Best Buddies Ch. 11


Second day at the beach – a continuation of Chapter 10.


Saturday morning the boys got up early and fixed a large breakfast for everyone. The plan for the day was a visit to a clothing optional beach near where they were staying. They arrived around 10:30 a.m. Initially, there were a few women wearing only bikini bottoms and lots of naked children. The further they walked the less children and clothing they saw.

Eventually there were only nude adult couples sunbathing, walking, swimming, and talking in small groups. The girls picked a spot and the boys set up camp and immediately striped off their bathing suits. They asked the girls if they would like to swim and were refused. Undeterred they ran to the water with their cocks and balls bouncing around robustly.

Greg and Mac were horsing around: splashing, wrestling, and swimming. Occasionally they would stand close together quietly and frotting their cocks together. After about a half hour they realized the girls hadn’t joined them. They waited for their erections to disappear and waded back out. They walked back to where the girls were.

Judy and Linda were still wearing their bathing suits.

“This was a mistake. I can’t go naked in front of strangers,” Linda said.

“I’ve told her it’s not an issue. It’s clothing ‘optional.’ She shouldn’t feel obligated to do anything that makes her uncomfortable,” Judy explained.

Mac pointed out several really unattractive overweight women without clothes. “Unlike those folks, you are beautiful. Those women would kill to look like you. You promised me before we came that you would try it. Please, I would be proud to be seen with you by my side.”

“I’m not ready to be completely naked and anyway I’m wearing a one-piece suit,” Linda protested.

“We can roll it down only as far as you like and tie your cover-up around your waist,” Judy suggested.

“That’s perfect honey. You control how much skin to show,” Mac added.

Linda somewhat reluctantly agreed. She slipped her straps and rolled the suit down to a spot that exposed her breasts but covered her tummy. The group used practically a whole tube of sunscreen to cover all four of their exposed skins. While they walked along the shore, Mac pointed out people that had reason to be ashamed but weren’t. Many of these ‘unattractive’ people had ‘all over’ tans. Nudists don’t care what you look like.

When they had walked about fifteen minutes they passed two naked couples, about their age, playing volleyball. They stopped to watch. One of the women was tall and muscular. The other was short and not… small breasts, wide hips, and a large butt. The two men were trim, but not nearly as muscular as Greg and Mac.

After a few minutes, the shorter woman came over and asked, “We really need four people on each side. Would you like to join us?” When they didn’t answer right away, she pleaded, “Please, please, please!”

Of everyone in the group Linda was the one who spoke up, “Sure, us against y’all?”

The other three were speechless and all turned to look at Linda.

“Don’t look so surprised. I played varsity volleyball before puberty… before these.” She asked, lifting both of her breasts up with her hands.

The physical activity caused many loose exposed body parts to bounce around. Without a doubt the largest of these loose items was Linda breasts. The top of her suit kept slipping down and getting in her way. In a key game point, she tripped over the cover-up and fell face-down in the sand.

“Time out!” Mac yelled, as he went to help Linda up.

“Gosh darn it! Did we lose that point?”

“No, Judy saved it.”

“Way to go Jude!” Linda yelled. Then to Mac, “I’ve got to get out of this stuff. Before I break my neck.” Without another comment Linda pulled her suit off and dropped it and the cover-up out of bounds.

The shorter of their women opponents quietly commented to the other, “We’re in trouble now.”

Linda won the match for her team with an untouchable serve. All participants hugged their opponents to show good sportsmanship. Mac noticed the other men were hugging Linda a bit too long, but she didn’t seem to mind. They headed back to their condo to grill some steaks. Along the way, a man was staring so much at Linda’s big tits, he tripped over a conch shell. He fell flat on his face.

Judy commented to Linda, “Your girls caused that.”

“I know. Isn’t that sweet?”

Back at the condo, they all rinsed off and dived in the pool. When everyone had cooled off, they headed up to their suite. Everyone stood together and disrobed, putting their wet clothing in the washing machine. No one bothered to get dressed. Greg put the steaks and potatoes on the grill. Mac mixed some drinks and joined Judy and Linda in the hot tub. After Greg got supper cooking, he joined them.

“If I may ask, how’s the list coming along?” Judy asked Linda.

“You mean ‘The’ list?”

“Yes, the one you told me you almanbahis yeni giriş were going to make,” Judy answered.

“Well, of the eight items I wrote down, I’ve checked off six.”

