Bottoming with My Professor Pt. 02


This never happened, nor will it. Ever. Names and locations changed.


It’s been years since I graduated from tech school and now I live alone in the city. I think back to my time in school and inevitably I remember Professor Geladas and that night we had together. There was just something about men like him and Fred Vargas who were superior to me intellectually and (in Fred’s case) physically that brought out my inner submissive role…and that deep dark NEED to be dominated that came with it.

The years had gone by and I had done alright for myself with girlfriends and true independence, but now that NEED had returned and I had been laying in bed for many nights remembering my experiences with those two men.

They alone had been allowed to get so close to me that they were actually inside me, and I embraced the initial violation as intimate penetration. They were a part of me forever and remembering that fact was stirring the flames of my NEED.

Fred and I had a falling out due to another misunderstanding on his part, so he wasn’t an option as far as communication was concerned, but Professor Geladas was still teaching at my old college and I hadn’t seen him since I graduated. I was sure he kept his promise to keep our experience together a secret because he was honorable, professional, and an intellectual.

Besides, we had a good time together and I was sure his memory of it was as pleasant as mine was. So, I decided to make a plan to visit the old campus and try to reconnect with him and hopefully have another intimate experience with him. The only way that I could see him was by going during school hours which meant getting up alittle earlier and taking the train up there before going to work. I got to campus and was lucky enough to arrive when he was in his office, so I knocked and when he said “come in” I did and he looked at me quizzically for a second before recognizing me and smiling, telling me to sit down.

When I did, he asked me what brought me back to my “old alma mater” and after some brief chitchat about work, I looked at him and asked him if he still liked playing pool on weekends. He raised his eyebrows and looked around before chuckling and nodding and then said “am I being asked out on a date by an old student???”

I just rolled my eyes and said “I don’t go on dates with men, professor” which got him laughing again but he said that this weekend he could make some time to spend with me “in whatever capacity”.

I told him that I lived in the city now also, and he seemed pleasantly surprised by that. He responded by saying how convenient city living was for us. We didn’t live near each other though, so one of us would have to visit the other.

He mentioned that the last time we “met up”, it was in his neighborhood, The West Village, and then his apartment. So, he suggested a change of scenery in that I should host him this time around. I agreed and we settled on that Saturday night at 9pm.

I gave him my address and told him that we could have a late dinner and then go out for a few drinks or something to which he chuckled knowingly and told me he would see me then. Then I left for work and that was that until Saturday evening.

I had cleaned up and straightened out my apartment as best as I could and when he did ring the bell at exactly 9, he entered my apartment and nodded, saying that it was a typical bachelor pad but that the neighborhood was very nice.

We then went out to eat at the French restaurant on 2nd Ave and had our drinks there since the bars were crawling with young people. After a few glasses of wine and a couple of Jameson’s, I began to feel very relaxed and we had long conversations about everything from music to movies, but the main topic which we were both thinking about remained unspoken.

Eventually he looked at his watch and said that it was 10:30 and time to leave, so I got the check and insisted on paying since he was in my neighborhood this time, and when we left, he asked me what was next. I was feeling warm and confident from the alcohol so I said “don’t act like you don’t know” and smirked, motioning towards my building.

Then I asked him if he was game to continue our evening upstairs to which he just chuckled and replied that I was twisting his arm but that I had convinced him, so we strolled to my building. When we got to my door, he put his hand on my back as I unlocked the door and then moved it down to my ass when we walked in.

I was feeling extremely horny from the NEED and I guess the alcohol had lowered my inhibitions to the point where nothing mattered anymore except submitting to him in every way that I could. We began walking towards the bedroom and we got there, we began pulling each other’s clothes off without a word until we were both naked in front of each other.

I smelled his manly odor which normally turned me off but I was too far gone by this point. He then gently grabbed my penis and began stroking it and his bahis siteleri warm damp man hand felt huge and different from the small delicate hands of a woman. It took me by surprise, but I just held my breath and let it happen, because what was about to happen would make his fondling seem like a game of patty-cake in comparison.

