Beach Party


“How did I get to be the virgin sacrifice?” Margaret wondered, “and what do I do now?”

Margaret thought over the events that had led to her being in this embarrassing, tantalising and, she had to admit, sexually stimulating position.

It had started with the beach party. There were about a dozen of them there. They all knew each other and were fortunate enough to have landed up on a private beach for their party. They were all in their late teens or early twenties, and Margaret, at nineteen, was by no means the youngest.

It was a warm day, a nice blue sky and plenty of sunshine, but with a cooling breeze off the water stopping the heat from becoming onerous. They’d played and enjoyed water sports before moving on to a barbecue.

Everyone was in high spirits and the gaiety seemed contagious, everyone happy and flirtatious. The party had started with an imbalance in sexes, but a couple of the men had to leave early for work, and a couple of extra girls turned up after work.

There was now a dozen of them, evenly split between men and women, but no-one was actually paring up at this stage. They were just a homogeneous group, enjoying common pleasures.

It would be a bit hard to pinpoint just why they all seemed to be so high on excitement. They weren’t doing drugs and, while there was beer available, nobody seemed to be getting plastered.

The atmosphere seemed to kick up a notch when the dancing was going on. It was Betsy that started it. Big boobed Betsy, as some of the men called her. She was bouncing about in what she called a dance, when one of those big boobs had bounce right out of her bikini. There was some general laughter as she hurriedly stuffed it back into place, but shortly after the errant boob made another try at escaping.

This time Betsy just muttered something along the lines of “the hell with it” and dropped her bikini top to the side. She didn’t mind putting on a bit of a display.

Naturally, there was a bit of teasing, first of Betsy for going topless, and then of the rest of the girls for not doing the same. After a little of this Kathy had said “Fine. Enjoy the show” and doffed her top. With this example it wasn’t long before all the girls were parading topless, enjoying having the men admiring their attributes.

So the general air of fun was also heightened by a tinge of sexual flirtation, and so the dancing and flirting continued.

Margaret wasn’t sure why Kathy decided to drop her bikini bottom. She’d observed one of the men talking to her and laughing, and then Kathy was laughing and her bikini was dropping away and she was dancing nude.

Betsy had been the first to pick up on the challenge, of course. She never could bear to be outdone, so it was only moments before she was nude. Once the nudity was started it was easier to go along with it, than resist. “Lemmings,” thought Margaret, as she shed her own bathers. “That’s what we are. We’re all lemmings, rushing to our doom.”

So now all the girls were nude, dancing, sitting or just standing around flirting. The men still had their bathers on, although if anyone cared to look there were some notable bulges in some of them.

Someone teasingly asked why the men didn’t toss their bathers and was told because of the semaphores.

Sandy was the one who had to explain. “Consider it,” she said. “If a woman is excited and feeling horny,” at which point she looked straight at Kathy’s boobs, “then her nipples will stand out. However this can be explained away by cold water or a cool breeze. On the other hand, if a man is feeling excited, he immediately runs out a large semaphore flag and starts waving it in everyone’s face. It can be rather embarrassing for the dear chaps.”

There was some general hilarity at this comment, and a couple of rude comments about how big the flagpoles were. This was the point, in Margaret’s opinion that things started to go downhill rapidly.

There were some more comments on how to determine the true size of a man’s erection. Did you go by length or width or did you take both into account. The general consensus amongst the girls was that length and width were more important than length alone, whereas the men tended to favour the length. Probably because that was easiest thing for them to measure.

Naturally the question then arose, which of the men had the biggest, as determined by length and width. There was the standard boasting and such, but it stopped cold when Sandy calmly observed that she had a tape measure in her purse.

The girls started teasing the men, offering to do the measuring and work out the proper size. They said length by the diameter would give them volume. Kathy said her phone had a scientific calculator and could give accurate answers. The men seemed just a little reluctant to put their appendages into the girl’s tender care for formal measuring.

That was when Kathy, damn her frivolous soul, offered a deal. “We’ll give the winner a prize,” she announced.

Interest was sparked, but just what sort ankara üniversiteli escort of prize was she offering?

“Whoever has the biggest erection gets to deflower a virgin,” announced Kathy with a laugh. “I know where I can get my hands on one.”

