Brod: Bulging and Shopping



Sarkopheros says:

The first Brod story!


I have a lot of stories about bulging. Some are funny, some are sexy, some are stupid. I remember one time I’d gone into JJ Raxx, a discount clothing store.

I’m just minding my own business. Of course, I was wearing red basketball shorts which highlighted every contour and groove of my cock and balls. You could hear the slapping as my nuts bounced against my thighs. Slap, slap, slap. A good number of people turned to see what the noise was. I could hear gasps. In my peripheral vision, I noticed a woman pointing. I saw a couple snickers from guys who probably thought I stuffed my pants. I mostly ignored them.

I went to browse the shirts. I could feel them rubbing against my bulge as I browsed. It sticks pretty far in front of me. My sack is just there sweeping aside discounted polo shirts as I looked for my size.

Then I heard a voice next to me. “Sir?” 

I looked up to see a short, plump young lady with a mahogany complexion. “Hi there.” I smiled. She was cute. Glasses, a sweet face. Heavy tits, soft belly. Wide, wide hips. I wished I could see her from the back.

“Sir, can you please … you have to stop that.” She pointed at my bulge, shoved into the rack of shirts.

“I. Oh. Sorry.” I backed up, now holding the shirt I was looking at at arm’s length.

“Are you some kind of pervert?” she asked. “Seriously, you come into a public store with your pants stuffed full of. What is that, even?”

“That’s all me,” I said. “I can’t help it.”

The girl shook her head. “Yeah, right. Okay. The biggest cock on record is 13.5 inches. You look about as big as him, but you’re soft. There’s no way that’s real. Come on, guy.” She reached forward and grabbed my balls, then frowned, looking up at me. I grunted. 

“That feels good,” I told her with a smile. 

“What the fuck?” She started to bounce each nut up and down, squeezing them. I let out another groan. I could feel my sperm factories activating. 

“I told you,” I said. “Is there a room or something in back we can go to if you’re gonna keep this up?”

“Okay … wow. Here. I need to see this. I’m gonna go on the other side of this rack. If that’s really you, take your cock out and like. You know. Hide it with the shirts! But don’t touch them with it,” she said before walking past me, giving me a full view of that huge ass of hers. Damn! The wobble was incredible. That wasn’t helping ease my nuts any.

The shirts parted before me with a metallic scratching as the hangers scraped the rack. She looked at me, her face framed by her dark, poofy hair, and nodded.

I looked from side to side. Clear. I shoved my bulge between the shirts and pulled the waistband down. I needed my free hand to wrestle the bulk of my cock out. It first appeared as an arch of thick flesh, pulling … finally, FLUMP. It flopped out.

The girl let out a gasp, covering her mouth with both hands. She squeaked something I didn’t catch. 

A woman was approaching, and I quickly pushed my cock back into my pants. The uniformed girl came back over to me, her eyes like saucers. “I’ve never seen one that big! Holy shit!”

I smirked at her. “Oh yeah? What’s the biggest you’ve seen?”

“Maybe ten inches? But shit. Look. Um. They want me to kick you out. My boss told me,” she spoke through a pout. “You seem cool. I like your shirt.”

I looked down at my Torgue shirt and smiled up at her. 

“Um. I’m not good at this. Do you want to. No, uh. Do you play video games?”

“Heh, you liked my shirt,” I said.

“Right. Want to. Come play games? With me. I mean. On the Playstation.” Her eyes darted back down to my heavy bulge. I moved closer to her, smiling. 

“Are you comfortable inviting a stranger to your house?” I asked.

“I’m in a dorm,” she answered. “Lots of people around, including a scary roommate.” 

I raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Okay, then. Where, at UTB?” 

She nodded. “Give me your phone.” 

I handed it over, and she put in her name and number before handing it back. “What’s your name?”


“Really? Are you Chinese?”

I laughed. It wasn’t the first time someone was surprised I had a white-sounding name. “Mostly Japanese.”

She frowned. “Sorry.”

“It’s cool,” I looked at my phone. “Jessica.” I quickly texted her so she’d have my number. 

“Shit. Don’t look. My boss is coming,” she nodded over my shoulder. “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the store, I don’t care what you have to say.”

Click, click, click. “Is there a problem?” The new woman was a bit taller than me due to some heels, and slender. Her features were sharp, her hair long and blonde, her outfit sharp and professional.

“This gentleman is insisting that he is not being lewd,” Jessica said.

“Sir, I apologize, but you are making people uncomfortable with … let’s be frank. This prank is going far enough,” she said, her eyes looking down at me. “Whatever esenyurt escort you have in your pants should have stayed home.”

