Becoming One of Steven’s Girls


He had me in his arms holding me tight against him as I struggled to free myself. “Why are we doing this? What do you want from me?” I whined. But I already knew what he wanted. I knew but had to play the game. At least then, I could say that I tried to fight it.

I thought back to how I came to be here in Steven’s arms.

Even though I’m married, and so is Steven, he had seen some submissive qualities in me, qualities he assured me he was going to exploit.

The first I knew of his sexual desire for me was over drinks. He told me that he thought I’d make a wonderful girl for him. “See what you do to me? he said taking my hand and placing it on his cock.

The way he’d taken my hand and put it there surprised me. An involuntary stunned reaction caused my hand to close, grasping what seemed to be a very nice cock. I pulled my hand away after I realized what I was doing.

“You’re going to have that cock between your pretty lips,” he smiled. “Face it, baby, it’s a fait accompli,” he said tracing my lips with his finger. “These soft plump lips are meant to be wrapped around my cock, johnnie.”

I forced a phony laugh as if to tell him, “Forget it”. A wide range of emotions tore through me. I was repulsed, stunned, and yet somewhat aroused by his boldness. The way he had just simply decided that I should feel his cock, the way he touched my lips. I thought then that it was the commanding manner in which he told me that it was only a matter of time. “You’ll realize soon, just how much you want what I’m offering,” that I found arousing.

“Steven, you’re dreaming. You know Cindy is my wife, right? So, what makes you think I’d ever do anything like what you’re suggesting?”

“Suggesting, johnnie? Suggesting? No baby, this is not suggestion. It’s what I want and what you need. Like I said, sugar lips, it’s only a matter of when and where.”

Later, after some more of Steven’s efforts to convince me that I would eventually become his sweet bitch, I left him at the bar and drove home. My insides were in turmoil.

Steven is an attractive man. Tall, at least 6′ 3″. Muscular and broad chested, he’s what women think of when they daydream about sexy men. Many times, my own wife had commented on his good looks and dominant demeanor. “I wish you were more like Steven, johnnie,” she’d say after we’d spent an evening with he and his wife, Claire.

A week after his first offensive move, Steven and I were together again as our wives went shopping. I was going to the kitchen to get him a beer the first time he fondled my bottom. I giggled and tried to swat his hand away as I walked. “Steven, you ogre. Stop that.”

“You don’t mean that, sweet girl,” he said still holding on to my butt.

“I do. What if the girls come home and see us?”

It didn’t occur to me that I had given my friend tacit permission to do whatever as long as we were alone. Mybe in my subconscious I knew I was stringing Steven along. I couldn’t admit it to myself that his initial raid on my defenses against his advances had sparked some curiosity in me. I struggled to put the sensation of my hand on his cock fro my mind. I fought against getting an erection when I thought about the easy way he used his finger to feel my lips.

I considered saying something to Cindy, thinking that maybe her hearing that Steven found me desirable would give her second thoughts about me being more like him. I pushed that thought out of my mind figuring she wouldn’t believe me.

The more Steven cajoled me, the more I strung him along. I thought it would be fun to tease him. I began to act effete in his presence. When he’d grab his cock showing me how hard he was for me, I’d look. I’d always look, enjoying his discomfort even as my own dick grew hard. Then, I’d giggle and walk away swaying my hips.

The day he came up behind me while I was standing at the kitchen sink was most memorable. I can still feel his rigid cock pressed against my bottom, his hands on my hips, the want in his voice as he whispered in my ear for me to stop toying with him.

I turned to face him. With Steven’s hand still holding me by my wide hips, I looked up at his handsome face as we made eye contact. “This isn’t right, Steven,” I said with both hands on his broad chest, my breathing labored.

He was unmoved.

“Please, Steven.”

“Please güvenilir bahis what, baby?”

“I can’t, Steven,” I pleaded. But this was a watershed moment for us both. “Please, no,” I said even as I lay my face against his chest.

“You know what I want. Better still, I know what you want, johnnie.”

“I do, I know what you want, Steven, honest I do. Just not now, please,” But my actions said otherwise. Through its own volition, my hand moved down between us and I pressed the palm against his erection. He tilted my face towards his and I knew what was going to happen.

Just then, we heard the girls coming in at the same time and broke apart. “Don’t want Cindy getting jealous,” he smiled. But baby, this isn’t over.”

“I know,” I sighed. “My resistance was crumbling.

The following week, pool side at Steven and Claire’s, he swam up to where I was sitting on the edge with my feet and calves in the water. Steven put his hands on my thighs when the ladies were inside preparing lunch. “I love that your legs are so shapely and nearly hairless, baby. I can’t wait to feel them around my waist as I make you a woman.”

“Steven,” I whispered looking around to make sure no one heard him. “Please don’t.”

“Don’t what, baby girl? You don’t like your daddy telling you how much he wants to fuck that fat pussy? You don’t want to hear how good your lips will feel on my hard cock?”

I said I didn’t want it to happen, but my dick gave me away. “I don’t think I can do those things, Steven. I mean I have never been with a man.”