The men seemed to think this was reasonable, the women generally agreed providing the virgin was willing, and Margaret was horrified and not at all willing.

Kathy turned and looked pointedly at Margaret, and it wasn’t long before all other eyes were on her. Brian was the first to speak.

“Still a virgin, Maggie?” he asked, a teasing smile on his face. “Now that is interesting. What is your answer?”

“No. No, no, no and a thousand times no. I’m not offering myself up for a prize for anyone.”

“You’re not thinking this through, Maggie,” said Kathy. “If you happen to look down, you’ll notice that you’re already naked and you’re nipples are already standing proud, begging to be touched. It’s fairly obvious that you’re probably going to get laid tonight anyway, so why not with a real winner?”

“I’ll tell you what, Maggie,” said Andy, adding his little bit. “We’ll add a penalty. If whoever wins doesn’t give you an orgasm, none of the girls will get laid tonight.”

There were a few protests about this, from both sexes, but Andy was insistent that the penalty should stand. “It will stop the prize from just being a wham, bam, thank you, ma’am. The winner is going to have to put some effort in.”

To Margaret’s consternation everyone seemed willing to go along with this, but she held fast to her refusal. There was just no way she would let them use her like this. That was why she was appalled to hear herself asking feebly what would happen if there was a draw? Would she be expected to take both men?

“Don’t worry,” she was told, “If there’s a draw you can take your pick and the person you don’t pick gets his choice from the rest of us.”

There seemed to be general agreement at this, and Margaret found that her acceptance of the deal had been assumed, though for the life of her she couldn’t remember agreeing.

For a short while general hilarity reigned as appropriate measurements were taken, and retaken in several cases for no obvious reason. Watching and chewing on her lip, wondering if she should turn and bolt, Margaret drew the conclusion that some of the girls just wanted to be able to touch as many erections as they could.

Then a winner was announced, and the time for the virgin sacrifice had arrived. Brian approached her, smiling.

“It’s a good thing he’s not gloating,” she thought, “or the only touch he’d get would be my foot planted where it will quite ruin his erection.” His rather large erection, she noticed, nervously.

She looked at him helplessly for a moment, before finding her voice. “When are you going to collect your prize?” she whispered.

Brian smiled. “Why here and now, of course,” he said. “Don’t you remember the penalty clause?”

Margaret swallowed. She had a lump in her throat and a sudden burning awareness of her breasts, which felt as though they were swelling, and of her pussy, which was now feeling hot and damp and waiting.

Looking nervously at the interested spectators and the large amount of beach available, Margaret broached her next question.

“Where do you intend to take me? There’s not much privacy here.”

“Nowhere,” came the reply, and this time Margaret considered his smile to be a thing of pure evil. “Everyone will want to witness and make sure I give you your climax, so that they can start pairing up,” he reminded her.

Brian reached over and drew her closer to him. A little too close in Margaret’s opinion, as she could feel his prize winning entry gently reaching out to tap her.

“It won’t be too bad,” Brian told her, speaking gently. “You must have known this would happen to you sooner or later.”

“What,” Margaret returned, “Losing my virginity in front of a crowd to the winner of the world’s biggest dick contest? I must admit that the idea has been on my mind since puberty.”

Brian laughed. “I’ll take it slow and easy,” he told her. “You can always call a halt if you insist. Do you want to back out before we start?”

Margaret looked at him. “That would be nice,” she said wistfully, “But I don’t think I can. We’ve gone too far. What would you do if I said I can’t do this?”

“I’m not sure. My immediate reaction would be to shut you up with a kiss and to keep kissing you until I was inside you, but I’m afraid my gentlemanly instincts would say to let you go. For now,” he added, giving her a straight look.

Margaret found that that look plucked straight at her pussy, blowing lightly on the fire already started. “He really wants me.” She knew it, and she could feel the knowledge curling in her stomach and tweaking at her breasts.

She stood a little taller. “I suggest you go with your immediate reaction,” she told Brian. “Hold the gentlemanly instincts for yenimahalle escort another time.”

“Do you want me to tell you what I’m going to do?” Brian asked her.