“That would require castration, and I don’t enjoy that,” I answered. Her name tag said “Emily.”

Emily shook her head. “I’m not stupid, sir. You need to leave my store.”

“I’ve been here dozens of times,” I said, frowning, feeling my heart rate rising. This wasn’t the first time I’d gotten kicked out of a store because of what I was packing. “And this is all me.”

“No, it’s not. Leave. Now.” 

People were staring. Jessica was sloooooowly creeping backwards away from us. When she was behind Emily, she mouthed “Sorry!”

“I’ll show you if you don’t believe me,” I told her.

“I can and will call the police,” she responded. “Come to my office. If you are telling the truth, I will let you shop here. But if not. I’m calling the cops.” She smirked, plainly knowing she was going to win this one.


She lead me to the back of the store to a small office. I looked at her ass. It wasn’t that big, but it was okay. I like asses.

There was a desk with a few personal items on it, a couple of scuffed chairs like you’d find in any office building. A window showed the rear parking lot. She leaned back on the wall near the window before gesturing for me to take off my pants. 

I complied. My stretchy pants slowly slid down, revealing, below my lowermost roll off stomach, a bare patch of skin, and the fleshy base of my organ. Thick as a Pringles can, but much longer. My pants slipped down further. Her mouth gaped. She took off her glasses. My melon-sized nuts were now bare. The shorts hit my sandaled feet. 

“…Oh my god,” she gasped, gulping. I saw her face flushing. Her fingers clutched the window frame tightly. Her knees rubbed together. “You’re enormous!”

I chuckled, moving closer to her. She didn’t back away. If anything, she subconsciously straightened up, her modest breasts accentuated. 

“You can touch it if you want,” I said, my voice lowering to a deep purring. 

She nodded, moving forward and grabbing my warm cock with both hands. “It’s real,” she breathed, hefting the heavy cock, stroking it. It was beginning to grow in her hands. Wrapping all her slender fingers around it, she began pumping it up and down as it grew bigger and bigger.

I could smell her moisture building.

It wasn’t long before I was at my monstrous full size, 19.5 inches of monstrous erection, rivaling her legs in girth. It began to pour precum, a stream of clear fluid splattering at her feet. My cock bounced slightly as it pulsed. Her slacks were soaked through, she was so wet. She unzipped her pants, wiggling her hips as she slipped them off. Her plain panties were saturated. Those came down, exposing her slender legs, knees pressed together. She put them on her desk. Her ass was a bit dimpled with cellulite, but I hardly cared.

“Do you still want me to leave?”

“If you leave, I really will call the cops,” she quipped, rolling her eyes at me.

“Fair enough. Bend over your desk.” 

Emily nodded, turning around and hesitating before perking her ass up. I could see a tight little pussy, pink and peeking through her golden bush.

“Mmm, look at this nice little ass of yours,” I growled, gripping the cheeks and kneading at them.

She seemed to relax slightly. “Thanks.”

“Put your feet more apart,” I told her. She did so.

I gripped my cock near its grapefruit-sized glans before pushing the tip up against her soaked entrance.  She moaned and pushed back at me, spreading her lips. I began to rock her back and forth, grinding my cock against her, stretching her slowly around my domed head. Her fleshy lips stretched and stretched around me. 

“Fuck, you’re so thick!” She panted. 

I grinned and pushed forward, Pop. The fleshy head was in. I gripped her hips and pulled her backwards, my hips pushing forwards as centimeter by centimeter, her silky tunnel stretched around my cock like latex. 

I rocked my hips and started to thrust into her, pushing her body up against the desk. Her hot moistness was audibly around me. Squish. Squish. Squish. My precum was pouring into her body, adding to her dripping juices, rolling down her legs into a building puddle.

My fingers dug into her hips as I pushed deeper and deeper. The desk was actually starting to scoot forward from the force of my thrusting.

“Oh, god! Mmmphhhaaaahhh!” She cried out before I grabbed her panties off the desk and shoved them into her mouth. Her whole body clutched my cock, her cunt tightening as she spasmed. Hot juices gushed out around the girth of my member, spraying hotly on my stomach and legs, rolling down past my knees. 

“Mmm. Mmm.” She moaned through the cloth as I pumped her body. I looked down. She was only taking the forward third or so of my cock, most of the gargantuan thing still visible, looking gigantic in comparison to her small waist. 

My grip pumped her up zeytinburnu escort  and down the desk, sliding her back and forth as I  felt my cock butt up against her cervix. I began slowing to a grind, rubbing into it with my cockhead. My slimy precum poured against it, helping to soften the barrier. I could feel it beginning to dilate. 