Judy congratulated her, “That’s great! I know one was the public nudity. You didn’t think you could do that. So you’ve already completed more than you thought you would. You must be really happy.”

“I’ve decided I am going to check the last two off tonight,” Linda said.

Judy responded, “Really! I think I know what they are, which means I can check them off also. Right?”

“Absolutely,” Linda smiled.

Mac commented, “I have no idea what’s left on the list, but if it includes Greg and Me, I look forward to it.”

The steaks were cooked to perfection and eaten with the potatoes, fresh green beans, and a spectacular red wine. After everyone was satiated, Judy suggested, “Why don’t we shower off the chlorine from the hot tub with our spouses tonight? I think there may be a couple of things to talk about.”

Each wife indicated to their husband that they wished to make love to the other man. Both husbands were agreeable, but asked if they could watch. The wives couldn’t see why not. When they gathered together in the living room, they flipped a coin. Greg won the toss, took Linda by the hand and headed to the bedroom.

“Would you mind if we did ’69’ first?” Linda asked.

“I think it’s safe for you to assume I will do anything you want me to. Unless Judy says otherwise,” Greg responded.

Judy smiled. “Well since you brought my name into this, let me say, Go for it. Anything she wants. But remember ‘what’s good for the gander is good for the goose.'”

“Mac, old buddy, are you OK with this?”

“I can’t see how we can refuse them anything. Given what they have allowed with us,” Mac responded.

“Let the games begin!” Linda shouted to everyone’s surprise. Greg immediately flipped around to orient his face with Linda’s pussy. As his tongue began to caress her outer lips, he felt her warm mouth slide onto his cock. Linda lifted the topside leg, allowing Greg more access. Mac stepped up and offered to help her hold her legs open.

“Thanks, honey,” she responded and returned to work on Greg’s hard-on.

Greg found Linda’s efforts to be interestingly different. Judy gave good head, and it felt a certain way. Mac gave head with the understanding only a man can have. He knows what feels good to him. While Linda was more tentative, she was also eager to please. Judy and Mac were ‘in charge’ when giving him a BJ. Linda responded to every move or sound he made. She was adapting her style by reading his responses. He resolved to make the same effort with his tongue.

Linda loved the fact that somehow Greg tasted different than Mac. She was a virgin when they married and had never even given a hand job to boys she dated. After puberty she did allow boys to play with her tits. It felt good and helped keep their hands out of her pants. Now she was singularly focused on this new penis; this new taste, this slightly different size, all new to her. She proudly managed to get him all in, down her throat, and he moaned. She felt how much more pre-cum he had as opposed to Mac. It seemed to make it easier to take all of him and she did it again… another moan. She thought, ‘Oh dear Lord, his tongue really is magic! This is great fun!’

Greg felt her moistness increase rapidly. His tongue slipped in and out with ease. He moved a finger up and in, moving his tongue up to her clit. When he lightly touched her button, she pushed herself against his face. He slipped a second finger in and they made a sloshing sound as he moved in and out. She was deep-throating him each time now and he feared he could cum prematurely. “I’d like have intercourse with you now. Do you have a position preference?”

“Uh, yeah, let’s fuck doggie style. I really like that. OK?” Linda shockingly replied.

“Yes Ma’am,” Greg responded.

Mac and Judy both independently found watching their spouse with another person erotic in the extreme. Mac was hard and Judy was wet. They both fought the urgent call from their bodies to be touched. Even so, at different times during this voyeuristic experience they found their hand touching their sex. They did not talk to each other, not that they didn’t have things they wanted to say. They were riveted to the action on the bed and talking could have broken that spell.

Linda lay shoulders down on the bed with her lovely ass on full display to Greg and the voyeurs. He was almost overwhelmed with a lustful desire to nail her to the headboard with his cock. He fought the urge and holding her by the hips, slowly slid inside. She was hot, wet, and welcoming. His thrusts were unhurried. He pushed deeply in and slowly out. She pushed back urgently against him. He wrestled with his animal instinct to pound her but maintained restraint.

‘Come on do me,’ Linda wished. She tried pushing back but he kept going so slow. Having a strange almanbahis giriş penis inside her was exhilarating and she wanted to use it. She wanted passion. ‘Should I ask him to go faster?’ She wondered.

“You like this?” Greg could sense she wasn’t as turned on as she had been. “You want me to go faster… or slower?”

