Cacatata (SciFi, F-alien, cheat)


Cacatata (SciFi, F-alien, cheat)One day, we learned that we were not alone in the universe. Within hours, the RrrRr had conquered us. We killed a handful of them with nukes and large aerosol bombs and such (along with a lot of our own people), but by the next day, an occupying force of 1.6 million or so RrrRr were in charge of the 7 billion or so remaining humans. They laughed at us when we argued it wasn’t worth it to travel between the stars. Subjective time is very swift traveling between stars, a matter of a few months. Certainly, years pass in still time, but still time doesn’t matter to a mobile force intent on conquering the universe.The RrrRr were large and mammalian with lots of fur, very much like nine foot tall stocky big cats. Their biological similarity to humans was unfortunate for us humans. They were very religious, also very unfortunate for us humans. They had a conquering ritual, and this is where the RrrRr’s interpretation of their religious ritual with respect to humans caused the deaths of about 40% of human women outright and made another 30% of women permanently infertile. Their ritual was basically the organized **** of every human female on Earth. Yep, that was 3.5 billion of us.It took them a year. I was processed on day 156. I don’t remember much of it, really. I remember every feature of the RrrRr towering over me, including his massive dick. I remember the first stabs of incredible pain, but I passed out after about a minute of screaming my lungs out. I woke up in a field hospital set up by the RrrRr to resuscitate and save human women after their ordeal if possible. Because much of their incredible medical technology also applied to us, by the next day, I was back on my feet.Within a week, I could remove the gauze packing from my rebuilt vagina. My parts didn’t really work as before, though. I could still feel clitoral stimulation, thankfully, but intercourse left me cold, and I used to orgasm regularly from intercourse. This was another blow to my husband Rick and me. Perhaps it’s psychological, considering the ****. Many women have PTSD from their ****. As far as I can tell, my scars are mostly all in my pelvic region.By the time they were done, 1.4 billion women had been ****d to death. Half of those who survived were left infertile. Of the deaths, about 30% of all women were dead and unrevivable after the ritual ****, and another 10% of all women tried to run away or hide, but every woman was found, and those who ran were not given RrrRr medical care afterwards. Only a handful of them survived, all of them horribly disfigured.I believe my RrrRr doctor was very skilled and caring. I may be one of the ones who both survived the **** and could still bear c***dren. Rick and I were trying to have a c***d before the invasion, but we stopped. We have no interest in bearing a slave for the RrrRr. They took away everybody’s birth control, but Rick began pulling out.Rick’s career continued to advance, and he was offered a position in the occupying government, the kind of offer that can’t be refused. It meant that he had to work long hours. But, he was saving human lives and making people’s lives more bearable, so it was worth it.One day, an alien crustacean showed up at my door. I was aware there were aliens other than the RrrRr wandering around performing various functions on Earth. This crustacean, or maybe it was a bug, of course it wasn’t related to any Earth creature really. It was about three feet long or tall, and it generally walked on four of its eight legs. It looked like it had an exoskeleton. It’s carapace was an iridescent rainbow color, just magnificent, especially bahis şirketleri in the sunlight. “You must be Jenny-Jennifer. I’m Cacatata. I’m here to clean,” it said simply, and in perfect English, with a kind of Irish accent.I quickly found out, and Rick called me, that we’d been assigned this critter to assist me with chores considering he was working so hard, kind of a goodwill gesture and gesture of prestige from the government. The critter would live with us, which was not really a problem. We had a couple of empty bedrooms in our house that would now never have k**s in them. I found out Cacatata was basically a vegan. Vitamin supplements would be mailed to the house that would round out Cacatata’s diet.Cacatata was super efficient at housework and gardening and all that, and I didn’t want to sit around, so I helped a lot too. Most days we would be done with everything only a couple of hours after Rick left for work unless we had a gardening project we wanted to do. I soon taught Cacatata how to drink wine (which got her tipsy) and play backgammon (which she was tremendously good at, but I still won sometimes) and take naps (which she loved).I decided she was a girl after a while because of a conversation where she said she had eggs. Her sex things were obviously different from Earth a****ls, though.One afternoon several weeks into our friendship, Rick had been gone on business for over a week, and I was going crazy. After sharing a bottle of wine, we had a fairly candid conversation about sex. She started the conversation by saying, “I understand everything about your sex,” leaning back and taking a sip of her wine, “It’s just like the masters. A hole. Penetration. Yowling. You’ve got some eggs up there. Ricky-Rick’s stuff is supposed to fertilize some of them. You have a litter. Correct?”