Better Than Before: Charlie , Mike Ch. 03

Big Tits

She kissed her parents goodnight and went to bed. She couldn’t help but recall the events of the days. She felt her arousal return. “God Michael if you’d only had a condom,” she moaned quietly into the darkness of her room.

Charlie let her fingers trails down across her breasts. She enjoyed the feeling of her nipples hardening, the memory of Michael sucking on her breasts caused her to feel a fire grow inside her. Her other hand pushed down past her stomach and slide easily beneath her waistband of her panties. Fingers followed the direction of her hair until they entered the soft, wet cleft of her still virgin cunt. “All guys carry condoms with them Michael!”

She shifted her legs apart, threw the blankets off and bent her knees. Her nipples thrilled to her touch as she brushed her fingertips back and forth across them. It didn’t feel anywhere close to how good it had felt like when Michael touched her.

Her fingers curled inward and her bedroom filled with the scent of her young arousal. A low moan signaled the first direct touch of her clitoris. The touching and the moaning grew more intense, more insistant. Her fingers felt so full inside her amd then she thought of Michael’s cock. Compared to her fingers, it was huge.

Charlie’s tongue licked her lips. She chewed her bottom lip. Her forehead wrinkled in concentration as her orgasm approached. She bucked her hips into her hand and…


Charlie turned her head and stared aghast at the face outside her window. Michael’s eyes were tensed shut, his mouth open as a grimace of pain…pain? No she’d seen this expression before! She’s seen it this very day – that stupid asshole was coming! Charlie rolled off her bed and pulled open the window. Michael’s hand was still wrapped around his cock.

“What are you doing?” Charlie hissed. Although bayan kartal escort a blind man could have seen clearly just exactly what was going on, or had gone on, or was finished with. Michael looked at Charlie as his cum dripped down the side of the house.

“I got them.” Michael smiled weakly and held up a strip of condoms.

Charlie sagged against the window, “It’s not fair.I’m in love with an idiot. How long have you been watching?” Even as she asked it she knew it had obviously been long enough. “Oh, get in here you big pervert.”

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean too…but you were….and you looked so…I just couldn’t stop…and then. I’m really sorry Charlene.”

Charlie was about to throw Michael back to the night when she realized something. She still hadn’t come yet. She stripped off her panties and laid back on the bed.

“Kneel…and start licking. I’ll tell you when you’re through.”

Michael knelt between her legs and began to kiss and lick Charlie’s cunt.

“You can go now.” Charlie rolled onto her bed and pulled her covers over her. She was still panting from the tremendous orgasm she’d just experienced.

“What…but I brought the…I thought that we might…”

“We’ll talk tomorrow Mike. Go home now. I’m tired.” Charlie pulled the covers to her neck.

“But Charlie, I haven’t…I mean…I…I…” Mike looked down at his throbbing erection. The past 20 minutes of enthusiastic pussy licking had left him hard pressed to say the least.

Charlene looked at Mike’s cock with longing. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, maybe more. She was just about to give in when…

“That’s OK Charlie. I understand. I can wait as long as you need. I’ll be ready when you are. I do love you you know, I really do. I guess I’d better be kartal eve gelen escort going.” Mike stuffed his cock back into his pants and slowly climbed through the window.


“Yeah Charlie.”

“I want it to be you, I really do.”

Mike nodded. “So do I.”


“Yeah.” Michael paused half in, half out.

“Can you come back tomorrow night…after eleven?”

“Really?” Michael was in the room again.

“If you still have that problem,” Charlie nodded at Mike’s bulge. “I’ll take care of it…if you want…”

Mike bent over the bed and kissed Charlie passionately. “Yeah Charlie, I want.”

Charlie let her hand flow through Mike’s hair and smiled. It was one of those satisfied smiles you get when you’re really happy. Charlie was very satisfied and very happy.

Charlie had her first real boyfriend and to think that it was her best friend. She was pretty sure that she’d never been happier. And to think that Michael had feelings for her…deep feelings, Charlie was as surprised as anyone.

The following nights were incredible. Michael was able to come by just about every evening after eleven. They took turns pleasuring each other orally and manually.

Charlie let her body release into waves of growing pleasure. It was just unbelievable, it was just…oh…oh…oh, God what was he doing with that finger of his…oh god…OH GOD…OHHHHH. Charlie screamed into her pillow – again.

As she shivered in delight Mike scooted up and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled a blanket over them and held her tight as her orgasm continue to echo through her. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Sometime later – five minutes, an hour and five minutes – Charlie woke and shook Mike awake.

“It’s almost two in the morning escort bayanlar – -you should go.”

Mike nodded sleepily and clambered over Charlie. Somehow his legs and arms got entangled with her and it just happened. Somehow the head of his very erect cock was nestled between the very hot, wet and swollen lips of Charlie’s cunt. He wasn’t in her…well, he was a little. Mike felt Charlie’s hip tilt toward him, or did she just take a deep breath? He looked down at her. Charlie felt it. One second Mike was clumsily doing who knows what and the next he was in her…kind of. Charlie’s body wanted her to lock her heels around Mike’s ass and pull her hips up and just do it.

But what if Michael did it? What if he simply collapsed forward? That would drive him into her…he would be in her…he would be hers and she would be his. Charlie was surprised to find that she was ready for that…she even wanted that…just do it Mike, do it.

Mike couldn’t recall a time when he wanted to do one thing as much as he wanted to fuck Charlie at that precise moment. He could see it in her eyes, she wouldn’t tell him to do it, she wouldn’t tell him not to…it was his call, his choice.

“I love you Charlene.”

Charlene bit her lower lip in anticipation of the pain to come, ‘just be quick Mike, do it fast, like pulling off a band aid…’

Michel eased slowly back and climbed over Charlie’s legs and sat on the edge of the bed. Charlie’s eyes widen in amazement and then teared over in love. She quickly sat up and covered Michaels face with tender, passionate kisses. Sliding off the bed, she knelt before him taking his cock in her mouth. In seconds she was rewarded for her efforts as Mike came in her mouth.

Mike slowly dressed and then climbed through the window as he had for many a previous night. Charlie leaned out and kissed him again.

“Charlie. I don’t think I could do that again. I’m surprised I was able to do it, or not do it tonight. I wanted to make love to you so bad.”

“I know…I know. Can you come for dinner Friday? My parents are going to be out of town for the weekend. I want you to spend the night with me. I’m ready.”

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