It stretched, buckling. She screeched, muffled by her own panties. Her fingernails clawed at the wood of her desk, her eyes clenched shut. 

I lurched forward abruptly, several more inches of cock burying themselves in her as my crown stretched her womb out. The squishing intensified, each thrust spraying out droplets of her nectar and my pre as I filled her deepest depths.  Looking down, I noticed that she was still taking only about ten inches of my cock.  The woman’s eyes fluttered as she collapsed briefly against the desk, her body once again pulsing around me as she came once more, another layer of pussy juice on my legs. 

I couldn’t see it, but I knew what her belly would look like. It was stretched out, the outline of my titanic cock visibly bulging her tummy out around itself as it made room inside her. She arched her back. I quickened my pace, her desk groaning as it slid back. My strong hands gripped her thighs, pulling her feet from the ground, holding her like a wheelbarrow as I pounded her body, her hands gripping the edge of the desk tightly, the side of her face lowering against cool wood, her eyes fluttering. 

I kept pounding her, bouncing her against her desk, my cock’s bulge showing exactly where it was, stretching her belly outwards as it pumped up and down. Hot liquid pooled on her desk, trickling off in streams to the puddle that was spreading across the floor. Steamy sexual funk filled the room, a thick musk that hung in the air, smelling incredible to me. We were both sweating at this point, the neck of my t-shirt darkened with dampness. Her juices were spattered darkly across the front of my Torgue shirt.

Her eyes closed completely as she twitched, her body bouncing, her pussy clamping down and holding me in place as she gushed another spout of steaming juices onto me. 

I saw no point in holding back. I felt my nuts tightening, and sighed in relief. GLUUURCH. I felt it as my nuts contracted, my cock swelled in girth, a white torrent blasted down its throat. My jizz gushed deep into her womb, filling it on the first wad, her stomach bulging outwards visibly. SPLORT. SPLURT. I kept shooting, my cock bucking wildly as more and more jizz blasted her womb, squishing around my cock. 

Her belly sagged lower and lower, jiggling as I thrust into her. It began spreading to the sides as it settled on the wood. Gush. Gush. My nuts contracted. Jizz gushed around my cock, spraying my body and leaking down my legs, running down her own, adding swirling stripes of white to the pool below. 

I grabbed her thighs and flipped her body over, rotating around my cock to give her belly room. It wobbled like a water balloon attached to her. I groaned, feeling my nuts coming up on empty. 

“Mmm,” I sighed as I put my hands on her belly, pulling back with a long schluuurrrr-pop. My cock bounced slightly, painted white, dripping precum, Droplets of spunk splattered on the floor. This was exactly why I wore sandals so often. 

I looked at Emily. Her pussy gaped open, and it wasn’t long before my seed began to gush from between her spread thighs and into the pool below. She was still passed out.

I sat down in one of the guest chairs, sighing as I stared at my pulsing cock. Fucking once always just made me hornier. I had to wait for my erection to go down, jerking off would just make it worse. 

I began reading at my phone. A little while later, there was a knock at the door.

“Ma’am?” came a female voice. Another knock at the door. “May I come in?”

The door opened, and I heard a sharp gasp. There was a shuffling as a petite girl with red hair from a bottle came in. I heard a deep breath being taken as the raw sexual funk we’d created in the room crashed into her like a wave. “Ma’am? are you okay?” She walked into the room. She hadn’t seen me yet. “Oh my god! Wh-what happened to you! How … is this cum?!” she asked her catatonic boss. She was small, with a nice bubble butt and taut calves … this girl worked out.

“Eep!” Abruptly, she slipped in the pool of sex and fell backwards, spinning around as she did so, reaching out with both hands. They gripped a sturdy column that kept her from falling—a sturdy column that was attached to my body.

The hands slipped down my cock’s slick surface and she planted her face directly between my heavy balls. I grunted, wincing, doubling forward. “Fuck!” That hurt! Not a lot, but … well, balls are sensitive.

“Mmmp!” She squealed into my sack as she knelt upright for air. “Hhhaaahhh!” She put her little hands on my thighs and righted herself, looking up at me. My eleven-pound cock was on her shoulder. She looked taksim escort bayan at it before scrambling backwards, falling on her ass in the puddle. “Oh my god! Oh my godohmygod!”

“Hi,” I grunted as I rubbed my nuts.

“You did this?!” she gasped, looking back at her boss, whose cunt was still gaping wide enough for the girl to shove both hands into. The waterfall of semen had changed to a slow trickle as her boss’s belly shrank.

