Backstage Pass 2: First Fuck


Once Bill and I had climbed over the fence, things happened fast. The straps holding the muffin on the litter were removed and she was carried into the larger of the two cabins. It smelled musty and woodsy with autumn leaves. Along the back wall was a dirty mattress on a box spring with posts attached to the corners and top rail for restraining a victim. They laid the muffin on her back and started to remove her clothing. Bill fired up a propane heater in the corner to keep us all warm during the debauch to come.

Harold unzipped her track top and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. All clothing was folded neatly on a little wooden side table. Then he pulled her T-shirt over her head and removed it. Her white bra didn’t quite conceal her full breasts. She looked eighteen or nineteen, compact and well built, not skinny or obese, but pleasantly plump. I was aroused.

As he worked, I asked him, “So what happens after we fuck her? I don’t want to be involved in a murder.”

Bill shot me a quick look. “You wouldn’t have much of a choice, would you?” he said with a sneer. “But it won’t come to that. You see we’ve been doing this for years now. Harold there is a medical doctor, and he’s come up with a memory drug. When administered, it causes amnesia, blanks out the last week or so in the patient’s memory, erases it totally. Works somehow on the part of the brain responsible for short-term memory. So we just take the muffin to some place near where we found her, administer the drug while she’s out cold, and when she wakes up, she won’t remember anything about us.”

Slim—Alastair—had a tight smile. “It’s worked like a charm. They don’t know anything about us or what we did to them. Just go back to their lives with sore pussies, and when they get pregnant, they can’t even tell their parents who fucked them.” He laughed.

Bill now pulled down the muffin’s track pants, exposing her white panties. I could clearly see the outline of her pussy in the cotton fabric. Bill caught me staring hungrily at her crotch. “Go ahead,” he chuckled. “You’re going first anyway. Do what you want to her.”

I had for a long time lusted after these bits of teen fluff that walked past my door every day on their way home from school, giggling and wiggling their butts and pressing their books against their big tits. Watching all that porn had helped my sexual imagination to run wild. Now my fantasies were becoming real.

I rubbed her crotch with my fingers, feeling the puffy lips of her cunt. Then I grabbed her waistband and pulled the panties slowly down her legs, revealing the brown muff of her pubic hair and the coral lips of her sex slit. I moved my fingers up and down her slit, feeling them sink between them into warm wetness, bumping against her clitoral hood, and dipping down into her vaginal entrance.

As I held my fingers to my nose, smelling her sex juice, Bill asked, “How do you want to do her? Missionary? Doggy style?”

At that, she stirred and rolled over, waking up, though still dazed from the drug they gave her. “Where am I? Who are you? What are you doing? Ahhhhhggggg!” as she realized she was naked.

The others grabbed her and held her down. Bill looked at me again. “How?” he asked.

“Tied,” I said, “missionary style, on her back. Hands over her head. Legs spread.”

Bill grinned and nodded. “Man after my own heart.” So he held the muffin down while Alastair and Harold got to work.

A pair of handcuffs dangled on a chain from the post at the head of the bed. She was strong so the two men had to work to force her wrists into cuffs as she struggled and twisted and izmit escort tried to roll over. As the cuffs clicked shut, she started to scream. “Help! Help! Anyone out there! Help me! Oowwww!”

Alastair and Harold slapped her tits and jammed a bandanna into her mouth to quiet her. Each seized an ankle and buckled leather cuffs on them. These they attached to posts projecting from opposite sides of the bed. Her creamy teen thighs spread wide and displayed her naked cunt and asshole. “Stop! Stop!” she tried to scream through the cloth gagging her mouth. “I’ll call the cops! You dirty men! You’ll be sorry. Aaaarrrggghh!”

Bill pinched her nipples hard, but that didn’t shut her up, so he produced a ball gag from a plastic container under the bed, jammed it into her mouth on top of the bandanna, and strapped it around her head. “I guess she won’t be sucking us off just yet,” he said with a grim smile.

Harold dug into a backpack flung in a corner and produced a handful of blue diamond pills. “Fortification for the combat to come, lads,” he grinned, handing them around. A can of beer from the same pack washed them down. “It’s getting warm in here. Time to join our muffin in the buff.”

