Bi Bi of Friend


Summer 1977. My best friend and I, were the very best of Buddy’s, not in the way your thinking!!!! We were normal teenagers. For shear discretion I will call him G. We did the usual stuff that kids do. As we grew up and finally left school for college, none of us had anytime for girls, not in the physical way, sure we used to have wet dreams and fantasise about them. We even bought X rated films and sat in G’s bedroom watching them. I guess he was as horny as I was after, but nothing was said or done about it. He probably did the same me, get to the nearest bathroom and masturbate till you were sore.

G bought his first car, a Scoda, and this was in the days when it was not a cool car to have!!! Anyway I digress.. but as you will find out it has some significance in the very near future. It was summer and with G’s car came freedom, so we in formed our parents we were off camping, don’t no where but within hours of the decision we were on the road, as happy and excited as any young guys could get.

From home we headed south down the motorway and eventually into Cornwall. On the way we made plans to find a site, find some beer, and find some old tarts to shag.Yes we had finally talked about girls.

After a long drive, we eventually found a site and set up the small two man tent, the Off licence was easy, the old tarts were no where to be seen, but we had a good laugh and after a few beers in the pub, headed up the lane, with our cans of cider, to where we had pitched the tent. We chatted and became increasing drunk and eventually felt sleepy güvenilir bahis and stripped off and climbed into our sleeping bags. G suddenly asked out of the blue if I could itch his back, this was not a problem as we had always been close and giving each other the odd scratch was just what guys did. I rubbed his back for a short time and we talked about how good it felt. I asked him to return the favour, and he did. We carried on doing this with each other for what seemed a long time.

He must have felt like me totally relaxed but increasingly very horny. We progressed from just a quick rub at the top of our backs to taking turns pulling the sleeping bag off one another and giving each other long slow massage. We were getting bolder, the talking had stopped, I think we both knew where this was going to end up, but no words were now being spoken. I would let my hands slip down onto his bottom, and let them linger over the top of his legs; I could feel the heat from his groin. We would then swap places and he would mimic my massage, daring to go all the places I had just explored.

I was getting hot and my cock was straining in my pants. It was my turn again and asked him to turn onto to his back. It was dark and neither of us could see our raging hard-ons. There he was flat on his back with my turn to massage his body. I very slowly let my hands wander all over his upper body, then i let my hands slip down over his belly till I found the top of his pants, as i gently rubbed his belly, I let the tips of my fingers run under the top elastic of güvenilir bahis siteleri his pants till they brushed against the pubic hair. I stopped and led on my back waiting my turn. He followed the pattern perfectly finishing with his hands circling my belly, and allowing his fingers to penetrate the top my pants, this felt so good.

He led back again and we continued playing this game, where the prises were not discussed and the limits were boundless. By this time there was no pretence of massage this was our first gay or is it Bi sexual act, as we were both virgins, what did this make us? I was now going straight to his belly letting my fingers slip into his pants just far enough to feel his wiry hair, but now my hand lingered there, enjoying the moment. I pulled my hand out and let my fingers slip down over his pants, and I traced the outline of his cock, he groaned, and then spoke, the first words in what seemed like hours. ‘Do you think it’s OK for men to wank each other’, this caught me by surprise, as that’s where we were going, and to hear him say it out loud, seemed strange. I just said ‘Yes’ and without another word he sat up peeled my sleeping bag back and slowly and very gently began to mimic me. To achieve our mutual massage, we moved into a head to toe position that allowed us to play together at the same time.

I was now feeling his hard cock and gone were the light, touches, I now had my hand down his pants massaging his hot wet prick. I stopped a pulled on the sides of his pants, I could get my hands fully around his cock iddaa siteleri with pants on, he lifted his hips and allowed me to slip his pants off. He did the same to me, and there we were wanking each other, just enjoying the feeling. I do not know, how far he wanted this to go, was it just a wank? or was it more? But there was I wanking this guy with his white, glistening cock a few inches in front of my face, the smell was unbelievable, his hot precum was oozing from his slit.

With no hesitation, I moved forward and with one movement, took his steaming jizz covered cock into my mouth. I felt his body writhe and tense as I started pumping his hot meat into my mouth. He had stopped pumping me and was know pushing against my head to stop me sucking on him, I didn’t and just continued enjoying his hard cock inside me.

His hand stopped pushing me away, and relaxed, he was now back with my cock, following my mouth actions with his hand. Within a few moments, I felt his warm mouth around the head of my meat, he sucked me into him, we moved into a full 69 position with me on top, and we pumped each other, loving every moment. The pulse in my cock was hard and furious, I could feel my balls beginning to churn, I was coming, he had me deep in his mouth, I shot my load, catching him totally by surprise. He choked and moved away only to get caught, on the face, by my second spurt of hot spunk. I just fell away from him and led there for ages. I regained myself and moved back to his cock, he stopped me and just said ‘No’.

We drove home the next day in total silence; nothing was ever the same after that night. G would make excuses as to why he could not come out. We did remain friends and went to each other’s wedding years later. But we were never to share that close friendship again.

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