Margaret stared at him. “No,” she decided. “I’m sure I’ll find out as you do it. Just as long as you remember that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Brian laughed at her. “I’m sure you’ll pick it up very fast,” he told her. He reached out and touched her breast, cupping it and tweaking the nipple.

Margaret gasped, and swayed slightly towards him. “Yes,” said Brian. “Just follow your instincts. That’s the romantic instincts, not the scream and run ones.”

Margaret gave him a look, which he blithely ignored.

“Don’t worry,” Brian murmured to her. “I’m not going to do anything fancy. This time.”

Margaret felt a curl in her tummy at the insinuation that this might be a first for her, but Brian had no intention of it being a last. Then he was kissing her.

Brian reached for Margaret and started kissing her, finding her eagerly returning his kiss. At the same time he drew her firmly against him so that she could feel his erection pressed firmly against her stomach, letting her get used to its presence.

Margaret leant into Brian’s kiss, enjoying the feel of his mouth on hers and happy that she has some expertise in this area anyway. She could feel him, pressing against her, but tried to ignore it. She’d worry about that part of it later. Margaret felt his hands drop down to cup her bottom, holding her even more firmly against him. Her bare bottom, a little voice told her. This is a first.

Holding Margaret firmly, Brian was pleased to feel Margaret wiggle her bottom in his grip, apparently enjoying the touch. He ran his hands firmly back and forth across her cheeks, letting his hands follow the natural curves and tease the edge of her labia.

Margaret continued to exchange kisses with Brian, forgetting their audience, just enjoying the feeling of his mouth on hers and his hands gently stroking her. Even the feel of his erection pressing against her was titillating her senses and slowly building her sex drive.

Moving slowly, Brian’s hands tightened around Margaret so he was holding her off the ground. Twisting slowly he gently laid her on the sand, sinking to sit beside her. Now the movement of his hands changed their pattern, sliding across Margaret’s breasts and gliding down until they could lightly tease her pussy.

Margaret slowly became aware of the new touches, her body enjoying the sensations being raised within her, and she was pressing herself against those wandering hands, trying to keep in contact. She found herself missing the steady pressure of Brian’s erection now that it was no longer pressing against her, and she groped around, trying to find the missing item. She gave a little grunt of satisfaction as her searching hand settled on Brian and closed, fingers exploring this organ that had been teasing her senses.

Brian gasped as Margaret took hold of his cock and he shuddered slightly as he felt her hands dancing lightly over it, touching and exploring. He was now fondling her breasts and teasing her nipples with his lips and one hand, while the other hand stayed exclusively below, slowly raising havoc within Margaret’s pussy.

Twisting and squirming, Margaret tried to rub her love mound ever harder against those treacherous fingers that were slowly torturing her, rubbing, squeezing and trespassing between her lips, wriggling deep inside.

Feeling her frustration and lust rising Margaret pushed hard against Brian, at the same time closing her hand tightly upon his erection. She heard Brian’s sharp intake of breath and paused.

“Did I cause that?” she wondered, and thoughtfully gave that lovely erection another squeeze. She giggled at Brian’s reaction and went to squeeze again, only to be foiled by Brian desperately removing himself from her clutches.

“If you want me to last long enough to make you an ex-virgin,” he groaned, “you’d better leave me alone for a while. I think you’ve reached a stage where you’re saying come in, so I think it’s time I did that. I’m just going to move your legs apart a little more, and then I’ll make my entry. All you have to do is lie back with your eyes closed and relax and feel.”

Margaret shook her head. “I want to watch,” she said. “I want to see you enter me.”

Brian smile down at her as he eased her back and moved her thighs further apart. “If you like,” he told her. “I don’t mind.”

Margaret lay there, looking down at Brian’s cock as it moved towards her sensitive lips. She was suddenly nervously aware of just how big it was. “But I still want to see it going into me,” she thought defiantly.

Now Brian was easing her lips apart while pressing between them. Even as she watched she saw his head sink past the edge of her lips and could feel them closing around him.

Kathy was standing with the others watching, as Margaret’s defloration advanced. She had thought ankara zenci escort it would be a fun and relatively harmless thing to do, but now she knew that it was also an incredibly erotic thing. She was breathing hard and she knew that she was well and truly sexually aroused. Someone’s going to be lucky later she thought.

