BJ in a Slip…

Big Tits

This should be a journal entry but I am placing it erotica bc it’s from a few years ago.

I am definitely bi, but prefer women; however, in saying that I have given a couple of bj’s to guys and on one occasion I was wearing a bra and slip.

The very first bj I ever gave was to a guy I met online (it was behind a church; yep, that actually happened and we both really liked the idea).

I was so nervous. He was too. Neither of us had never done anything like that before and were both taking a huge step in trying this very new thing – giving a bj to someone.

Seriously, I actually couldnt wait.

But I let him go down on me first. I really think he wanted to go down first because he had been wanting to try it out for longer than me. So I let him go first.

We both pulled our pants down, still wearing our shirts. It was late fall, but it was a fairly warm evening. Still it was about 9 pm at night and the street lights were on and traffic was driving past. If anyone slowed down enough, they would have seen us on the church steps doing the naughty together.

Anyway, I remember stroking him slowly at the same time he was going down on me. By the way, we were both 18 and 19. I was 19, he was 18.

He very quickly produced precum and well, for me, there isnt anything more exciting than feeling that between my fingers. bahis siteleri I really like feeling and tasting my own precum. I took my fingers with his precum on then and I stuck them in my mouth and when he saw me do that he gave my penis a little squeeze.

Long story short. We both had a go, and although neither of us were at the point of receiving cum in the mouth (being our first time and all) it was my and his very first time giving a bj to someone and I will never forget it.

We both sucked and stroked each other, and ultimately he got me to cum by jerking me off and sucking. When I shot my cum, he was stroking my penis so nicely it was as if we had been doing it for years. After I finished cumming, he did go down on me again to taste the cum that was on my penis and he did suck my penis a bot more and I am sure there were a few dribbles left that he did swallow. I am sure he had the last few drops of my cum in his mouth.

Then, I got him to cum by sucking, but I pulled him out of my mouth at the last second. I could tell when he was about to cum.

I had to think real fast if I wanted to keep going and risk having a mouth full of his cum (as much as I wanted that before, I was really scared and worried I wouldnt like the taste of it).

I could feel it all happen. His penis swelled slightly bigger in my mouth as he was about canlı bahis siteleri to cum. He also was moaning and kind of panting too which helped me time things too.

I decided to pull his penis out of my mouth at the last second. He did manage to shoot some of his cum on my cheek. I wasnt fast enough to get out of the way – that was so amazing!!! Seriously, having him cum on my face a little bit was so sensual!

I smiled for the rest of the night – I didn’t remove the cum on my cheek until I had a shower the next morning.

Both he and I would meet and do the same thing so many more times I couldnt count. We didnt kiss the first time, but the second time, we kissed passionately and that was so amazing too.

The time I did it with someone else.

I did it in a bra and slip. That was mind blowing.

Oddly enough, it was with his dad (and yes he knew) and I was wearing his wife’s bra and slip.Super long story! I am not likely to tell that one.

Mind blowing for both him and me.

I loved the older man factor. Still do. It’s so amazing helping an older man cum especially when he is secretly bi and his wife doesnt know. That was such a thrill for both of us.

I really loved how it felt when he ran his hands over my chest, as if I were his wife and he were rubbing her breasts. Oh my god that was so amazing!

When canlı bahis I was sucking him, he reached down and was slowly caressing my chest and the feeling of his manly hands on my chest, and the smoothness of the slip and the bumpiness of the bra underneath, I almost began to cum knowing I was wearing his wife’s bra and slip. I really truly felt so much like his wife; a woman; his woman; all his! I was totally mesmerized by the whole thing.

By the way, this was the first time he had ever done anything like this too.

He was actually the second guy I sucked (his son being the first – long story, and no they didn’t; I was the only one that was with each of them separately).

Anyway, this time sucking a guy off, I was really game to swallow, but could only let him blow in my mouth, but I just couldnt swallow it. I wanted to but just couldnt.

I let his cum run back out of my mouth and down the shaft of his penis. I did swallow the remnants of his cum that was in my mouth.

I did feel odd having cum in my mouth the first time.

It was kind of slimy, and smelled a bit like dough. It was also kind of salty too.

I did move my tongue around my mouth to feel the cum in my mouth – what little was left there.

He actually kissed me after too which was so crazy hot knowing he was kissing me and he could taste his own cum from my mouth.

He and I continued seeing each other for over a year.

He even had me wear his wife’s lipstick too.

I have to say, I think I fell in love, but it just couldn’t be a forever thing.

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