Subject: Cameron’s Feature Films part 1 Please donate to their cool. http://donate./donate.html This is fiction. Love to hear all feedback! ail Cameron’s Feature Flims Saturday 10:30pm “Just another day at the office.” Detective Baxter Grayson thought to himself as he popped in the next tape that he had to watch. Detective Baxter Grayson was a 36 year old detective Baxter Grayson was a rough and tumble man’s man a square jaw and a never leaving stern look on his. His hair had started going grey as the stress of detective work in the field and his wife who had left him. His only saving grace was his son who seemed could do no wrong. His son a precious little angel could melt his heart with a smile, 10 year old Cameron. Seeing that he was done with detective work he took an office job at police HQ. His didn’t have a choice in his new job as it was the only one available on the same pay grade so it was that or nothing. His new job required him to watch child pornography and take notes such as names used, accents, ages, facial details, race, location, recognisable landmarks and anything else he deemed relevant. Tape after tape he took notes and destroied the tapes after viewing until there is only one tape left on his desk. His mind was tired and eyes heavy Baxter guted it out and put in the last tape and slumped back into his chair. Final Tape The tapes title popped up. “Breaking in and Cumming in” The tape started with a man in a ski mask and black long sleeve shirt opened window and climbed through. Whilst he climbed through the camera pans down and showed the man was naked from the waist down and his cock a soft hairy circumcised 4 inches long and thick. Once inside the dark house the man crept around a few corners and into the living room. A large T.V on illuminated the room and a boyish figure can be seen. The man flicks on the lights and the boy quickly turns around and the camera catches a surprised boy’s face. The boy was Baxter’s son 10 year old son Cameron. No way could it be a mistake that was his short curly light brown hair, deep blue eyes, pinchable cheeks and ruby red lips. This made Baxter sit up straight stop taking notes and pay his full attention. “Oh no it’s the Hanky Panky Burglar! Gosh please don’t fuck me.” The precious angel Cameron said in what may of been the worse acting of all time. “Oh I’m gonna fuck you all right all night long. HA HA HA!” The Hanky Panky Burglar laughed. Cameron jumped up off the couch and ran around the pantsless burglar behind him. Cameron was wearing red and white striped pyjamas and his feet bare but not for long as the burglar caught him and ripped the boy’s shirt clean off his body. Revealing his pale chest inny belly button and small nipples. Grabbing the boy by the arm and pressing Cameron’s back to his ankara otele gelen escort body the burglar felt the small boy’s chest and played with his nipples, licked Cameron’s ear and whispered. “I’m gonna have you begging for my cock you little fuck toy.” Cameron squealed and escaped the man’s grasp and ran to the other side of the room and the camera cuts to a shot of Cameron’s point of view. Cameron looks back at The Hanky Panky Burglar and sees that the pantsless man has now got a stiff 7 inch thick hairy erection and waved it at the boy. “You can’t resist this thick fuck’n dick.” The Hanky Panky Burglar says and he spits on his cock and waves it causing spit and pre-cum to fly around the living room. “Oh Gosh! I can’t let him catch me.” Cameron said looked directly at the camera. Some more running around until Cameron was in the burglar’s grasp once again this time the burglar pinned the boy down and removed Cameron’s pants leaving the boy naked. Cameron’s 4 inch stiff erection hairless with tight balls underneath the bright red cock head peeking past his foreskin. He escaped and ran away his bum facing the camera and Cameron teased the burglar. “Ha ha, you’ll never get this.” Cameron said as he moons the camera bent over prying his tasty cheeks apart showing his hairless tight hole to the camera. “That hole is mine and I’m gonna fuck it. HA! HA! HA!” The Hanky Panky Burglar cried once again swung his dick around. More chasing and running about until he caught Cameron for the third and final time. The Hanky Panky Burglar soon after had Cameron tied to a chair. “Now boy maybe if you tell me where all your family’s jewellery and cash are I might not fuck you.” The burglar said as he slaps his heavy cock across Cameron’s angelic face repeatedly. “Slap, Slap, Slap.” The stiff wet cock echoed off Cameron’s face leaving a trail of pre-cum. “Never.” Cameron said defiantly. “Fine than I guess you won’t need this.” The Hanky Panky Burglar said as he pinched Cameron’s nose making the boy open his mouth and shoved his whole thick 7 inch cock down Cameron’s throat. Face fucking poor Cameron hard slamming the boy’s face into his hairy pubic mound gaging the poor boy at every turn saliva and cock spit flying everywhere. Straining the ropes that held Cameron to the chair as he rock the whole upper body of Cameron over his hard cock. “GLA…GULP…GLLAARRRR…GLUP.” Noises came from Cameron’s throat as he swallowed as much as he could whilst taking a horrific face pounding. Cameron’s nose leaked snot as he coughed and gaged. The snot ran down his face and onto the invading 7 inch cock. The Hanky Panky Burglar slowed allowing the snot to cover his cock and then drove it down Cameron’s throat and held the boy’s gaged face against öveçler escort his pubes made the short of breath boy swallow his own snot. Taking his whole slimly cock from the boy’s throat