when I came back home. I didn’t miss the way she brushed her boobs against my arm and chest when we cuddled in front of the TV, nor did I fail to notice how she was always wearing tight-fitting shorts that showcased her spectacular ass.

Needless to say, I pretty much had a permanent boner, which I tried to hide until I could to take care of it. I’m pretty sure Lizzie was actually glad and surprised by how aroused she made me, or so it looked judging by her silent grins and the swift glances she stole at my tenting pants. But then again, she never said anything about any of it. Horny as we clearly were, neither of us acted upon the excitement coursing through us. Not until the party.

Lizzie’s eighteenth birthday happened on a week day, which saddened me because I had classes and needed to stay at college. I apologized a thousand times to her for missing her birthday for the very first time in our lives, but she shrugged it off with a smile, telling me that the actual party was postponed and set for that Saturday, so I could be there too.

I almost cried when she murmured, her eyes all big and shiny and soulful even on camera: “It wouldn’t be my birthday without you anyway, Russ… I need you to be here to make it real.”

That hit me, hard. I did cry a couple minutes after we ended that videochat, feeling like my heart would burst from the love that I felt for this incredible girl that fate had decreed should be my next door neighbor and my closest friend in the world. That was the longest week ever, I couldn’t wait to rush back home to be with Liz again. Until, finally, I was.

The party itself was a major mess and a big success at the same time. I knew most of the people there, high school guys and girls Lizzie’s age that turned her house and our shared backyards in a swarming mass of drunken, dancing, yelling humanity. Knowing that her popularity hadn’t increased much recently, I was a bit surprised to see that so many people had gathered for Lizzie’s birthday. Ironically, so was she.

It had been, Liz told me, a new girl in her class that did all the work for the almanbahis yeni giriş party, an athletic brunette with a pixie haircut called Vanessa that I got little more than a glimpse of as she cruised through the crowd trying to maintain a vague semblance of order while still looking chill and totally in her element. Lizzie shrugged as she explained to me that Vanessa had taken a liking to her, since Lizzie had been so kind and welcoming with Vanessa as she settled in her new school. As a way to thank Liz, Vanessa had made it her personal mission to turn Lizzie’s birthday, which Liz wanted to be low-key as usual, into a memorable event that all their schoolmates would want to be a part of.

For a while, I stood by a baffled Lizzie and escorted her around as she got high fives and yells of approval for the bash she was hosting, getting cheered by people she barely knew and that, based on how drunk and high they looked, would probably not recall much in the morning. Overwhelmed as Lizzie seemed by the unexpected mass of people, she was somewhat reassured by the hold that Vanessa seemed to have over the situation. Knowing Liz enough to know that confusion and crowds got her nervous, feeling her tiny hand clenching mine in a harder and more urgent grip as the minutes went by, I eventually chose to steer her away from the mess and noise so that we could spend some time alone in my room while the chaos went on outside.

That night Lizzie was wearing a little black strapless dress that hugged her gorgeous curves wonderfully. Her boobs seemed to be about to burst through the strained cloth while the flare of her hips and the mouth-watering mounds of her asscheeks were enhanced by the way the dress outlined their roundness. She had heels too, but she kicked them off as soon as we stepped into my room, staying barefoot. Her toenails were painted baby blue, I noticed.

It warmed my heart to see my sweet Lizzie giggle and blush when I complimented her on her looks. Turning her face down and smiling shyly, apparently unaware of how insanely gorgeous she was, Liz sat on the edge of my bed, where I joined her. She was so adorable as she started rambling on, saying that she felt uncomfortable in that dress and her eyes were itchy from her contacts and all those people downstairs made her anxious and on and on and on.

I just smiled, growing fluffier and fluffier inside. Sitting there right by her side, I was spellbound by the sight of my sweet Liz. All pouty and worried as she nervously twirled her fingers while she talked, so flushed and warm, so close and so emotional, Lizzie had never looked as stunning to me as she did then. She was the very image of natural, unassuming beauty. I simply couldn’t tear my eyes off her. As I listened to her sweet little voice, I lost myself in that familiar soothing sound, oblivious to all else except my Lizzie.

I was snapped out of my silent adoration when she suddenly stopped talking and she turned to look at me, her restless fingers tucking a stray auburn lock behind her ear, a quizzical expression on her face. My heart was pounding and I felt like I couldn’t breathe as our eyes met. This is it, I thought.

“Russ? Are you okay? You’re looking at me kinda funny… Say something, please, you’re freaking me ou-mmhh-mph!…”

Lizzie’s words became a muffled moan of surprise as I let go of everything and leaned in, kissing her. For a few seconds, all I knew was the softness and warmth of her lips as our mouths touched and pressed into each other in our first real kiss. Then I pulled back.

Lizzie’s expression was unreadable. Her cheeks were burning red while her milky white skin seemed even paler than usual. Her parted lips were quivering and her deep brown eyes were so huge that I thought they’d pop out of her head any second. She looked like she was in shock, and I couldn’t tell if she was about to yell, laugh or pass out. For a second, I feared I had just screwed everything up. My debatable sense of humor came to my rescue.

“Uh…” I mumbled, “happy birthday, Lizzie…?”

One more second I was left hanging. It was agony, but it was brief. Then she blinked, and her whole face lit up in the biggest smile ever. I started breathing again as Lizzie slowly declared: “Best. Birthday present. Ever.”

