Subject: Bats and Balls by Laurence Nightingale Chapter 3 it was truly one of the boy’s best qualities. Figuring what the hell, Dan pulled off his own cloths and left them lying next to the boy’s. He didn’t run to the pool but rather took his time walking to the edge of the water. Tommy’s eyes were glued to his naked body; Dan had seen Tommy naked many times but this was the first Dan’s entire body was on display for the boy. Pretending not to notice, Dan stretched and tilted his hips forward a little before diving smoothly into the clear, blue water. They played in the pool for nearly an hour until Dan declared it was time to get out and make dinner. At Tommy’s protest, he reminded the boy he could swim as often as he wanted to over the next week. They left the pool, grabbing some towels from an outdoor cabinet before going inside. When Dan finished drying off and hung his towel over the edge of a chair to dry but made no moves to get dressed; Tommy followed his lead. Dan made one of Tommy’s favorite meals: beef tacos. After cleaning up the plates, they sat together and watched a movie. Tommy rested his head on his uncle’s chest and Dan’s hand gently caressed the boy’s smooth side and butt. Slowly, blood filled Dan’s penis to its full 6.5 inches, and the full erection bobbed just at the periphery of Tommy’s vision. After Dan subtly shifted, Tommy took noticed of his uncle’s hard-on. It didn’t look quite as big as Bryce’s, the only other erect penis he’d ever seen, but it was close. Tommy sat up and looked at his uncle. “Uncle Dan, does your penis need exercising?” Dan looked at his nephew, a look of feigned surprise on his face for he was well aware of everything his nephew had done over the last week. “Why yes, Tommy it does. How did you know? I thought only older boys knew how to do that.” “I know how to do it too,” Tommy said, his chest puffing with pride. “Bryce showed me how and he said I was the best first time bat boy ever. And we’ve practiced everyday ever since so I’m super good at it.” “Wow, that’s awesome. I knew you be the best bat boy ever; that’s why I recommended you even though you’re only 9. I’m so proud of you buddy.” Tommy squirmed in delight at his uncle’s words. A sudden look of horror crossed his face. “Oh no!” “What’s the matter, Tommy?” “Bryce made me promise to never tell anyone what happens in the locker room and now I told you!” Tears welled in his big eyes. “Hey, buddy, don’t worry. How do you think I got you the job? Because I’m a part of the team too. And Bryce is my best friend. Nothing at all to worry about. Of course you can never tell your parents or other people, but telling me is completely ok. No need to cry.” Tommy wiped his eyes and looked up at his uncle with an expression of hope. “You mean it?” “Of course I do. Now weren’t you going to show me how well you know how to exercise a penis?” “Yes, Uncle Dan!” Tommy said with a big smile. He went up on his knees next to the man and grabbed his throbbing penis with his hands and stroked it from base to tip. After a short time, he dropped one hand down to caress Dan’s heavy balls, and then he lowered his mouth over the tip of his cock. After several days of practice with Bryce, Tommy easily swallowed half of Dan’s erection the first time. Then he went to work sucking and licking and caressing. Dan leaned back and enjoyed the blowjob while his left hand explored Tommy’s virgin crack. He let his nephew show his skills for nearly twenty minutes before he stopped to ask him, “Did Bryce ever teach you the other way to exercise a penis?” Of course he knew Bryce hadn’t. Tommy lips were swollen from sucking. Dan thought he looked amazing. The boy shook his head. “No, Bryce said it was important for me to get really good at sucking.” “And you have, you do a wonderful job. I think you’re ready to learn more though since you such a clever boy and a quick learner.” “That would be awesome Uncle Dan! Please teach me!” “Sure thing, champ. Why don’t we turn off the TV and go to my bedroom. You can do this next exercise pretty much everywhere once you’re really good at it, but it’s a little easier try it in a bed while you’re learning. Now go brush your teeth while I turn out the lights.” Tommy hopped up and ran to the bathroom. Dan joined him shortly after and brushed his teeth as well. When they finished, they went to his bedroom. Dan pulled down the sheets and Tommy climbed up on the big bed. Usually he slept in the bed in the guestroom so it was a special occasion for him to be in Dan’s bed. “Ok, so the other way you can exercise a man’s penis is with your butt.” Tommy giggled. “My butt! Are you joking Uncle Dan?” Dan laughed a little too before getting serious, “I’m not joking. Little boys like you are very special because their buttholes are very special. They can do two things. Do you know what those two things are?” “Pooping!” Tommy shouted before breaking out again into giggles. “Right, you poop with it, but there’s a second, very secret thing your butthole can do. It can exercise a man’s penis!” Tommy looked unsure by the statement, as if he couldn’t quite see how that would work. “How can my butthole do that?” “Well, your butthole is very stretchy, stretchy enough to allow a man to put his penis inside of you. Then it makes a penis feel good just like you do with your hands and mouth. Some guys like exercising in a boy’s mouth better, some prefer his butthole, so it’s very important for you to practice and get really good at both.” “Do you think Bryce would be happy if I showed him that I already know how to do both ways?” “I bet Bryce would be extremely proud at what a good learner and bat boy you are.” “Ok Uncle, show me how to exercise your penis in my butthole.” “I’d love to. I have to warn you though, the first few times a man puts his penis in your butt, it may hurt quite a lot at first. That is normal, it just means your butthole needs some time to adjust to this super special, super secret job. Are you