Becoming Master’s Kitten (Chapter 2)


If you have not read Chapter 1, please read it first. This is a continuation. Thanks.Chapter 2 “Get on all fours on the bed. It’s time for your punishment to begin….” Immediately, I scamper to my feet and my hands go straight to my neck where your belt is tightly fastened. “Master did not tell his little slut that she could touch the very thing that will be used to deliver her punishment today!” you say as you walk back into the room. “Damn, caught again!” I think to myself. “How in the hell am I will I ever get through this? Playful slaps on the ass during a fuck session is nothing compared to what I have coming. What in the hell have I gotten myself into?” “Get on the bed. Do it now!” I quickly crawl on the bed on my hands and knees, head hanging down, waiting for the punishment to begin. It feels like forever before I feel the bed begin to cave under your weight as you join me there. almanbahis şikayet I feel your hands rub my ass cheeks, softly moving in circles as you kneel to the left of me. Your left hand moves up to caress the small of my back. Whack! I hadn’t noticed your right hand leave my ass, but the feel of it landing on my ass made me lunge forward. Again and again, your hand is raised, hitting my ass all over. I can feel the heat radiating from my cheeks and know that if I could see them, they would be scarlet red. I can also feel my pussy juices dripping down my thighs. After about ten swings of your hand, you move up to my neck, unbuckling the belt that you had placed around my neck at the beginning of our session. Once the belt is removed, your right hand presses the middle of my back between the shoulder blades forcing my shoulders to rest on the bed. You reach down and pull my hands almanbahis canlı casino to rest on top of my back and bind them there with a slim piece of fabric that I hadn’t noticed you bring to the bed. With my right cheek laying on the bed, I try to look back to read your face, but you have moved back down in the bed, preparing to punish me, making it hard to see your face clearly from this angle. “Do you know why you are being punished, kitten?” “My punishment is needed because I failed to keep my hands in the proper place this morning while you were training my throat to take your large cock?” I ask. “And?” “….because I touched the belt you placed around my neck without permission?” “And?” “…because of my melt down I had on New Year’s Day?” “Yes, kitten. All of the above. One of the things that you will learn is that a slave must have total trust in her Master, both in almanbahis casino and out of bed. It is my job as a Master to love and cherish you and look out for you…physically, emotionally, and spiritually…100% of the time. I won’t always tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy….but will do and say what is in your best interest all of the time.” Thinking back to that time, I began to feel sick to my stomach….like I had felt when I had ask you to delete me from your life. I had been angry…selfish…and reverted back to my victim’s stance to push you away. The only thing I got myself at that point was a sad, lonely feeling and anxiety from the thought of never being in your arms again. Snapping back to reality as I heard you crack the belt together as you did earlier, I heard your soft voice giving orders. “Now that you understand what your punishment is for, you will take it like a good little kitten. You are not to move an inch while it is given or you will receive more of it. You will also count the licks, thank your Master, and ask Me for another one. Do you understand?” “Y…Yes, Sir.” I said, my voice cracking with fear.

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