Behind the Nightclub

Female Ejaculation

The man in the far corner caught my eye. He was tall and slender with rich dark skin and the sexiest of smiles. I knew exactly who he was, I’d seen him many times before, but I hadn’t expected to see him in the club and his presence evoked the same reaction it always did – sheer panic!

Red-cheeked and flustered I could hardly look at the man of my dreams let alone cross the crowded dance floor to speak to him. I wished I could. I longed to stride confidently up to him, introduce myself and seduce him with my feminine wiles but my nerves always failed me. It had been that way for years.

Daniel Harvey was my idol, my perfect man. He’d been at the same school as me but as he was two years older, he hadn’t been in any of my classes. My cousin played football with him every weekend but had never introduced us and my best friend once went on a blind date with his brother – it didn’t go well as I recall. Daniel and I, however, remained strangers. And so I watched him from afar learning his routine well enough to be in the right places to catch a glimpse of him practically every day. That was as close as I ever got to him and the situation was unlikely to change unless I could overcome my inhibitions.

The Daniel I knew in my imagination was completely different. That Daniel worshipped the ground I walked on and fucked the living daylights out of me every single night. He was insatiable and dynamic in bed. He had the ability to launch me into the electrifying throws of multiple orgasms every time we made love. ‘Fantasy Daniel’ was the perfect lover, my dream partner. Sadly the truth of the situation was rather different – Daniel’s sexual prowess was powered by AA batteries and an extremely fertile imagination! The real Daniel knew nothing of our passionate trysts…yet.

Swiftly downing the double vodka I held in one hand and chasing that with a large tequila, I attempted to muster up the courage to make a move on the man I’d lusted after years. I had the perfect opportunity right there and then; he was all alone, no friends around him, no girl on his arm. The object of my affections was mine for the taking and I owed it to myself to at least have a go. The effects of the vodka and tequila combination made my head spin but did a good job of steadying my resolve. “Right Daniel,” I muttered aloud, “watch out! I’m gonna get you!”

Crippling terror threatened to paralyse me from the offset but I refused to give in. I’d waited patiently for that moment and I was damn-well giving it my best shot! Eyes on my prize I strode forwards forcing my feet to move in time to the nightclub’s thumping techno music.

Divine Daniel looked up as I approached, his rich hazel eyes targeting my face. A smile flickered on his lips, one that appeared to register recognition. Did he know who I was? My heart knocked against my ribcage and my throat constricted. “Go on, go on, keep going,” I muttered to myself as my legs turned to jelly.

It was no good; I stopped dead in my tracks. The courage I’d mustered turned on its heel and fled leaving me stranded, glued to the spot and unable to complete my mission. I was the proverbial rabbit in the headlights, captivated by Daniel’s stare, unable to break free as his eyes bore down on me! The façade of sexy confidence I’d wanted to present melted in a pool of perspiration as my beloved Daniel was treated to the sight of me trembling before him, crimson cheeked, eyes wide with fear. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me!

Daniel’s eyes didn’t waver and to my surprise the smile on his lips grew wider. He cocked his head to one side, seemingly fascinated by the strange creature that stood before him, tomato red and quivering.

“Right, get a grip…” I ordered myself. The situation was still salvageable. Inhaling deeply I straightened myself up, wiped the sweat from my brow and bravely threw Daniel the sexiest, sassiest smile I could manage. I held my breath as I awaited his reaction.

As I watched with trepidation Daniel’s eyes ran slowly over my body, drinking me in from head to toe before his gaze settled on my tits. Oh my goodness, he liked me! “Ok, so I have your attention,” I muttered through clenched teeth, “and yes my love, I do have great boobs!” I flashed Daniel another smile, thrust out my ample chest and swaggered purposefully towards him, hips swaying. “I can be seductive when I want to be, quite the bomb,” I thought confidently.

Of course slipping in a pool of spilt beer, flying high into the air and landing unceremoniously on my ass hadn’t been a part of my plan! I let out a piercing shriek as I fell and my flailing arms grabbed hold of anything to steady me. My left hand locked onto a table bringing it, and the drinks it had held, crashing down on top of me! You’ve never heard a noise quite like it. Even the techno music was drowned out by my mishap!

Hands came to my aid and bar staff appeared from everywhere with dust pans, mops and buckets whilst I sat in the middle of the commotion assuring face after face that I was unharmed. First-aid was offered but I refused it. I escort ankara seemed to be ok, nothing broken. I was soaking wet of course, drenched in what smelt like a mixture of beer, whiskey and vomit. Other than that I’d escaped unscathed, physically at least.