going to be a brave boy even if this hurts a little?” Tommy looked apprehensively at his uncle for a moment before nodding and said, “I am very brave and can do it!” “That’s my boy, I know you can. I’m going to get started by getting your butthole slippery.” Dan grabbed a bottle of lube from the bedside table. “This is a special slippery liquid that makes it easier for a man to put his penis in you. I’m going to put some lube on my finger and stick that in your butt first to open you up. It’s a lot easier if a man opens you up first with his fingers and gets your butthole nice and slippery.” Dan coated his index finger and ran it around Tommy’s pink virgin pucker. He reapplied more lube then carefully pressed the tip of his finger against his rosebud until it slipped in. His sphincter clenched around his finger and the boy hissed in pain. “Just relax Tommy. Breathe in and out slowly and relax your body-this will make everything a lot easier.” Tommy did as he was told and took several deep breaths. Dan felt his hole loosen a little and pushed in to his knuckle. Over the next half an hour he worked more fingers into his nephew until he had two fully inside him. His erection softened so he had Tommy swing around to suck his dick while he continued to finger fuck the child. When his cock was back at full mast, he put his nephew back in position and greased up his dick. He’d been dreaming about fucking his nephew for years and finally the time was here. Getting Tommy the bat boy job had been a stroke of genius. Bryce had been hard to convince, afraid Tommy was too young to do the job on and off the field, but Dan had insisted. And after several days of using Tommy’s mouth, Bryce became a believer himself. Dan rubbed his cock around his nephew’s hole. It gaped a little from the last half hour of fingering so he eased the tip in without much struggle. Next would come the hardest part. Using steady pressure, he split Tommy hole open and pushed two inches of cock inside his rectum, including his substantial mushroom head. Tommy’s response was immediate. His body seized up and he shouted, “Ow, ow, ow! Take it out, take it out!” Dan held in place and ran his hands over Tommy’s smooth back, alternately assuring the boy that the pain would go away soon enough and praising him for being such a brave boy and fast learner. The sharpness of the pain lessened, and Dan felt the boy’s body relax, including his sphincter’s iron-grip around his cock. As soon as he felt an ease, he pushed further in him. At nine years old, Tommy was more than ready to take an adult man’s entire cock, even ones significantly bigger than Dan’s. He knew this was the boy’s first time, so he went as gently as he could, but he didn’t stop until completely penetrated his nephew’s rectum and entered his colon. Tommy sobbed a little, but Dan suspected it was more from being overwhelmed by all the new sensations than any real hurt. He leaned over and covered the boy’s body with his own as best as he could and comforted the boy. When he calmed down, Dan stood back up, and with his hands firmly gripping the child’s narrow hips, he slowly pulled his cock three-quarters of the way out before just as slowly pushing back in. He continued his slow thrusts, speeding up gradually until he was pounding the boy at a brisk pace. He must have been reaching a special spot in Tommy cause with every balls-deep thrust, the boy let out a high-pitched “Oh!” Dan wished he could fuck his nephew like this forever, but this first session had already run long. So he let himself go and thrust his 6.5 inch cock into the nine year old faster and faster. With a loud guttural groan, he pushed in one more time and ejaculated. He was breathless as he held in place and seeded his nephew’s pussy with blast after blast of cum. When his nuts were dry, he looped an arm over Tommy’s stomach and chest and pulled the boy up against him before lying down together, his cock still inside. His erection flagged and soon the softened organ slipped out with a little pop. He kept the boy in his arms. “Wow Tommy, you did an amazing job. Did you like that?” He mumbled something that sounded like I don’t know. “It’s just your first time, so it makes sense if you are still a little unsure. But I think you may come to like this just as much as sucking. Maybe even more! But in any case, I’m super proud of you. You’re such an awesome boy!” Tommy didn’t say much, but he snuggled a little closer to his uncle. They took a bath together before watching a movie on Dan’s laptop cuddled together in bed. The next morning, they went for another naked swim before a breakfast of waffles. Then Tommy played a game on a tablet while Dan answered some emails. He planned on taking time to spend with him nephew while he was here, but there was no way he could abandon his business altogether. He planned on working remotely in the mornings and go in to the office while Tommy was at baseball practice. He loved working and loved what he did, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t looking forward to taking a step back. Besides, this gave his VP Anash Mehta, a chance to take a bigger leadership role. The man had been with him since he graduated from Texas University of Austin nearly four years ago and Dan felt lucky to have him. They arrived at Bryce’s ranch a few minutes before 10. Located in Hill Country northwest of the city, the sprawling property provided stunning views and complete privacy. The house, which was understated and homey, sat nearly three miles off the main road. Consequentially, Bryce’s ranch was the perfect place to have relaxing team parties well away from prying eyes. Whereas the house was modest, the back yard was a paradise. A massive pool was surrounded by flagstone patios and native plant gardens. A collection of fabric sails, gazebos, and pergolas shaded the entire area including most of the pool. If they also prevented konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort folks with helicopters or drones from taking pictures of anyone in the space, then that was just a fringe benefit and had nothing to do with just such an incident that had forced Doug Struck out of the closet in his major league days. “Hi guys,” Bryce said as they walked in the front door. He was naked save for a black and red jockstrap and flip-flops. “Grab a basket here to put your clothes in,” he said indicating several stacks of square metal baskets that fit into a series of shelves on the wall, not dissimilar to the shelves in the locker room. Tommy looked at Bryce in confusion. “What do you mean?” “This is a Clothes-Off-Jocks-On Party! Only guys here so everyone likes to get comfy.” The boy looked upset, “But I didn’t bring a jock!” “Don’t worry bat boy, I have you covered,” the manger said. He opened a nearby drawer and pulled out a small baby blue bundle and threw it to Tommy. He caught it and opened it to find a jock just his size with “Bat far from it. He preferred his boys well-used and leaking sperm before he got to them. Always willing to go last, Doug was a closer on and off the field. And after ingesting over thirty loads in his stomach, not to mention the five loads in his cunt, Tommy was exactly how he loved a boy. Doug walked over to the exhausted boy and turned him over on his back. His knees were red from where the near constant fucking of the last hour had rubbed them against the ottoman’s cushion. Doug knelt between his legs and placing a hand under each thigh, pushed his legs open and back, fully exposing his well-used pussy. The mingle loads of his friends were oozing out of the gaping sphincter. He leaned forward and swiped his tongue over it, tasting ass and cum. He moaned in pleasure at the intoxicating mixture. He pressed his lips around Tommy’s asshole and snaked his long tongue into his rectum. Painstakingly he slurped and licked as much cum as he could find out of the nine year old’s ass. The whole time while he feasted on his friends’ cum, his hands roamed Tommy’s body: caressing his silky skin, tweaking his tiny flat nipples, stroking his little penis that despite everything was still hard. Doug’s thorough attention revived the boy and what’s more pushed him to a higher plane of pleasure. Soon he was moaning with every snake of the man’s tongue into his asshole. Sure he enjoyed helping all his teammates, but this was different. Doug made him feel amazing, like a small tingle that started somewhere in his middle grew and streamed throughout his young body to the very tips of his fingers and toes. The feeling kept building till it overwhelmed, and Tommy’s very first dry cum exploded inside him. Doug felt the moment the boy orgasmed for his anus spasmed around his tongue. He delved deeper, helping the child draw out the intense pleasure for as long as possible. When Tommy’s body went slack, Doug stood and aimed his erection at the boy’s hole. He met little resistance from Tommy’s asshole after the extensive battering it had received over the last hour. He slid his entire 6.75 inches inside the nine year old’s bowels. He paused, his arms holding up his muscular body on either side of his face, and looked down at the boy. Tommy’s torso was too short for him to meet his lips while fully imbedded, so he withdrew until only his foreskin covered tip remained inside. Then he bent down and covered the child’s much smaller lips with his own. He licked along the seam until his lips parted and Doug worked his tongue in, quickly filling Tommy’s mouth. Doug took his time; he was in no hurry. He loved fucking boys. Not just using their bodies, but also showing them how fun and pleasurable it could be. Tommy was by no means the youngest boy he’d ever been with, but he was definitely in Doug’s sweet spot. Small and smooth with puberty still years away, but able to handle long fuck sessions, plus having the emotional maturity to want to please. Despite having serviced thirty men with his throat and pussy, Tommy hadn’t complained once. He’d be sore tomorrow but Doug was certain he’d be at practice ready to go in the morning. Doug released his lips and straightened up, pushing his cock fully in. He reached for Tommy’s hands and placed them on his hairy chest. “Baby,” he said to the boy in a low voice, “I want you to pinch my nipples while I fuck you. Think you can do that, sport?” Tommy smiled shyly before nodding. He took the baseball star’s nipples between his thumb and fingers and squeezed gently. “Harder, son. Squeeze them as hard as you can!” Doug said as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. Tommy did as he was told and soon Doug was moaning from the jolts emanating from his nips. He angled his cock in different directions in an attempt to find Tommy’s pleasure spots. At nine, his prostate would be completely undeveloped, but he’d still feel good from repetitive thumps against it. Doug was no amateur boy fucker; he knew where to aim. At first there was no reaction, but as he pounded the child’s gland over and over and over with his raging cock, waves of euphoria cascaded over the boy. Doug knew from Tommy’s high-pitched moans that he was quickly heading to another dry orgasm. Doug fucked harder, while simultaneously caressing his body as much as he was able. Suddenly Tommy froze speechless and then an intense dry cum tore through his body. The boy’s sphincter clenching over and over on his shaft was all he needed to release his seed in the boy. Doug’s thick pedo sperm coated the walls of Tommy’s bowels as he rode the plateau of his own little boy orgasm. The baseball player collapsed on Tommy but instantly rolled to his side so as to not hurt him with his significantly heavier body. He wrapped his strong arms around the child and held him close, whispering gentle words of praise. When he came back to his senses, he withdrew his dick and sat up. They were alone. He stood and helped Tommy to his feet and then the two of them walked to the house, sperm