Just as I was beginning to grow an erection, he pulled me close to him and moved both hands to my asscheeks. He pulled my hips close to his so that my erection pressed against his belly and I could feel his own erection poking against my balls.

This kinda made me feel somewhat uncomfortable because we were now in such close SENSUAL proximity, which threatened the boundaries that I had made for myself. However, when he began working his fingers into my asscrack and massaging my asshole, rubbing it with the pad of his finger, I found myself undulating slightly to show my desire and even panting a bit.

I had to put my arms around his shoulders, basically hugging him, which made me feel so unmanly and my alarms were going wild in my head. Suddenly I was the girl being groped and fondled while pressed close to my man, but I also knew that it was just preparation for what I really wanted; his cock up my ass.

I guess he felt my hardon poking his gut because he wasted no time in grabbing my shoulders and turning me around to lean against my bed. He kept pushing my chest forward until it was flat against the mattress and my knees were bent together because even though my mattress was high up on risers, I still wasn’t flexible enough to bend entirely forward at the waist without bending my knees also.

He got behind me and squatted down, and I felt his warm hands part my cheeks. Then I felt his warm breath against my asshole for a second before the cool pleasant tickling of his wet tongue poking around and against it. I exhaled deeply and swayed my hips to show him my pleasure but I briefly worried that I might not be entirely clean back there, but his tongue burrowing into the wrinkles of my anal orifice convinced me that either I was clean or more likely that he didn’t care.

It felt so fluttery soft and little jolts of pure pleasure kept emanating from my asshole as he licked and poked it with his pulpy tongue. I could hear the moist sounds and the breathing from his nose as he licked my ass, and when he pulled back it felt soaking wet and cool from the air even though it was warm in the room.

He breathlessly asked me if I had any lube so I just pointed to the top drawer of the dresser. He stood and opened it and after a second of rummaging quietly exclaimed “Astroglide! Old reliable..not bad!”

He asked if I had a condom but I was blinded by lustful desire and figured that because he was such a responsible person, I wouldn’t have any reason to worry about catching anything from him. I said “I trust you, Professor Geladas…now hurry up and fuck me!” He hesitated but then said “hmm it’s true, I haven’t been sexually active in quite some time…and I always used protection…and there is a pretty slim chance of catching anything from you…sooo…ok!!…and since you’re DEMANDING me now…”

He popped open the lube and stood behind me while I was still in the same position. Then with one thumb and forefinger he spread my cheeks a bit to expose my spit-shined anus, and poured a few drops of lube onto it which felt cool as it spread into the puckered tissues and gathered in the pit of the hole.

I involuntarily clenched for a second which made some of it run down over my balls. Then I felt the pad of his finger press against my lubricated entrance and I stiffened slightly as I felt it sink in to the first knuckle.

I had my hands up in front of my head and I reflexively gripped the sheets as I adjusted to his hard finger slowly worming it’s way up my asshole, until I felt his hand pressing against me and I felt the tip of his finger wriggling inside my rectum.

He began to pull it in and out while twisting it to loosen me up and it burned because his finger wasn’t as soft and smooth as his tongue or penis, so I grimaced and fidgeted slightly from the discomfort.

He noticed and asked in a quiet voice “are you ok? Is this too much too quickly for you?” So I grunted “no keep’s loosening up and relaxing..” Sure enough, his finger began sliding in and out more easily, and then when he put in a second finger, I gasped and yipped because he started massaging the walls of my anal canal which worked them open.

Right before he pulled his fingers out, he pushed down one last time which had the dual effect of dilating my anus as well as stimulating my prostate. I gasped, raised my head, looked back and said breathlessly “I think I’m ready now, Professor” to which he nodded and said “yes I concur.”

He ran his lubed fingers up and down my asscrack one more time for good measure and I swayed my hips from side to side in anticipation and to entice him which elicited a sigh and a soft canlı bahis siteleri chuckle from him. I heard the moist sounds of his hand slathering his erection with lube and I raised up on my elbows so I could watch him.