“Well, I suppose,” I replied. “Why do you say yowling?”“Well, I’ve heard you and Rick,” she confided, “You yowl especially. His sound, when he makes one, is more of a grunt.”“Is that what it sounds like? Sorry,” I said, blushing.“I have very good hearing compared to humans, so I can’t help it. I like your sounds. I feel happy when I hear them that two nice people are feeling so good,” she said, “But I have a confession to make. I got very curious listening to your sounds. I must admit in this candid moment between us that…” she stopped here to wave her antennae and make a little peeping noise, “I peeked at you and Rick while you were mating once.”“You spied on us??”“I was curious! The sounds were happy. I was a little sad. I got too curious. And you two were very distracted, of course. And I thought, what was the harm? But I’ve wanted to tell you I peeked,” she said. “What did you think?” I smiled, “Was it hot?”“Knowing the two of you as I do, yes it was. It was sweet and hot,” she admitted, “Watching you, I put an egg in myself.”“Is that, uh, sexy for you?”“Yes, it’s the way we play with ourselves sexually. We have climaxes much like humans do.”“Wow, yeah, okay,” I said. I really didn’t know what to say. We were so drunk and she was so cute about her explanation. Finally I said, “Okay, but you owe me, girl.”“Really? Okay. How can I repay you?”“Show me your stuff!”“My stuff?”“Yeah, your sex stuff. Get naked. Show me your sex parts. That’s fairsies.”“We are drunk! Is fairsies a real word? All right, sure. It’s fairsies.” She had some layers of clothing that she began to remove, showing more of her exquisitely beautiful rainbow scales and shell.“You’re so pretty and rainbow-colored naked. I wish I had skin that color.”“Thank you. So, here’s the slit that holds and fertilizes the egg and where the egg grows.”“It’s bahis firmaları almost like another mouth down there. It’s opening up a little.”“Yes, that happens when I get excited, and I’m getting, um, excited showing it to you.”“Yes,” I said. “I suppose fairsies.” Then I got naked and spread my inner lips with my fingers. I was wet. It was an exciting and intimate feeling and situation. I was attracted to Cacatata because I was attracted to her personality. I thought her body was beautiful, but it was almost an abstraction. I wanted to get more close and personal with her, the creature I knew and trusted and laughed and goofed off with, and it seemed like the feeling was mutual.“Wow, look at your wet,” she said. “I’m getting wet in mine, too.” She scooped a bit of slippery stuff off the edge of her opening to show me.“Can I taste?”“Me too.”We sucked on each other’s fingers. Hers tasted fruity. Things got awkward for a moment. I blurted out nervously, “You were almost right. We don’t have litters of babies unless the circumstances are really unusual. Just one at a time.”“Why does Rick put his stuff on your chest? Is it like a political protest?”“I never thought of it that way, but I suppose you’re right.” I answered. We both guzzled the entire rest of our glasses of wine, then, and I poured us two more full glasses.“We have only one sex,” she explained, “Everybody has an egg-laying part and a fertilization and gestation part. We stick our egg-laying parts in our fertilization and gestation parts and lay an egg in there. Here’s my egg laying part.” It was like a wet tentacle that came out of her with some bumps in it. The biggest bump was near the end. She waved it around a little. “That part of me is excited too,” she admitted.“You have a pussy and a dick!” I enthused drunkenly, “and a prehensile tentacle dick at that! That is so hot!”“It’s not a dick,” she said shyly. “Our fertilization happens in my slit. This part,” she said waving it a little, and it was getting a bit moist-looking, “This part lays eggs,” She said, waving the tentacle.I had my fingers spreading my lips still, and I was feeling itchy. I started brushing my fingers across my clit. “This is how I play with myself,” I told her, “And what am I doing, playing with myself in front of a dude, or at least you’re both a girl and a dude.”“My egg laying part reminds you of a male, then? Does it look sexy to you?”“What girl hasn’t had a tentacle dream? Yeah, I guess it is giving me ideas. Hot ideas.”“I admit, I have thought about laying an egg in one of your holes. In both your holes, actually.” Cacatata was rubbing her tentacle across her own slit now, poking at it a bit.