Camping cousins part 1


This story starts in the summer of 1987.
As both my parents worked long hours i was sent to live the summer holidays with my cousin Angie and her parents,Angie was twelve small for her age and had short blonde hair and if anything looked a little like a boy,as we were the same age we got on really well and often we would be together while our parents were away working or when we were on holiday together we would be off swimming or playing games until late evening when our parents would call is in.Angie and Joseph were like twins.
The week before i left for Angies house i had my first real sexual experience in as much i had found out what wanking was all about,i had been in the bathroom having a shower and washing my dick and my arse,as i washed my arse i slipped a finger up my hole and the sensation i got from this sent waves of pleasure through my body a pleasure i had not had before,my penis began to get hard and for some reason i just began to rub it up and down,i dont know how i knew about this it was as if it just came naturally.
As i slowly rubbed my penis i began quickly to get the most amazing feeling shooting through my body and before i knew it my penis began to throb and i thought i was about to pass out with the sensation,my first orgasm did not produce any liquid and in fact i thought i had done some damage to my penis,this experience although great had slightly frightened me and i had not played with myself since.But since that day it escort bayan was as if i only had one thing on my mind and had a constant erection which had a mind of its own.
I arrived at Angies house on the Friday evening and as alway me and Angie would sleep in the single bed in her room,we were to get up early Saturday to set off for our weeks camping trip over 4 hours away.
Angie had already changed into her nightie and was all but ready for bed by 7pm “Joseph would you like to shower and get ready for an early night” Mary asked, Mary was Angies mother and was really nice and had always treated me like her own “yeah sure ” i replied ,and soon after i was all washed and ready for bed,soon we had kissed all goodnight and me and Angie were in bed chatting and organising the things we would do at camping, i had never realised before how good Angie had smelt and how clean and fresh she was,and it was not long before i had a little boner under my shorts,i put my hand on it as to not let angie notice ” i feel real tired and think im gonna crash ” i said ” me too sleep tight “said Angie.
Although i had purposely slept with my back to Angie it was not long before she was moving around the bed as she usually did,her arms and legs were everywhere,her breathing was quite heavy and she always made lots of noise,where as i was a light sleeper.
I had never ever thought of Angie in a sexual way even though in the past we had both seen each other naked,but it had just been kocaeli escort bayan kids together,my mind had been racing away with itself and i so much wanted to rub myself against Angie,as i turned toward her she quickly turned away,i put my arm across her to get a more comfortable position,for some reason my heart was pounding and i was as nervous as i had ever been,my penis was now throbbing and pushed tight against her little back,although we were both Twelve she was tiny in comparrison to me,i wanted to touch her so much but didnt know how or where i was frozen for what seemed like ages.
Suddenly i felt Angie push back toward me,her tiny little bottom was pushing against my penis,even though she was asleep it was as if she could feel my penis against her and was moving toward it so she could feel it better against her bottom, i moved my hand across her chest and quickly found the little breast that were under developed,my penis was throbbing at this point and i thought it would explode any minute,i rubbed her little titties they felt so good the nipples began to stick out slightly with my touch,i was sure her breathing had slightly changed it was as if she was responding to my touch.
God this was the best night of my life even though i knew it was wrong,it actually felt so right,i needed to rub my penis so much so i left her titties,the position i was in i could only free the one hand to properly rub my penis,as a rubbed my penis kocaeli escort up and down i was also rubbing against Angies nightie and this had slightly moved up her body so i could touch the flesh of her bottom,she was wearing a pair of white panties which had wedged themselves against her bottoms crack,i wanted so much to put my hand down to her bottom and feel it and touch her panties,all the time thinking i may wake her,it was then that she moved herself so her nightie raised up even more just covering the top of her hips and then her hand came to rest on my leg,i had to stop rubbing my penis her hand was so close to my groin.
I quickly had an idea i touched her hand and she did not respond so i held it and pushed ny penis toward it,i cupped her hand with mine and put it on my hard little penis and wrapped it around,then i began to move it up and down…..oh god this was great in effect little angies hand was now wanking my penis,her fingers were so tiny it felf amazing,with my now free hand i slipped it inside her white panties and pushed my fingers down the crack of her little twelve year old bottom,it was slightly wet down there and a tickled her little bum hole,i then brought my fingers up and smelt them,to this day i have never ever forgotten that smell and as we both stroked my penis i had the most amazing orgasm only this time sperm came out of my penis and landed on the bed and all over our hands,luckily there was not alot of sperm so i wiped it on my shorts,i soon turned away from Angie and contently drifted off to sleep,this was going to be a good camping holiday.
part2 to follow shortly please comment as this is my first story

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