Subject: Big and Little Boyfriends – Chapter 5 Big and Little Boyfriends – Chapter 5 by Underjug BB/bb, con, group, oral, anal, mast, inc ********** IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH THEIR GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/ Thanks to all who email with nice things to say. I also post my stories at the AlltheFallen and 3DBoys sites. ********** “OHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!” It was the Pride Parade! Kay, well, it ALSO was a week before Pride, when we heard somebody shout that at us. Sawyer and Aiden’s friend came over to the house for our fitting. Philip was this Filipino guy from middle school who did fashion design. My brother and his boyfriend played matchmaker for Philip with this guy Andre and the two were totally in love. As a thank you for setting them up, Philip was making us all gay Marvel superhero costumes. Me and Ben had to be careful and not call Aiden and Sawyer our big boyfriends. They were just our big brothers. “OHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!” That’s how Philip went when he saw us. “Are these the little boyfriends Cole and Ben?! Omigawd, you are sooooooo adorable together! Oh! Be still my flaming heart!” Sawyer was gonna go as Hulkling and Aiden was gonna go as his husband Wiccan. So, Hulkling had this green armor padding on his arms with claws and he wore a black zippered vest and black pants and black boots. Sawyer was perfect cause Hulkling is blond and so is Sawyer. He was like, “I look so jacked.” And Wiccan wears lots of black too. But he had a short-sleeved top with steel armor on the shoulders and steel bracelets. He also had a bandana and a ripped red cape. “Fierce! You two are so black leather fierce!” went Philip. “Alright, my two little lovelies, let’s see how you look in your outfits.” I was Iceman! I kinda looked like an astronaut with stripes of white and light blue, then dark blue on the top. I had a belt with an X in the buckle. My boyfriend Aiden was Northstar. I was like, “He’s my crush!” And Philip went, “Oh no no no, sweetie, it’s the other way around.” Aiden went, “Is that what I said? No, sorry, I meant Northstar had the crush, but Iceman didn’t know about it.” “Did you hear that, Ben?” I said. “You were crushing on ME.” “These little ones are so adorable, I can’t stand it!” shouted Philip as he flipped his hands in the air. Northstar wore mostly dark blue, but he had, like, white sunbursts on the top and the side. His gloves and boots were white. We did our fitting and Philip said he’d have the costumes ready before Pride. After he left, I went, “Sawyer, how come he talks like a girl and you guys don’t?” Sawyer frowned. “I hope you’re not making fun of him.” “No, no! It’s just, I was wondering.” “Well,” explained Aiden, “there’s no one way of being gay. Some are queenier, others butcher.” “Some would say we pass. It means we could be mistaken for straight.” “Straight looking, straight acting.” “But it doesn’t mean anything. We’re all just as gay as Philip is.” “Speaking of gay,” went Aiden, “I feel like fucking my big boyfriend.” I turned to Ben. “And I feel like fucking my little boyfriend.” We all went to the pool and fucked our brains out. While the big boyfriends did it doggy style, the little boyfriends did it MMA. I liked fucking Ben with us facing each other, cause you can kiss and hold each other. It’s more specialer. “I love fucking you,” I went. “Your wiener feels so good inside my bum,” Ben sighed. Us four timed it so we all came at the same time. Course theirs was messy and ours was nice and clean. “OHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!” Kay, NOW it was the Pride Parade! Everywhere we went, all kindsa istanbul travesti gays and bis and transes and straights acted like we were celebrities. “Are you Iceman and Northstar?! I’m so gagged, you DID end up together! Can we get a picture of you?!” Me and Ben told people at first we were boyfriends. “Did you hear that, Raul? These two…How old are you, honey?” “Seven.” “These two seven-year-olds are boyfriends. Look! Look! They’re wearing promise rings! You…are…to die for!” It was fun and a bit embarrassing. People saw us holding hands and out came the phones. “Dudes, you’re totally upstaging us,” went Sawyer. “Hulkling and Wiccan! You guys, it’s the gay Marvel couple!” Aiden smirked, “That’s more like it.” The Pride Parade was soooooooooo cool! There was tons of floats with balloons and rainbows and some had what Sawyer called naked muscle boys. “No! Way! Are you Iceman?! Are you Northstar?!” Me and Ben would always smile. When we kissed, all the people around us gasped and clapped. “Iceman and Northstar are an item!” “How old are you little sweeties?” “Seven.” “Welcome to the club. May you have many years of happiness as gay boyfriends.” “And who’re you supposed to be?” “I’m Iceman.” “And I’m Northstar who had a crush on him.” “Is Iceman gay? I didn’t know that!” Sawyer was like, “I think the little boyfriends are the hit of