Bayley-Patra: Goddess Beside Me – WWE Diva Fanfic


Bayley-Patra: Goddess Beside Me – WWE Diva Fanficby Nikolai Blagov DCBO$$ from wrestlingffp.forumcommunity. netAnother first person POV story, especially for the Bayley fans here, who would enjoy this fanfic.You watch a horror movie all alone, as suddenly Bayley comes to you.Bayley: Hey… Whatcha watching?You: Oh, just watching some Friday The 13th.Bayley: Friday the 13th……Odd title……wait…..this isn’t a horror movie is it? I told you before how I feel about horror movies…You: Well, it’s not really….Bayley: It’s not? You promise? Scooch over, don’t hog the couch. I ever mention how much I like being around you? All the time?You: Yeah, kinda. -you giggle.Bayley: Maybe you should stop being so dang cool.After a while you both watch the movie as it gets to Donnie investigating in his attic.Bayley: Hey…The movie is starting to get creepy…You said…Donnie: WHAT THE FU-?! -Jason tries to attack Donnie.Bayley: Holy crap… What the fuck! What the actual… fuck…? You said this wasn’t a horror movie! -She gets a little frightened as Donnie rips Jason’s mask.Donnie: What the fu- That shit ain’t fucking right dude! What the fuck…. -Jason slashes Donnie’s throat.Bayley: Yes! Slashers count! -She accidentally turned around to you. -Why are you looking at me like that?…..Hey, I know I’m pissed but I’m not that angry at you…You: Ummm…Bayley: Why are you getting off the couch? Hey come back to the couch! You look like you’ve seen a monster. Why are you looking at me like that?You: Ummm…check your eyes….She looks herself in the mirror.Bayley: My eyes are on fire? Oh…Fuck…I can explain.You: Are you serious?Bayley: Yes! I can explain.You: Ok?…Bayley: I’m…I’m… A…You: A demon?Bayley: No, I’m not a demon-You: You’re gonna eat me?Bayley: No, I’m not going to eat you…stop interrupting…You: Alright, what is it?Bayley: I was going to tell you… I swear… I just…I just needed to tell you at the right time…Not like this…You’re supposed to fall in love with me. Then later down the line…After we go from hanging out on the couch to making out all the time…We talk about what I am…You: Come on now…Bayley: kaçak iddaa Baby, stop interrupting… I’m getting to it… I’m…….I’m a goddess…You: A what?Bayley: Mother of Daybreak, Goddess of Light, Nature, and Renewal to be exact.You: Uhhhh….Bayley: Surprise…The fire eye thing is a defense mechanism…Fight or flight and all that…It’s why I don’t like horror movies. They always startle me…It always makes my powers flare up in unexpected ways.You: Haha……don’t tell me you’re gonna sacrifice me…..Bayley: No… I’m “NOT” going to sacrifice you.Goodness, mortals always have the weirdest ideas around deities. Baby, I wouldn’t hurt you. I “LOVE” you, I wouldn’t dare ever harm you in the slightest.You: What? You love me?Bayley: Yes! I love you. I’m a goddess, I know you better than any simple human girl ever could…..You are my irreplaceable sweet boy…You: Oh damn…. -you giggled.Bayley: You’re so cute when you blush. It always makes my heart flutter.You: Really?Bayley: Yes, it does. It always has. And it always will. You’re so damn adorable when you’re flustered.You: Oh wow…. -you giggled again.Bayley: My sweet boy, I’ve been watching over you for a long time…You: How long?Bayley: How long? Your entire life… You ever wonder why things always seem to go your way? I’m always working behind the scenes to make sure your life is as blessed as it can be.You: Oh please, you’re making me feel like I’m a pet.Bayley: No, baby. You’re not a pet. I said it earlier. I love you. You are my irreplaceable sweet boy… my champion. All gods and goddesses have champions. To worship them, do their will, be theirs entirely. You’ve been mine since creation…You’ve had many names, many faces, many lives. But your beautiful soul. The “you” I’m madly in love with. Is always the same. Kind, loving, compassionate… Fierce…Strong…Sarcastic… Goofy…My total dork of a champion.You: Fucking hell…. -you giggle for a third time.Bayley: Sweet boy… Mommy missed you terribly.You: Wait….mommy?Bayley: Yes, mommy…I am the mother of life itself. If anyone can call themselves mommy it’s me.You: Okay. That’s weird.Bayley: I know, I look young kaçak bahis but I’m basically the original milf. So let Mommy remind you why we are lovers for all of eternity.She burns her clothes, only to reveal her