His right hand left my thigh and flicked my boner that was obvious under my swim trunks. Maybe not, baby, but this tells me you want me.”

“What are you boys whispering about?” Claire asked coming out with a tray of sandwiches.

‘Just telling johnnie how cute he looks in his swimsuit,” Steven answered as he swam to the side and rose up out of the water.

“Looks like you have a crush on him,” Cindy laughed.

Steven’s erect cock was clearly defined in the tight speedo he was wearing.

“Pays to advertise,” he said toweling off. “Come on, johnnie. Let’s eat.”

I was glad that Claire had thought to put a plastic tablecloth on their patio table. No sooner had we sat and began eating when Steven put his foot in my crotch. His brazenness, the feel of his foot against my dick made me hard. I discretely put my hand down to push him away but instead found myself pulling his foot in tighter, shifting in my seat so that my erect dick rubbed against the sole of his foot.

“You don’t have a problem with that, do you, johnnie?”

I’d been lost in my own thoughts and hadn’t been paying attention. “Um, sorry hon. What was that?”

“Claire and I are planning a girl’s trip. In two weeks, we’re headed to the outlet stores in Ocean City. We’re gonna leave Friday and be back by Sunday. We don’t have any plans so if it’s okay with you….”

“I’m cool,” I said. “You two getting some early Christmas shopping in?”

“No time like the present. No pun intended.”

“That will give you boys some alone time,” Claire said. “Just behave yourselves.”

Mid-week at the office, my secretary brought me a large stuffed manilla envelope addressed to me. While she was still at my desk, I opened it. Seeing what I knew to be something I didn’t want her to see, I told her that was all.

When she was gone, I pulled out a red bikini panty with the note that was included. “Dear, johnnie. I know you want me as much as I want you. I’m sending you this gift which I just know will look so sexy on you. I know you want me but are struggling with your latent desires to be mine. The girls are leaving Friday a week. That gives you ten whole days to decide whether you want to be my girl or continue the charade you’re playing, going through life pretending you’re a real man.”

My heart was pounding. My hands trembled as I continued to read.

“If you can find it in your heart, I want you to come to me next Friday, wearing my gift to you. If you choose not to come to me, I will leave you alone and my heart will be broken.”



I put the panty and the note back in the envelope and in my desk drawer in a panic. Steven had been coming on to me for months now and although I intended it to be a joke, I’d been teasing him, playing him güvenilir bahis siteleri along figuring he’d tire of his little game and move on to something or someone else. Somewhere along the way, I’d developed real feelings and a strange craving for he was offering. Yet I resisted the temptation to concede to my carnal impulses.

Now he was giving me an ultimatum. I could go to him or risk losing him forever.

The truth is that I’d been thinking of nothing else for the past several weeks. I could see myself in Steven’s strong arms. I could smell his cologne, feel his hardness against my tummy.

I read and re-read his note to me several times that day and the days following.

I masturbated in the shower feeling first, exhilaration and desire, then, after my climax, shame.

I had no idea of what I was going to do and I guess neither did my dear sweet Steven.

There was no denying how sexy he made me feel. When he was near, I could feel his wanting. I liked the way he’d touch me, the way his eyes poured over every inch of my slender body. Steven made me feel pretty, and yes, feminine and it was new and exciting.

More showers and masturbations and the more shame I washed away until eventually I no longer felt it.

A kiss on my forehead and Cindy was off to meet Claire for their getaway. “What to do?” I wondered as I pulled the delicate panty from my briefcase.

I waited for two hours pacing, feeling that the wrong decision would change my life and surely as the right one would.

“Fuck it,” I said to myself finally making up my mind. I showered and shaved. I shaved my face, my chest, and my legs. I pulled the thin nylon up my smooth legs and over my round bottom.

My dick was instantly hard as were my nipples. I brushed my near-shoulder length and pulled back into the familiar ponytail I always wore.

My heart was beating 100 times a minute, my breathing was shallow and fast. I pulled my nylon running shorts over my red panties, a T-shirt over my chest, and my sandals.

A last check in the mirror, a deep breath and I was out the door, in my car, on the way to Steven.

I met Steven at his pool. He was wearing his speedo, a cocktail in his hand when I appeared at his side.

“I knew you’d come to me” he said standing.

He took me in his arms. I put both hands against his chest as if to fight him off.

“Oh God,” I groaned, struggling. I could feel is hard cock pressing against my stomach.

Taking my ponytail in his hand, Steven pulled my head back, leaned forward and forcibly kissed me.

His lips opened and his tongue probed my lips, seeking an opening. My struggling weakened, any remaining will to resist crumbled like the walls of Jericho.

Steven could sense my defenses collapsing. It wasn’t as though I didn’t want his advances. I am not gay but there is something about Steven that made me feel special. “I’m not gay,” I told myself in my mind. I repeated that over and over, even as my lips parted, and our tongues met.

I stopped pushing against him. I heard myself moan as our kiss became more passionate and I melted him his muscled arms.

I snaked out my left arm that had been wedged between our chests and wrapped it around his neck.

