Bush Meating


Miss Caz decided that as it was a lovely day, not too hot, we would go for a picnic about 20km from home in the bush (Forrest) near our home. We took the usual, a blanket, a bottle of wine, some smoke. Miss Caz also made sure that the toy bag was in the boot and we were prepared for the day. As part of that preparation she had me clean out and shave everything VERY smooth then dressed in cock-ring, stocking and heels I was told to, “Get in the car, I’ve prepared your seat.”

On the passenger seat was the black plug was waiting, 3″ wide I had to settle down on it after the quick scurry out of the door and into the car hoping the neighbours wouldn’t see my near naked body, cock erect with a steel cock-ring, pierced nipples, fishnet stockings and 3″ heels. Greased the plug slid into my loose hole and I settled down waiting for Miss Caz to finish and drive out for the picnic.

Miss Caz took about 10 minutes to come out the door, she was dressed in a long coat, given the fine day unusual but I spied the boots and knew she’d be ‘dressed’ and was in the mood to make me her plaything. We’d had some tensions recently, I’d been off work with an injury and it had caused some arguments, I was sure she’d work out her frustrations and anger with me today.

She got into the car, I could smell she’d been smoking our home grown weed already and she had the glassy eyes she has when stoned. She reached across and grabbed my erect 7 1/2 inches and roughly wanked it. “I’m going to enjoy myself. No one will be able to hear you scream!”

Then she opened her coat to reveal her big dong strapped in place. It’s 12″ x 3″ and she enjoys how the harness I’ve made for it presses on her clit when she uses it.

She wore one of her waspies, her pierced nipples standing out hard, a sure sign she was really horny.

“Reach into the glove box and put on the blindfold and gag.”

I did as I was told and sat there silent and blind.

Miss Caz slapped my bound balls, I grunted. “Look at my slut, out in public, prepared for play.”

I groaned in appreciation and lust, I knew my cock would be leaking and this was confirmed as Miss Caz wiped the drips from my cock onto my lips.

Then the car started and she drove off. I hoped at this time in the morning, 10am on a Wednesday that there would be none of the neighbours around to see us!

We travelled for about halkalı escort 20 minutes before Miss Caz slowed and turned off the road onto a dirt track, the gravel under the tyres crunching, it was quite a rough one which had me bouncing around on the plug causing me to groan occasionally which would make Miss Caz slap my cock or balls, “shut up slut!”

After another ten minutes or so, the last couple going down hill quite steeply we pulled up. Miss Caz got out and opened my door she reached in and grabbed my ponytail to drag me out, “This way slut!”

She dragged me around and across to where she wanted me, “Stand still slut!”

Miss Caz walked away back to the car, I heard the boot open and some things lifted out and dropped nearby, Miss Caz unzipped the bag and pulled some things out, dropping them to the ground nearby.

She stepped behind me and using her boot kicked my legs further apart. She placed cuffs on either ankle and then both wrists and a collar was attached as well. All the while she said nothing just pushed me into the position she wanted. She then proceeded to attach ropes to the cuffs and pulled my feet wide apart tying the ropes off and leaving me very exposed. My hands were also secured wide apart and above head high, slightly in front of my feet so I was lent forward and utterly helpless and vulnerable.

Miss Caz stood back, “Now your in position I’ll take some pictures to show the girls and if you’re lucky let you see when your wanking for me at home.”

I heard the camera shutter click as she moved about me getting pictures from all sides. “Good, nice and clear and some really good close ups. The video is set so let me start.”

I groaned, my cock was really leaking now I could feel the drops on my thighs as I swayed slightly in the bonds as Miss Caz positioned me.

Miss stepped close, her dong rubbing against my stockings exciting me. She sucked on my neck, licked my smooth armpits, bit my nipples and wanked me, gently this time. I was panting, needing release.

“Excited hubby? Too bad, I’m first today.”

She stepped behind me and grabbed the base of the plug and immediately yanked it from my hole. I couldn’t help it, I squealed past the gag and then she rammed the massive dong she was wearing into me. She grabbed my hips and fucked me straight away. I screamed, my hole was smashed wide open and başakşehir escort Miss Caz growled, “I’m going to fuck you until your so loose you’ll need nappies slut.”