It was indeed getting warm as the little propane heater in the cabin went into overdrive. I realized I was about to display my nakedness to three other men I had only just met and under stressful circumstances. But the bound display of the lovely muffin’s breasts and pussy mound between her wide spread legs was enough to ignite the fires of lust, and I began to remove my shirt and trousers.

The others did the same in silence. Two crude chairs fashioned from the trees of the forest served as our dressing table. Shirts were carefully folded and placed on the seats; trousers were carefully draped over the chair backs; shoes and socks were carefully lined up under the chairs. All that was left was our underwear.

“Get the camera, Alastair,” said Bill, motioning to another large backpack near the door. It was clear Alastair was the photographer in the group, and he proved it by pulling out and setting up a professional kit of lights, tripods, and cameras covering every angle of the bed.

“All set,” he nodded at Bill, who nodded at me. “Lights, camera, action, Phillip,” he said, motioning meaningfully at the muffin naked on the bed.

“OK,” I thought. “They want a show. Just act naturally.” My natural inclination was to taste her pussy before I fucked her, so I crawled onto the bed between her legs and separated her labia with my fingers to get a good look at her cunt and arouse myself. As I bent to lick up and down and around her clit, I was aware out of the corner of my eye of Alastair’s camera zooming in on my oral ministrations. The muffin lifted her head briefly to stare down her belly at the top of my head fringed with grey hair as my mouth sucked in her clitoris and sent lightning flashes through her loins.

Before long, I was breathing heavily and so was she. My lust was up, and I could feel the pills kicking in as my aroused penis stiffened and streaks of sexual electric energy exploding in my abdomen and through my testicles and cock. I stood up slowly, noting that the other men were still in their underwear, watching me carefully, waiting for the revelation. Would I follow my fantasy or wilt with the stress and guilt of it?

I lowered my underwear and stepped out of them, tossing the garment on a chair. My cock stood up proudly to attention, its coral head flaring. It wasn’t as upright as in my youth, but still quite capable and still quite large. As I turned to face the camera, my penis bobbed a greeting yahya kaptan escort to my new friends. “Well, well,” said Bill, grinning. “You look ready to fulfil a fantasy. We want to see you do her, and don’t be shy.”

I mounted the bed and mounted the girl. Her blue eyes were open wide and pleading, and she moaned supplications behind her ball gag, asking me not to fuck her. It suddenly occurred to me that she might be a virgin. I probed experimentally with my cock head between her pussy lips and there encountered a barrier.

I only needed to look over at Harold and Bill. “She’s a virgin,” I said.

“Obviously,” said Harold dryly.

“So?” said Bill. “Fuck her. We want to see this.” Alastair moved closer with a video camera. Harold wielded a still camera, focussing on my erect, throbbing penis now lodged in the entrance to the muffin’s vagina.

I gave a pelvic push, and the broad shelf of my glans penis disappeared between the oily wet lips of her cunt and stopped. I pulled out a bit and shoved in again.

“Uuunnnggghh,” emerged from her vocal chords muffled by the gag. I began a series of short thrusts, sawing my penis back and forth in the warm entrance to her cunt, now slippery with her pussy juices between young labia. With each push inside, I felt my cock head move a little farther as it banged up against her virgin barrier.

Gradually I could feel her maidenhead giving way with each thrust. I pulled back again and saw my cock head streaked with blood. Almost there. With a powerful lunge of my hips, I drove my cock hard into her cunt and broke past the membrane. She yelled loud and then sobbed and cried as I backed out a bit and drove my penis forward again, mad with lust, feeling my penis gliding up deep into her vagina.

Bill’s smile was broad. “Alright then.” Harold was beginning to breathe hard, staring at the conjunction of my cock in the muffin’s cunt. His right hand slipped into his shorts and he began to massage his own penis.

Her hair was tossed across the soiled old pillow as she shook her head back and forth, squealing behind the ball gag, her eyes wide and staring imprecations at me. Her cheeks were flushed and wet with tears. Her chin with its darling little dimple trembled with emotion. Her chest was flushed down to her full breasts, their round areolas dark against the peach of her skin and their nipples now pebbled and pointing straight up. She was beautiful and she was mine. She grunted and her tits shook as I rammed my penis into her vagina several times, not believing my good fortune, an impossible fantasy fulfilled here in Backstage Pass.