blue goddess outfit and a nice gold tiara.You: Oh shit…. -you try to turn away.Bayley: Don’t turn away. Look at me baby. You are the only person I would ever allow to look upon my body. The body of a goddess is a temple…Honestly, I don’t care for sacrifice…There are better ways for you to worship me…Come to your Goddess, sweet boy. Mommy needs you. -she bellydances for you as you crawl to her.You: Oh baby….. -you get hypnotised by her bellydancing.As the hips and belly get you hard, she burns her wrestling top, revealing her big breasts, making you hug her, suck her nipples and then all over her bodyBayley: Mmmm yes, suck on my nipples baby. Mmmm….Your soul remembers just how…To make me squirm…Worship me sweet boy. Please your goddess. Kiss me all over. Suck on what feels right. Your soul remembers. Fuck, I missed your tongue. I missed your greedy hands. You know just how to make Mommy so fucking wet.You: Oh yeah….mommy….Bayley: Mmmm, now get on your knees for Mommy. Worship Mommy’s clit with your glorious tongue. -she burns some of her pants, revealing her sweet pussy to you as you start licking it. -Mmmm fuck….baby… sweet boy… Your tongue. I Can’t… Please…Mmmm… Don’t stop….After a while you make your revealed milf goddess orgasm by your tongue in her pussy.Bayley: Does my sweet boy want more?You: Well I’m sure you wanna do something right now.Bayley: I have something else I can give you baby. A different kind of special gift.You: What is it?Bayley: Open your mouth for mommy and let your goddess coat you in her blessed rain. -she spreads her pussy for you.You: Wowowowowowowo! Are you gonna pee on me? I don’t think I’ll take it!Bayley: Every part of a goddess is blessed. Even her pee.You: Fine….. -you now stick your tongue slowly for her pee.Bayley: See your tongue remembers already. Desperately begging for my sacred water.You: Fuck, just do it. -you demand as she pees on your face and mouth.Bayley: illegal bahis Drink it down baby. Mommy loves how greedy her sweet boy is. Mmmm, you’ve gotten so hard already baby. Does my sweet boy love drowning in Mommy’s scent. Tell me sweet boy and Mommy will give you another special gift.You: Fuckkk…I do love it…Bayley: Mmmm that’s my good boy. My sweet baby boy. Let me just lower myself onto your cock. -she lowers herself to your cock as she starts to suck it off, making it nice, wet and sloppy. -Oh gods I missed this. I missed every delicious inch.After a while she puts your cock in her tight pussy.Bayley: Fuck… Baby… -she bounces up and down as you’re laid down seeing her taking your cock.You: Oh my god……Fuck yeah mommy..,,Bayley: My good boy… Fuck Mommy. Fuck me…You: Ohhhh yeahhhhhh…..Bayley: Your cock is always so damn good. I can’t ever get enough of you. I can’t stop wanting. I just need you. My sweet boy. Mommy loves how you fill my pussy. How your cock stretches me just right. Your cock was made to fill me perfectly.You: Oh is it? -you start thrusting your cock inside her pussy.Bayley: Fuck, Baby. Yes, don’t stop. Fuck me back as hard as you want. Don’t be afraid you can’t break me.You: Is that what you want, huh? Is that what you fucking want?!Bayley: Yes, Baby. As hard as you can. Pound my tight little pussy.You bent her over, lay her on her belly and fuck her in prone bone position.After a while, you and Bayley are close to cum togetherBayley: That’s it baby. I’m so close. Just cum inside me. Give your goddess an offering in her temple. Pour yourself inside me. I want your cum baby. Give me every last drop. It’s mine. Give it to me.You: Oh yeah! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking cum baby! I’m cumming mommy!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Fuuuuuuucccckkkkk yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmggggghhhhhhh!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… -you shoot every single drop of cum in her godly pussy.Bayley: Mmmm, that’s my good boy. Hmm? What is it baby?You: I mean, I love it, but I don’t know if it’s gonna be just this time or….Bayley: Oh no… your soul still needs reminding? -she giggles. -As your Goddess I have a duty to my Champion. I guess I’ll we’ll have to try again…And again…And again…Mmmm…Until you remember, sweet boy.You: I guess so….. -you both kiss as you’re laid there as the movie still goes.The End

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