“Yeah,” I said, leaning forward and smiling as my cock pulsed in front of her. A steady stream of precum trickled to the floor.

“How did you fit it in her? You’re like a clydesdale!” the girl slowly got back to her feet, looking down at her soaked khakis and polo shirt, semen dripping from her hands.

“You’d be surprised how elastic a woman’s body is,” I answered. “Long as I take it slow enough. Listen to what her body says.”

The girl was breathing deeper, almost gasping. “It … it smells in here. It stinks…,” she panted.

“I think it smells good,” I said.

“Yeah,” she agreed. Her nametag said “Ingrid.” “I’m a mess,” she said. It was obvious she’d forgotten why she’d come in.

“My name is Brod. You got some nice legs. You work out?” I asked her.

She gave a little smile. “A bit, yeah.”

“It shows,” I said. Splat. A large glob of precum splashed on the floor. “I strength train. This thing used to give me back pain.” I said, nodding down at my biological battering ram.

“I bet. I can’t imagine.” She stepped forward and put her hands on the broad head. I can’t even get my own hands around my cock, and hers were smaller. Ingrid started rubbing the rubbery dome. “You just came so much, though, how are you still hard?”

I shrugged. “I’m pretty much always horny. Wanna fuck?”

Ingrid paused, turned away, and covered her face with her hands. Then she realized they were still covered in jizz. She removed them, and I could see her blushing, despite the fact that her face was now painted with two white handprints. “I-I…. I don’t think I can take a cock that big!”

“Yeah, you’re small, but we can do it if we take it slow,” I said, smiling. “You’re a mess, maybe you could take off your clothes and get more familiar with it? Before we try sticking it in you.”

Ingrid looked at her boss. “Guess I can hardly get fired if she let you do that to her….” Her brown eyes turned back to mine and she nodded. “Okay.” She wiggled out of her top, folding it neatly as she put it in the next chair. Looking around, it took a moment before she found a couple square feet of tile that wasn’t covered in liquid sex. She stepped to it, taking her shoes off, wiggling her toes. Next came the socks, then the slacks. It was all very ordered and stacked neatly. She looked over, remembering I was there. Redness returned to her heated cheeks and she gave a bashful smile.

“I don’t usually do stuff like this.”

I chuckled. “I won’t tell anyone.”

She shook her head. “This is so weird,” she muttered as she undid her bra and wiggled free of her panties. Soon she stood there, her body bare to me. Ingrid couldn’t have been over five feet or weighed much more than a hundred, hundred-ten. But she was toned—defined abs, lithe arms. I could see the grooves on her thighs. The firm quads. I also noticed her callused, tough-looking toes.

“Do you do ballet?”

She seemed a bit surprised, but a smile appeared. “A bit, some gymnastics.”

“So you’re naturally flexible, then?” I asked her. “Believe me, it helps.”

“Good.” She came towards me, her dainty feet squishing in my seed. Looking down, she wiggled her toes again. “It’s like yogurt.”

I nodded. “I’ve heard it tastes better.”

“I do want to taste it,” she said, kneeling down in front of me. With a grunt, she hefted my cock with both hands. “Fuck, this thing weighs more than my dog.”

“You did say you wanted the bone,” I chuckled.

She rolled her eyes at me. “I guess your pun glands are also pretty big.”  I could feel her breath on my cockhead as she spoke.

“Is it a Dachshund?”

“No, I do not have a weiner dog. Shut up and let me play with your dick,” she laughed, running her hot little tongue up the belly, collecting the coating of thick jizz, kept nice and hot by my cock. “Mmmm!” She made a loud slurping noise as she started to roll her moist tongue up my member’s underside. “It’s so big. I can’t even get anything in my mouth,” she observed.

I sighed in pleasure as she reached the tip, letting the hot, slimy precum roll over her face for a long moment before taking a long, long slurp. I could hear her gulping audibly, her hands clutching the sides of my cock as she drank my natural lube. “Mmmph. Mmm. Ooohh.” Noises of pleasure filled my ears along with the lewd squelching.

Then she sighed, wiping a hand over her eyes before moving to the base of my cock and running her tongue up its side, scooping more jizz into her mouth with her tongue. I felt her moist lips moving over my flesh, tracing every contour of the thick veins pulsing on my organ. The little pulls of her sucking motions. Schllrrrrp. Her soft breath brushed my hot skin as she eagerly licked up ounces of spunk. She moved her face to the other side of my cock and moaned as she lapped up the last of my jizz.

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