Subject: Brother Joe (Part 2) This is the continued story of my desires i have for my big brother.. Once again this does not reflect his sexual preference. just what i wish he would do to me… Brother Joe 2 After the incident, he acted like it never happened. Weeks and months passed and everything had seemed as it had always been. He went out as usual,. When he came home and hadn’t gotten laid he would jerk himself to orgasm. But never did he even mention what had happened. I watched as he went from girl to girl each week. I hated that those bitches would be getting to suck his dick or even better. I imagined him fucking one of the ones I had met. Remembering from one of the porno magazines I had seen under his bed of how it looked when guys and girls fucked. It was totally hot to imagine my brother’s fat cock slamming that whore. I had jerked myself to orgasm many a time thinking about him fucking those girls. Then some 8 months later he moved out of our parents house. I was saddened that I would not see him at night. All those nights peeping through his door as he wanked himself. Then me going to bed to my own orgasm after the show. It was soon to end. He asked me to help him, so of course I did. We packed his stuff and trucked it over in several trips to his new place. After an entire day of helping him move. I was exhausted an a little horny from seeing him in his shorts all day. He told me dad that he would take me home later as we hauled over the last few items. As we drove to his apartment in the truck he smiled at me. As he looked back toward the road he groped himself. Watched his hand knead at the nice bulge in his shorts. I instinctively licked my lips, but tried not to let him know I had looked. We got to his place and I helped him hook up the T.V. and we sat down and watched some football or something that was on at the time. “You want some Pizza?” He asked. “Sure” I replied. He grabbed at the phone that was on the floor to call to order pizza. As he stretched, his bulging crotch moved and I could see his straining cock press against the material. As he spoke to the order taker on the phone he rubbed at what was now a growing lump in his shorts. I gazed at his big crotch in awe as I also felt my own cock twitching in my pants. Then he looked at me and said. “We have about 40 minutes before the pizza gets here” He pulled and shook his lump of crotch at me while he said that. “Why don’t come over here and suck my dick little brother. I know you want to” I looked at him dumbfounded as he spoke. He spread his legs and the big bulge of cock looked so inviting. “Come on man. I haven’t fuck in a week and I know your mouth will feel real good on my cock right now.” I sat there for about 20 seconds with my brains sending signals to my loins at the proposal. I jumped from şişli travesti my seat and crawled between his legs. I quickly buried my face in his crotch. His bulging basket was already straining at the zipper. I rubbed my face against it as he grabbed for my head. I opened my mouth to chew on his cock through the material. He groaned as I munched on his crotch. “Fuck man” He said. “Suck my dick bro.” He pulled at his shorts and pried down the zipper over his bulging crotch, having a little trouble due to the big cock pushing against the material. I grabbed at the sides and yanked down his shorts. His bulging briefs struggled to contain his big boner. He rubbed his dick through the briefs as I pulled off his shorts. I quickly jumped back between his thighs when I chucked his shorts aside. I gnawed on his hard as stone dick through the thin briefs. “Aawweee man”. He moaned. “Feels soooo good” I just continued to munch on his bulging crotch for a few more moments before my lust for that fat dick of his drove me to tear at his briefs to get them off. He lifted his ass so that I could get them off, though his straining cock prevented me from easily removing them. Them after a nice hard tug, out plopped his fat cock. It smacked hard on his belly as it was released from its tight confines. I yanked off his briefs and grabbed the thick meat in my hand. I quickly wrapped my hungry mouth around his shaft and began to suck down his length. My tongue gliding down his shaft as I slobbered saliva all over it. “Ooohhh yeah man, suck me good bro… Mmmmmmnnhh, sooooo….” He tried to speak as I continued to drool on his cock. I had been testing my skills on bananas or cucumbers for months to learn how to suck dick well. Just so could get to this moment. I was apparently doing a great job, for he rubbed my head and began to fuck my face slowly. All the while groaning deeply as I sucked down his big dick. “Mmmmphh, mmmph” I mumbled over his cock as I took him deeper and deeper into my throat. I had less trouble with it than I had before. Thanks to my constant perfecting of my craft. His big cock tasted sooooo damned good. I could have continued to suck on him for hours. But he had other plans for me. “Get your clothes off fucker, cause I want to get to that ass of yours.” He growled. `Shit’ did he have plans on fucking me. I hadn’t even thought of that scenario when I sucked down the cucumbers. I had only pushed my finger in my ass, as it seemed the thing to do as I was sucking on the fake dick. I was about to protest, when he grabbed at my shirt and pulled it over my head. Then he grabbed at my pants and started to pull at them. “No man” I said. “What do you mean no. I know you want me to fuck you. So that’s what I plan on doin.” He said. “Want to see if it feels as tight as I have been told.” beylikdüzü travesti Apparently the girls he fucked didn’t let him fuck their ass. And he seemed desperate to