leaking down Tommy’s legs. When Doug saw it, he immediately stopped the boy, got on his knees and thoroughly licked the boy clean inside and out. Satisfied he caught every drop, he stood back up and they continued into the house. Bryce and Dan were in the kitchen putting together a light supper. Tommy didn’t feel hungry at all. In addition to the dozens of loads of sperm in his stomach, his ass and guts ached. And he was totally exhausted. Uncle Dan told him to sit at the table, which he did. He picked at the sandwich and soup in front of him until Uncle Dan admonished him and told him he needed to eat in order to have enough energy for practice tomorrow. He forced himself to sip his soup and eat most of the sandwich. After they ate, the group used the outdoor shower. Once they were clean, they climbed into the hot tub. The soothing bubbles felt wonderful on Tommy’s aching muscles. He was tempted to close his eyes but Doug kept a sharp watch to make sure he stayed awake with head above the water. After fifteen minutes, Doug stepped out of the tub, taking Tommy with him. They dried off and waved at Dan and Bryce, but the men were already deep in a makeout session. In fact, given how Dan was bouncing up and down on Bryce’s lap, it seemed his uncle was riding the manager’s cock. It was reassuring that it wasn’t just him taking dick. He followed Doug to a bedroom. The man laid down a big towel on the bed and had Tommy lay on top of it. He pulled out a bottle of massage oil and proceeded to massage every inch of Tommy’s body. One by one his aches subsided and the tension left his body. Doug climbed over Tommy’s prone body and inserted his cock in his ass. He was so relaxed, it slipped in easily. As before Doug took his time. He felt no overwhelming urge to cum, but rather he wanted to enjoy this beautiful nine year old’s body. His explorations before taught him a lot about the boy, and he could reliably ding the kid’s prostate with every thrust. Tommy lay boneless from the massage, but little gasps and moans escaped his lips as his baseball hero fucked him. Doug could tell just before Tommy was going to cum: his breath would come shallow and quick and his little hands would clench into fists. As soon as he noticed the signs, he would direct the head of his cock to the boy’s prostate and pound at it relentlessly. In this way, he gave Tommy nearly a dozen dry cums over more than an hour before he shot his second load in him. He pulled out and moved up next to Tommy’s head and made the child suckle the remaining drops of cum from his softening cock. Doug latched his lips over Tommy’s hole and felched out his cumload and held it in his mouth. He lay down next to Tommy and shared it with him, his large adult tongue pushing cum into the small mouth. He kept kissing Tommy even after the cum was gone. Finally he got up, cleaned up the boy and then tucked him under the covers. Doug turned off the lights and crawled in next to the exhausted little bat boy. Chapter 4 (Mb9, M+b9, jo, oral, anal, force, coercion, consensual) Tommy woke up alone in an unfamiliar bed. His asshole and throat hurt, but otherwise he felt rested. He used the bathroom and then wandered out to the kitchen. Only Bryce was there. “Morning, slugger,” the manager said. “You slept in today, but I suppose you earned a little extra sleep yesterday. Anyway, come get some breakfast and then we need to head to the field. Our season opener is tomorrow, and we have a lot of work to do to get ready for it.” He ate his crisp rice cereal quickly, suddenly very excited and very nervous about tomorrow. During the game, he was responsible for making sure players had the correct bat and the umpire had enough balls. Plus he had to restock water bottles and make sure there were plenty of fresh towels during the game. And since tomorrow’s game was a double hitter with the third game of the series the following evening, he’d be on the field for most of the day. Thursday was another day of practice then they’d leave for their first series of away games on Friday afternoon. So in addition to everything else, Tommy needed to help Bryce clean and pack up away uniforms for the team. It was a good thing his parents were gone, Tommy thought, since he’d be so busy he’d have no time to see them anyway. At the park, he immediately went to work making sure the away uniforms were clean and packed into garment bags, and then set them aside, ready to be loaded on the bus. Home uniforms were already in the players’ lockers, but Tommy and Bryce went through each one while the guys practiced to make sure they were in tip-top shape. The first game of the season was always played right after noon. For the last several years, the Pokes had offered free seats to all 6th-9th grade kids in Austin. The parking lots were full of school buses that brought the kids to the game and back to school in time to go home with the rest of the students. Nearly 80% of the crowd at the first game consisted of students and chaperones, with the rest of the tickets going to die-hard fans that entered a ticket lottery for the remaining seats. The evening game which didn’t start till 8pm was considered the opening game as well. This was the first chance for season ticket holders to get into their seats. Both games counted towards their overall record, but the evening one got all the fanfare. Austin was a beautiful city, but starting in May, it to get really, really hot. Playing a midday game was a little insane so lots of measures needed to be taken to protect the players from heat exhaustion. In addition to coolers full of water and sports drink, players had chilling cloths over their neck and heads when not on the field. In order to be effective, they were soaked in cold water then wrung out before being worn. The cool dampness konyaaltı otele gelen escort kept the players’ temperatures in the safe range. Tommy helped Bryce get all the chill clothes out of storage and then he look through