Subject: Camp Site Butt Boy Part 7 This story is pure fiction, and the contents should remain fiction. It contains sex acts between men and boys. Do not read it if this subject matter upsets you. Just stop and go somewhere else. Comments ail AND EVERYONE, DON’T FORGET TO… DONATE DONATE PLEASE EVERYONE, DONATE TO NIFTY. If you return to this site regularly, leave a little donation. Any amount would be appreciated. The hungry would love to eat – cock needs $$. so DONATE SOMETHING, it’s EASY. Go to the top of Nifty Page to DONATE some $$. Money makes the cock grow fonder. Camp Site Butt Boy Part 7 Just as Jack sat to put on his shoes Jamie came into the cabin and knelt between his legs. With a big grin on his face the boy looked at Jack’s open pants. Jack fed the child his prick head. Jamie slurped the huge organ into his mouth, then kissed it. “Can me and Daddy go to the river with you and Benny, Jack?” “Why, sure, Jamie. Benny here just learned how to swim and probably isn’t so good yet. You can play in the water with him, make him feel safe. You’d like that, wound’t you, Benny?” Benny had really liked sucking his cock and knelt next to the older boy and kissed cheek. “I never had anybody come in my mouth before, Jamie. I liked doing it.” Jamie fondled the youngster’s oversized cock and balls. “Can we go with you and Jack, Benny? Please.” “I really like your cock. It’s bigger than mine and my daddy’s. We can play in the water together. It’ll be fun. Can we?” “Sure.” Benny grinned at his new friend. Jack led them all up river to a stretch of gravel beach where he waded into the water to an island with all men and began to strip. “Jackie?” Benny called from the far shore where he stood waist deep in the swift water. “Oh, pumpkin butt.” He went right back and picked up his boy. “I forgot about you being scared, but it’s not very deep.” “It’s going really fast though.” Benny hugged his lover daddy. Jack kissed his little angel. “I’m sorry. You were right to call me instead of trying to get across by yourself. You’re my little boy now, and I don’t want anything to happen to that sweet little ass of yours.” He deep tongue kissed his little lover and set him on the pebbles. “Now take your clothes off.” “Why?” Benny looked around and saw a naked high school boy come out of the water and lay next to another naked boy. “Because I said so. It’s OK to be naked here, and I like looking at your pretty little body. Makes me want to lick you all over.” He bent down, stripped his boy’s pants off and kissed Benny again. “Makes me want to fuck you too.” He pushed a strong middle finger into the boy’s anus. “Oh yeah. I love your ass, Benny.” He stroked the beautiful big boy cock as he pumped the ass. “Kind of love everything about you.” Benny wiggled his fuck hole on his lover daddy’s finger. “I love you too, Jackie.” “I know you love my big dick up your ass. That’s all it is.” “I do love your big dick up my ass, but mainly because it’s yours.” “Well, aren’t you sweet. Now get all naked and let me see you.” Jack watched the boys and Cab strip. Benny stripped and turned around a few times. “Yeah.” Jack rolled the hairless boy testicles in his hand. “Look at these big nuts. Such a pretty little thing.” Jack liked his boys hung, and Benny had the biggest cock he’d ever seen on a kid between first and second grade. He watched Jamie on the towel next to his father observing them. “I like you, too, Jamie, but Benny’s going to be my boy like you got your daddy.” “I know.” Jamie smiled and took hold of his stiffening father’s shaft that Cab tried to keep down between his legs. The two teens on a towel watched Jack remove his tee shirt. The blond one rubbed his cock and balls. Jack grinned at them. “Undo my pants and get them down now, Benny.” He turned sideways so the teens could see his huge horse cock. When Benny got Jack’s pants off he embraced his muscled lover daddy. Jack spat into his hand and made a little show for the two high schoolers by rubbing the fluid into his boy’s ass crack, pulling the cheeks apart. “Yeah, my little Benny bubble butt is such a fuck angel.” He took a squirt of baby oil and smeared it into the ass crack, then finger fucked the warm boy hole. “I’m gonna be loving you all the time.” He spread out a towel, sat down and started blowing up a green rubber alligator for Benny to float around on. Benny overlapped another towel next to Jack’s. “I can help you blow that up, Jackie.” The boy leaned against his naked lover daddy and