Blood and Love Ch. 13


Chapter 13

Evan’s Story V

“And that is why I ain’t affected by the sun.” I beamed at the awe on Sean’s face. A streak of sunlight sneaked from among the branches and hit his wide eyes sharpening the blue in them. The sparkling eyes kept me captivated, little registering Sean’s digestion of what I had just told him.

“So, you’re saying that your vampire blood provides you immunity from the sun. That’s so confusing. All this while I thought the vampires couldn’t walk in the sun.”

“Yeah, but those are the vampires who don’t have the blood of the Sanguinatus. Those who were turned by the Sanguinatus can walk in the sun. Apparently, there is some witchcraft involved, but that happened like centuries ago. Even before we were around. The Sanguinatus’ blood provides protection from the sun. ”

Sean nodded, trying to understand whatever I had told him. Seriously, he was a huge question-bag and I was more than willing to answer all his questions, rather than keeping secrets and risk losing him once again.

“So, these Sanguinatus guys, are they like the oldest ones? As in your, well, ancestors kinda stuff?”

“Yes and No. Well, there are two bloodlines or clans- The Sanguinatus and the Noctimonstra. The story of origin goes way back to 666 AD. I ain’t familiar with it. I’m kinda too young to be knowing. Just 432 years old you know.”

I grinned at him. He raised his eye-brows and I continued.

“Yeah, so the two bloodlines originated from Mortui Viventrant, the ruler of western Romania, the region of the deadly cold, Transylvania.”

“Oh! Oh! Count Dracula is from Transylvania! Isn’t he? Isn’t he?” Sean raised his hand, jumping like a student in thrill and excitement.

“Can we keep fiction out of this? So, Mortui had two sons, Sanguine and Noctus. During an invasion of the Slaves in 666 AD, when defeat was near, Mortui had performed a ritual. He made a pact with Lucifer. However, tricky and equivocating that the Devil is, something went wrong and his sons turned into vampires. Sanguine beget the Sanguinatus who could walk about in the sun while güvenilir bahis Noctus beget the Noctimonstra who were the night monsters. Both were vampires with the latter being more powerful. Noctus didn’t tolerate the injustice and killed his father and the witch who performed the ritual. Thus began the feud between the two bloodlines, which exists to this day.”

If possible, Sean’s wide eyes had widened in awe and thrill. He was astounded by everything I had told him. I didn’t know the details but the general story that all vampires had heard of. No one knew the exact nature of the rivalry.

“Sibling rivalry. That’s like everywhere in history. Brothers really don’t get along. Anyway, so Dan and you are Sanguinatus?”

“Yeah, we are the Sanguinatus.”

“But, how were you turned?”

“Well, that’s a long story. Tell you some other day, ok?”

Sean pouted but then smile and put his arms around me. Smiling and looking into my eyes he spoke.

“I see you so differently now. But, it’s kinda cool. A vampire boyfriend! Yeah, man!”

I laughed and softly pulled him for a deep kiss. Another streak of light made its way through the thick foliage and hit us. A soothing breeze made its way through the area, making its way through his hair and lifting it lightly. It was perfect.

“Ahem? Can’t get enough of each other?”

We started and turned to find Daniel leaning against a tree looking at us, a sly smile playing on his lips.

“No, we can’t.” The usually timid Sean retorted and pulled me back for another, more passionate kiss. I guessed he was putting up a show for Dan there.

“Whatever, just letting you lovie-dovies know that Sean you are supposed to be at home for helping Amanda with the cleaning.”

“Crap! I forgot all about that. I better get going. Will catch ya later, honey.” With a light kiss he walked towards his car and drove off.

“You told him about the Sanguinatus and Noctimonstra. Did you tell him about the tip we got that the Noctimonstra are looking for him?”

I looked into Daniel’s serious face remembering the conversation with Emily.

“No, güvenilir bahis siteleri I didn’t tell him that. There was no point scaring him. We still don’t know why they want him. Plus, the town is well-protected. The witch is doing her job well saving him. Nothing happened to him in spite of Ruth’s bite, remember.”

“And did you wonder why Ruth was here in the first place? Why did he attack Sean? Surely, someone knows Sean is here and wants him dead.”

“I dunno Dan. Noctimonstra want Sean for a reason, we don’t know. Sanguinatus want him dead so that they don’t get him. But, I fought with them and they allowed me to guard him and keep him away from the Noctimonstra. If I fail that condition Sanguinatus will kill him or the Noctimonstra will capture him. Gawd!!!”

I groaned and stamped my feet in frustration. Dan put his hand on my shoulder and tried to comfort me.

“Relax, brother. No point getting worked up. Sean’s is very safe right now and we don’t need to worry. Ruth is dead, the witch is working well and Sean trusts you. Things are in control All we have to do is be alert for any suspicious activity.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I smiled and hugged him.


“So when do you drink blood? Like every meal of the day?” Sean shot another question at me as he cut his steak.

“Huh?” I looked up at him surprised. “How many more questions do you have?”

He smiled. “I can’t help it. My boyfriend is so mysterious and intriguing.”

I rolled my eyes at him as he burst into laughter.

“I drink blood twice a week. Sanguinatus don’t kill people for blood. We drink the required quantity and then wipe the person’s memory. The Noctimonstra are the night predators. They kill and drink brutally.”

“Thank god, these night guys have this sun-allergy! So, you can wipe memories?” He laid his fork and leaned in.

“Not just wipe, I can read minds and control your actions. I can hypnotize you to do things for me.”

He smiled and looked into my eyes. “Well, then read what’s in my mind?”

I smiled and fixed my eyes into his blue ones. The moment I iddaa siteleri saw what he intended me to I started and pulled back. Satisfied and smiling. Sean went back to eating his steak.

“You are so dead for this! I hate you!”

He smiled seductively. “Isn’t that what you want?” With that he licked his lips reminding me of a very graphic image of his mind exciting me further.

“Enough, okay!” I jerked my head trying to get the picture and the feelings out of my head. “Let’s eat.”

“Eat? Don’t you wanna drink my…”

“EAT!” I cut across him and he laughed heartily.

“Anyway, a question has been bugging me. Why did Ruth attack me?”

I took the cup and drank the water. After a minute or so I answered.

“Honestly, I don’t know Sean. Maybe, because he and Dan had a fight the other night over the killings. And he was a Noctimonstra, if that explains.”

“Weird. If the brothers didn’t get along, how do the younger vampires interact?”

“The rivalry existing between the bloodlines isn’t binding on socialising. The two bloodlines socialize, the rivalry happens under the covers. We killed Ruth, but no one knows about it. And everyone’s happy. No one wants a full- fledged war. That would mean the end of the bloodlines. They are more powerful but we have the Sun. With even things, the war would mean annihilation.”

“Oh-kay. That’s interesting. So as long as this balance remains, everyone’s happy.”

“Yeah. And now eat! No more vampire questions. You’ve asked enough.”

Sean smiled and nodded. “I know all that I want to. This is so exciting! I still can’t believe you sang for me!” He smiled teasingly. He had been mocking me for ages now.

“Sean Geller! I can kill you right now for mocking me!”

He laughed and leaned in, kissing me softly on the lips. “I love you.”

I looked at him with dreaming eyes. “I love you too.”


The man in the shadows looked across the street through the restaurant’s glass. The vampire sat there dining with his lover. That had to be the guy He had said. This wasn’t the time to do the job. He would wait till the boy was alone. A loud horning bus went rattling by. Silence restored itself on the desolate street. Only this time, the man in the shadows was gone.


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