Balls Through The Wall At Sin City


I don’t know what was so appealing about the entire experience. The anonymity of it? The smell of piss? The aroma of cum? The scent of mansweat, cocks, balls, armpits and asses? Perhaps the subtle movement of a strange hand across my ass, chest or expanding crotch? The stickiness of the concrete floor? That unspoken need and desire expressed in the eyes of men shuffling up and down the aisles shopping for a possible fuck, suck or stroking? The fear, or excitement, of possibly getting caught?

Something drew me to the darkness and mystery of the rundown adult bookstore and video arcade. I wanted sex. No, I NEEDED sex – with another guy. I wanted my cock teased, manhandled and sucked to completion. I needed to shoot a spurting load into the mouth of a man with similar desires. I wanted to feel the silky soft skin of another man’s hard, pulsing cock in my mouth. I craved the sweetness of pre-cum mixing with my saliva in a natural man lube. I needed to feel the spewing hot salty liquid shoot from a guy’s prick, coating my tongue and mouth, and running down the back of my throat. As a married man from the suburbs I found myself repeatedly drawn to the seediest part of town to find animal pleasure with other men in the smelly darkness of Sin City.

I was even willing to take my chances in being seen during the middle of the day walking down the street I would never walk with my wife. I could feel my cock hardening and dripping, as I got closer to the windowless building. Without looking around to see who might notice me going into such an establishment, I pulled open the door and entered the darkness.

After buying the needed tokens, from a clerk who showed no sign of recognizing me from past visits, I pushed back the dusty curtain and continued back into the musty arcade. A variety of college types, businessmen on their lunch break, and other assorted men with a common purpose, were moving around the two rows of booths kaçak iddaa in a ritualistic mating dance under the light of a couple bare red bulbs. Damn, what was it about a hot guy in a business suit that made my cock throb and asshole twitch? I came to an open booth door and quickly went inside, locking the door to insure a bit of privacy. A quick pull on the waistband of my 501’s resulted in all the buttons popping open, releasing my straining cock from its enclosure and causing my jeans to fall around my cowboy boots. As my left hand dropped some tokens into the video machine my right fumbled with the buttons of my dress shirt. The movie screen was filled with a vision of a small Asian kid getting pounded from behind by a large muscle-bound daddy, while sucking the sizeable cock of a well-built black guy. Without even realizing it I was already stroking my cock with one hand while tweaking a hard nipple with the other. Each pinch of my eraser head nip sent a shock of electricity to my groin. The sights and sounds of the film, mixed with the noises coming from nearby booths, were really getting me hot and bothered.

I was distracted by some movement to my left and was turned on even more to see a large, well-manicured hand easing through the well-worn glory hole. An impressive diamond wedding ring caught and reflected the flickering light from the gay fuck movie being shown on the video screen. Hints of an expertly pressed and starched white dress shirt cuff scraped across the rough edge of the odd-shaped opening. The hand turned over and the fingers motioned for me to come closer to the cum stained plywood wall. I positioned myself so I could drop my heavy shaved balls into the palm waiting for a response. The warm fingers began to massage my smooth nuts, rolling them around in a circular motion, and then worked their way up to my hard, pulsing shaft. With increased pressure the strong hand gripped my cock and began to slowly kaçak bahis stroke it. On the upstroke the thumb would graze across the head of my prick, collecting from the flow of precum to add lube to the pistoning action. I sighed as all rational thought and stress left my body. The center of my being was now my hard, throbbing cock.

Slowly the hand began to disappear back into the dark hole in the wall, dragging my prick, and the body attached to it, to the wall. I nearly lost my balance as I attempted to boot-scoot as close the surface and find something to grab onto. The strong grip on my shaft was released and then I felt the wet warmth of a hot mouth engulf the head of my meat. A well-trained tongue drew circles around the mushroom head, not wasting a drop of the sweet liquid oozing from its slit. More and more of my shaft was enticed into the massaging cavity by the active tongue and expert throat muscles. Never one to be quiet during sex, I started panting, grunting and moaning as I involuntarily began tightening my ass muscles and prepare for thrusting my cock deeper and harder into the willing orifice. I glanced over at the grainy video screen and let out a little laugh when I saw the rhythm of my wall fucking was in sync with a hot black guy fucking the living daylights out of a young beefy blond guy. I was literally “balls through the wall” as my hips caused the wooden wall to move, with an impressive thud, each time I pounded my prick into the mouth on the other side.

The guttural noises coming from the guy on the other side of the wall vibrated through my prick and body, adding to the incredible sensations I was experiencing. The married, businessman attempting to suck my entire body through the hole and into his mouth seemed to be enjoying his actions just as much as, if not more than, I was as I approached ecstasy. He was able to take my cock down to the base, washing the underside of my tight balls with illegal bahis his rough tongue repeatedly and tickling me with the bristles of a trimmed moustache. I lost all track of time while consumed in unbelievable pleasure. My gut muscles began to tighten in preparation of blasting a load and I tried to fight off the need to cum. The mouth around my shaft seemed to grip tighter as if the guy knew his liquid lunch was soon being delivered. I didn’t want the sensations to end, but could no longer hold back. With the first blast of cum I saw spots before my eyes and felt as if I was going to black out. Spurt after spurt was gobbled up by the slippery mouth surrounding and continuing to pound up and down on my pulsing manmeat. As my prick got more and more sensitive I tried to pull it out of my unknown buddy’s oral cavity and the hole in the wall. I hadnÕt even notice his hand had created a cockring around my balls and he was not yet willing to let go. I heard myself whimpering as oozing juices were sucked from my still hard cock. Finally the grasp of my balls was lessened, but the tongue still licked up all the remaining spew from my skin. The words “thank you” were whispered from through the hole.

Feeling a bit dizzy and taking a deep breath, I pulled up my pants and quickly tucked my somewhat limp prick back into my jeans. Buttoning them up, I pulled a tissue from my pocket and wiped the sweat from my face and neck. Being exhausted, I had now had no desperate need to suck off another guy myself. Suddenly I wanted to know who had given me such a great blowjob. I quickly exited the booth, looking around for anyone who may have just left the one next door. Seeing no one I headed for the door of the bookstore and out into the blinding sun. Looking to the right I didn’t see any men walking up the street. A glance to the left resulted in seeing a well-dressed business professional adjusting his clothing as he proceeded down the sidewalk. As he turned a corner he looked back my way, wiping his mouth with a white handkerchief. From almost a block away I could see the surprise in the eyes of the father of my best friend from college!

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