Subject: Boys by the Sea: Chapter 9 Hey everyone! If you love all of the fun and sexy content on Nifty, please lend your support by sending a donation. This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to incidents or people, alive or dead, is purely coincidental. This story contains depictions of adult-minor family members engaging in sex. If you are a minor or you are offended by material such as this, please refrain from reading any further. Author’s note: This chapter is a continuation of chapter eight. *************** Sitting quietly in his seat on the bleachers, Troy watched with intent as his son, Brody, practiced with his soccer team out on the field. Being the proud dad of a talented, 12 year old athlete, he enjoyed watching his boy stand out from the rest of the others by showcasing his well honed soccer playing skills. And though his uniform somewhat hid his physique, Troy couldn’t help but notice the muscles in Brody’s legs, flexing as he ran. Troy suddenly found it difficult not to touch his cock as he watched his son play on the field. From the corner of his eye, Troy recognized the slender, red haired woman around his age take a seat just a few feet away from him. “Hey Troy, how are you?” “Hi Chelsea. I’m doing well. How bout yourself?” Chelsea was the mother of one of Brody’s teammates. Though Troy thought she was a nice enough person, he also knew that she was a tremendous gossip. This made him want to mess with her every now and then. “So Troy, are you seeing anyone these days?” Wanting to tell Chelsea to mind her own business, Troy decided to bite his tongue and have a little fun. “As a matter of fact, Chels, I am seeing someone…my brother.” Chelsea’s mouth fell open slightly, right before she burst out laughing. “Oh Troy, you’re a stitch!” Smiling devilishly, Troy left Chelsea on the bleachers when he heard the referees whistle blow. Seeing his son come running toward him off the field, Troy opened up his arms. “Geezuz dad, I can’t hug you here! The guys are watching.” Brody lifted his hand, motioning for his father to fist bump him instead. Troy nodded as he obliged his son. “Hey dad, can we go back to the hotel and order room service? I’m starving!” Said Brody. “I thought you were gonna have dinner with Tyler and his parents.” “Naw. I think I’d rather just hang out with you. Is that cool?” Troy smiled. Suddenly he felt flattered that his son wanted to spend time with him. “Of course that’s cool. I’d love that, bud.” Troy put his arm around Brody’s shoulder. “Dad!” Complained Brody. Troy removed his hand, putting them up before placing them back down at his side. He continued to walk next to Brody, making sure that his son’s machismo was still intact. *************** Back at the hotel, Troy got comfortable by changing out of his clothes and into a pair of athletic shorts. He loved going commando in this particular pair of shorts, feeling the soft fabric tickle his penis and testicles. Troy sat on the bed, looking at the room service menu when he heard the bathroom door open. Walking out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a jock strap, Brody began flexing for his father. Troy smiled and whistled as he watched his son flex his muscles like he was a body builder. Though Brody was still young, and didn’t have a lot of girth to his physique, Troy couldn’t help but notice istanbul travesti that his son’s body was beginning to develop into the body of a strong, muscular teen. Even though he knew Brody was clowning around, Troy couldn’t help but feel turned on by the sight of his son’s nearly naked body. Almost unconsciously, he began to rub his dick over his shorts as he watched Brody show off his shiny, sweat covered skin. Seeing the bulge in his father’s shorts, Brody sauntered over towards Troy, feeling his own cock getting harder as he approached him. Troy spread his legs apart, inviting his son to stand between them. Leaning towards his dad’s face, Brody carefully placed his lips on Troy’s, being sure to use his tongue to enter his mouth. Troy accepted his son’s tongue in his mouth as he placed his hand on his crotch. Troy loved hearing the sound of his boy’s short, breathy, moans as he massaged his 12 year old cock through his jock strap. Brody pushed his erect dick further into his father’s hand as he fondled it with delight. He then began to talk through their kisses. “Dad?” “Yeah, buddy?” “Can I do something to you?” “What do you wanna do, baby?” “Can I…can I put it inside you? Like