“Up, up,” came the direction from Alastair behind the video camera with a wave of his hand. “Let’s see.” I knew what he wanted, being a porn addict, so I raised myself up on my knees to expose my-cock-in-her-cunt action to their view. I thrust in and out slowly so his camera could record lots of the cock-stiffening motions of the sex act: long, slow motions of her fat hairy cunt lips sucking around my cock shaft streaked with the white of her vaginal lubrication and the red of her virginal blood.

Bill beside Harold was now also breathing hard. He jerked down his underpants and pulled them off and began openly stroking his very large, thick penis to erection while staring at my cock fucking the muffin’s hairy young cunt.

“Put your right leg up over hers,” came Alastair’s direction. He was breathing hard too, his erect cock now making a tent of his underwear, but he kept his eye glued to the camera viewfinder. A real pro. He knew how to make porn videos. Awkwardly I managed to gebze escort get my right foot up over her left thigh and plant it on the bed without pulling my cock out of her cunt. Alastair crouched down behind us as I continued to stroke my penis slowly and firmly in and out of her vagina.

I knew what he was recording; in the window that opened between my buttocks and hers, he saw her anguished face, her jiggling breasts, the round curves of her belly and pussy mound, the spread lips of her cunt, my cock thrusting in and out between them, her erect clitoris above the fucking, my asshole and testicles, and her asshole below. It was dirty, it was lustful, it was complete nudity, it was total exposure of private parts in the most intimate act, it was a cruel forbidden fuck of a teen, it was magic.

I had never felt so alive, so aroused, so totally sexual. And I had an audience who appreciated what I was doing to the girl.

Bill and Harold now flanked the muffin. Harold had removed his underpants. His thick penis stuck up proudly under his paunch. I realized that these guys really loved fucking as much as I did, kindred depraved spirits. He and Bill were now rubbing their cock heads around and around the muffin’s nipples, still staring hard at my cock fucking into her cunt with long, firm strokes. “You OK?” Bill asked me with a grin.

“Sure,” I replied, “but I’m getting close.” They knew what I meant. My cock was getting hot and stiff, ready to explode into her cunt. Alastair moved to the side of the bed for a broad shot of the fucking. Bill and Harold retreated beside him. I covered the muffin and kissed her cheek as I thrust my cock faster and faster into her cunt. I raised myself up on one hand and fondled her left tit while the other bounced hard as I fucked her cunt, my hips now a blur in the bowl of her outstretched thighs. Alastair moved behind us for a low level shot of cock in cunt, the pussy lips now foaming with her aroused lubrications.

I was now in a zone of total lust. The world contracted to my body attacking hers. My penis was hot and throbbing, sending electric shocks throughout my whole body. I was also aware of my audience, these three naked men now silent as the last moments of this fuck roared to a climax. My cock pounded hard and fast into the muffin’s intimate orifice, the sacred vagina awaiting the sacrament of sperm.

“Ouuugh. Ouuuugghhff,” I grunted as my orgasm hit me. My cock stiffened in her cunt and began to spurt semen into her vaginal depths. I thrust and thrust and thrust until the last drop of come had left my cock and I began a slow relaxation and retreat from arousal.

It occurred to me later that we had not discussed ejaculation. If we came in her pussy, a forensic examination of the muffin would yield our DNA and make us traceable by the police. And I had just come in her pussy. Harold later explained to me that the amnesia drug was so good that the muffin would not suspect what had happened to her. He had a soothing cream that would take the soreness out of her cunt and other parts of her body we abused, and even if she suspected foul play in her intimate parts, our semen would be absorbed into her body by the time she convinced a doctor or forensic examiner to investigate the contents of her vagina.

They would, of course, confirm that she had been fucked and was no longer a virgin, but they would have no evidence linking us to the crime. He and the other two, he assured me, had been fucking local teens for two years now, and no trace of their activities here in Backstage Pass had yet been found.

It appears I had been very lucky to have been made a part of this marvellous band of sexual reprobates. They knew what they wanted and knew how to get it. With my libido on high alert and my lack of morality, I fit in with the group perfectly.

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