A voice cut through the mayhem, one I was familiar with. I’d heard it often enough from afar and dreamed about it nightly.

“Are you alright?”

It was such a seductive voice and at that moment it was full of concern, for me.

I dared look up and my blue eyes met those stunning hazel irises of Daniel’s. “Erm…hi…” I began stopping abruptly when my opening line was drowned out by the sound of raucous laughter, Daniel’s laughter – so much for concern!

“Shit, sorry! I shouldn’t laugh,” he guffawed, “but that was quite spectacular!” Daniel’s face was creased with laughter lines and tears moistened his eyes. “Oh God,” he giggled, “you looked so funny! Let me help you up. Are you ok?” With the broadest of smiles lighting up his face Daniel held out his hand.

Right then, I had a choice to make. Should I let my poor battered and bruised ego get the better of me, stagger to my feet unaided and run away as fast as I could? Or should I take the hand of the man I longed to be close to, laugh as hard as him and hope I’d made his night memorable? Which to choose?

I decided on the latter and I’m so glad I did. I swallowed back my pride, took that hand in mine and just like that Daniel and I met, face to face, eye to eye, at last.

“Don’t I…? Aren’t you…?” Daniel enquired squinting at me.

“Bess, and you’re…”


“I know who you are,” I breathed placing a finger on his lips. Forcing back all remaining traces of shyness, and thinking I couldn’t possibly humiliate myself any more than I already had, I unleashed my inner slut and threw myself at Daniel. I wrapped my arms tightly around his muscular neck as I kissed him full on the mouth.

The poor boy didn’t know what had hit him! A beer drenched wraith he only vaguely knew had him locked in a vice-like grip with her tongue shoved down his throat! He pushed me back stunned by my forwardness, but thankfully his reaction was merely a reflex. Daniel wanted me as much as I wanted him and to my utmost relief my advances were returned.

My gorgeous Daniel’s hands found my neck and his lips met mine. A shudder of the deepest, most heart-felt contentment ran the full length of my body as I experienced the physical reality of Daniel’s passion for the first time; the warmth of him, the scent, the touch of his lips…all of it was real at last. I closed my eyes as his tongue probed inside my mouth and his wandering hands slid down my back and onto my pert backside. How I’d longed to feel those hands caress my body as I touched his… oooooh! The shameless whore within me reached for his groin and I was delighted by what I found. “Oh my God!” I gasped. “You’re fucking huge!” Daniel’s cock was massive and hard as nails.

I’d done it! I’d finally got him…Daniel had a hard-on for me! I couldn’t believe my luck! I’d imagined Daniel’s erection every night for years but feeling it for myself, the heat of it, shape of it, how fucking BIG it was sent my mind into a pink haze.

Easing out of my grasp Daniel stopped kissing me and for a moment I feared I’d moved too fast.

I hadn’t.

“Wanna feel?” he asked with the cheekiest of grins.

“Fuck yes!”

With a smug look replacing the mischievousness Daniel took my hand and pushed it firmly down his trousers. My fingertips came into contact with his enormous hardened cock and closed around the thick shaft. I could feel the prominent veins throbbing beneath my touch and sticky pre-cum oozed from the tip.

Looking Daniel straight in the eye I ran my fingers across his swollen cock-head, withdrew my hand from his trousers, and licked the sticky residue from my fingers. Ummm…he tasted so sweet. I could never have imagined how delicious. Dreams don’t have tastes or smells; they’re too difficult for the imagination to conjure-up. I sucked at my fingers, relishing the flavour. I’d died and gone to heaven.

Daniel’s reaction was one of delight encouraging me to take things further. He was mine, secured, at least for that night and I wanted all of him. I was burning inside; my loins ached with a longing for sexual gratification from the man I’d lusted after for the whole of my adult life. The time had come to take what I’d dreamed of, experience it, taste it, see if the reality lived up to the images I created when I stroked myself to climax every night. The real Daniel was in my arms, kissing me, running his hands over my primed body and rubbing his erection against my flesh. I had to have more.

“We need some air,” I whispered, testing his reaction.

“Good idea,” he agreed.

Oh my goodness, was really it going to be that easy? Was I finally going to fuck Daniel? I couldn’t stop giggling as I took his hand and led him towards the exit where the unsmiling Bouncers held the door open for us.

Outside escort mersin the nightclub the intense summer heat was alleviated by a light breeze. The perspiration on my skin began to evaporate and my beer soaked dress clung to me a little less as the air blew through it, drying it.