held his limp cock shaft, happier like never been. “It’ll go a lot faster if I do it, bubble butt. You can blow me while I’m blowing the alligator.” He steered the boy’s head between his legs and felt the eager mouth cover his prick head. “That’s my boy. You likes sucking Jack’s big cock.” He fingered Benny’s anus. “You have such a pretty ass I just can’t stay out of it.” After a good fingering he went back to blowing up the alligator. Cab had never had sex in public and got an erection watching Benny worship Jack’s huge limp fire hose. “Damn.” He grinned at his son. “I can do you, Daddy.” Jamie got between his father’s legs and sucked the full blown erection. “You’re really hard again, Daddy.” The boy sucked his father’s love shatt. “I know, Jamie. It’s all so new. it gets me going.” He reached over his son’s crouched body and fingered his sticky, oily anus that he and Mel had just fucked together. Jamie looked up and grinned. “I know what you want, Daddy.” He stood facing Cab and squatted. Slowly his father’s thick cock slid into his anus, and he sat with a deep sigh in karşıyaka escort his lap. “I really like getting fucked, Daddy.” “Damn, Jamie.” He bounced his son’s warm anus on his cock. “Like father like son.” he kissed his boy. “We’re going to be doing each other, OK?” “OK, but this is my favourite.” He clamped his legs around his father’s waist and did a little ass dance on Cab’s thick meat post. Cab looked around. The two high schoolers watched them. One had bent his legs and fingered his anus. The other stroked a nice big fat cock. Cab embraced his son and let the boy ass squirm in his lap. When Jamie saw the tall teen stroke a long wonderful cock he asked, “Do you think he’d fuck me with you, Daddy? Like Mel did?” “I think he just might, Jamie.” Cab shifted around so the two teens could see his son’s ass full of daddy cock. Then he pulled the cheeks wide apart and raised the boy up and down his glistening shaft. Jamie wiggled like an ass slut until Cab raised him up enough for the big meat head to pop out and slide up and down the crack. Jamie quickly reached behind and pushed the prick head in and out of his loose anus. “Oh, Daddy. I just love cocks in my ass hole. Put it in deep again.” Jamie swirled his ass ring over the teasing cock head trying to get lower and get more in. “Fuck, Daddy.” He shivered with ass lust. “I just love it.” “Just a minute.” Cab let his son pop just his prick head in and out. “Daddy, please.” Jamie slid his ass pucker over the prick head moaning for more. “I want it so bad.” Cab grinned at his ass hungry little boy. “Damn, Jamie. What are we going to do with you?” “Fuck me, that’s what.” The boy panted for cock. Cab watched the blond teen jack his cock with one hand and finger fuck his friend with the other. Then he nicked them over. The tall lean blond came over stroking a long dripping hard shaft. “Hi, mister. I’m Eric. That’s Tod, with his finger up his ass. Is this your kid?” “Yeah. I’m Cab. This is Jamie.” He pulled his son’s ass cheeks apart. “And this is his hot ass hole.” “Tod loves getting fucked. Like your boy.” Eric knelt next to the two and stroked Jamie’s thick seven and a half inch cock. “Nice cock, kid. Almost as big as me.” “Yeah.” Jamie panted and stroked the other fuck pole. “Nice ass too.” Eric fingered the loose boy hole and smeared Cab’s prick head over the anal opening. “Feels like you need a cock up it.” “Daddy, please.” Jamie was ass crazy feeling his father’s prick head slide over his ass pucker and Eric’s finger hook inside his hole. “You ever double fuck anyone before?” Cab grinned. “No. You kidding me?” Eric bent down and sucked in Cab’s cum slicked cock as he slid three fingers into Jamie’s warm anus. Cab pulled his ass boy forward. “Well, why don’t you get behind my ass boy, hold our pricks together and get them up his ass. He’s begging for it.” As Jamie felt the two meat heads push against his ass lips he panted, “Ye heh –, ye heh, yeses.” He sighed when the two shafts pushed into his loose anus and reached behind to feel the new cock. “I like your cock, Eric.” He felt around it, then reached for the testicles. “I like your balls too. Wow. You feel good.” He lay passively on his father’s chest as the two cock worked gently up into his ass hole. Once the alligator was blown up Jack set it down and pulled Benny onto his lap and kissed him. Benny reached behind and smeared the wet prick head along his ass crack. “You really like that thing, don’t