Subject: Bath house at the Lake Chapter 2 My first story to publish on Nifty. Feel free to let me know what you think. Flames deleted and ignored. Constructive criticism will be read but in all honesty probably ignored for the most part. I am not a writer but love to write. My grammer may be off, a word may be used incorrectly or horror of Horrors!!!!…I may even use a dangling participle. The chances of the last are very real since I never did figure out what the hell a dangling participle sia P.S.- Sorry for the long delay. Real life is happening in my world right now and causing me to have to work double shifts to try to cover it. Loving your children is forever and mine need me right now. Don’t worry. Jack will be back. There are 20 stories partly written or layed out plus a few more chapters of this one. Please be patient with me. P.S.S.- I cant believe the response to chapter 1. Over 200 emails! Feedback is all we get in payment so stroking our egos is stroking our dicks. I sat for hour reading them. I must be an attention whore because I loved them all. If I didn’t answer yours I am sorry. I tried but got overwhelmed on day 2. I think I got them all but if not thank you, thank you, thank you. Remember- Even though Nifty is “Free” it aint Free. Somebody is paying. I paid a buck or two every now and then and felt guilty it wasn’t more. If we all gave a dollar a month the poor guy might even come out in the black once. Cough up 4 or 5 bucks every now and then and tell em Jack sent ya. Not true. Just a fantasy created by a situation. The first couple minutes happened. After the door opens…all fantasy. No animals were harmed. Go to bed. Its late and you have school in the morning. This should let you have some sweet dreams regardless if you feel you are Jack….or Stockton. Bathhouse at the Lake Chapter 2 “WOW! HOLY SHIT! WOW!” was all that came out. “Like that did you?” His response was to launch up into my arms and give me a full on full french kiss! I was a little shocked that he even knew what/how to do it. We were in that position when the water shut off. It was over. I simply held Stockton for about a minute when there was a light tap on the door scaring us half to death and a voice whispered/said that we needed to keep it down, there was an older couple coming up the path from the parking area. I cracked the door ready for anything and there was the face of the “dad” I had seen earlier. He chuckled and said that little or no sound went between the shower rooms but that we could just be heard outside if someone got too close to the door. He asked if we had a good shower? Excellent! I responded. Looking past me at Stockton he chuckled and said “I bet you did….damn he’s cute” and without another word picked up the boy with him that I now decided was a little older than I had guessed seeing him up closer but was still pretty short for his age. He put his arms around his “dad”‘s neck and planted a tiny kiss on the side of it before throwing one to me and grinning. Not sure how to respond I tossed one back at him. He laughed and whispered to his dad again and waved until he was out of sight. The older couple worked their way up to the building and exchanged hellos and started to go inside. With a Yelp Stockton finished pulling his pants on and grabbing his towel. Laughing they apologized and told me what a handsome “Son” I had. “Oh he’s not…um…Thanks!” I replied quickly catching myself before I had to explain why I was showering with a total stranger. Fleeing the shower building I realized I had a shadow. I also realized that the shadow had reached up and taken my hand. I then realized that not only did we now look the part of a father and son coming back from the showers….I felt the part, just a little. Somehow when he did that it also made us a bit invisible to anyone who happened to look up and see us go by. We were no longer memorable. We were just normal. We were ANYTHING but “normal”. I held the towel casually in front of me and looked super relaxed. Behind that towel was a raging hardon. What I lacked in size I certainly made up for in hardness. Stockton had draped his towel over his shoulder toga style with the long side coming over the front and poofing out with each step he took but it hid the fact that he too was hard as stone (Stone, Jack Stone that is….) as well. He was dragging just a tiny bit and I realized that it was already 830. I assumed the boys bedtime was probably around 9 or 930 max. When we got to my site a minute later I expected the kid to just keep walking and he sort of did…right up my steps and into my ataköy escort camper. Shrugging my shoulders I followed my rock hard dick right in behind him. Stockton seemed to finally lose his nerve when he got inside but in reality he was just impressed. My coach was used but barely and at 40 feet with 4 slides is as big as some homes. He turned a full 360 degrees and launched right back into my arms and giggled in my ear “So where is the bedroom in this thing?” I pointed toward the back and followed his tight white shorts a few steps then continued following his tight white little butt as the shorts fell off and he climbed up into the king sized bed and lay on his back with arms and legs spread wide looking like a little fallen angel in the middle. I stopped and asked if he thought his aunt might miss him if he didn’t get back. “She was the one passed out half way into her tent that we walked by on the way here” he said with some amount of dismissal. “She wont notice anything until one of the brats starts making noise in the morning.” I climbed onto the bed with him still taking in every chance to just stare at how cute he was. His long dark hair and crystal blue eyes were so unusual and so striking that they drew you in. The rest of him was flawless and perfect. Even his tan lines were symmetrical and seemed to fit him perfectly. I wanted to start at the top and simply kiss, lick, and suck on every single inch of him….so I did. Bending down I placed a slight kiss on his lips which he seemed to like a lot. I love kissing boys. it goes past a fetish and becomes a bit of an obsession when I find one willing. You would be surprised