Best FriendI Go Camping


Best Friend I was trying to give him an eyeful as I lowered my boxers over my soft uncut cock… He jumped in first, and I followed. We had a fun time cooling off in the summer heat. We started fooling around, he splashed me and I splashed him back. He was doing a better job than me so I rushed him grabbed him by the waist and through him down. He jumped up and grabbed me by the waist. We started to wrestle and I could feel our cocks touching as we wrestled in the water, it was so erotic and confusing. I was getting hard, but why I was with another guy. I am not supposed to get hard, but here I was with my cock reacting to his body. I also noticed his cock getting hard too. His cock had slipped below mine; I could feel it hitting my ass, as mine hit his groin. This was too intense so I pushed off and dove into the water I came up under him and lifted him up and threw him over my shoulder. He swam under me and tried the same thing but I was much stronger and heavier than him and when he tried to lift me I held him down, I couldn’t help but notice my cock was on his shoulder as he tried top lift me, and since he couldn’t it became quite noticeable the longer he stayed in that position, He finally gave up. He couldn’t breathe underwater, he got up and laid back on the sand bar exhausted, but I didn’t stop I threw sand mixed with mud at him, the closer I got the better my aim, I was throwing it at his chest, when I got next to him he picked up some mud and was throwing it back, pretty soon we were so close we were rubbing it into each others chests and hair and face. At one point I grabbed some mud and jumped up to come down oh is head, he moved out of the way and I landed face first into the ground. He jumped on top of me and held me down as he threw more mud on me. I could feel his hardening cock on my ass he held me down. It felt amazing, I pretended to struggle so I could wiggle my ass, he kept trying to hold me down and in the process his cock was wedge inside my crack as he rubbed mud all over my face. I thought I was going to cum I was so excited. Finally I told him he won and he got off me. We both went back into the water. I think we were both to embarrass to come out with hardons. We both washed up and got our clothes and headed back to the cabin. We fired up the grill and ate some hamburgers as we watched TV. It was getting late and I headed for bed as he tried to get comfortable in the sofa. But the sofa was too small for him and he was struggling to get a good position to sleep in. I finally said “hey why don’t you take isvecbahis the bed, I will sleep out here” “That won’t work, your too big too for this sofa” Then I suggested “okay we will just have to share the bed, just make sure you stay on your side, don’t start thinking I am your wife in the middle of the night” “Yeah right you would like that wouldn’t you. You would love to have my cock all over you. Admit it” “Fuck you. You’re the one that sleeps naked not me, if I didn’t know better I think you like to sleep naked just to see how much if you could fuck me” He started to laugh and said “you wish” With that we headed to bed, him naked on one side of the bed and me in my boxers on the other side. I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt the bed moved. Tom was slowly sliding closer to me, with his back to me till his naked backside was touching me. I felt him reach from behind. He was searching for my boxers, when he made contact I felt him reach in and touch my cock, then he slowly pulled it out and pushed his backside till my cock was touching his ass. He was using my cock to rub his ass all over it. Finally he wedged my cock in his crack and left it there. I could feel the bed move as he jerked off. He finally came, moved away and headed to the bathroom to clean up, when he came back to bed, II felt him give my cock a little kiss and turned over and went to sleep. I didn’t sleep a wink the rest of the night. In the morning he pretended like nothing ever happened but he suggested we go swimming again instead of fishing. So we both got naked and went swimming again. Of course we started to wrestle again, but it was even more blatant this time. As we wrestled we continued to try to lift each other up and we kept groping each other as we took turns trying to get the advantage. I was winning, so he grabbed some mud and flung it at my face and hit me square on my nose. He started to swim away with me following him; I caught up to him and landed on him on the bank of the lake. I was on top with my cock wedged between his legs as I slapped mud all over him. I pulled away took a large handful of mud and jammed it up his ass. To which he yelled “You fucker” He pulled away grabbed a handful and slapped my chest, got more and rubbed it on my stomach, he was grinding it into my skin. I got another handful of mud and rubbed it on his stomach, by now he had a massive hard on and as I rubbed it on his stomach my hand hit the top of his cock. He gasped as my hand made contact. But instead of pulling away he froze as my hand massaged isveçbahis giriş the mud into his groin. He was breathing very hard as I grabbed more mud and rubbed his upper