you, Benny?” “More than anything, Jackie.” The boy melted into his lover daddy’s strong body. Jack’s hands slid all over the smooth young body as his kissed Benny. “Oh, yeah. I’m going to make you my boy, Benny.” Tongues played with each other as they kissed, and Jack’s cock grew stiffer and stiffer. “Oh, Benny. How come you’re so wonderful?” He nuzzled his face into the boy’s hair. “You’re going to make me want to fuck you right now, just a little bit.” “I don’t want to go back to mama, Jackie.” Benny reached behind. The swelling fuck organ thrilled him, and he forced the prick head into his anus. “I like you in me. Can’t I stay with you?” “We’ll work it out, Benny. Don’t you worry about that.” He pulled the ass cheeks apart and let the boy work his rising shaft into his fuck hole. Once Benny sat in his lap, the huge shaft buried deep, they kissed again. “You see how much my dick wants you, Benny?” The boy rested his head on Jack’s muscled chest, his ass, his whole body, full of strong, meaty cock. He wanted always to feel like this, part of Jack, being loved. “I want you too, Jackie. Forever.” After a tender embrace Jack lifted his fuck boy off his shaft. “Go down and see if the water’s cold.” He stood the grinning boy up. When Benny was at the shore two college boys walked over. “Hi.” The tanned one said. “I’m Rob. This is Steve.” He pointed to his friend. Jack studied their cocks before looking up and grinning. “I’m Jack. That’s Benny down there.” “He your boy?” Rob scratched in his pubic hair. “Not yet, but I’m going to make him mine.” Jack spread his legs to give the teens a good look at his genitals. “Damn.” Steve said. “You fucking him?” “What do you think?” Jack put the raft down. Benny ran back. “The water’s really nice, Jackie.” Then he smiled at the two strangers and looked at their cocks. “Hi. I’m Benny. This is Jack. You want to go in the water together, Jackie? I don’t want to go in alone. OK?” “Whatever you want, bubble butt.” Jack stood. All three gazed at his magnificent body, dominated by his horse cock and bull’s balls. He grinned. kartal escort “You two coming in? He patted Steve’s round ass. “Benny likes playing in the water.” Jack put Benny on the rubber raft on his belly and fingered his anus. “Does that feel good, angel?” He leaned down and kissed his boy’s ass. “You know I like it, Jackie.” The boy bent one leg to make rook for his stiffening cock. On the other side of the raft Rob reached under the bent thigh and fondled Benny’s stiff cock. “Damn, your boy’s got a nice big cock there.” “Just like his daddy.” Jack moved away to let Rob have the boy’s ass. “Where are you going, Jackie?” Benny got scared. “Just right here to Steve’s ass.” Jack turned back, spread his boy’s ass cheeks and dug his face into he soft crack. After sticking his tongue deep into the loose anus he kissed Benny. “You have such a pretty ass, Benny, Rob might want to play with you, too.” He pushed his middle finger up into the boy’s fuck hole. “He might want your butt as much as you want my cock sometimes. It wouldn’t be nice to say no. I’m going to be right here next to you watching over you. Don’t be scared.” Benny reached down into the water and held Jack’s pulpy cock. “OK.” His smile melted right into Jack’s heart. “Oh, Benny. I’m gonna fuck you so good later.” Jack pushed another finger into he soft wet anus. “You’re my favourite butt hole, baby.” Then he pulled Steve to his other side and fondled the college man’s ass crack. “I think Stevie might need some big dick too.” Steve felt under the murky water and stroked Jack’s growing shaft. “I don’t know if I can take all that.” His warm, frightened eyes looked up at his dominator as he stroked the massive shaft unable to say no. Jack greased his finger in Benny’s soft anus and then slid it all the way up Steve’s tight fuck hole. “You scared, Stevie boy?” Jack knew a fuck hole when he had one, and this college kid trembled for it. “You’re so big.” He stroked the huge hardening shaft with both hands. Jack knew the boy was hooked and grinned. Steve bit his lip and trembled as another finger poked into his ass pucker. “Oh, shit. You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Jack pumped the anus looser. “Not as much as you want me to.” In reply Steve turned and smeared the greased cock shaft’s huge head into his crack. “Just go slow. OK?” Jack grinned and kissed the boy’s neck. “You do the work, pussy man. I’ll just stand here and wait. I mean, if my little Benny can take it, I’m