them to see if any needed washing. By then practice was finished, so Tommy turned his attention to helping the guys in the shower. He collected dirty uniforms, handed out towels, and cleaned and sanitized jock cups. He was so busy he forgot to strip out of his own uniform until Bryce admonished him for not being properly dressed. The boy darted to the towel room and removed all of his clothes, completing the rest of his work naked. When the guys finished showering and stood by their lockers drying off, Coach Peltz and Assistant Coach McDaniels came to speak to the team. “Good practice today guys,” Coach started. “I think we worked through some of those start of the season jitters today so I’m expecting a clean season right from the get-go. We’ve played the Houston Rustlers several times last season, and from what I’ve seen of their roster, they have a pretty similar team. We know their strengths and weakness and we know how to take advantage of them. “We’ve always put forward an incentive for you guys to work towards and this year will be no different. McDaniels will lay out the scoring.” The Assistant Coach stepped forward, “Y’all know what the reward is: some alone time with Tommy with your cock up his incredibly tight asshole.” As he said it, he looked directly at Tommy who flushed red in embarrassment and surprise at being the prize. “There are offensive and defensive goals. For every home run, you get 15 minutes with him after the game. Two run homer, 20 minutes, three run homer 30 minutes, and a grand slam is a full night on an away game. For our pitchers, you get 7 minutes for every close out inning, up to an hour. Pitch a no-hitter and you get him to yourself for an entire night on an away game. Finally a double play gets 10 minutes and a triple play 15 minutes for every guy throwing and catching it. Are we clear?” There were nods of assent from the players, but Tommy was still in a mild state of shock. But the Assistant Coach wasn’t finished. “Of course y’all are able use his mouth and throat when you need to during the following times: after practice when there isn’t a game the next day, on the bus to a game if there is an overnight before we play our first game, on the bus on the way home, and at any parties and team events like yesterday when we give permission.” “Ok, you guys are done for the day,” Coach said. “We’ll see you back in here by 10am tomorrow. Tommy, I want you to go around and give everyone a kiss for luck.” Tommy didn’t know what to do but Doug came up to him, put his hand behind his head and drew him down to his crotch. “Kiss it Tommy,” he said, clearly indicating his cock. Tommy obeyed and planted a kiss on the head of Doug’s cock. Doug released him and another man took his place. In short order Tommy had kissed the dick of everyone on the team save the coaches who had already returned to their offices. The players dressed and left the locker room leaving Tommy alone with Bryce and a lot of work to do. He put towels in the wash and sorted uniforms. He cleaned cups and wiped down cleats. He moved about with confidence since he knew what to do. After the towels were folded and the last load of uniforms went in the wash, Bryce announced it was time for them to shower. Tommy followed the man in the shower and soaped up alongside him. Then, like every day of last week, as soon as they rinsed off the soap, Bryce pulled Tommy around and pushed his cock in the boy’s mouth. Tommy was confident about this job too and deftly took the thick cock into his throat while massaging his balls. After a few minutes, Bryce grunted in pleasure and dumped his load down the boy’s throat. Bryce turned off the water and they dried off. Bryce went to another task while Tommy put away more uniforms while the final load dried. Finally the last of the clothes were put away and his daily tasks were done. He went to his locker and got dressed. Then he waited on the bench until Bryce was finished. He left the locker room with the manager. No one was waiting for him in the parking lot, so he climbed into Bryce’s truck. While driving, Bryce called Uncle Dan. He had to go into the office for a last minute meeting with a very important client so he asked Bryce to drop his nephew off there. When they pulled up at the office, a very handsome dark skinned Indian man waited for them at the front door. “Hello Bryce, hello Tommy. Dan is still in his meeting so he asked me to come get you,” he said smiling at the boy. “My name is Anash Mehta, your uncle’s business partner.” He reached out to shake the boy’s hand, which Tommy started to do when he stopped to stare at the man. He had dark brown skin and a full black beard and black hair cut very short on the sides and left longer on the top. He wore slim cut dark blue pants and a perfectly fitted pink button down shirt. Just being within a few feet of him, Tommy could smell the lovely richness of his cologne. He felt something turn somersaults in his stomach as he experienced new and unsettling feelings around the very attractive man. Suddenly he felt embarrassed and tucked his chin to his chest and tried to look anywhere but Anash. “No need to be shy Tommy, I won’t hurt you,” Anash soothed. When Tommy looked no more willing to look at him, he turned to Bryce and shook his hand. “Thank you for bringing Tommy over here. It was a great help. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing the Pokes play tomorrow. Dan and I will be at both games.” “Very nice to see you as well,” Bryce said before turning to Tommy. “You be good and make sure you go to bed early. You need as much rest as possible, because tomorrow will be very busy.” Tommy nodded and Bryce turned and got back in his truck. He waved at the man and boy as he drove away. Anash once again looked at Tommy, “Like I said, no need to be afraid. I’m actually the nice one in the office. Your uncle is the grumpy one.” This statement was at such odds with the man he knew that Tommy overcame his fear and smiled at the man. Anash smiled back, his straight white teeth in sharp contrast to his clear dark brown skin. “Let’s go inside. I’ve only been outside five minutes, and I’m already sweating like I’m actually working.” Uncle Dan’s company occupied the top floor of the office building. A few people remained at their desks working on project though most had already gone home for the day. Those not in headphones waved at the pair as they walked to the back of the main room where the management offices were located. “Dan is in the conference room meeting with one of our larger accounts. He was supposed to be home with you, but an emergency came up and here he is. But we’ll be ok won’t we?” he said, again smiling at Tommy. The funny feelings still fluttered around in his stomach, but Tommy was able to answer with a shy grin of his own. “Would you like something to drink or a snack? You’re probably hungry after practice.” He didn’t wait for a reply but walked out of his office. He came back a few minutes later carrying a couple of bottles of water and soda along with an assortment of individually packaged snacks. He set his bounty out on the glass coffee table in front of the sleek leather couch in his office. After closing the door, he sat down next to Tommy. “So Dan tells me you’re the youngest Cowpokes bat boy ever. That’s pretty cool! You must be very good at your job.” Usually he would be beaming with pride about his job, but Anash knowing and praising him caused the butterflies to start buzzing again. He mumbled a thanks. “Help yourself,” Anash said, gesturing at the snacks. “Want to watch something? I have a couple of recent episodes of ‘A Dog, A Cat, and a Robot’ on my laptop.” Tommy smiled wide, “That’s my favorite show!” “Mine too,” Anash said as he stood to get the computer. “Who’s your favorite character?” “Robot! He so sassy,” Tommy said. Anash laughed, “He certainly is. Mr. Man is my favorite. I love his catchphrase: This is no way to run a circus.” Anash quoted the line in a spot-on Mr. Man impression, causing Tommy to giggle. Suddenly the reserve Tommy felt was swept aside by their shared interest. He crowded in close to Anash to watch the laptop screen. A few minutes into the show, Tommy leaned his head against Anash’s shoulder and placed a hand on his thigh. He breathed in the man’s cologne and his own smell present just below the surface. At first he ran his hand up and down along the smooth fabric of his pants, but then he squeezed a little in spots, feeling the man’s lean thigh muscles. The first episode finished and Tommy looked up and smiled at the man. As the next episode started, Tommy glanced down and noticed the bulge growing in Anash’s pants. His cock needed exercising. Tommy had been told many times yesterday that he was very good at it, and he liked Anash very, very much so he wanted to help the handsome man out. He placed a small hand on the bulge and squeezed lightly; the cock jumped and throbbed. “Tommy,” Anash said, surprise in his voice. “What are you doing? You shouldn’t touch there.” “But I can tell your penis needs exercising and I want to help you cause I’m very good at it.” “What? What do you mean exercising?” he said, though he still hadn’t removed Tommy’s hand from his crotch. “When a man’s penis gets hard like yours is, it needs to be exercised until it shoot cum.” “Who told you that? Little boys shouldn’t do that.” Tommy paused, realizing he made a mistake. He wasn’t supposed to talk about this with anyone outside of the team. This was secret locker room stuff. Bryce would be very upset if he knew what he said. He blushed red and removed his hand, “I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to talk about this.” “What do you mean?” Anash asked, unable to let this go. “Is someone making you do things and telling you to keep it a secret?” “I can’t tell you.” “You can Tommy, you can trust me. I just want to make sure you’re ok.” Tommy sealed his lips and wouldn’t say anymore. “Well I have to tell your uncle about this…” “He already knows,” Tommy blurted out, and then horror washed over him at what he just said. Anash stared at the boy. “Does your uncle make you do things, make you exercise his penis?” His deep brown eyes bore into the child, filled with pity and something else Tommy couldn’t identify. He was afraid Uncle Dan would get into trouble. “Uncle Dan doesn’t make me do anything. I want to do all the stuff I’ve done. I like it. I like helping out the team.” “What do you mean the team? Are there players on the Pokes who are doing these things with you?” Tommy wish he could go back and never start this conversation, but Anash seemed so determined to know everything that he was worried he’d say something and Tommy would lose his job as bat boy. “Everyone on the team! I exercise them all with my mouth and some with my butt. I like it a lot. They said I’m the best bat boy they’ve ever had! You can’t say anything! They’ll get rid of me!” Tommy was so worked up tears of frustration welled in his eyes. “It’s ok Tommy, I’m not gonna tell any. You won’t get into trouble. You didn’t do anything wrong,” he said as he put an arm around the boy and pulled him close. “So does this mean you want to do those kinds of things to me?” Tommy buried his face in the man’s side but nodded yes. Anash sat there, his arm still around the boy. He didn’t consider himself a pedo, but there was no doubt he was turned on right now, which was a somewhat new feeling. Sure he had sexual urges, but he’d been so focused on his school and then his career that he set those concerns aside. His parents were still waiting in the wings eager to get him married, konyaaltı rus escort but he had demurred many times, always too busy, too driven to succeed. He was a twenty-six year old virgin and he couldn’t deny he wanted to see what this little boy wanted to do. He reached down, unbuckled his belt, opened his pants and in a slightly awkward motion, shoved them down past his