Andy was moving up behind Kathy, also stimulated by the performance taking back. Standing behind Kathy, he pulled her back against him, his erection pressing firmly against her buttocks. Kathy gave a small moan and pressed harder against this unexpected treat. She felt a hand reach round and cup her pussy, holding it firmly and lifting her off the ground.

Kathy gasped as she found herself sliding up along the person behind her, and gasped again when his erection dropped from between her cheeks and started bobbing gently against her slit, as though knocking for an invitation to enter. Then as she saw Brian start to slowly penetrate Margaret, she could feel her own personal assault begin, with a large cock pushing into her.

“The rules say we have to wait until after,” she gasped.

She heard Andy growl. “You can do with the rules what I’m about to do to you,” he told her, and to her joy and shock Andy thrust hard against her, sliding full length into her. She shuddered, and stood there quivering as Andy started to move inside her.

Margaret felt Brian’s shaft starting to pierce her defences. She could see where the head and vanished into her and was aghast at the amount of hot, hard cock that wanted to follow. She tried to cringe back a little from it, but there was nowhere to go, and now Brian was pushing harder. Something had to give she realised, also realising that it would be her hymen that would be doing the giving.

Brian could feel that he was pressing firmly against Margaret’s hymen. He pressed harder feeling it starting to stretch. “Margaret,” he called softly, waiting for her to glance up at him. “Sorry about this bit,” he told her and even as Margaret nodded in acceptance he pressed firmly home, breaking her hymen and easing his way into her vagina.

Margaret gave a small squeal as she felt her hymen tear, but she was ready for it and the pain wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the horror stories made out. She’d closed her eyes for a moment as Brian had broken through, but now reopened them and watched fixedly as he slowly made his way into her.

Brian found he had to slowly force his way down Margaret’s vaginal tube. She was hot and wet and welcoming, but her muscles were tight and unpractised, and reluctant to yield. But yield they did, as he made his slow way in, while Margaret watched his every move.

Slowly that cock was sinking into her. Margaret could feel it pressing ever deeper and she found she was enjoying these new feelings. Yes, it was big, and yes, it was strange, but she was shifting and changing and stretching to accommodate it. She glanced at Brian’s face with its look of deep concentration on what he was doing to her, and her heart leapt, thrilled that she was the one causing him to work like this.

She could see that Brian was nearly in now, just holding off that last little bit to allow her to adjust. Without making a conscious decision, she saw her legs moving up and wrapping around Brian, and then felt them convulse as they forced him that last step home.

Margaret relaxed sinking back into the sand, for the moment just content to lie there and feel Brian filling her. She knew they were nowhere near finished but for the moment everything was just fine.

Brian felt Margaret relaxing under him, softening, accepting his presence and liking it. He let her lie there for a few moments, relishing these new feelings. It wasn’t long before he could feel Margaret starting to stir under him. There was more to come, and her body wanted to know what it was.

As Margaret lay there, quiescent but expectant, she felt Brian start to slowly withdraw. She felt herself tightening, instinctively trying to retain him, but he slowly pulled back until he had nearly left her. Then he reversed direction, sinking slowly back into her, teasing her internally as he came.

Again there was that slow withdrawal, accompanied by her reluctance to let him go, and then the return, with Margaret pushing up against Brian, trying to hasten the movement.

The third time, and this time Margaret let him go, but rushed eagerly to meet him as he returned. Each withdrawal was teasing her nerves, each return was setting them on fire, stoking a blaze that that was starting to fill her.

Now the retreats and returns were coming faster and Margaret was straining to match the pace, finding her hips naturally hitching up and matching the tempo. She was aglow with tactile pleasure, gasping for air as she hastened to meet this demanding invasion. Her body was a plaything, and she intended to make sure that it was played thoroughly.

Brian hammered his way into Margaret, master of her body and demanding that she match him. He was taking his pleasure and forcing pleasure upon her at the same time, both of them riding a wave that could only have one ending.

Margaret found herself screaming and clinging desperately to Brian, legs and arms wrapped around him as he throbbed, deep within her, flooding her with rich, hot love and sending her into a crashing crescendo.

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