sure a big muscle boy like you can.” “OK.” Steve began working the huge meat head into his ass. “Oh, fuck, you’re so fucking big. I ain’t ever had a nigger as big as you.”” “That’s what you like about it, Stevie.” He stroked the boy’s rock hard seven inches under the water. “Look at Jamie up there.” When the two turned and saw Cab and Eric double fucking the nine year old Jack shoved two fingers deep into Steve’s anus. “I bet you’d love doing that, wouldn’t you, Stevie pussy?” “Yeah.” Steve pushed back until the huge prick head at the end of the baseball bat shaft slipped into his ass. “Oh, fuck.” He gasped and ran his hand up and down the length of the giant fuck organ. “Oh, yes.” He trembled as he worked his ass over a couple inches of shaft. “Take your time, baby. There’s no rush.” But Jack reached around and held the college man’s cock with both hands. He always loved the gasp when he pulled his prey back and stuffed his huge meat post into the frightened hole. “Ah, yeah. Just another inch or two.” He held the man’s belly tight, manoeuvring his prick head deep into the full body. “Fuck yes. You’re a tight one.” “It burns like hell.” Steve panted. “No pain, no gain.” And Jack pushed the whole shaft deep into Steve’s body. “Oh, yeah. I like boys with tight asses.” He spent the next few minutes letting his horse cock rest up the tight ass. Soon he felt Steve’s ass rock over his cock root. “You like that, don’t you, Stevie?” His strong arms wrapped around the college boy’s torso. “Yeah, a big white cock up that round brown ass of yours.” Steve let out a long sigh. “Oh, yeah. Let’s go slow for a minute.” He let the strong man hold him up in the water, felt he was being held by the huge shaft up his ass. “Goddamn, you’re something.” “That’s just what my Benny said this morning when I fucked the daylights out of him. Saw stars and heard bells and whistles too. He’s a brave little fuck bag.” “You going to do me like that?” Steve rolled his ass on the giant wonder inside him. “If you want.” Jack looked at Benny, arms and legs wrapped around Eric, bouncing on the college boy’s cock up his ass. “You like that, Benny?” “Me and Eric are having fun, Jackie. He likes plopping me up and down.” “You want to watch me ram the shit out of Stevie here like I did you this morning? Jack dug deep into the tight anus. “Does that mean you won’t want me later, Jackie?” Benny liked worried. “No, it does not, pumpkin butt.” he leaned over and kissed his fuck boy. “You know you’re my favourite.” “OK.” Benny watched Jack lay Steve’s torso over the green alligator. “Now spread your feet apart, Stevie, and spread that nice brown ass for me.” When the boy pulled his cheeks apart Jack held him around the waist and rammed him a few times hard and deep. “Yeah. You’re getting to feel good, Stevie. You like that?” “Goddamn you’re big.” He panted. “Biggest cock I’ve ever had. Damn.” Steve was regularly gang fucked, but he never had anything like Jack up his ass before, not even their black friends. Slowly he responded to the pumping horse shaft. His ass kastamonu escort rocked with the long strokes. He blabbered into the rubber alligator. “Damn fucking bull up my ass. Fuck my ass, mister.” “Does that mean you want it harder, Stevie?” Jack knew a pussy ass when he had one under him. “Yeah. Big muscle boy wants it deep and hard.” He held the boy’s hips and started pumping serious, hard strokes. “That’s it, pussy. Brace yourself. You’re riding the stallion now.” Steve went limp over the rubber float and felt his ass heat up with ramming horse cock. “Oh, damn, mother fuck my ass you horse cock. Gimme, gimme gimme –.” He panted as Jack slammed harder and faster. “– what I beg for.” Jack felt the anus go slack and hot. Felt the body relax and accept the huge shaft ramming him. Fucking slowly together Eric and Benny watched Jack hold his prey tight by the hair, watched Steve pull his cheeks apart in total anal greed. Jack’s beautiful muscled body glowed in pure fuck mode. Every movement, every tight muscle used to ram the horse cock hard and deep into the lathering anal channel. “Oh, Stevie.” Jack bent the neck back, grinned and rammed with a huge jolt. Steve was raised off his feet as the giant fuck post slammed into him. Jack pulled the torso to him, grinding up the body stuck on his cock. “Yeah, what a fuck hole. I could stay in here for a while.” Steve trembled with ass pain and lust. “Yeah. Oh fuck.” He saw stars. “Don’t stop until you come up my nigger