Battery Mates


Kevin’s left hand flew up, pointing straight up in excitement as Mitch camped out right underneath the ball. He cheered loudly as his catcher, Chris, wrapped his arms around his waist and lifted him up in excitement. Kevin, a phenomenal rookie pitcher for Miami had just completed his first complete game shutout. The team surrounded him, celebrating, and then they shook hands on the field. After doing interviews for most of the parties asking for them, Kevin slipped into the locker room to shower and to return back to Chris’s house, where he had been sleeping until an apartment opened up for him.

He was flagged down by another reporter as he walked towards his car, so he stopped to answer a few questions for them. He tried to smile his way through his annoyance, having already answered the same questions multiple times already. Kevin just kept thinking about how much he wanted to get home.

Finally, after driving the twenty minutes from the ballpark to the house, he let himself in to the dark house. He shrugged off the light jacket he wore and tossed it on one of the kitchen chairs and yawned. He was a little sore from throwing as many pitches as he did, 125, but he was very satisfied with the results.

Kevin jumped a little as he felt strong hands grab his shoulders and start to massage them lightly. Once he recognized the hands as Chris’s, he relaxed and let his catcher take care of him. Before he knew it, trails of kisses were being traced down his neck and collarbone, only being briefly interrupted as Chris slid Kevin’s shirt off of his chest. Kevin smiled and leaned into the caress.

Chris’s lips moved to Kevin’s ear, “Very nicely done tonight, by the way.” he laughed a bit before nibbling on his ear lobe. “Are you ready to switch positions?” he whispered seductively into Kevin’s ear. Kevin’s only response was a soft moan bahis şirketleri as Chris pulled him back towards him so Kevin could clearly feel his growing erection pressed against him. “Come on, Kev, it’s not fun if you don’t say something.” Chris teased as he kissed Kevin’s stubbly cheek.

Kevin grinned and twisted his head so he could reach Chris’s lips to kiss him. “Yeah, I think we should switch positions.” they both laughed before they kissed again, softly.

Chris led Kevin into his bedroom, which already had all the pictures involving his wife, or rather soon to be ex-wife, who lived in their off season home to work as a teacher flipped down to make Kevin less uncomfortable with the situation. Chris began to kiss Kevin as they entered the room, and pushed him gently onto the bed. Chris grinned as the younger pitcher moaned against his mouth.

He kissed down Kevin’s chest, especially slowing down to pay attention to Kevin’s sensitive nipples. As he sucked gently, he looked at Kevin’s face. The way that he bit his lip and squirmed under Chris’s touch only egged him on further. His hand slipped down to the bulge in Kevin’s jeans and gently started to massage it gently as his mouth still moved slowly downward. As his tongue slid along Kevin’s abdominal muscles, he undid Kevin’s pants and helped him to slide them and his boxers down to his ankles so he could more easily kick them off.

Chris took the head of Kevin’s penis into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, making Kevin elicit moans of pleasure to the sensation. “Oh shit, Chris…” he breathed as he moved his hips up to try to encourage Chris to take him in further.

Chris removed his lips from Kevin’s head to lick along his shaft and take his scrotum into his mouth. He gently sucked on one of Kevin’s tesitcles at a time, making sure that he enjoyed the sensation, bahis firmaları but that he was teasing him, just a bit. He used his right hand to massage Kevin’s testicles as he again wrapped his lips around the shaft of his long, slender penis. He took as much as he could into his mouth, having not managed to master the art of deepthroating yet, and bobbed his head slowly up and down, savoring Kevin’s salty taste and his every moan. Chris fed off of Kevin’s pleasure, doing his best to repeat every little thing he did that caused him to moan louder, squirm against the bed, or grip his hair tighter in pleasure.

Kevin moaned loudly again, panting. “Fuck… Chris, I’m gonna… Fuck, I’m gonna cum…” he exclaimed as his hips bucked, releasing streams of hot, sweet cum into Chris’s welcoming mouth. Chris did his best to swallow it all, although a few drops dripped from his lips. After swallowing what was in his mouth, he greedily licked up the drops that spilled.

Kevin panted as Chris kissed up his chest, more quickly than his earlier decent. His lips pressed against Kevin’s greedily, his own lust having grown from his pleasure derived from Kevin’s orgasm. He pulled away gently from the kiss, smiling down at Kevin.

“Is it my turn?” he laughed as Kevin nodded and stretched his neck to plant a kiss on Chris’s jaw.

Chris reached across the bed to find a condom and the bottle of lube he kept in there for moments like this. Kevin pulled down Chris’s pants, and tugged a bit on his large erection which was already leaking precum. While Chris slid on the condom, Kevin got onto his knees and elbows, opening himself up to Chris, who by then was warming some of the lube up in his hands.

Chris slid two fingers into Kevin who was more than ready to accept him. Kevin pushed against the fingers that were preparing him, craving what would come. kaçak bahis siteleri “Patience, Kevin.” Chris said quietly before planting a kiss on Kevin’s spine. He slid his hand up and down his own shaft a few times with his lubricated hand to make it as painless as possible for Kevin.

He slow slid into Kevin, being met by little to no resistance. During the past few weeks, Kevin had grown accustom to accepting Chris’s long, thick penis, and found himself craving it at times that he could not have it. Once Chris had pushed all the way in, he kissed the back of Kevin’s neck and sucked on the skin where his neck met shoulder, leaving a hickey almost instantly. Kevin began to squirm underneath the large, muscular catcher.

“Are you ready, babe?” Chris asked, knowing full well what the answer was going to be.

Kevin nodded vigorously, “Please…”

That was all the motivation Chris needed. He began slowly pushing in and out of Kevin, increasing speed and intensity at the commands of the young catcher. The slapping of skin on skin and their mixing moans filled the room as they each neared climax. Chris sped up as fast as he could without fearing he’d hurt Kevin, one of the most valuable players on their team.

Chris let out an incredible moan of satisfaction as he released his load with a final forceful thrust which led Kevin to reach his second climax of the night, cumming all over the sheets underneath them.

They collapsed in a heap, Chris sprawled on top of Kevin as they both caught their breath. Chris eventually rolled off of the pitcher’s back to face him. He kissed him slowly and meaningfully. “I love you, Kevin.”

Kevin grinned and planted a quick kiss on Chris’s lips. “I love you too, Chris.” he said before curling up against his side, exhausted but more than satisfied from both pitching that night’s game and from the love made by he and Chris. He smiled somewhere between the time he slipped from conscious thought and actual sleep as his mind thought of the events that transpired that night, and then fell into a deep, much needed sleep.

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