Becoming The Boss’s Bitch


Becoming The Boss’s BitchOn my knees, where I belong, begging for my job. My boss has been talking ” billable hours below 50% …. and falling …. the amount of errors growing …. I’m going to have to let you go. “”You’re firing me!” I cried tears forming. “Yes” “But..” My hands on the boss’s thighs ” Please I need this job….” I look up meekly in to the dark eyes of my tormentor. The dark eyes bore in to me. “Don’t be pathetic ..” “I ..” My shaking hands move up and undo the zipper. I look up in to dark curious eyes as my hand reaches in to find a thick long phallus. I move closer to the powerful figure in front of me. My hand pulls out a big black cock, my mouth opens as my head moves forward, the big circumcised head passes between my lips. I close my eyes. I have never done this before. I feel a hand on the back of my head press me to take more . “I had heard the rumours. Oh god yes …” Moving hips forward, placing two hands either side of my head grabbing firmly hold of my hair, fucking my mouth. “Take it all ” I gagged as I felt the head go down my throat. “Yeah, that’s right, open up let me get it all they way in. I want to feel your face against my thighs. You fucking pussy. ” güvenilir bahis I couldn’t breath as the huge cock thrust up and down my throat, my teeth grazed the shaft, my lips stretched wide open. “I’m sure you have had bigger than mine in this office ” I opened my eyes to see my boss’s evil grin looking down at me. Balls slapping my face as saliva ran down my chin. I needed to breath. Hands held my head firm. I struggled to breathe. My boss yanked my head back, the big Black dick covered in drool in front of my face, my mouth wide open gasping for air. A few seconds passed. I looked up pleading with my eyes. My boss thrust forward fucking my mouth and down my throat. Repeatedly. “You will get up, bend over the desk and show me your behind slut.” “Ya ..” A gargled response my mouth full.My boss stepped back and watched as I stood and removed the bottom half of my clothes then bent over my desk. I felt a hand land firmly on my ass.”YOW!” I screamed. “Shut up Slut. ” Between thumb and index finger appear my knickers. I hesitate. Knowing but reluctant I take them and put them in my mouth. “Great ass. It will look better when it has rosy red cheeks.” The plastic ruler that was on my desk now güvenilir bahis siteleri lands firmly on my butt. Muffled screams pass my lips as I feel each one land precisely where the previous one did. “Hmm I like a deeper red. The other side looks pale in comparison. “Whack. I flinch. Tears run from my eyes. Each stroke reddening my bottom. I am increasingly getting turned on my body is getting hot and sweaty. Perspiration drips in to my eyes. I feel some thing big press against my butt, it moves along my perspiring nether region taunting me as something goes in my asshole. I clench my butt. “Relax. It won’t hurt so much. Haha” The object stretches my asshole. I whimper. “Please …”Oh poor baby.” The object wiggles around as I relax. The probing continues I feel another object stretch me further still. “Two fingers and your begging to stop.” The long fingers move roughly in my ass. I squirm in pain. “Ready!” Hastily I feel a bigger object press against my dilated sphincter. Two hands firmly grab my hips. I feel the object getting rammed in my asshole my bosses body slapping against my reddened wheels. My head pops up. A loud muffled scream escapes my knickers filled mouth. The iddaa siteleri thrusting continues long slow strokes to start . “What a good slut taking all 12 inches in that nice red bum. ” I can hear pleasure in the voice. A hand grabs a fistful of my hair, yanks my head back, forcing me to arch my back, push my chest out, my firm stiff nipples press against my shirt. The thrusting is harder, faster, more violent. My assailant gasping for breath. The other hand reached over down my face, fingers searching, two fingers enter my nose, and pull back. Pain. I can feel my aroused body building to a climax. So can my boss. “You can’t come without permission slut” The fingers in my nose now pull the soiled drool soaked knickers from my mouth. It’s too late I feel a wave move through my body. A release. Cum trickles down my thighs forming a pool on the hard timber floor. My boss is still thrusting deep in my butt, pounding my body in to the desk, until I feel the warm release surge in my bowels. A few more slow thrusts against me. I feel our juices trickling down my thighs. “Get down the floor and lick that mess up!” I do as I am told. Licking the pool of cum from the timber floor of my office.”Um honey Your hour is up I have to leave my next appointment ” I look up at my tall Dutch Mistress Margarita wearing a designer black power business suit a big Black foot long dildo protruding from the zipper. My trousers neatly hanging over my chair.

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