“Could you do that?” I asked.“I don’t know,” she breathed. “Also, I’m excited by your arms and hands. When you’ve touched me, or especially when you hug me in your arms, I can’t help but think about your fingers or perhaps your whole hand penetrating into my slit and making me feel very full and mated in there.”I moved closer and gently touched her slit with my fingers. She shuddered. I ventured two fingers in. Her tentacle moved slowly; its wet tip began to explore my vulva much like it had been exploring her own slit. I swallowed hard. I felt dizzy, especially with the wine. I felt like I was getting close. It felt so good to rock my hips and rub my clit against her hot, wet tentacle.I have thin hands, and my four fingers and thumb were now pressing into her slit, exploring it. Her slit seemed to be wetting and opening up to accommodate my hand. I gently rocked my hand at her opening, and based on her tensing, this seemed to be pleasurable to her. At the same kaçak bahis siteleri time, her tentacle was exploring a few inches into my vagina, and it felt unreal. I hadn’t really felt excited at all in there since the reconstruction surgery, but now I was humming with excitement with all the roiling around and delicate pressure all around my opening. I started to cry.Cacatata was immediately concerned, “Is everything okay?”“Yes, yes,” I whimpered, “I’m feeling good. I can’t believe I’m feeling good again in there.” I was excited.I had managed to slide my whole hand into Cacatata’s slit by then. I went to slowly move it in and out, and she said, “No, no, don’t pull it out. Leave it in. Make it big.” She breathed.“Make it big?” I asked, confused.In response, she gently slid about ten inches of curling tentacle into me, including the big bump near the tip that stretched me slowly and deliciously open and then popped in. I had a shuddering orgasm on her tentacle then. The roiling pressure and the pop and fullness of the bump followed by it pressing in further made me continue to shake and orgasm. Her wet and my wet were flowing freely out around her tentacle and splashing on my ass and thighs.I got the idea. I started to wiggle my fingers in her, then I clenched my fingers into a fist. She tensed and made a sound like “k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k!” It looked like an orgasm to me. I swear she turned different iridescent colors. Her skin, her shell, whatever, is so beautiful. I straightened out my fingers again and wiggled them around. “K-k,” she said. Then I made another fist and squeezed several times. “K-K-K-K-K-K!” she spat out another orgasm.About then, her tentacle roiling around in me got the better of me. I felt a delicious shifting and popping deep inside me and had another wet whimpering orgasm. Her tentacle thrashed back and forth at my opening, straining to press in further. I felt so full, and I felt like my entire vagina and uterus was a big clitoris, and it was being wetly licked by a very smooth and slippery tongue. I could not stop orgasming. It was all I could do to keep clenching and unclenching my fist inside Cacatata, which continued to drive her over the edge.It felt like it was over then, I didn’t know why at the time. I slowly pulled out my hand wet with her juices, and she slowly pulled out her tentacle, wet with mine. We rested next to each other, breathing hard as bliss continued to flow through us. I think we were both trying to come to terms with what happened and whether it would be okay.A few minutes later, I started to feel something in my vagina that I should push out. I bore down and had another orgasm as a big hard slippery object came out of me. Cacatata identified it as one of her eggs. “What would have happened if it hadn’t come out?” I asked.“I would have had to reach in and get it eventually,” she answered. “You can’t fertilize it, so it’s inert. Are you okay? Was the egg disturbing to you?”“I felt it when you laid it in me. I don’t think I’ve ever orgasmed that hard before, ever. So yes, it’s disturbing, and unbelievably good. How about you? Did you have fun?”“I’ve never mated with another being before,” Cacatata admitted. “I’m happy my first time was with you. I had thought about it with you. I had dreamed it would be good. It was way better than good. I was the best thing ever.”Cacatata and I started making love every couple of days, whenever she had a new egg ready. Rick and I seemed to grow apart for a number of reasons, and eventually he admitted he had been having an affair with his secretary practically since he started working for the government, and he was in love with her, and he wanted a divorce. I was fine with the divorce, and after the divorce, Cacatata and I lived together happily ever after. Ours is a very private relationship, as relations between species are generally frowned upon.The End

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