Builder’s Son


I am a bisexual man forty-eight years old, six-foot, one hundred eighty pounds, masculine, pretty hairy with a nice trimmed beard. My wife and I have a good sex life, but I enjoy some man-on-man sex once in a while.A number of years ago, we bought a nice house that had been built about forty years ago. Last week I received a telephone call from a man who said his father was a builder, had built our house and they had lived there themselves for a few years. His father was now dying of cancer and one of his last wishes was to see the house again.My wife and children were going away to her parents for the weekend and I told him that he and his father would be welcome to stop by on Saturday. They arrived around one o’clock pm and had driven two hours to get here. The old man was well in his eighties and in pretty bad shape. His son was in his early fifties, and a real hunk. He was six foot, four inches, weighing about two hundred twenty pounds. He had a nice trimmed beard and was wearing jeans, a white polo and some really new, nice leather cowboy boots. His arms were very hairy and there was a big tuft of hair sticking out of the collar of his polo shirt. His jeans barely concealed his big, ample bulge and I could feel my package thicken when he shook my hand with his big meaty paw and greeted me with his deep, masculine voice.I let them wander around the house and the old man was very happy to see the place again. He was very tired from the drive and asked if he could sit alone on the patio and rest for a isvecbahis while. We fixed him up in a reclining lawn chair with a blanket and he was soon fast asleep. His son was very apologetic and said he was afraid his father would sleep for a long time. I told him it was no problem and that we could have a beer and talk.In the family room, we nursed our long-neck buds and shot the breeze. He had brought some old pictures of the house to show me, so I moved over and sat next to him on the sofa. Some of the details in the photos were small, so I had to lean over him to see and I could feel the warmth of his body and his beard scratched my neck a couple of times.He asked if I would mind if he took his boots off. He had recently had them specially made and it was the first time he had worn them and they were hurting a little. They were made of very fine leather with carving and embroidery and were size thirteen and a half. He was having a hard time removing them, so I offered to help and pull them off. Once off, I stood and admired the boot, but secretly I was enjoying the aroma of the new, but sweaty leather that made my cock stir. He sat there and wiggled his big feet and toes and I was trying to keep from salivating. His physical presence, manly cologne and the masculine smell of the leather boots were getting to me. He interrupted and asked if he could use the bathroom. Was I imagining something or was his package growing?As soon as he was in the bathroom, I picked up one of the boots and started sniffing. isveçbahis giriş It was like poppers, my cock immediately stiffened. I sat there rubbing my bulge and I couldn’t get enough. Lost in all of this, I hadn’t heard him come back from the bathroom, nor did I see him standing there watching me. He cleared his throat and I dropped the boot and tried to straighten myself up.His piercing blue eyes looked directly into mine and he said in his deep voice, “You like the smell of my boots or something, boy?”I thought of trying to make some inane story up about just looking at the boot but then thought, “What the hell, either he will play along or beat me up.” I threw caution to the wind and crawled over and started to lick his right stockinged foot. He sat down in the recliner, put his feet up and I started licking his huge feet and sucking his stockinged toes. Fuck!, the sweat and leather combination was driving me wild. While I was servicing his feet, he unzipped his pants and started stroking his now hard cock. It was a nice and thick, veiny, uncut cock and he pumped it hard against his big hairy balls. I removed his sock and licked and sucked his big hairy feet. The sweat was sweet and tangy on my tongue and I freed my cock and started to wank myself. I sucked his big toe as if it were a cock.I moved in between his legs and sucked his big cock into my mouth. I sucked the foreskin over the head and then pushed it back with my teeth and put my tongue in the pouch of the foreskin licking isveçbahis yeni giriş around the head. It was driving him wild and I thought he might come. I moved down and started licking his big hairy balls and his groin. He moved in order to give me access to the area between his balls and hole and I licked greedily. I made it down to his hairy hole and tickled it gently with my tongue. He mashed my head into his ass with his big paw and I started licking his hole with gusto. I tongue fucked his hole and the musky; manly scent was driving me wild. My cock was throbbing.He stood up, removed my shirt and started kissing me and playing with my nipples. He moved down, licked each of my nipples gently and then bit playfully at them. My ass was now twitching with desire. He licked my armpits and down to my cock. He sucked my throbbing cock, licked my balls and then turned me over and dove into my ass. He licked my crack with his wide tongue and slobbered over my hole. He inserted his middle finger to the knuckle and started pumping it in and out. My ass was on fire for cock and I started riding his finger. He quickly got all four fingers in my ass.He picked me up and carried me to the dining table and laid me on my back. He leaned down and continued to tongue fuck me saying that he wanted to make sure my pussy was wet enough. He stood up and plowed his cock roughly into my canal. I was so horny that I didn’t even react when his cock burst through my ring. He leaned over and took one of his boots and placed it over my mouth and nose. The sweaty leather was like an aphrodisiac that made me squirm on his cock. I was in heaven experiencing this double sensation of his big cock plowing me and the smell of that boot filling my lungs with each breath.

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