uncle Dean does?” Leaning back, Troy blinked his eyes, caught off guard by his son’s request. “You want to put your dick in me, baby?” Brody nodded enthusiastically. Troy had been surprised by his son’s wish. In the past, it was rare that Brody had ever wanted to do anything that involved anal sex, especially bottoming. Realizing his son was growing up, and starting to become even more sexually curious, Troy responded. “I’d love that, Brody.” Troy couldn’t miss the huge smile that fell across his son’s face right before he kissed him again. Feeling Brody tugging at his shorts, Troy helped the boy by pulling them down to his knees, allowing him to pull them off completely. Opening his own legs wider, Troy pulled Brody’s jock strap pouch over to the side, taking his hard preteen dick in his hand. Slowly, Troy began to jerk his son’s dick as they continued to kiss each other. Wanting to taste Brody’s cock, Troy got down on his knees. As he took his son’s hard, throbbing member in his mouth, he made sure to give him a little preview by sticking out his butt. Brody breathed heavily, feeling his cock slide in and out of his father’s mouth. Gently, he stroked his father’s muscular back as he stared down at his round bulbous cheeks. Brody could feel his cock getting harder as he watched the crack of his father’s ass separating. To his surprise, Troy gagged on Brody’s dick as he fucked his face. It hadn’t been that long since he and his son last had sex. However, he could tell his boy was growing up, and so was every part of his body. Bearing down in doggie position as Brody stood over him, Troy looked up into his son’s eyes, wanting him to see what his father looked like with his dick in his mouth. Brody watched his father suck and slobber all over his young cock, staring down at him with lust in his eyes. With great excitement, he watched his father reach his hand around, and insert his fingers inside his own butt. This turned the boy on, immensely. No longer wanting to wait, Brody pulled his body away from Troy’s mouth. With just three quick movements, he slipped out of his jock, walked behind his kadıköy travesti father, and penetrated his hole with his rigid dick. “AAHH!” Troy cried out as he felt his son jam his cock up his hole. Eagerly, Troy beared down further, allowing his son even more access to his ring. Excitedly, he began to jack his own cock rapidly while his son humped his willing bare butt. Troy jerked his dick with one hand as he used the other to reach back and touch his son. A feeling of electricity ran through him as he placed his hand on Brody’s muscular thigh. Brody grabbed a hold of his father’s hips, rhythmically pumping his pelvis back and forth against his ass. “Oh God, that feels so good! C’mon baby! Fuck daddy’s butt!” Brody listened to his father, forcefully slamming his cock into his father’s body. Without any warning, Brody pulled out of Troy’s rectum, causing Troy’s body to spasm. Troy turned around to address his son, “What’s wrong, baby? Why did you stop?” “I want you to get on the bed, dad.” Troy immediately followed his son’s orders. Getting up off the floor, he was about ready to get back in doggie position, until Brody corrected him. Spinning his father around by his arm, Brody made Troy get on his back, and slide his ass down so that it hung over the edge of the bed. Again, with one immediate punch, Brody was back inside his dad. Troy held onto his own ankles as he watched his son penetrate his hole. Both father and son were sweating profusely as they both strained and struggled to achieve orgasm. With his legs still in the air, Troy reached up to touch his son’s face. “I want you to cum inside me baby, okay?” Brody quickly nodded. Focusing on watching his cock slide in and out of his hole, he held on tightly to his father’s muscular legs as worked to get his nut. Troy took his own hard cock in his hands, getting turned on by the sight of his son watching him play with himself. With just a few strokes, it didn’t take Troy long to feel his orgasm come rising up from his balls. “B-Baby! You’re gonna make me cum!!!” Seeing his father’s body writhing in ecstasy, Brody saw Troy shoot his load into the air, then watched it come splashing back down across his stomach and chest. Troy immediately put his cum covered fingers in his mouth, sucking all of his own wet, cum off of them. Reaching down, Troy spread his ass cheeks apart for his son. “C’mon son! I need your cum! Please!” Seeing the sight of his father’s