try it. And I was to be his guinea pig, if you will. “Come on man. You don’t want this up your ass” He shook his fat dick at me and I saw a dribble of precum on the tip. I lost my reservations as his fat cock got my dick hard again. I pulled down my pants and shorts and he grabbed at me ass and told me to bend over on all fours. I did as he asked and he immediately grabbed at my cheeks and rubbed them. Then I felt his fingers at my hole. He rubbed at my bud slowly and he smacked my cheek with his palm. I shuddered at the slight pain and shock of his action. Then I heard him spit on his hand. I looked back at him as he pressed the wet fingers at my hole. He had a hungry look in his eyes as he pushed 2 fingers at my hole. He pushed firmly and then my hole gave. I felt as his digits pushed into my ass. “Uunggh” I sighed as I felt him digging his fingers into me. “Yeah this is gonna be real tight around my dick” he said. I looked back to see his jerking his cock to keep it hard. I reached for it and helped him out. How I wanted to keep sucking on it, because it did taste real good. I loved the way it felt in my mouth. But then came that lingering thought of him fucking me. Then he shoved hard on my ass with his fingers, and he sunk in real deep. They pressed against something inside me and I felt a sparks, and my cock sprang back to life instantly. “Aawweee yes” I cried, because it felt great to have his fingers up my ass. If his cock felt like this I was really gonna enjoy it. He continued his drilling of my ass with his fingers for a few minutes. “Uuugghh Yeah. Uunnghh” I was groaning madly now and I grabbed my dick and started to jack myself. Then he pulled his fingers from my ass and he grabbed his dick. He told me to suck his dick some more. So I turned and put his cock back in my mouth. “Yeah keep it nice and hard, cause I’m gonna split your ass open with my big cock.” I kept sucking on him until he yanked his delicious cock from my hungry mouth. Then he crawled behind me and spit on his dick and hands. He rubbed my ass for a few moments, then I felt him against my ass. He grabbed at his cock and pressed it to my hole. My ass would not give as his cock was thicker than his fingers. “Shit its gonna be a tight fit” he said. Then he pushed harder on my ass. And he slapped my cheek hard. The stink loosened my hole and his fat dick head pried open my hole. Once he was in, he grabbed my sides and slammed his cock into me hard. “Aaaaiieeeii. Fuukkk” I screamed as the pain of my virgin ass getting torn into. I tried to pull away as the pain was too much. “Fuuukkk. Jesus Joe take it the fuck out man.. istanbul travesti Aawwwiiieie fuck it hurts!” I cried. He just moaned at the incredible feeling around his cock. “Holy fuck this is soooo damned tight” I felt his grip tighten as he started to pull up from my depths. “Shhiiitt man. Fucking hot as hell” He shouted. Tears filled my eyes as my ass felt like it was on fire from his fat dick. Then he slammed back down into me, deeper yet than before. “Awweeee yyeaaahh” he cried out. “Shhhiiitttt” His cock began to grow in my ass as he started to really fuck me now. I was still screaming as he continued to fuck my ass good. Then he grabbed a pillow from the couch and tossed it in front of me. “Shut the hell up man” he said. “My neighbors are gonna think I’m killing you here.” I bit down on the pillow as I tried to take his big cock. I squealed into it as his cock dug deeper yet into my ass. Then I felt him push my legs farther apart. And his cock sank down to the hilt. His fat club mashed up against what I later found out was my prostate. “FFuuuuuukkkkkkk!” I screamed into the pillow. Then my legs gave and I collapsed on the floor. He fell on top of me and his cock plowed into my ripped asshole. The feeling on his cock was too much and he began to savage my ass roughly, hammering down into me repeatedly. His hand pressed against the back of my head as he mangled my insides. Fucking me like he has never fucked before. “Ffuuckck. This feels sooooo fucking…”” He was cut off as his cock swelled and he tensed up. “Shi…Sh,, Shhiiitttt!” he panted as he pumped me furiously to orgasm. “Ffuucckkk man I’m gonna fill yer fucking hotttt ass bro” I was crying from the non stop pain of him raping my ass. Then the flood of molten cum poured into my ass. I felt his body shake and twitch on top of me as he came and came into my shredded ass. “Mmmmpph, mmmphhh, fuck, fuck, fuck” he cried as he finished unloading in my chute. Then he collapsed on my. His full weight on me and his sweat, damp on my back. “Yeah man” he whispered to me. “That was the best fuck I have ever had. Your ass is so damned tight man. Tighter than any of those fat cunts. Shit I will definite fuck you again” With that he pulled out of me and got up. “Get you boy pussy dressed so I can take yer ass home” I just lay there for several minutes. “You fuck” I yelled. “My ass freakin hurts” I slowly crawled up and could feel as my hole opened up. I released the cum from my ass as I got on my hands and knees. I felt his cum dribble down my inner thighs and down my legs. “Look at all my happy cum pour from your ass. That’s hot. Makes me want to fuck you some more. But if I don’t get your ass home, mom will kill me.” I looked at the rug and saw that I too had cum on it. But I couIdn’t have known because all I had thought about was my totally fucked ass. I got dressed and he took me home. I had trouble over the potholes and bumps on the road, Because my ass was still hurting. Brother Joe (Part 2) stay tuned… Thanks for the accolades. i really apreciate it. Orlirz……

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