Pride.” Floats would go by and they’d throw out candy and pins and some would squirt us with water. The drag queens were all dressed up and really funny. A bunch saw me and Ben and waved. There were even some naked people in the parade. You could see their cocks and balls and bums. Us four jumped up and ran along with the parade people. That got us even more attention. Wiccan put me on his shoulders and Hulkling put Northstar on his. The big boyfriends kissed and the little boyfriends kissed. The clapping and cheering sounded like a rock concert! “Little boyfriend,” whispered Aiden, “I can feel your hardon against my neck. Keep it down or you’re gonna get me excited. I giggled and leaned into Aiden’s ear so that nobody could see and kissed him. SECRET DECODER RING OFF: “I wanna tunnel my big boyfriend’s trunk until it makes icing.” SECRET DECODER RING ON: The little boyfriends still talked in code. What I was saying to Aiden was “I wanna suck my big boyfriend’s cock until it shoots cum.” “Maybe Wiccan will let Iceman do just that,” smiled Aiden. There were tons of people at the concert after the parade. Lots of cool music and actors and stuff. “Are you all having a Happy Pride?!” screamed a drag queen into the mic. Us four cheered with everybody else. They played electronic music and we danced like crazy. Me and Ben got real close and kissed. It was like our dance party we had during Christmas. There was bubbles even blowing into the air! The big boyfriends paired up with the little boyfriends. Aiden spun me around like we were waltzing. He even picked me up and swung me back and forth like they did in the olden days in the ’50s. People took selfies with us and smiled a bunch. Next to us this big guy and slightly smaller guy were like, “Hulkling! Wiccan! Iceman! Northstar! It’s a gay man’s dream come true!” Sawyer explained the guy was called a bear with his cub. Me and Ben giggled at the sex toys being sold at one of the tents. Sawyer bought a butt plug. Which made me and Ben laugh until we were sick. It’s such a funny word even. “Butt plug.” “Sawyer! Aiden! Little boyfriends! Omigawd! How do you like your outfits?!” It was Philip and his boyfriend Andre. We all talked and joked. But they didn’t stay too long cause they were going on a boat cruise. Pride was the most funnest day ever! But it wasn’t the end. We got back to kadıköy travesti the house and had a Marvel orgy! So, like I said, Aiden was Wiccan. Sawyer was Hulkling. Ben was Northstar. And me Cole was Iceman. Wiccan was remembering the good ole days during the Easter break when we all started to become big and little boyfriends. He said we should start off by reliving how it all happened but without the cock teasing. We went to Hulkling’s room. Him and Wiccan pulled down the front of their costumes. Everyone still left most everything on. So Hulkling was in his green armor and black vest, pants and boots. And Wiccan was in mostly black with steel armor and bandana and ripped red cape. Northstar got down on his knees in front of Hulkling. He was in mostly dark blue with white sunbursts, and in white gloves and boots. And me Iceman got down in front of Wiccan. I was in my astronaut-type costume with white and light blue stripes and dark blue on top. Us little superheroes sucked on the big superheroes’ cocks. It was pretty fun remembering how the grade twoers were allowed to suck on the grade niners and swallow precum. We weren’t even big and little boyfriends yet. Back then we only were able to fit the cockheads in our mouths during a blowjob. Wiccan and Hulkling kissed above us, while Northstar holded hands with me Iceman. I pulled off and looked up. “Say what you said before.” And I went back to sucking. The big superheroes couldn’t remember too good, so they mostly kinda guessed at it. “So nasty,” went Wiccan. “They’re doing a good job,” Hulkling said. “I wanna come in your kid brother’s mouth,” which is exactly what Wiccan said when he was just Aiden. “Northstar’s getting my load,” Hulkling said. The big superheroes laughed, which made us little superheroes also chuckle. Northstar pulled off. “That’s not what he said.” And the little superhero went back to blowing. Wiccan with his black glove and Hulkling with his green claw put their hands on the backs of Iceman and Northstar’s heads. “This is wild,” Hulkling moaned. “We both know we want it,” which is exactly what Wiccan said when he was just Aiden. “Gonna come soon,” Hulkling moaned again. “I’m about ready to shoot,” Wiccan also moaned. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” went the big superheroes. They blasted their loads down our throats. It was a fun start to the Marvel orgy! Wiccan and Hulkling made out, while Northstar and Iceman 69ed. It was awesome tasting my boyfriend’s cock in our superhero costumes. I know the story that Iceman didn’t return Northstar’s feelings for him cause he was in the closet. It’s kinda sad to think. Northstar I guess ended up with a guy named Kyle who worked for some sports company. But this was like what if Iceman didn’t date girls to cover up who he was. And instead he fell in love with Northstar and they became boyfriends and had sex. I was thinking all this while licking and sucking Northstar’s dick and lapping his balls. Us two were gonna save the world and get married and live happily ever after. And we’d blow and fuck each other while still in our superhero costumes. Cause that’s how we rolled. Suddenly, both us little superheroes felt pressure against our bums. The big superheroes had climbed up and were frotting us from behind while we were still 69ing. “Happy Pride, X-Men!” went Wiccan. “Yeah, Happy Pride, X-Men,” went Hulkling. Iceman and Northstar stopped 69ing for a sec to go, “Happy Pride, Young Avengers!” The little superheroes dry comed as the big superheroes shot their loads on our bare bums. We stopped to clean up a bit and eat dinner. Wiccan and Hulkling admitted they had the munchies cause they’d smoked up. That sure explained why they were more gigglier than usual! Iceman and bakırköy travesti Northstar scolded the big superheroes for doing drugs. But when Wiccan fixed up a real nice Italian dish, us little superheroes realized we really couldn’t complain. And anyway, said the big superheroes, they were only doing it for Pride. Except they still had half a joint and headed out by the pool to finish smoking it. It was still technically Pride, they said. Iceman and Northstar told Wiccan and Hulkling their breaths stunk and made them brush their teeth. Us superheroes all gathered together in my room. Wiccan was French kissing me Iceman, while Hulkling was rimming and jacking off Northstar. The big superheroes smiled a lot and rubbed and sucked on their nipples and French kissed, too. Then Wiccan put Northstar’s hand on his dick and started making him jerk it. Both Iceman and Northstar were, like, whoa, cause this meant Ben was giving a handjob to his own big brother! Suddenly, Hulkling kneeled down and was sort of rubbing his face into Iceman’s crotch. I nodded to Ben to show him that my big brother had my wiener all over his cheek and chin. It felt real, real good, so we didn’t bring up the whole scolding we got about incest after we sucked off our big brothers. Wiccan kissed Northstar on the lips without tongues and rubbed his bum. And Hulkling started blowing Iceman. I could see my little boyfriend wasn’t sure about making out with his big brother and jacking him off. But he went along with it. Me, I got a different feeling from the way my own big brother was sucking my wiener. He did this cool thing with his tongue, which lightly lapped my balls as he blew me. It was different and made it all feel good. “Whoa, I’m so fuckin’ high,” went Wiccan. And Hulkling was like, “That weed, dude. Toasty.” Then the big superheroes went back to sex with their regular little superheroes as if the incest never even happened. Northstar looked at Iceman like WHA? and us two kissed all romantic. “How come it’s okay when they do stuff to us?” whispered Northstar. “And when we do it to them we get sent to our room?” whispered Iceman. “It was weird seeing your big brother blow you,” whispered Northstar. “I thought your big brother was gonna shoot all over your costume the way he was getting you to jack him off,” whispered Iceman. Hulkling was like, “What’re you little superheroes whispering about?” “Noth-innnnnngggggg,” us both answered. Wiccan took over blowing Iceman until I dry comed. While Hulkling fucked and jacked Northstar until he dry comed, too. At least the orgy was all going back to normal! But now that the little superheroes were taken care of, the horny big superheroes were wanting to get theirselves off. Wiccan pushed Iceman onto the bed and did Monster Mash. Frotting my face with his cock. On the floor, Hulkling got Northstar to lick his taint while he laid on his back jacking off. This was Kitty Catting. Wiccan gave Iceman a facial, splattering my cheeks and forehead with cum so that it looked like I had an ice coating on my face. Hulkling shot his load on his bare tummy and got Northstar to lick it all up. After it was over, all us superheroes took off our costumes and cuddled together nakey-nakeys. We were kinda back to being ourselfs. Aiden got us Jell-O and whip cream. We fed each other it. The big brothers switched to slower dance music and Aiden called it our recovery party. That’s a word they use for the party after the main party during Pride. It was nice and relaxing being all cuddled up together. “That was such an intense Pride,” sighed Sawyer. Ben went, “Thank you for taking us, you guys.” “Yeah,” I agreed. “It sure was nice of you to let us be with you.” “Dudes,” smiled Aiden, “it was our pleasure.” Sawyer said like Towelie the talking towel, “You wanna get high?” Us four all laughed. “Pride, dudes!” shouted Aiden. “Happy Pride!” we all said to one another. What an awesome day it was! And we still had tons more summer to go!

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