“I’m no snowflake or some gentile flower; slam that big penis of yours all the way in. Just fuck me into next week! I want to feel those big balls of yours slapping up against my butt!” Linda growled.

“Oh,” Greg said. “You want to be fucked,” he said, driving his cock deep inside and slapping up against her ass. ‘She was a grow-ass woman, who knows what she wants,’ he thought.

“Lord yes! Deep and hard! Oh yeeesss! I can feel your balls now.”

Greg felt it too. His low-riders were swinging freely and smacking up against her ass. She was aggressively pushing back to meet his thrusts. The slapping sound of his thighs and lower abdomen colliding with her butt cheeks was quite erotic. He was getting close to losing his payload, so he slowed down and leaned forward to play with her breasts. With Judy’s size there was some rocking movement, but not enough mass to be dramatic. Linda’s beauties were swinging in a rather large sweep. It took a couple of tries but he got one in hand. He pinched the nipple between his thumb and finger.

Linda half groaned / half growled her approval. ‘I adore being fucked,’ Linda realized. ‘Making love with my husband is on a whole different plain. Being with Greg is more like when Mac fucks me in the ass. They’re different things. Both are special. Both are mind-blowingly fun.’ This realization helped Linda focus solely on the pleasure of the fuck. The nerve tingling thrill of being used, while using your partner. With her shoulders on the bed, she used one hand to pinch and pull the free nipple. Her other hand made its way to her clit. She pushed two fingers into the wetness and lubricated her clit. As she climbed the upside of the roller coaster, she started talking. “Split me open with your ax. Do me. Do me good. Oh Fuck! Gimme all of that cock! Oh; ooh; oooh!”

Her orgasm was felt from her toes to her ears. It was electrifying. She was pushing back so hard against Greg, he had to let go of her breast and hold on to her hips with both hands. In time the spasms subsided and she came to realize Greg hadn’t cum. She leaned forward and he slipped out. Laying down on her side, she looked up at him. “I’m sorry. You didn’t cum. What can I do to help?”

“I have this fantasy of cumming between big tits. Can I use your breasts?” Greg asked.

Linda scooted up on the bed and lay flat on her back. She used her fingers to gather moisture from her orgasm and slathered it between her breasts. Greg was already slick with pre-cum and Linda’s essence. He threw a leg over her stomach and pushed his cock down on her sternum. Recognizing she was new to this, Judy suggested she hold her breasts together. When she did, Greg had a long tight slot in which to slide his cock. Looking down at Linda’s face and striking breasts, he was amazed this was happening. He began to glide back and forth; his big balls dragging with him.

“Your nuts kinda tickle,” Linda giggled.

“Uh, I can stop…”

“No, no Greg, in a sexy way. I love everything about this.” Linda interrupted. “Mac, why haven’t we ever done this?”

“We will. That’s for sure,” Mac said with a hint of envy.

“It’s that thing we talked about. Using body parts for unintended purposes,” Judy commented.

“That’s right. But I should probably stop talking and let the guy with the big balls get off,” Linda said, gazing directly into Greg’s eyes. “Fuck those titties with your slippery cock and drag those monster balls over my stomach, big guy. Fuck me good!”

Mac whispered to Judy, “I may come just listening to her talk dirty.”

Judy smiled and added, “Me too.”

Greg certainly appreciated the return of focus. The small talk was a turn off. Linda kept her eyes locked with Greg’s. He closed his and focused on the exquisite sensations he was experiencing. The feel of the big knockers wrapped around his cock; his balls dragging back and forth over smooth skin, the squishy sounds from it all, knowing his wife and best friends were watching. It was all sensually stimulating to the max. He opened his eyes and Linda was still steadily watching.

When she saw him open his eyes, she mouthed, ‘I want your cum.’ He almost came right then. It was like a stumble; he almost went down; but caught himself and hung in there for a few more minutes. He increased his pace, knowing he wouldn’t last long. Linda somehow sensed he was about to release and opened her mouth.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” Greg blurted.

“Do it big boy and aim for my mouth,” Linda teased.

Greg blew his typically large load hitting Linda in multiple places on her face, including her mouth. Linda started giggling and licking her lips. Greg still had most of his weight almanbahis güvenilirmi on his legs that were folded under him on either side of Linda. He leaned back and Linda pulled her knees up to brace him. Mac and Judy leaned over the bed and began licking cum off Linda’s face. She started laughing out loud. Mac and Judy were tongue wrestling over the last few drops of cum and it was tickling her face. Satisfied there was no more cum to be found, Mac began kissing Linda. Judy moved from Linda’s face to Greg’s cock and hoovered it clean from the tip down to his balls.