When he was ready, he nodded at me to turn back around and the fact that he was about to mount me to fuck me in the ass got my stomach all fluttery with lustful submissive arousal. I coyly glanced at him from over my shoulder and slapped my asscheek before spreading them and beckoning him by waving my hips and arching my back, presenting him with my asshole as the target for him aim for.

He chuckled and muttered “you’re as straight as cooked spaghetti!” Then he stepped up to mount my ass.

I planted the balls of my feet on the floor close together because it felt more naughty to stand that way, and I held my cheeks apart with my hands.

He steadied himself and muttered “hold still now..” and I felt him nestle the head of his penis against my asshole which clenched reflexively at first, but I used the old trick of pushing out against his inward pressure.

After a couple of seconds he was able to press the head in past the outer orifice and up against the inner ring of my anal canal. His hand rested firmly just below the small of my back and he said “ok ok here it comes..” and then he pushed slowly but firmly inward until he slipped past the weak resistance of my anus and I gasped and yelped softly, stiffening while unconsciously biting the sheets as his cock finally slid into my rectum.

“There we go..” he murmured as he kept pushing in until my fingers touched his thighs, and then he withdrew partially only to slowly drive back in and begin thrusting at a gentle pace.

I groaned “ohhh YESSSS professor!!…I’ve been waiting for this ALL NIGHT!!…oohhhh…” and raised up onto my elbows, letting my head bob up and down as I got pushed back and forth.

I tried to keep my back arched just to make my small ass and narrow hips appear just alittle more enticing to him, while I kept panting and groaning and every so often uttering “oh god yes this feels so good…oh yeah keep fucking my ass, Professor I love it… I LOVE getting fucked in the ass..”

He just kept his grip on my hips and concentrated on watching his glistening penis sliding in and out of my moist asshole, not saying a word or making a sound other than that nose breathing that he does.

I noticed that his cock felt different without the condom, warmer and more natural, and I could feel the rim of his glans sliding in and out of my anal canal. It felt so good, the way it was meant to feel.

After a minute or two of this, he plunged in as deeply as he could until I felt my cheeks nestled against the hair of his warm crotch and his belly hanging over the top of them. He slowly ground against my ass as I gasped, whimpered, and straightened my back in response to being impaled so deeply.

He then pulled back and began fucking my ass hard and fast and he muttered through clenched teeth “for a straight guy, you seem to really like getting fucked in the ass don’t you?”

I just groaned and managed to blurt out “…YES…yes I do, Professor…ooohhhh yessss…” and as I felt his fingers dig into my hips, I grabbed the sheets in my fists and gritted my teeth from the intensity as he had his way with my ass. I also felt the flush of perspiration beginning to form on my body from the sheer intensity and concentration.

He was sweating too since I felt drops on my lower back and cheeks which was only natural since he was doing all the work. I bounced back and forth and felt my asscheeks bumping against his warm damp groin, but since my ass is small, it didn’t make the usual loud slapping sounds like when I was fucking a girl doggystyle, just a slight tapping.

He was still pounding my ass hard though, and at one point I raised up to almost standing but with my back arched and my hips thrust out and he just kept fucking me standing up.

I planted my hands on the edge of the bed and kept my back arched while keeping in sync with his thrusts, and in this position my asscheeks slapped against his pummeling groin.

I looked over my shoulder and panted with his thrusts as he continued fucking my ass rapidly, and I urged him on “yeah Professor…ohhh yeah keep fucking my ass…FUCK my ass, Professor Geladas…YES TAKE my ass…”

Then he began to slow down and after a couple of hard rams that jolted me forward and made me gasp and yelp, he pulled out, wiped the sweat off his brow and said “you’ll have to forgive me, I’m not a young man like you anymore..I need a breather!!”

I reached around and touched my soft relaxed asshole while he caught his breath which took about thirty seconds, stroking his penis the whole time to stay hard. Then he gave my ass a light smack and told me to turn around.

I turned to face him and he told me to lay on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed. I knew what he was instructing canlı bahis me to do so I did as I was told, put a pillow under my head so I could watch, and raised my feet into the air and held the backs of my thighs to my chest so that my waiting asshole was raised and aligned with his cock head.