“Actually,” I said like the perfect dork that I am, “I did get you an actual legit present. I found this first edition of Terry Pratchett’s The Colour Of Magic, autographed and all, but the shipping people say…”

“Russ,” Lizzie interjected with a snicker, locking her naked arms around my neck and pulling me closer until our noses were touching. “Just shut up and kiss me, okay?”

And so I did. It may have been two minutes or two hours, I don’t know, I lost track of time while Lizzie and I just kissed and kissed, softly then hungrily, holding on to each other tightly, moaning in the other’s mouth.

As we made out, Lizzie held my head in her hands while her tongue danced with mine and her succulent lips drank me in, letting me explore her welcoming mouth. almanbahis giriş Lost in our breathless soulkiss, I ran my hands over her naked shoulders, along her arms and then her hips, caressing her curvy ass and then rushing back to hold her heavy buxom tits in my hands, feeling her engorged nipples poking into my palms through the cloth.

Panting, we eventually had to break our lip-lock to take a serious lungful of air. The words were out of my mouth pretty much at the same time as Lizzie spoke too.

“I love you, Liz.”

“I love you, Russ.”

We had said those words before, plenty of times over the years. At that moment though, they sounded different. Deeper. Truer. Still, the timing of our declarations made us smile and then laugh a bit, as our lips once again were drawn to each other and we resumed kissing.

At some point during our make out session, Lizzie sat on my lap, her naked thighs brushing together and my pant-clad boner pressing against her plump bubble-butt. My roaming fingers found their way to the front of her dress, touching the soft upper slopes of her boobs, ready to pull the fabric down to let those fabulous jugs free. A choked whimper and a burst of renewed passion in her kissing told me that Liz was okay with what I was doing. That’s why I was taken aback when she suddenly unclasped her lips from mine and jumped off my lap a few seconds later.

“Wait,” she said breathlessly as she stood up and turned away from me, placing her juicy rump right in my face. Looking over her shoulder at my befuddled expression, Lizzie smiled. As she held her flowing hair above her head, she just said: “Unzip me.”

With my head spinning and my boner twitching in my pants, I did as I was told. In reverent silence, I revealed Lizzie’s smooth back, leaning in to plant a kiss on the nape of her slender neck. Shimming and wiggling her ass, my beautiful Liz let her dress fall to her feet. A strangled groan escaped my mouth at the sight of the black lacy thong wedged between the plump majestic globes of her ass.

Letting her hair down in a reddish cascade across her shoulders, Lizzie turned. She was biting her lips and holding her arms by her sides as she showed me her naked breasts in all their glory.

“Oh my god, Liz…” I mumbled, my eyes glued on the juicy, heavy fullness of my sweet Lizzie’s tits. They were amazing, so big and jutting proudly out, capped with puffy rosy areolas and thick upturned nipples. I was shaking with arousal as I watched Lizzie hook her thumbs in her thong and pull that skimpy piece of fabric down her legs.

I was distracted for a moment by the mouth-watering sway of her tits as she bended over to take her undies off completely, but then my eyes found a new amazing target: her little pussy. Shaved and smooth except for a tiny tuft of trimmed reddish-brown hair right above her mound, Lizzie’s slit was shining wet with arousal. Her labia were pink and swollen and I could see her needy clit peeking out from its tender hood.

“Wow, Liz…”

“Russ,” she said in a shaky little voice, looking down shyly, “do you think… Uhm, am I… Am I pretty?”

I was practically drooling as I fought to remove my gaze from her pussy and tits to look up into her kind brown eyes. Cupping her chin and pulling her closer, I met Lizzie’s gaze as I said: “You’re not pretty, you’re beautiful. You’re fantastic, Liz. I’ve never seen anything so amazing, ever.”

She smiled and her flushed cheeks burned even redder. I felt her whole curvy body relax as she pressed her pillowy tits against me, but she still had a cocked eyebrow. “Yeah, well, I guess you’d say that about my big boobs, but,” she said, turning around and bending slightly forward, arching her back and making her bouncy ass bubble out even more, “what about my butt? And all the rest of me for that matter. Don’t I look, uhm, fat…?”

Liz had never spoken that word about herself, ever, and I had always loved the fact that she was not the kind of superficial girl who equates her worth with her appearance. I truly admired her for not being a skinny scrawny-assed plastic doll who obsesses over diets and fitness. But then, why would she do that? She was perfect as she was. I guess someone might have called her chubby, but that just never made sense to me. Her full, generous curves were spellbinding, so gorgeous and real. To me, they reflected her personality, how authentic she was as a person. In a way though, I guess it made sense that even Lizzie might have a moment of doubt about her looks, finding herself fully naked with a guy for the first time. But, be that as it may, I was determined that that would be the first and last time that the term ‘fat’ ever came out of her mouth to describe her amazing body.

“Lizzie,” I said, making her turn around to face me again but keeping my hands on her plump bubble-butt, kneading and caressing those soft round globes, “don’t ever say that. Not as if it’s a bad word or something. You’re curvy and womanly, and I think that’s sexy as hell. You’re so beautiful, Liz, without even trying. And talking about your ass,” I added, grabbing harder onto her fleshy cheeks and making her squirm with giggles, “it’s incredible. So totally hot. It’s actually my favorite part of your body, though your boobs are a pretty close second.”

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