One of Steven’s hands that had been around my waist relaxed a bit and moved down to hold my bottom.

“Ohhh,” I sighed. It was involuntary. My body had a mind of its own. My left hand moved down between us until I felt his big cock pressing against the thin nylon. I felt the heated strength of his cock pulsing and throbbing in my hand. “Oh, Steven,” I whispered.

“I knew you wanted this, johnnie,” Steven whispered back hoarsely before kissing me again.

He was right. I did want this. Even as I tried to reject the idea, discard the desires that had built within me over the past few months, and rid myself of all my wicked fantasies, I knew that if Steven ever showed interest in me, I would melt. My resistance was token at best. I fooled no one and certainly not Steven.

“I do, Steven. I want it all.”

“That’s it, johnnie. Hold that cock baby. You want it. Tell me you want kiss it, suck it, make it yours.”

It was me who pulled his face back to mine this time. “Shut up, Steven,” I said just before our lips touched again.

I felt his hand sliding into iddaa siteleri my gym shorts, “You wore them for me, johnnie. You have the panties I gave you. You’re wearing them for me.”

I put my face against his broad chest and smelling his cologne. “I did.”

Pushing down his speedo, I finally freed the object of my desire. “Is this for me?” I asked breathlessly.

“For now it is, baby.”

I kissed my way down his taut abs, “Does your wife know?”

“She’s known for months.”

“Does Cindy know?” I was on my knees, his cock against my face. I had one hand on his tight ass, the other holding his balls.

“She does now, baby. They’re both watching.”

I tried to get up but Steven, anticipating that, put both hands on my shoulders holding me there, on my knees, his cock by my face. “It’s okay, johnnie. They want to watch.”

I heard Cindy whisper to me, “Suck him, johnnie. Suck Steven’s cock. I have.”

I looked up at Steven surprised. “She’s right, johnnie. Claire and I have taken your wife, fucked her, made her ours. We want you to join us now.”

Still struggling to no avail, I gave up. Steven let go of my left shoulder and used his right hand to hold his cock. “You wanted this, baby. It’s yours. Suck it. Show me you’re mine.”

HIs cock was warm against my face as he rubbed it all over. When he put it to my lips, I was lost. I kissed the head and licked the slit which was leaking profusely. “That’s it, baby,” he sighed. “Be my sweet little cock sucker, johnnie.”

Cock sucker. There it was. Steven spoke the words I was so afraid to hear myself called. Yet as I continued to kiss his cock head, the worrying I’d done about the stigma of being a cock sucker faded. All that mattered was that, at last, I had his cock where I wanted it.

“Yes, Steven. I am your cock sucker.” I opened wide and took him as deep as I could. I tightened my lips as I pulled my head back. I turned my head sideways to slid my wet mouth up and down the thick shaft of manhood I had before me.

I found my face buried in his crotch lapping and nuzzling his scrotum. “That’s good baby,” I heard my wife say. “Kiss his big balls.”

I looked up to see that both Cindy and Claire were beside Roger who had his arms around both now naked women. The three people I treasure most were watching, urging me on.

“Take off your shorts, johnnie. I want to see my cock sucker in his pretty panties.”

I wanted Steven to see me wearing his gift. I wanted him, his wife, and mine to see me submit to my friend of many years. “Yes, Steven. I want you to see me in them.”

I stood and bent at the waist, my bottom purposely facing the trio. “Simply beautiful,” Steven said. “All my girls wear red panties for their man.”

I went back to Steven, and we held each other again. I looked up into his eyes, his soft brown eyes, “Am I, Steven. Am I one of your girls?”

Holding my chin so we maintained eye contact, Steven smiled, “Do you want to be one of my girls, johnnie?”

“Yes, please,” I said knowing my wife was there. “But I’m scared.”

“Don’t be scared, baby girl. I have you now. You’re mine, your wife is mine, and the four of us will be a family. It’s what you want baby girl. I’ve known that for sometime now.”

“You knew? You knew that?”

“A man knows his women, baby. Yes I knew.”

I knelt and took him back in my mouth. Happy to be his, happy to free myself of the doubts, the self questioning, all the things that had kept me from freeing my inner most desires.

Steven made me a woman that night, his woman. As our wives looked on, he carried me to the bedroom, removed my panties, and gently laid me on my back. Smiling as he lifted my legs up and over until my knees were at my chest, he told me to put his cock. “Be my girl, johnnie, my bitch, my cock sucker. Put me in, baby so I can make you mine.”

Now there’s pain, and there is real pain. Steven didn’t spend a great deal of time allowing me to expand to accommodate his cock. He looked down on me and told me to take it like his good slut. “You made me wait a long time, baby girl. This is how a man takes his woman.”

By the time it started to feel good, Steven announced he was cumming. I could actually feel his cock expand as he fucked his cum up my man-pussy and what little manhood I may have had, he fucked out of me.

Cindy and I now spend all our free days and nights with our extended family. Steven, Claire, and Cindy treat me as one of the girls and I couldn’t be happier.

Neither could Steven.

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