with a “SLURP!” The burglar slaps Cameron’s face covering the boy in cock juice and throat slime. Cameron’s hair had changed from a light brown to a dark wet brown as sweat poured from his skull. The slime dribbled down and the camera followed as it went down the boy’s chest over his rock hard cock and puddled on the seat of the chair. “Ready to tell me…Aaarr shit the ropes broke.” The Burglar broke character. “CUT! CUT! CUT! I told you not to be that rough” An off screen man yelled. “The kid wanted it rough.” The Hanky Panky Burglar said as he started to remove his mask the camera cut to black. The picture came back. Cameron was re-tied to the chair and everyone seemed frozen. “ACTION!” The off camera man yelled. “Ready to tell me where the money and jewellery is?” The Hanky Panky Burglar asked while slapping his cock into his hand as if it were a lethal weapon. “Nope never you’re a mean criminal you’ll get nothing from me.” The ever so brave boy screeched through his groggy throat. “Oh I see well young man you seem quite high strung. Let’s loosen you up a bit.” The Hanky Panky Burglar said as he flipped the chair sending Cameron backwards crashing onto the floor. The boy’s upper body was still tied to the chair and his legs were free to move but he show no resistance as the burglar pinned back his legs and using the cock slime that had puddled on the seat to lube up two fingers and went deep into the boy’s pre-teen hole. “AARRGGGHH!” Cameron screamed as he was finger fucked by two thick man fingers ploughing his insides and going deeper with every plunge. “Beg me to fuck you.” The Hanky Panky Burglar said to the boy. “No never.” Cameron replied. The man adds a third finger and fucks the boy’s ass with hard long strokes shoving his fingers as hard and far as he could. “MMmmm OOOHHHHH!” Cameron moaned in pleasure. “Beg me.” The man said again. “Please.” Cameron cried. “Please what?” The Hanky Panky Burglar asked “Please will you fuck me with your big hard manly cock. PLEASE FUCK ME! FUCK MY LITTLE SEX HOLE!” Cameron screamed wanting begging to be fucked by the man. The Hanky Panky Burglar lined up his still slimy cock with the well opened hole of the boy and thrusts his whole cock in one swift motion up Cameron’s tunnel. “Ooohhhh.” Cameron groaned in pleasure as the cock entered him. The man’s fucking stared hard but long slow strokes picked up speed quickly as if Cameron had been doing this for a long time. He fucked the boy hard with as much might as he could muster. “ARRGGHH ARRGGHH YEAH FUCK ME. FUCK ME LIKE A DIRTY LITTLE pendik escort SLUT.” Cameron screamed as he spread his legs wider apart welcoming the heavy pounding of the cock that invaded his insides. The man using all 7 inches pounds as hard and fast into the small 10 years old as hard as he could trying to drive his hard cock deeper into Cameron. “OH fuck yeah I’m gonna cum.” The man says as he goes into override and made Cameron look like a lifeless doll as he furiously hammer the poor boy who could only moan in pleasure. As the man stares to cum he pulls out of the now loose boy hole and shoots his load over the naked tied up boy. It splatters all over the floor and Cameron as The Hanky Panky Burglar’s cum fell down on the boy showered him in sperm and jizz. Cameron had his mouth wide open catching as much as he could in his mouth and swallowing the tasty treat when suddenly the door swung open. “FREEZE.” A black man wearing sunglasses, a cop outfit and a clearly fake gun yelled getting everyone’s attention. The black cop grabbed The Hanky Panky Burglar and pulled him off the pinned down boy. As he did this the burglar’s thick cock was dragged out of Cameron’s abused puffy hole with a loud “SLURP!” and a “POP!”. “We’ve final caught you.” The Black Cop said as he cuffed The Hanky Panky Burglar whose cock was dripping with boy ass and cock slime. The Black cop untied the cum covered Cameron. Cameron ate all the cum on his body and then flips over and started licking the remaining cum off the floor giving the camera a great view of his destroyed hole. “Hey kid that’s evidence I need that, you can have what’s left on his cock.” The Black Cop said. Cameron crawled over and sucked The Hanky Panky Burglar’s cock clean of cum and ass juice purring as he made love to the cock the just used him as a cum hole. While he sucked the man’s cock clean Cameron’s own little cock erupted and dribbled a small cum load onto the floor beneath him. kissing the tip of the burglar’s cock before letting it leave his mouth Cameron them bent down to the floor and licked up his own small load he just shot. “You’re busted!” Cameron cries as he springs to his feet pointing at The Hanky Panky Burglar the boy’s cock still hard and his body wet and dripping sweat and sex slime. The camera faded to black and the words “To be continued.” Pop up much to Detective Baxter Grayson’s dismay. Tape Ends “Knock! Knock! Knock!” a fist banged on his office door. The door opened and a fellow office hands him another tape. “Forgot to give you this last one for the night.” The officer says as he handed Baxter the tape. The tape was only marked as “Part 2.” Baxter was still in shock his angel of a son was a lust filled little cock whore. “No no he wasn’t. He’s a good boy.” Baxter thought to himself and the second tape would prove it. Right? Thank you for reading My other stories https://www.//gay/young-friends/marty-back-at-school https://www.//gay/incest/bonds-beyond-family https://www.//gay/adult-youth/how-to-pay-rent fty//gay/incest/radio-contest-winner/

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