He stepped right up and pressed it against my soft anus, and it slipped right in with very little resistance until his pubes were tickling the spot under my balls. The angle of penetration felt very different from before, almost like a brand new experience.

He pressed down on the backs of my thighs with his hands for leverage and planted his feet to begin thrusting again. I felt like such a girl laying on my back being fucked by an older man with a superior intellect, and all I could do was embrace the submissive feelings because they aroused me just the way being fucked in the ass by this man felt so good physically.

I tried to watch his cock plunging in and out of my asshole, but his gut protruded almost over my balls so I couldn’t see anything. I decided to lean my head back, close my eyes and just enjoy the sensation, and I moaned softly in pleasure as the room filled with the sounds of two men having sex; that soft low pitched moaning and grunting and heavy breathing.

Now I was pushed back and forth a couple of inches on the bed each time his cock slid in and out of my rectum. I saw sweat dripping off the top of his nose only to splash onto my balls, while his body shimmered with sweat. It smelled like a men’s locker room in my bedroom, but with the subtle hint of sex as well.

At one point, he took my calves and brought them up to his shoulders and held my thighs while he continued prodding in and out of my ass, and I could only pant and gasp in response to the incredible fucking that he was giving me. I kept my eyes closed and my head off to the side because I didn’t really want to meet his gaze, I think it was because staring into each other’s eyes reminded me too much of lovemaking, and we certainly were NOT making love.

My asshole felt moist and loose which made sense since he was churning in and out of it so easily. I could feel my sphincter sliding up and down his shaft like a cuff that’s was only slightly tighter than the pocket of my rectum.

My own penis wasn’t very hard, but that was only because of the intense sensations coming from my anus and rectum, it was oozing precum all over my stomach.

Then he pulled back out again and I felt my empty asshole gape open for a second before squeezing shut. He muttered for me to move back on the bed, then he climbed on, planted his knees, and lifted my legs to his shoulders. My ass rose up to meet his cockhead again which he promptly slid back up my hole and made me exhale deeply and lick my lips, savoring the sensation of his cock filling my bowels again.

He started moving his hips back and forth but then tried leaning forward to get his hands on the mattress, but I was being folded in half. I was nowhere near limber enough for that, so he reached over, grabbed another pillow, and stuffed it under my hips to raise me up because he himself lacked the flexibility to spread his knees sufficiently to get down low enough and penetrate me without my ass being raised up a little.

He was supporting his weight with his hands on the bed on either sides of my arms, and his gut rested on mine which was alittle stifling but it also made me feel submissive so I endured it. I didn’t know where to put my hands so I just gripped his forearms and then we got into a rhythm.

It was slightly awkward at first because our faces were inches from each other’s and it wasn’t like we were a couple or anything like that. He was perceptive enough to realize this and just kept his eyes closed, fiercely concentrating on the pleasure that my asshole was providing for him, so that the lustful passion was maintained without any awkward feelings interfering with the experience.

We were both breathing heavily, him through his nose and me through my mouth as his body bounced off of mine. We had been going at it for a good fifteen to twenty minutes and he was pouring sweat. It and seemed like he was becoming exhausted so I breathlessly uttered “you can cum in my ass, Professor”.

He just nodded and continued thrusting into my soft squishy asshole until his movements become halted, his body trembled, and he held his breath for a second. Then he burst out in a grunting moan and his penis throbbed while buried up my ass and I imagined his cum squirting into the depths of my rectum.

The thought of it made me slightly uncomfortable but that initial anxiety passed quickly. He then pulled out, which resulted in his gooey cum spurting noisily out of my anus along with some trapped air.

Professor Geladas laid on his back next to me trying to catch his breath, then said “my GOD, man…I haven’t had sex like that in decades!!” I laid there next to him staring up at the ceiling and wrestling with my emotions since the NEED had passed and I was back to myself again.

Now I had my old Professor who just finished sodomizing me, with his cum now oozing out of my asshole, laying naked next to me in my bed.

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