stomach, my hand slid down till it made contact with his cock again and I slowly rubbed the mud all over his cock. I grabbed more mud and kept rubbing his cock with it; finally I took some mud hit him in the face and made a run for the cabin, with him chasing me. We were a mess, I told him I was going to jump in the shower, and he followed me right into the shower. We didn’t speak until I said “damn man you pushed that mud right up my ass” “Well turn around I will get it clean” I turned and leaned my hands on the shower wall as he started to wash the mud from my back, his hands felt great as he went lower washing the mud from my ass. But he was no longer washing as much as caressing my globes. “Reach back and spread your ass so I can get all the mud out” I reached back with one and spread one side of my ass for him as he proceeded to spread the other cheek with his other hand as he ran his fingers along my crack as he washed the mud away. His fingers continued to rub my crack and kept going lower and lower until one of his fingers ran over my hole very slowly and he slightly pushed it in to wash my hole. He then ran his hands under and was now cleaning my balls, it felt amazing as he reached further and ran his hand up my cock. He was now caressing my cock, slowly jerking me off. I let go off my ass and leaned into the wall as he jerked my cock off. He then knelt down and turned me around. He was now eye level with my cock. He continued to stroke it, his face inches away from it. I reached over and put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his lips closer to my cock. As I pulled him in he parted his lips and let my cock enter his mouth. I could feel his soft velvety lips as my head entered his mouth. I then felt his tongue licking my head inside his mouth. I pushed more of his cock in my mouth. He was using his tongue all over my cock. I pushed deeper till my cock was buried in his mouth. I was getting really excited watching my best friend swallowing my cock; I warned him I was about to cum. He reacted by grabbing my cheeks and pulling me deeper into my mouth. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I felt my ball tighten, and I felt my cock ready to cum. Then it happened I was exploding hot juicy cum down Tom’s throat and he was loving it. He couldn’t keep it all in and it was flowing out of his mouth as he continued to drain my cock. He finally isveçbahis yeni giriş let my cock slip out of his mouth as he stood up, his hands caressing my cock on the way up, I took over and started to was his ass and let my hands glide around the front and was his cock. I told him lets go get dried off, and go to bed. As he headed for bed, I turned the TV off and as I reached to turn out the light> Tom said “no leave it on, I want to watch you suck my cock” I crawled up to his hips, I laid my head on his chest as I looked at his cock, he was not hard, I reached over and took it in my hand, it felt soft and spongy and very warm, it was weird to be holding another guy’s cock in my hand, especially one that looked so different than mine. I guess I stared at it a little too long because I heard> “Hey are you going to look at it or play with it” “Sorry, It’s just it looks so different” I grabbed a hold of it and pulled on his cock> “Hey take it easy” “Oops sorry did I pull too hard on it” “I’d say, spit on your hand and let your hand slide over it like this” Tom then jerked his cock for me, it was so different because when you’re uncut you get a good hold of your skin and pull it up and down, and with his I had to learn a different technique. “Here let me do it now” I spit on my hand and let my fingers glide up and down his shaft. I must have been doing it right because he leaned back and closed his eyes. I leaned closer to his cock and watched my hand go back and forth past the head, I notice a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip, and I leaned over and let my tongue flick it off. I then let my lips lightly kiss the head. My tongue then licked the entire head, he was starting to get hard so I let his cock enter my mouth, I wanted to feel it expand in my mouth, and it grew even bigger and harder. I guessed he was about 8 inches, slightly longer than mine but not quite as thick. Feeling my first cock in my mouth was amazing, I never new I would enjoy tasting another man so much, I was a natural. I loved sucking cock and I knew whatever happened between us, this would not be the last time I tasted a cock. I felt his hand on the back of my head gently guiding my head on his cock. He was now fucking my face and was really enjoying it, but I don’t think he was enjoying as much as me. He started breathing rapidly and I knew he was getting close, so I took him out of my mouth. “Ok Matt please put it back in me want to cum in your mouth” “No fucking way Tom I will suck you but your not going to cum in my mouth, I am not ready for that” “Come on I let you cum in my mouth” “I know and it felt great but I am not ready, sorry dude.” “Fine just keep jerking me off” I stroked his cock till he shot it all over my chest; I kept pumping his cock till I got every drop.

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