knees to the floor. His dark brown uncut cock jutted up from a nest of black curls, the pink head just peeking through his foreskin. Tommy stared at the cock, licking his lips. He looked up at Anash and the man nodded. Tommy reached out and grabbed Anash’s dick. He sucked in a long breath before moaning deeply. He closed his lips over a couple of inches of cock, marveling at how every man tasted slightly different. Anash’s dick wasn’t huge like João’s, probably 6.5 inches, so it only took a few bobs before he swallowed the entire thing. He massaged his balls with his left hand and rubbed his hands over the man’s hairy stomach and chest with the other. Anash was quickly overwhelmed as sensation flooded his body. This nine year old boy made him feel things he’d never felt before. He threw an arm across his mouth and bit down to muffle his cries as he exploded and pumped one thick blast after another down Tommy’s throat. When he expelled the last drop, he collapsed back on the couch in a daze. Tommy suckled the softening dick, swiping his tongue under his foreskin the clean up every bit of cum. When he finished, he released Anash’s dick and laid his head on his thigh. “Tommy’s a really talented cocksucker isn’t he,” said a voice in the doorway. “Just wait to you try his ass.” Anash tensed instantly and scurried to pull his pants back up. He stopped when he heard uproarious laughter. Dan was doubled over as guffaws shook his body. Anash relaxed and sat back down. “It’s not funny asshole; you scared the shit out of me!” Dan eventually reined in his laughter. “Yes, it was funny. Your face was priceless.” “Well, yeah, anyway,” Anash stammered. “I’m sorry about this.” He succeeded in pulling his pants up and covering up. “Tommy can do whatever he wants. You don’t have to apologize to me. So how about it? You want to come home with us tonight and try out his asshole?” “Um, I don’t know. I’m not…” Dan cut him off. “Fuck dude, there’s not a group you have to join or something. Just come with us. We’ll hang out, have some food, and if something happens, it happens. Not a big deal.” “Ok, sure, let’s hang out,” Anash said, before saying, “This is no way to run a circus.” Tommy covered his mouth and giggled. Tommy asked his uncle if he could ride with Anash in his sports car. He felt so cool riding in the front seat of the convertible even if he was in a booster seat. They drove around for a little while before returning to Dan’s house. Dan was already there. He picked up tacos for dinner. “Let’s eat outside by the pool,” Dan said as he started to remove his clothes in the living room. “I don’t have a swimming suit,” Anash said. “Don’t need one,” Tommy, also shedding his clothes. “We swim naked!” Anash shrugged and followed suit. The three naked guys sat around the table and ate delicious tacos from Dan’s favorite food truck. After they finished, Tommy wanted to swim with Anash in the pool, but Dan told him they needed to wait thirty minutes to let the food settle. Tommy pouted a little but did as he was told. They drank and talked until exactly thirty minutes passed, and Tommy dragged the young man to the pool. The water felt very refreshing. Even though it was 8pm, the temperature was still in the nineties. Tommy horsed around in the water with the two men. He loved playing with his uncle, and Anash was fast becoming one of his favorite people. After about forty minutes, Dan declared it was time to get out. They rinsed the chlorine off their bodies under the outdoor shower on the side of the house. Then wrapped in towels, they went inside. “How are you feeling Anash? Interested in joining the boy and me in the bedroom,” Dan asked his Vice President. Anash smiled and said, “Yes, I think I would like that.” Once in the room, Dan had Anash lay on the bed propped up against the backboard. “Tommy, why don’t you get on the bed and kiss Anash to show him how excited we are to have him here?” Tommy climbed on the bed and straddled Anash’s hips. He ran his small hands through the man dark chest hair and leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. “A real kiss, Tommy, not a dry little kiss you’d give your grandmother. Open your mouth and use your tongue.” Tommy pressed his open mouth on Anash’s and slipped his tongue between the man’s lips. Anash rose up to meet it. As their tongues wrestled, Anash’s hands gripped Tommy small bubble butt and pulled him closer. Man and boy were so engrossed in their kissing that neither noticed Dan setting up a video camera to record the action. Dan got on the bed and came in behind Tommy, sandwich the boy’s thin body between them. He kissed and nibbled the back of the boy’s neck, eliciting shivers of pleasures. Anash felt Tommy’s rock-hard three inch pecker and he was overcome by an overwhelming desire to suck it. He pulled the boy up to standing position on the bed which put his penis right at mouth-level. He wrapped his lips around the little piece of asparagus, exploring it with his tongue. Soon he swiped the boy’s balls into his mouth with his tongue and sucked on the boy’s entire package. The change of position brought Tommy’s ass in Dan’s face. He spread his hairless buttocks and swiped over it several times before working his tongue into his hole. As they serviced the boy, the men’s crotches moved together and Dan could feel his VPs hard cock pressing against his which was a delightful pleasure of all its own. The hot mouths on his front and back quickly overwhelmed Tommy and in no time a dry cum rolled through him. He felt like his bones were rubber, but Uncle Dan held him up under his arm pits. Both men continued giving him pleasure with their mouths and he came several more times before they finally let him lay down. “Suck Anash’s dick, boy. Get him nice and wet so he can fuck you,” Dan commanded. Tommy gathered his energy and moved to lay between the man’s legs. He gripped his penis and looked at it closely. He loved the smooth dark skin, and marveled at