strong naked body covered in sweat and cum, as well as hearing him plead for his load, Brody sprayed his jizz inside Troy’s rectum. “Ah…dad! I-I’m cummin!” Troy watched his son with pride and joy as he emptied the contents of his young balls inside his body. Reaching down, Troy could feel his son’s wet, sticky jizz leak from his hole. “Brody! Come stick your cock in my mouth!” After he stopped trembling with pleasure, Brody climbed up on the bed, kneeling next to his father’s mouth. Turning over on his side, Troy took his son’s cum covered cock into his mouth. Troy savored the taste of Brody’s dick, slurping the mix of cum and his own ass juices off of his son’s cock. Noticing the spooge still leaking from the head of Troy’s dick, Brody felt compelled to capture it. Getting into the sixty-nine position, Brody took his father’s dick in his mouth, taking the same sperm into his bakırköy travesti body that he had been created from twelve years before. With his cock and balls dangling in his face, Troy sucked on his son’s genitals with abandon. Taking a chance that he might enjoy it, Troy spread his boy’s ass cheeks, then proceeded to lap at his tight pinkish-brown asshole with his tongue. At first, Brody was alarmed. However, it didn’t take him long to began to enjoy the warm, wet, sensation of his father’s tongue as it glided across his young, tight ring. Troy couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as he feasted on his son’s, sweaty, musky asshole. Horny for his boy, he continued to eat Brody’s butt until he could no longer hold his head up. A little while later, the Hanson boys washed each other as they talked and giggled together in the shower. While they were standing in the shower together, Troy noticed that Brody couldn’t keep from hugging him every few minutes. It was then that Troy realized his son was feeling some strong emotions after fucking his father for the very first time. “Hey. You crushing on me, baby?” Troy asked his son under the spray of the shower. With a sheepish grin, Brody shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know.” Troy gently took his son’s chin in his hand. “Cause I’m always crushing on you.” Brody looked directly into his father’s eyes, “I love you, dad.” “I love you too, Brody. So, so much.” Troy slid back a little from the force of Brody throwing his arms around him. Wrapping his own arms around Brody, Troy embraced him back, enjoying both the warmth from the spray of the hot water, and his son’s love that he felt flowing towards him. Lying in bed together, as naked as lovers on their honeymoon, Troy talked to his son as he slowly drifted off to sleep. “Brody, what do you think about Benny wearing makeup?” “I don’t know. It’s what he likes I guess.” “Yeah but, you don’t think it makes him look…too different.” “Not really. I mean…he’s still Benny.” Brody’s words shot directly through Troy, making him realize he’d been wrong to react the way he did. It also had just occurred to him that he’d forgotten to say goodbye to his son when he left the house earlier that day. Troy could tell Brody was asleep by the sound of his breathing. Suddenly wanting to make things right with his other son, he picked up his cell phone and called his brother. *************** The next day, Troy saw his brother’s pickup truck pull up to the parking lot. Anticipating Dean and Ben’s arrival, Troy jogged over to the vehicle. “Hi dad!” Said Ben. “Hi baby!” Troy responded while hugging his son. Dean walked up to Troy, giving him a quick kiss on the mouth. “You get any speeding tickets?” Dean was about to say no, when his nephew interrupted. “Just one.” Ben exclaimed, telling on his uncle. “Hey! That’s not what you were supposed to say.” Dean jokingly pretended to strangle his nephew, making him giggle as his shoulders tensed up. “C’mon, trouble makers. Brody’s team is about to play.” Troy reached out, grabbing both his son and brother by the arm. Standing in between the two of them, Troy put his arm around his brother’s waist, and his other arm around his son’s shoulders. Holding each other close, Dean, Troy and Ben walked toward the small sports stadium to watch their beloved fourth family member win a trophy for his team. *************** I hope you are enjoying the story. If so, please return to find out what happens in the next chapter. Feel free to email me at ail with any comments or questions you may have. I gladly welcome all feedback.

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