how many are very willing. I raised up a bit and kissed each eye and then cheeks and ran my tongue across his upper lip which caused a slight moan. Working downward I moved to his neck covering every exposed bit. Working my way south I checked in with his little armpits causing a jump and some giggling. He had barely twitched prior to that but his little pecker was rock hard and pointing almost straight out. In another year it would begin sticking up rather than out but he was a little behind in the development game. I moved slowly to his left nipple and began to lick and nibble. This caused it to stiffen as well and another little giggle. Moving to the right I got the same response. Not wanting to spend all night in the preliminaries I headed to the tiny belly button. Again.. at least a minor fetish was always belly buttons. His was an outy with a little extra nibblet of skin that was very cute and very ticklish. Another jump. I began to rub his thighs as my mouth worked lower and intentionally brushed the tip of his little twig in the process. He really jumped and moaned out loud that time. I was getting him really worked up now. Spreading his leg wider, I ran my tongue in a circle around his little woody causing him to lurch forward as I did. On about the third lurch I lined up over it and swallowed it whole. He yipped and began driving himself into my mouth. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out and I thought I had hurt him. Opening his legs as wide as they would go, he looked me in the eye. “Do the finger thing like in the shower….Pleaaaase…that was amazing.” Reaching for a tube of lube I swallowed his little boydick again and opened the cap. Putting a bit on the end of my index finger I began rubbing his little bud. I had planned to work it slowly in but Stockton had a totally different plan. As soon as my finger lined up on his tiny hole he gave a grunt and a shove and impaled himself onto it about half way. I began working it in and out gently when he gave another shove and he was all the way to my hand. Now I was getting hotter by the second as well and began to suction his little tool and drive the finger in and out slowly but steadily. Reaching for the tube, I put a little more lube on my middle finger. I wanted to see how far I could go. Pulling my index finger out I lined up my middle finger and pressed. It popped in or was sucked in all the way to the second knuckle in one motion. I continued to work his little boystick with my tongue while pushing the larger middle finger in and out gently. Each time I pulled back I made a point to rub across his little prostate. The noises from above were getting louder and the squirming getting more urgent. There were squeaks and moans depending on what I did and 2 little hands kept rubbing my face and then flying up to his chest and then his head and then out to the blankets and then back to my head. It was really cute to watch. Adding more lube down there merter escort I lined up my index finger next to my middle finger and gave a twist and a push at the same time. Stockton froze solid and then gave a roar as he pushed himself down all the way to my hand and reached down and grabbed my wrist. I thought he was about to push me out but in fact he pulled me harder against himself and began a staccato noise that actually frightened me. I was about to pull out when he gave another shove and grabbed my head again. He began to facefuck me once again as he drove himself down on my hand then relaxed and let me pull back a bit only to drive himself down onto it again. It didn’t take long before he had worked himself into near oblivion with the sensory overload and with a combination of a sob and a squeal he came like wildfire. His little dick began to twitch and swell and try as hard as it could to pump out the cum that his tiny balls were still several years from making. At the height of his climax he let out a huge breath that he had been holding for who knows how long and went mostly limp. We collapsed on the bed together and I pulled him close to me and held him. In all reality the whole thing had left me in a state of horny that I had never felt. I was pumping out precum which was all over my belly and legs and his legs as well as the bed. Stockton began to stir and wrapped his arms and legs around me and began to sob. “I love you Jack! That was the most amazing thing I ever felt!” He rolled over and kissed me hard and with more tongue than before even and then dove onto my weeping cock. He licked up the sopping mess and then drove his mouth down on me all the way to the root and began a repeat of earlier. I was very tempted to just let him go. To have a cute little boy who had made making me cum his primary goal in life and who could also deep throat my entire dick and loved cum…well… you can see my dilemma. Making my decision I reached down and took his chin in my hand and pulled him back up. The look of confusion on his face was totally precious but I brought him back up and gave him another kiss. “Lets try something new…” I said. I rolled him gently onto his back and placed a pillow under his hips. I then brought his legs up and spread them open. Looking down I could see a rock hard little stick coming up again and a slightly open little virgin pucker… virgin if you don’t count the fact that I just had 2 fingers all the way to the root in it. Leaning down again to kiss his tiny mouth and begin to wrestle with the little tongue with mine I slid up a little to get in position. Adding more lube to the tiny ass and a bunch to my throbbing dick I began to rub the head against the little rosebud. Stockton gave a little gasp and a shudder. “That feels pretty cool Jack” He whispered. Its like he wants to go inside me.” “He does baby” I groaned as I pushed just a little bit and planted the head at the entrance. ” I am going to push just a little more and see if he goes in. If it hurts you can stop me. I am hoping it feels like the two fingers did.” “Jack..I love you…just push it in. I don’t care if it hurts. Just do it.” In spite of what he had said I had never and would never just “ram it in”. Sex had to be a 2 way street. If it hurt