Subject: Calum’s Games – Chapter 2 Welcome This story is purely fictional and meant for your pleasure. If you enjoy this story, feel free or have thoughts, please feel free to send me feedback. Also, if you enjoy Nifty and the stories provided don’t forget to donate! Much love! ———- I wish I could tell you I had a hot, wet, raunchy dream about my dad that night, but instead I jacked off to some porn and went to bed. The morning after, mom was already at work and Diane was still fast asleep. Dad was in the back starting on his late summer project, which was building a gazebo. There wasn’t much to do, and I already felt awkward around my dad for catching me last night, I didn’t want to face him yet. Quickly, I brushed my teeth, put on my shorts and runners, and ran out the door, avoiding my dad’s gaze as I passed him in the kitchen. After hitting the pavement and feeling the warm summer air and the sunlight on my face, I was energized for the day. Despite my cleanliness I had totally neglected to take a shower yesterday, and I could smell my own musk emanating from my body. Slowly, I felt my penis chub and bounce in my shorts. My run allowed me to get used to my surroundings and soon I found a sizeable, yet quiet park. There were plenty of trees covering the pathways from the sun’s heat, and I took the opportunity to walk a little before I headed back home. There weren’t many people, a few runners and some elderly couples doing their morning walk. Parched I went in search of a water fountain and found one outside the washrooms. As I had my head down in the fountain, a man entered the washroom in my periphery. A dirty thought came into my head, and after finishing my drink, I followed him inside. There were four stalls and three urinals in the washroom, and he was right in the middle of the urinals. Now most guys would either wait or go to a stall, but I wanted to see istanbul travesti his reaction if I stood right beside him. Worst case scenario, he would just leave, and I was left horny going home. Nonchalantly, I approached the urinal beside him and gave him a quick glance. He was taller than me, and his soft, tan face was slicked with sweat. It was apparent that he was here for a run, evident from his tight shorts and sweaty tee shirt that clung to his toned body. He gave me a nod and continued peeing, while I made it evident that I was looking at his soft cut cock. Slowly he gave it a few shakes, but a few shakes too many. I looked up at him and he was already looking at me. He motioned me to follow him, and I obliged, and he led me to the farthest stall. Quickly, I got on my knees, and he whipped out his semi hard cock. His musk was overpowering, locked in his untrimmed pubes which made me hornier. I was so hungry for cock, I needed it so bad and here it was on a silver platter. He pulled his shirt up and I could see that he had a very hairy body, which I caressed as I took his hardening 7-inch cock in my mouth. I made sure to suck it nice and deep, the head hitting the back my throat, my tongue playing with his sensitive head. From above me I could hear his moans and soft curses while his hands caressed my head. I had him and I was going to give him one hell of a blowjob to remember. “Suck that cock you slut,” he finally said after minutes of soft moans. His words made me more eager, and I went faster, taking his cock deeper in my throat, his aggressive thrusting fucking my head. “I bet you fucking like that you whore, it feels so good.” I hummed in agreement and slobbered on his dick, the sounds of my wet mouth getting fucked filled the washroom. I was in my zone, sucking his hard, musky cock, when the washroom door opened, and we both froze. I looked up at kadıköy travesti him and I could see the fear in his eyes at the idea of being caught, but I on the other hand, got more excited. Slowly, I started to bob up and down again as he shook his head telling me to stop, but his cock said otherwise. While gaging how long the person outside was going to take I started to up my cock sucking again and I could tell, he was about to bust. Through gritted teeth and closed mouth, he muffled as I sucked his cock faster, the sound of my wet mouth slobbering on his dick returned. The man outside stopped on his tracks as he was about to leave, but I didn’t care, I was more interested at making this dirty cock cum in my mouth. After a few seconds the door swung open and the person left, which meant the runner in front of me had full reign to speak. “You fucking whore,” he spat. “You like the idea of getting caught you slut?” He slapped my face and I nodded. “Do you want my cum? Do you want my cum you pig?” I nodded and hummed on his dick while I bobbed up and down. “Well, here you fucking go — OOOOHHHHH FUCK!” Just as the first volleys of cum hit the back of my throat he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my face and body. I stuck my tongue out getting a few drops of his endless cannon of cum, but soon he was emptied out, and his knees buckled causing him to lean on to the stall door. Slowly, he tucked his dick back into his shorts, and gave me a light slap, his fingers causing the globs of cum on my face to splat. I wiped the excess come onto my mouth while staring at him, he shook his head in amusement. “That was fun,” he sighed. “I usually run around this time, so I hope I catch you. Name’s Tony by the way” “I’m Calum,” I nodded. He turned around and left, while I waited a few minutes to make sure nobody would think otherwise, and then I too, left. My run back bakırköy travesti was more energized as I was hard the whole time thinking about my bathroom encounter, and the possibility it may happen again. Just as I was about to reach home, Keegan was heading to his car, and he waved at me, his hard body bulging against his shirt. I slowly approached him trying to hide my hard cock and said “Hey, how’s it going?” “Just headed to work, you’re up early.” He said, the scent of sandalwood cologne radiated off of him. “Yeah well, school hasn’t started, and there’s not much to do here so I thought I should go for a run.” I explained. “Well, if you’re looking to do something, my brother-in-law owns a gym nearby. We can go together later.” He spoke. “Oh, well, I’m low on funds…” I started. “Don’t worry about it, friends, and family discount if you will. Plus, my wife implored me to get to know the neighbours.” “Well, if you insist.” I feigned excitement at the idea of working out with this Greek god. “Great!” he exclaimed. “Later six o’clock, meet me here at my Jeep.” I nodded and he turned around, his grey slacks sculpted on his fat ass, and got into his car. He gave me another nod as the engines roared and he drove away. With some pep in my step at the thought of seeing more of Keegan I had forgotten about my hard cock, and I made my way home and opened the door to be greeted by my sweaty dad. “Woah there bud,” he recoiled. “You smell strong.” “Can say the same for you dad.” I chuckled, discreetly inhaling his manly scent. “What’s that on your shirt?” he asked, wiping the leftover cum I’d forgotten was on my shirt. Mortified, I watched him sniff it and inspect it. “Hmm well, what is it son?” “Uh-uh- just something that fell from a tree, probably.” I lied. “Huh, well, go on and get cleaned up, you smell like sweat and whatever this stuff is.” I nodded and excused myself to my room in horror. Not only did my dad see some guys come on my shirt, touch it, and then sniff it, but the whole time I was also talking to Keegan, I had cum all over me! Quickly stripping out of my shirt, I fell on my bed and screamed into my pillow.

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