“Ok, what exactly are we doing out here?” smirked Daniel.

“What do you think?”

He knew. I led him towards the side of the building carefully stepping around a man who was urinating on the pavement. I sidestepped the contents of his bladder which were spilling out over the tarmac in a rapidly spreading pool. The man took no notice and carried on peeing.

Coaxing Daniel onwards, I guided him down a litter strewn alley that snaked around to the back of the nightclub. It led to a small courtyard, a beer garden in a former incarnation of the building which had once housed an Italian restaurant with award winning menu and al fresco dining. Now neglected and overgrown the yard was home to broken furniture, bottle bins and litter. It also got used as a toilet by the smell of it. The whole place stank of piss and there were a few suspicious damp patches on the cracked paving slabs just inside the rusty gate.

Ignoring the mess and the acrid aroma I tiptoed inside dragging Daniel with me. The yard was secluded, sheltered and dark with no sign of security cameras. It was walled on three sides by a brick wall covered in plant life and on the fourth by the grimy pebble-dashed rear wall of the nightclub. The dreadful techno music thumped through the brickwork and voices could be heard through an open window above. Piss, beer and rotten food assaulted our nostrils, and I dreaded to think what we were standing on, but I didn’t care.

Desire raging inside me I pushed Daniel up against the vibrating wall of the nightclub and kissed him hard penetrating his mouth with my tongue. My hand quickly returned to the inside of his trousers grasping his rigid cock and stroking it firmly. I wanted sex and Daniel didn’t exactly object. His hands undid his trouser belt before fumbling with his zipper. Both trousers and boxer shorts were soon down around his ankles allowing his cock to stand free and proud as I stroked it vigorously.

I worked him into a frenzy then let go. Smiling wantonly I took a step back and hitched my short skirt up over my bottom. Daniel gawped at me, captivated, as I eased my skimpy lace knickers downwards and neatly stepped out of them. “Well?” I asked licking a finger which I then used to stroke my slit. “Do you want me?”

Daniel pulled me towards roughly him. “Oh fuck yes.” His hands probed between my legs and finding me wet he pushed two fingers smoothly inside me.

“Oh God…” I moaned as he stroked me, caressing my clit and stimulating my already soaking cunt to secrete more slick juices. Closing my eyes I reveled in the blissful sensations radiating out from Daniel’s touch. My heart raced pumping the blood fast around my body, heating my core to near boiling point out there on that humid summer night with the romance of twinkling stars above us.

The awful smell and pools of piss at our feet couldn’t spoil that moment and before long my need for satisfaction burned so fiercely I could wait no more. With the pain of desire making my cunt throb I pushed Daniel’s hands away, turned around and braced myself against that filthy pebble dashed wall with my legs open. “Come on, take me, I fucking want you,” I begged, my breath coming in sharp gasps as my adrenaline surged. I was desperate for penetration.

Cock grasped in his hand Daniel moved up behind me, positioning himself. He stroked my back for a moment, his hands lingering on the soft skin of my exposed flanks and ass. Then he grabbed my hips firmly and I experienced the exquisite pressure of his cock as it pushed against my moist slit, eased my lips apart and slipped smoothly inside. His wide girth filled me completely.

“Ahh, yes!” I cried breathlessly. “God you feel good.” I was exhilarated by the feel of his cock inside me. He thrust in and out, gaining speed, pounding me. “Oh God, yes…” I moaned as he skewered me hard and fast.

Locking my arms against the wall I pushed back as the thrusts became more frantic and deep-throated groans of pleasure accompanied the movements. The man I adored was fucking me with such energy! His breath scorched my neck and sweat dripped onto my back as grunting and cursing Daniel thrust harder, digging his fingers into my buttocks.

“Oh God I’m close…” he panted his breathing become increasingly laboured as his rhythm gained momentum. He kept going, pumping me hard. “Fuck yes, fuck, fuck…”

The rough stone wall cut into my hands but I didn’t care. With every thrust I experienced a sensation of fullness so intense I fought to stay in control. Finally it was too much…”Oh God!” I screamed. “Yes, YES!”

I let go. Such sweat release. My orgasm sent a million jolts of electricity coursing through my body setting every nerve fibre alight. A tremendous wave of euphoria filled my whole being whilst involuntary spasms izle wracked me.

Almost simultaneously Daniel unleashed his own climax, ejaculating deep inside my soaking hole filling it with spunk. Groaning like an animal and still pumping hard he shuddered, grasping my buttocks as he filled my cunt with a second shot of cum. “Oh yes, urgh…yes that’s it,” he groaned as he thrust again before collapsing over my back.

