Becky Forgot Again!


Becky pulled up to the house, anxious to see Michael’s car in the driveway; she knew she’d pay for forgetting the meeting she set up. As she entered the house she could feel the tension and her heart fluttered. “I cannot believe that after last week you forgot something again!”Becky gulped, a little nervous but more excited for the pleasure to come after.  “I got busy bouncing around from place to place. I am sorry, Michael.”“I looked stupid at our appointment ALONE! You are driving me crazy!” Michael sat down on the couch and looked at her. Becky knew what was coming kaçak iddaa but did not move. “Becky… don’t make me pull you across my lap. I am in no mood for your protests.”Becky rolled her eyes and Michael raised an eyebrow as he gave a frustrated sigh. “Incredible,” he said as he grabbed her wrist and swiftly pulled her across his lap. He placed his hand on her ass and rubbed a bit. “You understand that all of your forgetfulness has created a lot problems for us? You were the one who wanted to go to this appointment and you didn’t even show up! What the hell kaçak bahis was I supposed to do?” As Michael was rubbing, he slid his hand down between her legs. He felt her excitement as soon as he rubbed her. “Ah, a little excited are we?” he said, sliding a finger in.“Yes…” She trailed off as she felt him. “Ohh…”“Care to explain why you’ve been so forgetful? Is this you wanting me to punish you? If you’re really forgetting as much as you are – maybe you should consider a calendar you can follow instead of that pathetic one on your phone.” Smack! Michael slid his illegal bahis finger out and began the punishment, alternating cheeks as he gave her a few swats. “Mmmm! I will – I’ll get a calendar to keep in my purse with me…” Becky quickly replied, a little shocked at the force. Smack, smack! Smack! “Good idea – I just wish you came up with it sooner.” As Michael continued the punishment, Becky started to squirm and twist around. “Stop squirming, you know it’ll get you nowhere except a longer trip across my lap.” Smack! Smack! Smack! After several dozen hits Michael paused and pulled her pants down. He rubbed her and again felt her crotch, she was drenched but she certainly was excited. “Oh god, Michael, come on – it wasn’t that big of a deal!” she managed to moan out.

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