then he wasn’t ready. It certainly didn’t mean I wasn’t going to fuck this boy right here and right now. It just meant that he needed to be stretched and prepared a bit more. Some boys can be ready to fuck with a tiny drop of KY pushed into their ass and other need half the bottle and 3 fingers inserted 1 at a time over the course of an hour. You have to be blowing them and kissing them and blowing them again the whole time. I am really not sure which I prefer. Both have their plus sides. Stockton had his eyes screwed shut and a look of intense pain on his face and was hyperventilating a little. I tried to pull back but he held onto me and we just waited a bit. The breathing slowed, the face relaxed. He wasn’t ready but he was damn close. The want was certainly there. This kid WANTED to be fucked and wanted it now. He was just a little bit small. “Hold on a minute kiddo. Lets open you up a little more.” I said rubbing the head of my dick up and down his tiny anus. It kept opening and letting about half the head in before the sphincter slammed shut again. I put the bottle of lube up to his asshole and squeezed a bit more inside. He giggled. He pushed against the bottle trying to fuck it. This kid was horned up beyond words. Using 2 thumbs side by side I worked them in and rotated them bahçeşehir escort around. His little sphincter slowly relaxed. We were go for T minus 30 seconds. I lay down next to him and kissed his ears and neck lips and rubbed his chest and belly. Putting the pillow back in place I again lifted his legs. I had to see his face as I entered. I had to see his whole body. Once again I pressed my throbbing cock up against his tiny anus. This time there was almost no resistance as the head slid in and was enveloped by the hottest, slickest channel I had ever been into. It only lasted an inch when the first spasm hit and he gasped. I froze. He gasped a second time and I told him to just relax and that I wasn’t going to move again. He fought the spasms for a second and then settled down. “Now push out like your trying to take a shit” I told him. He did and another inch or so slid right in on the KY bathed tube. The heat doubled and I was feeling like I could cum right then and there but was determined to go all the way. I stopped again and gave him a chance to breath and get used to it. “Are you OK?” I asked “Oh Jack…oh hell yes…I feel full and feel like I have to shit but something else too. Like an itch. Push in some more. It isn’t hurting only when the spasms hit and I think they are done. I want to feel the rest of you. I want you to rub that spot.” His eyes were wide open and staring directly into mine. He had a slight smile on his face. H spread his legs wider and I pushed. He pushed out at the same exact time and bang. My balls hit the cheeks of his ass and my crotch pressed up against his tiny balls. He tensed for a second and then relaxed. “Right there. Just hold right there a second. God I feel so full. It’s all the way isn’t it? I can feel you against me. Oh GOD. This is amazing. As for me I couldn’t speak…or breath. I had been there many times…as in been buried to the root in a small boys ass but never one this young, this hot or this tight. The texture of kid leather was wrapped around every millimeter of my dick and squeezing. Add the heat and the lube and the heat and the tight and I nearly blew the biggest load of my life. I had my eyes squeezed shut and was refusing to even breath while I fought to drive down the orgasm. I knew I was going to have more than one tonight but I sure didn’t want to waste a drop yet. “OK Jack….FUCK ME!” I didn’t need to hear that twice. Slowly I drew back just an inch and came forward again. After 4 or 5 times I came out 2 or 3 inches and rocked back in. It didn’t take long and I was long dicking him with all I had. At first he was silent. Just that steady stare and small grin. Then…. “Harder Jack. When you go in go a little harder. When you hit that thing it feels better when it is harder.” “Faster now Jack….Go faster and harder.” I pulled all the way out and got a gasp and a surprised “WHAT….NO” and flipped him over face down on the bed and with his hips still up on the pillow drove into him again. Having his tiny hips to hold onto gave me more leverage. In spite of him asking for it harder and faster I knew there were total limits with his size verses my size. I could hurt him. Still….he got it harder…and faster! I watched his hand grab up the sheets and I could feel him starting to spasm again but this time it was good spasms. His breathing was getting ragged and he was slamming back into me just as hard as I was into him. We were both close but he was closer. In less than a minute he was on the edge and spiraling. “Its happening Jack!” He gasped “Harder. Harder!” He went tense then I felt him cumming. His orgasm grabbed my entire dick and squeezed and then let go only to squeeze again. 10 or 12 times he spasmed and screamed/laughed into the other pillow to muffle the noise. That was all it took. My own orgasm hit me like a tornado. I drove into his little ass one last time and just let go. I have no idea how many ropes of baby batter sprayed out but I do know there was no where left inside for it and almost immediately it began to leak out around my dick. I saw spots in front of my eyes and got light headed as I rolled forward pushing us both further onto the bed. I stayed buried in his ass and wrapped my arms around him. We dozed off together still linked and ever so happy. Chapter 3 is coming. It may take a little bit but the basics are done and I just have to fill it all in. Keep sending ideas. Whether I use them or not here they may pop up in another story. Suggestions of spanking or hurting the boys will be ignored. I am not into hurting them in any way. Your fantasies are yours and mine are mine but lets just leave it at that. Anyone who hurts a boy/girl or forces them to have sex against their will is not going to be hanging out at my house. We just can’t be friends sorry. There are tons of abused kids. We should be protecting them from the bad guys not being the bad guys!

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