Black Man’s Anal Adventure


In my sincere opinion, everyone likes booty sex. There is something forbidden about it which attracts people like crazy. don’t ask me why. The name is Alfredo and this story is about my first introduction to the world of booty sex. I was nineteen at the time, just a young black man doing some experimenting in his college days, and it was a lot of fun. Definitely something I would recommend everyone to try at least once in their lifetime.

I was seeing this chick named Nicole Santos and things weren’t going too well. Nicole was one of those tall, good-looking black college women who think they’re all that. I’ve run into so many of them that I should have known better but I guess I fell for it this time. Nicole was fine-looking but in the end, she turned out to be a really obnoxious bitch. All females have a bitch streak but Nicole’s bitch streak must have been on steroids or something, you know?

Anyway, I got the good sense to dump her after she took me to an expensive restaurant and insisted that I paid. I’m a young brother attending a state college on scholarship. I work for a living. I am not anyone’s idea of a rich man and the kind of place she took me to is one of those spots where you’re required to wear a suit and tie. I had enough of Nicole, her snotty friends and their rich parents. I dumped almanbahis the bitch right then and there. Best thing I did all week.

I went back to my old digs, you know. I started hanging out with my boys more and more. The boys in question are my crew. Jose is a Latin player who goes to community college and wants to become a policeman someday, like his daddy. Michael is a third-generation fireman and Kyle is a perpetually angry black man trying to break into the world of high-rolling professional poker players. He’s a Biology major at the same college I attend. Yeah, those are my friends. I’ve known these guys since high school. We were cool. This week, though, we had someone else with us. Kyle’s sister Nadine was visiting.

Nadine was a tall, chubby young woman with a pretty face, nice rack and large, round booty. Her skin was jet-black, so much darker than my caramel tone. Normally, I don’t really like big girls but there was something about the way she moved. I don’t know. We went to a club and basically, Kyle forced me to play the role of chaperone. I so did not want this! Why in hell would I want to chaperone a grown woman? Besides, wasn’t she Kyle’s older sister? Oh, well. I watched Nadine dance with some fellows at the club and man, she was alright!

I began flirting with her heavily. almanbahis yeni giriş Would you believe that we ended up in her bed together that night? Yeah, that was my first time with a thick girl. A night later, we repeated the experience. With a twist. Nadine told me that she had a special little kink that she wanted to try. I was all for it. When she told me, I began to have my doubts. The chick whipped out a strap on dildo, damn it!

I’ve been known to try some kinky things but that did not sit right with me. Nadine told me that if I let her fuck my ass, she’d let me fuck hers. I hesitated. I always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass, to tell you the truth. I made her swear not to divulge this to anyone, then we got busy. First, Nadine sucked my cock and licked my balls. Then, she fingered my asshole and applied some lube on it.

When I was ready, she rubbed the dildo against my asshole, and pushed. Shoot, that stuff hurt. Nadine worked the dildo into me, and her plastic penis went up my ass. Man, if anyone had ever told me that I’d let a fat black woman fuck me with a dildo, I’d be pissed and punch any bastard or bitch stupid enough to say this. And now, I was getting fucked. Isn’t life funny? I stroked my cock as Nadine fucked me with her dildo. We went at it for some time, then she pulled almanbahis giriş out.

I took a moment to recuperate, then I was ready to return the favor, if favor is what you would call this. Nadine looked at my long and thick, uncircumcised black dick, and smiled. Quickly, she got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open. I pressed my cock against her butt hole, and pushed. Oh, sweet heaven! The feeling of this fat black girl’s asshole around my cock was heavenly!

I pumped my cock into Nadine’s butt hole, shoving it hard and deep. Her big and sexy plump butt jiggled as I fucked her. This chick was no stranger to anal sex. I thrust into her with all of my might, and finally got an agonized howl out of her. I laughed. That’s for the dildo sex thing, bitch! I fucked her hard, shoving my dick where the sun didn’t shine, and finally, as I was about to cum, I felt a puff of air against my cock. Nadine gasped an apology. I laughed and smacked her ass. This bitch farted as I was fucking her in the ass! Damn! Moments later, I blasted her, filling her asshole with my hot cum.

Nadine and I woke up the next morning, and we didn’t say anything to each other. Time went by fast, and she left the city. Once again, I was with my crew and we were out there, doing our thing. Kyle never found out what happened between me and his sister that night and I’m glad. Hey, it was an eye-opener but as a professional black man, I’ve got an image to maintain so I can’t be doing that kind of weird stuff. People would talk, man. Anyhow, see you around.

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