Daniel held on to me for support his breathing shallow, his legs trembling. He remained embedded inside me and sighed contentedly as I contracted my cunt muscles around his still rigid cock squeezing out every last drop of cum. When he withdrew he did so slowly, running his hands tenderly over my buttocks and covering my shoulders with tiny kisses as he did so.

When Daniel tuned me around the two of us melted into an embrace. We stood there, locked together, both of us breathless, both of us grinning from ear to ear. My Daniel was everything I’d imagined and more but our time was running out…I knew the words I was about to hear and sure enough he said them.

“I have to go, I’m sorry. I have to get back inside. I’ll be missed.”

“Just a little longer,” I pleaded. I wasn’t ready to let him go. Not so soon.

He shook his head, “I can’t.” Untangling himself from my arms he stepped away. “I have to go. My friends are all in there and I’m, err…well the thing is I’m on a stag night.”

“Stag night? Oh, whose?” I asked. “Not yours I hope?” I added as a joke. As soon as I said it his jaw tightened. “Oh crap! Really?”

Lowered his eyes guiltily he responded in a low whisper. “I’m getting married tomorrow.”

“Oh dear God…er…I mean, um, congratulations?”

Daniel’s sudden awkwardness said it all, “I didn’t mean this to…” he stammered.

“Yeah, yeah I know. Well, you wouldn’t would you?” I said waving my hands around in an attempt to look nonchalant. “My fault. I dragged you round here.”

“You didn’t. I wanted this.”

I shrugged, “maybe.” Hiding my disappointment as best I could I pulled my dress back down and smoothed it out before combing my fingers through my hair. I couldn’t see my knickers anywhere and didn’t bother to look. It was best to leave them…and leave Daniel.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered sliding his arms around me and holding me close.

It was such a warm embrace, so tender, but he belonged to another. Why had I left it so long to tell him how I felt? If I hadn’t things might have been different. But as things were I had to accept that I’d had a one night stand, a damn good one, but a single moment of passion all the same. It would never be more and I should walk away whilst my dignity was still relatively intact. I watched him re-dress, smoothing out his clothes much as I’d done.

“I should, you know, get back,” he repeated.

“Yes, you should, but I’d like one more hug before you leave me, please?” I was determined to keep him a few moments longer. My dream shouldn’t end as abruptly as that.

“Have to be quick,” he sighed.

My face fell. That was not the response I’d wanted.

“Oh no, not because of you, don’t think that! I have to get back and actually, I erm…” he cleared his throat, “I need a piss. Too much beer,” he winced.

“You’re running away to get to a toilet?”

Daniel nodded.

I snorted derisively, “don’t leave me for that, do it here.” The courtyard obviously got used as a toilet all the time, the stench gave that away. “Unless that’s just an excuse?”

“No! No excuse,” Daniel assured me. “I’d love to stay longer with you but I really need get to a toilet.”

“Why? The toilets in the nightclub probably smell worse than out here. Why do you want to use them?” I rolled my eyes, “if you need to pee go ahead, I won’t look. Then you can give me that hug.”

“I dunno,” he frowned. “It feels wrong.”

“Oh, come on Daniel,” I urged, “stay with me a little longer. Five more minutes, that’s all I’m asking. No-one will miss you. I’ve waited a long time for this,” I admitted.

Daniel shifted uncomfortable, “I know.”

My jaw dropped. “Pardon? You…you know?”

Taking hold of my hand Daniel spoke softly. “Yes, I know.”

My body shook; not from fear, not from excitement but from the misery of loss. He knew I liked him and he liked me…but he was about to marry another. I’d left it too late.

“Come here,” he said gently, “you can have your five minutes, more if you want.” His weight shifted, “I still need to pee though, sort of now-ish!”

“Do it. I’ll look away,” I said stepping back.


“Cross my heart.”

I lied. I stood there eyes wide open as Daniel unzipped his fly, fished out his cock and turned to face the pebble dashed wall. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I was mesmerised. The man of my dreams had not only fucked me but also liked me and felt comfortable enough in my presence to take a leak right in front of me. There was something incredibly intimate about that and undeniably erotic. I was shocked to find my cunt throbbing as I watched Daniel stroking his cock to relax it. How strange, the Daniel I created in my dreams never ended the evening by pissing up a wall but with my body becoming increasingly aroused by sight in front of me, maybe he should?

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