ass. Oh fuck. I’m taking the big white stallion. My nigger ass ain’t never had it so big. Fuck man, you got me now.” He reached behind to hold Jack. “Uh-huh. You’re making me real sore, big guy. I can’t take much more. Fill my black ass with your white cum.” Jack threw his fuck boy over the alligator again and started long stroking, sliding his shaft out until his prick head felt the loose anal pucker and then slamming the whole ten inch meat post back into his blabbering prey. Water splashed everywhere as Jack rammed the beautiful black college boy into an anal daze. Watching his boyfriend get meat slammed got Eric hotter, and he bounced Benny faster on his eight inch shaft. “Damn, Benny. You watching your daddy pound my Stevie? Isn’t he beautiful.” “Yeah.” But Benny had lost interest in the cock up his ass. He was worried Jack didn’t want him anymore. Jack saw his worry and panted, “Just wait, pumpkin.” And slammed Stevie’s throbbing anus even harder. Another few minutes of ass agony and Jack pulled Steve to him again, lifting him off the riverbed again by the force of his cock throbbing up his ass. “Oh, yeah. I’m gonna fill that pretty brown ass with cum now. You want that?” “Goddam yes, Sir.” “Hold your ass open.” “Yes, Sir.” Steve reached behind and pulled his cheeks apart as the shaft stabbed up his hole and exploded. “Oh, god. Damn. Mother fuck. My ass.” He whimpered as hot cum gushed into his bowel. He’d never felt so much sperm shoot into him. Jack controlled his orgasm. After six flooding shots he squeezed the root of his shaft and turned. “Give me my boy’s ass.” Eric lifted Benny up and off his shaft. Benny felt his lover daddy’s giant fuck organ take him from behind, and then he felt the cum shoot into him. Ten ramming thrusts, as hard as Steve got, filled Benny with pain and cum. “Jackie.” Benny tried to hold him deep inside him. “Just to keep my boy happy.” Jack’s cock stopped exploding, and he pulled out, pushed Eric’s cock head back in to plug his boy’s fuck hole, turned and stuffed Steve’s hole again. “You can have the dribbles, Stevie. I just had to put some cum up my boy. Make him big and strong like his daddy.” He laid over his fuck bag and pumped the round brown ass slow and gently now. “You’re a good fuck, Stevie. Might have to do you again.” “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” Steve reached between his legs and pulled the giant testicles that hung at the end of the meat stump like avocados. He rubbed them against his own low hangers. “Oh, yes, Sir. Thank you for coming up my ass.” Eric bounced Benny faster and faster, pumping up his ass hard. “Fuck, Benny. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna cream your ass, baby.” He slammed the boy hard and soon heavy shots of sperm flooded into the child’s warm anus. “That’s a good boy, Benny. You like me fucking you. feeling my cum shoot up your ass. Oh, yeah, you do. I like you too.” Benny held his anal lover tight, feeling the cum flow into his ass. When Eric had shot his load Jack slipped out of Steve’s ass. “Give me my boy again.” He took Benny who wrapped his arms and legs around his lover daddy as the wonderful cock shaft slid back up his ass. “Jackie.” The boy snuggled and cooed to his lover daddy as Jack rolled his ass lips over his cock root. “Why are you shaking, honey bunny?” Jack held his lover boy softly. “I just love you, Jackie. Up my ass too. I want you to be my daddy so much.” “Oh, honey butt. I’m going to take you home with me. Don’t you worry.” Jack slow fucked his little angel and walked him out of the river. “Let’s get you warm now.” He laid on his back, rocking Benny on his belly, legs curled at his side, cock still up his ass. Benny covered his lover daddy’s face with soft kisses, feeling the giant, fading organ still loving him from inside. When a strange ranger walked toward them Jack pulled a towel over Benny. “This your boy?” The ranger asked. “Sure is. He was cold so I’m warming him up.” “You OK, boy?” The ranger studied them. Benny grinned. “Yes. I love being with my daddy so much.” Then he looked at Jack. “I’m hungry, Daddy.” “Are you, pumpkin? We better get back then. I told your mother I’d have you back before dinner.” He slid the boy’s ass off his shaft and wrapped a towel around him. The ranger saw the glistening, ass slicked meat post lying on Jack’s thigh, grinned, tipped his hat and walked on. DEAR READERS, PLEASE DONATE SOMETHING TO NIFTY

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