I whimpered and begged her to go easy but all she heard were my grunting and she just pounded away.

I felt my guts being smashed open, my sphincter was history, loosened already by the plug during the drive and now the power fucking I was subjected to.

Miss Caz lasted about five or so minutes before her breathing became ragged and she heaved the dong full length into me until I felt her pubes against my buttocks and she held it there as she came, loudly screaming and calling out to the bush, “That’s it you fucking slut, TAKE MY COCK!”

My arse was cumming and juices were dribbling freely from my cock, my prostate was smashed and I spasmed, screaming as Miss Caz reached around and twisted my balls, cock and nipples in her passion.

She held us pinned there for a few minutes then as quickly as she’d entered me she ripped the dong free and left me hanging, open, exposed. I heard rather than felt goo run out of my hole and plop onto the ground between my feet.

I heard Miss Caz open the wine and she was drinking. The she held the bottle to my lips after pulling the gag loose. “Drink slut, you’ll need it.”

I drank, as she just poured it down my throat. Then she lit up and we smoked a joint and I started spinning.

Miss Caz then placed a mask on my face, it was a poppers mask!

She stepped away again then came back and removed the blindfold and let me watch her pulling on a pair of full length black rubber gloves. I knew I was in for it and trembled, part in thrill, part in trepidation.

Miss Caz smiled, “Squealing time piggy. I’m going to fist rape your big hole, film it and only finish when I get two inside you.”

I was thrilled, scared but thrilled.

Miss Caz attached the little blue bottle to the tube of the mask and the poppers began to flow into me, dissolving my resistance, loosening me and beginning my decent into sluthood.

Miss Caz sniffed another bottle, her favourite and then I felt her hands on my buttocks. She didn’t need to spread them in the position she had me tied but I felt four fingers from either hand slip into me. I groaned as she pushed in, 8 fingers easily slipped into the knuckles, kadıköy escort bayan Miss Caz described to ease of her entry, “You size queen slut, 8 fucking fingers and no resistance. You’re disgusting.”

I was thrilled and wanted her to take me.

Miss Caz then began, she just pushed one fist into me, it went easily past her wrist and I was fisted and started to anally cum, as I always do. She laughed and ripped that fist out before immediately punching her other fist in and started alternating her fists in and out, each punch going deeper, I could feel the less geasy forearm of each glove gripping my cheeks as I was opened up. The poppers had me flying and I was trying to get more of Miss Caz inside my sloppy gaper.

Miss Caz was clearly loving her attack on me and very soon I felt her ram as deep as her right fist would go and she just twisted it deeper. Then she started introducing her second hand, the fingers of her left hand gripping her right forearm and stretching me WIDE. I was squealing like a pig and pushing back as Miss Caz announced, “You’re going to take it. That’s everything up to the knuckles of my second hand. I’d sniff REALY DEEP.”

Then she destroyed my hole and I was two fists wide. There felt like a ripping sensation, I screamed and Miss Caz cheered and forced both fist so deep I was lifted on her arms completely off my feet so my weight was supported by my fuck hole. I began to cum really hard and contract, well trying to contract around the impaling fists and forearms.

Miss Caz began to thrust in and out, never letting me off both fists but using them to stretch my hole, pulling back against the ring of tissue that used to be my sphincter.

I lost track of time and just became the fuck-hole she said I would be.

Then she ripped both fists out and I collapsed to just hang in the bindings and let my guts sloppily hang as a loose creanmy rosebud.

Miss Caz went and got cleaned up, i heard the camera shutter going off and then returned and smiled at me. “I’m going to take you down now and you’re going to crawl over to the picnic blanket and suck me off. You can eat before I take you home with two dongs in you. You’d like that wouldn’t you slut.”

I pleaded for her to do this to me. Make me eat her big hole and lick up what I knew would be lots of juice. The ride home would be one long orgasm.

When we got home I realised it was 4 pm we’d been out 6 hours and I’d no idea where the time had gone. I was so wrecked I just staggered to the shower, two dongs hanging out of my hole and not caring that the neighbourhood kids were home from school and I could have even seen.

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