“My God, Linda that was so hot. Thank you so much,” Greg said.

“Well, I won’t say ‘the pleasure was all mine,’ because that’s obviously not true. But I thought it was really red-hot myself.”

“Sizzling,” added Mac.

“Steamy,” Judy contributed. “Let’s get in the hot tub. Wait a second. I got tired standing for so long.”

“Me too,” said Mac.

“What if we moved the mattresses from both beds into the living room. We could put them next to each other and have a large area to recline in,” Judy said. “Remember there’s one more act to play.”

Mac spoke up, “Greg give me a hand. We’ll get it done while the girls freshen up.”

The girls took quick showers and met up in the hot tub.

Greg joined them in about ten minutes. “We got the mattresses set up. It looks like an orgy room now.”

Mac lagged well behind to prepare a ‘treat.’ He came out fifteen minutes later with gourmet Hawaiian Kona coffee on ice.

“What took so long Bro? Did you have to pick the beans yourself?” Mac teased.

“Take a sip. It’s worth the wait,” Mac replied.

They settled back in the hot water to regroup and talk. There was a beautiful moon rising from the Atlantic Ocean. It was a quiet moment of reflection for the little group.

“I want to thank all three of you,” Linda said softly. “This has been an amazing weekend for me. I’ve experienced so many new things and felt perfectly safe the entire time.”

“Oh honey, that’s such a sweet thing to say,” Judy responded. “I agree with you about feeling safe. A couple of months back I would never have imagined being able to bring out my ‘inner slut’ with anyone other than Greg.”

“If any of us deserve appreciation, it’s you two, our partners in life, our forever lovers, to our wives,” Greg said raising his cup of Kona.

“Here, here,” Mac said agreeing.

They all sat in silence, admiring the moon. It was now fully above the water and its light sparkled across the ocean. Without thinking about it, the four of them all had hands on those next to them, reflecting a casual, comfortable, intimacy. Several minutes passed with no talking.

Judy broke the silence. “What’s everybody’s favorite thing… so far?

Greg spoke very quickly, “Titty fucking Linda. I said that too fast, didn’t I? I’m sorry. Being able to slide my hard dick between those two beauties was awesome!” Greg said pointing to Linda’s breasts floating high in the water.

“Thank you, Greg. It was a turn on for me too.” Linda responded. “Ooh, this is hard to pick just one. I’m going to name two. First until this weekend I had only experienced one magnificent penis in my life.” She smiled and nodded at Mac. “So, having only the second penis ever was an absolute thrill. And second was being able to play naked volleyball. I was tingling from head to toe; the entire time I was nude.”

“I kept trying to tell you how beautiful you are,” Judy commented.

“Absolutely; you sure are; classic beauty,” Greg and Mac added.

“Well, my favorite was making out with that classic beauty.” Judy said. “You all know I ‘played around’ with girls in college. It was an enormous turn on to revisit those feelings with someone I care about a great deal.” Turning to Linda, “and having you go down on me, while our husbands watched, was simply the best. It was really the best!”

“Aw sweetie, that makes me so happy!” Linda said, reaching over to hug Judy.

Mac spoke up, “Mine was having Judy and Greg sucking my cock at the same time. I know that was the fantasy that started our travels to be where we are tonight. It was really special for me.”

Linda called for a group hug, which they executed standing up in the tub.

“Before Mac and I take center stage, we have a confession to make,” Judy said.

“A confession?” Linda asked.

“We have a little plan. I called him and asked last week. Then bought the supplies and kept them hidden from Greg.’

“What supplies?” asked Greg.

“It’s not a big deal, but our CLR agreement calls for full disclosure. I talked to Mac privately because I wanted to know if he was interested in helping me fulfill another fantasy.”

“And I said ‘absolutely,'” added Mac.

“Greg and I have such an egalitarian relationship, I never asked him about his interest in this particular fantasy. It’s so out of character from the way we normally treat each other.”

“You can’t know if you don’t ask, honey.” Greg said. “What in the world are you talking about?”

“FEMDOM and mild bondage,” Judy revealed.

“You mean like a dominatrix and cock and ball torture and whips and shit?” Greg asked with concern.

“No, that’s not what I mean. Mac and I have talked about the things we’d like to try.”

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