the unique shade so distinct from the Black and Latino players on the team. He especially liked the pink head under the foreskin. He slowly pealed it back to expose the full head. He delicately ran his tongue over the glans before engulfing in his mouth. “I think the boy is fascinated by your dick bro,” Dan laughed. While Tommy sucked, Dan worked several fingers in the boy’s hole, stretching the muscle. As soon as he was sufficiently loosened, he said, “Ok, Anash. He’s ready to fuck. Come show my nephew a good time.” Anash suddenly looked sheepish; “I’ve never done that before…with anyone.” Dan smiled kindly, “Then you’re in luck. My nephew’s hole is a fucking amazing place to start! Come around here and I’ll help you if you need it, but I think once your dick is in his hole, instinct will take over.” Anash and Dan switched places and Tommy immediately went to work sucking his uncle’s penis. Anash knelt behind the nine year old’s beautiful hairless ass, the hole wet with Dan’s spit. He placed a tentative finger against the sphincter and watched as it was easily swallowed. He was amazed by the intense heat surrounding his finger as his pushed it in and out. “There’s some lube on the side table,” Dan said. “Slick your dick up good and fuck my boy. Here’s hungry for your hard cock up his boy pussy.” He felt simultaneous weird and turned on to have his boss here during this most intimate of moments. Dan complete ease and lack of inhibition inspired him; he’d never be a free-spirit, but here and now he felt he could let himself go. He lubed his cock and rubbed it along Tommy’s asscrack. The sight of his dark cock against the creamy whiteness of Tommy’s buttocks was something Anash decided he liked very much. He gripped the shaft of his cock and pushed against the boy’s hole. It opened at his touch and he slid an inch and then more and then his whole cock inside the nine year old’s hot, gripping rectum. The pleasure was so intense he nearly lost it then and there, but he bit hard on the web of flesh between his thumb and index finger; the little jolt of pain brought him back from the edge. Slowly his withdrew, then slowly re-entered. Once he became confident in the motions, he progressively sped up until, with a firm hand on Tommy’s hips, he pummeled the boy’s hole repeatedly. Dan was right: his body knew what to do and he loved it. The sensation was so different than jerking off. The anus squeezed his rod along the shaft as he moved in and out, and the rectum didn’t grip as much as surround his cock in heat. He was amazed by how completely the boy’s body took his cock with every stroke. He couldn’t last forever though he wanted to. He felt his nuts draw up in their sac as cum boiled up to the tip of his penis. With a growl, he planted his seed as far as he could get it in Tommy’s asshole. With each squirt, he soared higher and higher, euphoria overtaking him. After eight shots and his nuts had nothing left to give, his cock still twitched inside Tommy. Anash sat in a daze until a hand on the back of his head drew him to the side on directly against Dan’s mouth. Dan plundered his mouth for a solid minute before releasing him. “Good job, Anash. Go sit where I was and let the boy clean your cock while I fuck another load into him.” Anash’s legs felt like gelatin but he did as he was told. As soon as he was in position, Tommy swallowed his softening cock. With loving care he licked his shaft and dug his tongue under the foreskin until his cock was thoroughly cleaned. He released his cock and licked and sucked each ball in turn. Then the little tongue lapped at the creases where his thighs met his hips. When that was soaked, Tommy went lower, nibbling his hairy taint. But the boy wanted more. He urged Anash to slouch lower so that he had more access. After the man moved, Tommy attacked his asshole with a hunger. Never before had Anash felt something as good as the little boy’s tongue eating his asshole. Though he had already cum twice today, his cock grew hard again. While Tommy worshipped the dark skinned man’s body, his uncle drove his cock deep in the boy and pounded away. Now that Tommy was well experienced, he could fuck him without holding back. He was especially turned on tonight. Having a three-way with his nephew and Anash, a man he had lusted after since he came in for a job interview, fulfilled several fantasies at once. He focused on the blissed-out expression on the man’s face as Tommy ate his ass. “Jerk your cock, baby,” Dan said, looking directly in Anash’s half lidded eyes, “and feed my nephew your load.” Anash moved his hand over his beautiful cock, never breaking eye contact with Dan. Several minutes later, Anash moaned, “Oh fuck I’m getting close.” “Pull his head up and cum down his throat,” he commanded. Anash reached down, grabbed a handful of Tommy’s blond hair and pulled him off of his asshole. He shoved the boy’s mouth down on his cock. He fucked the boy’s mouth, controlling his movements with a firm grip. Tommy adjusted quickly and sucked and licked the cock filling his mouth. Dan found Anash’s urgent use of his nephew’s mouth extremely hot. He sped up his own movements, eager to orgasm at the same time. Suddenly, Anash shoved Tommy’s face into his thick black pubes and held it there as he expelled a hot load of semen down Tommy’s throat. The intensity of pleasure on his face sent Dan over the edge, and he too was pumping sperm into the boy. Dan pulled his cock out and sat next to Anash. He turned his face toward his and kissed him. The men kissed easily, both sated, as Tommy cleaned Anash’s cock and then Dan’s. When he finished he crawled between the two men. “You should stay with us tonight,” Dan said. “Ok,” Anash said simply. Dan stood and turned out the lights as the other two got under the covers. Dan joined them. The moved their bodies close together with a happy little nine year old boy sandwiched in the middle.

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