Beginning to Cuck Ch. 02

Asian Doll

Greetings readers!

Sorry for the delayed continuation, I am a university student and story tell on my free time. I appreciate your patience.

Anyhow, lets see.


My fiance was holding Nick’s ass cheeks so that I could dive right on into Nick. Nick would occasionally make slurping sounds while giving my man a wet blowjob.

After swiping up, with my tongue, from Nick’s taint to his ass crack, I dove my tongue into Nick’s bright pink hole.

The first thing I noted was that Nick had a bitter and metallic taste. Nick didn’t taste dirty, but he tasted like musk and that was enough for me. I leaned in closer to Nick’s tight hairless hole so I could get my tongue deeper into him.

Nick was tense and was clenching his ass when my wet and warm tongue protruded him, so I lapped at the lips of his ass. My wet tongue licked around the edges while moving up and down before switching to his other ass lip.

Every so often Nick’s pink hole would twitch under my tongue, it was so erotic. I couldn’t help myself, Nick’s hole tasted bahis siteleri sweet and I got harder and harder as my tongue got deeper into Nick.

I would lick around the walls of Nick’s ass cavern, relishing him squeeze around my tongue with his ass. A few times I dove as far as I could into Nick and Nick would get off Tyler’s cock just to say, “Fuck or ugh!”

After quite some time, Nick turned his neck around to make eye contact with me while I was biting one of his muscular butt cheeks and asked, “Can I give you a rimjob?”

I told him that I would love that, but also told him that I wasn’t done making out with his ass yet.

Nick raised his right eye brow in a way that made him look mischievous, sexy, and naughty all in that split second. I was asserting my dominance by staying put to eat this fine piece of ass in front of me.

I leaned in closer to his hole without breaking eye contact with Nick’s beautiful eyes and I kissed his hole. Nick’s breath hitched and he slowly faced forward and kept his face down in between my fiancé’s crotch.

My canlı bahis siteleri fiance was stroking his own glistening cock at the site unfolding before him and shifting gazes between me and Nick. Tyler reaches down and lightly pinches Nick’s nipple and Nick said, “Okay, just a little longer.”

All of a sudden I felt like Nick gave way and his whole ass was moving towards me with more weight. I backed my head up to look at Nick to see if it was intentional or not.

Nick’s face was red and he said, “I want you to tongue fuck me… please.”

“I would be honored to”, I replied and then I snaked both of my arms in between Nick’s legs, which was easy since Nick was still on all fours on the bed.

Nick had another sexy smolder look again with the lifted eyebrow, and lowered his pink lips to meet with my lips. I saw every inch of Nick from the bottom to the top, and I was so hard.

Nick let me pick the pace, I pushed my tongue into his tight heat, and then sucked on his hole. Other times I would twirl and twist my tongue when I was deeper canlı bahis in his ass and his moans alone made me precum like a fountain.

After a few minutes of this, Nick began to become in sync with my tongue strokes.

As I would push into Nick’s hole with my tongue, Nick would lean back into my face, to get my tongue deeper into him.

As Nick and my tongue continued this, wet sounds echoed in the bedroom as they were being made by my tongue entered Nick’s warm hole.

Nick told, “Please just stick your tongue out for me and hold still while I have my fun.”

Nick backed his knees up to get closer to my face with his butt and then eased his hole onto my tongue. He said he wanted to do the work so I obliged and just extended my tongue.

Nick lowered himself onto more of my tongue and then slowly pulled himself off it and continued to take more of my tongue into him. Nick was riding my tongue like a dick or a dildo, but it was so unbelievably hot and erotic.

This guy was pleasuring himself on my tongue just to get warmed up for my fiance. Tyler coincidentally was thinking something similar and blurted, “Oh yeah babe, tongue fuck his hole. Does it taste good? Make sure you get him ready for me.”

That is all for now, please let me know what you think.

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