Candy , Friends Ch. 01


Hi! My name is Ron and this is the story of my sexual awakening by a wonderful girl named Candy.


I met Candice in the Fall of senior year. She was a tall, thin, provocative hippie; the exact opposite of my priggish parochial-school girlfriend, Susan. I began hanging out with Candy and her friends, an assortment of pot-smoking musicians, artists, and wannabes. Candy was on-the-pill, having sex with Vic. She and the others all talked openly about sex with lots of innuendos of casual hookups. That said, it was hard for me to know how much was true and how much was just talk. I didn’t smoke, hadn’t had sex and really didn’t fit in, but I was attracted by the prospect of casual-sex, and more specifically by Candy. She featured regularly in the fantasies that accompanied my nightly tension relief. But, I didn’t suspect that Candy had fantasies, too; one of those fantasies was about to be fulfilled.

Like many kids, I began playing an instrument in elementary school. Now a senior at Central High, music meant hours of practice each day and playing professionally some nights. Knowing I was a serious aspiring musician, the band director had entrusted me with a band-room key, so I could practice during the otherwise wasted last period each day. The deal was; no one else was allowed in the band-room.

One day, Candy passed a note to me asking about hanging out with me in the band-room. The thought of being alone with her immediately aroused all my fantasies. But, the band-room was out. I needed another place.

I knew that although the auditorium was kept locked, the stage was accessible from the band room. I also knew that once inside, I could unlock any of the doors without a key.

That afternoon, I made a tentatively suggestion to Candy. Tomorrow after sixth period began, she would come to the second-floor balcony door, which I would have unlocked. When no one was watching, she’d slip inside and re-lock the door behind her. I’d be waiting for her back-stage. It wasn’t exactly clear what we would do, but I thought talking and maybe even a little making-out seemed likely.

She agreed.


The next day, after my fifth period class, I flew to the band room, went inside, re-locked the door and dropped my books. On stage in the auditorium the curtain was drawn and risers were set-up for the school chorus. All was dark except for the exit signs. I made my way through the unlit auditorium, up the stairs to the balcony. The hallway outside the door was quiet. Classes were about to start, so I unlocked the deadbolt and made my way back to the stage. Halfway there I heard the bell. Back on stage, I hopped up on a table-height riser, and sat with my legs dangling waiting impatiently. Time passed slowly, but then I heard the door, and footsteps in the auditorium. Moments later, Candy appeared from the wings.

“Hi. I wasn’t sure you’d come.” I offered faux-casually with butterflies in my stomach.

I was a novice; she wasn’t. My idea of “hanging out” was naively innocent with an overlay of fantasy. She had a plan; something she enjoyed and hadn’t done in a while.

She came over to me, looking around, “This is perfect. I bahis şirketleri never thought about doing it on stage.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but realized I was in over my head and anxious about what she expected. Candy pushed between my legs, rested her hands on my thighs and turned her head to the side, a gesture of submission I didn’t fully understand. I intuitively put my hands on her hips drawing her closer and inhaling her scent as my lips hovered just above her neck. I sprinkled little kisses on her soft skin. She responded with sounds of approval. Encouraged, I began to taste her and gently suck.

“Uh-uh. No hickeys!”


Duhh! Of course she didn’t want souvenirs for Vic to find. Her hands continued to tease their way up my thighs; my misstep had been forgiven. She wore her blouse out, letting my hands slip under. Then she turned toward me inviting a kiss. My lips were rewarded with kisses so soft and full of love, I began to melt. When she parted her lips, I did the same allowing her to explore my mouth with her tongue. Soon, our tongues intertwined as my excitement grew — uncomfortably constrained by my jeans. Her hand found my erection. This was no casual make-out session — the kind you get from girls at a party who’ve had a few drinks and decide to get adventurous. This was sexually aggressive in a way I’d never experienced before. Her boldness prompted me to feel my way up inside her blouse to her bra.

When I hesitated, she stopped kissing me long enough to whisper, “It unhooks in the back.”

Embarrassed, I fulfilled her implicit request, soon caressing two small soft breasts with finger tips gently circling her nipples.

She purred, “Ummm, that’s nice.”

I began to push up her shirt and bra so I could suck her tits. This was my next move and as far as I’d ever gotten with Susan. But, Candy broke off our kiss and pulled away.

“No. Stop. That’s enough.”


She firmly pushed me onto my back. I yielded and was soon looking up at the unlit stage lighting.

“What you gonna do?”

“Haven’t you ever had a blow job?”

I hadn’t, but dared not admit it. My heart pounded as she turned her attention to the bulge in my pants; undoing my belt, unbuttoning my pants and opening the zipper. She poked me to lift my butt. While she wrestled my jeans down, I self-consciously re-positioned the boner in my briefs.

She teased, “Oh my! What have we here?”

Her hands danced across the white cotton before she pressed her face against the bulge. She inhaled my scent before pulling down the front of my briefs with one hand, while delicate fingers of the other encircled my penis. I’d never experienced anything like this. Thumb and fore-finger grasped the skin and gave a few slow strokes. Then she examined me, lightly caressing my glans with her finger tips.

She mused, “Nice, just the right size to really enjoy.”

Her fingers hooked onto the waist-band of my undershorts. I lifted my buttocks again. Then, in one deft motion, my briefs were at my ankles. Once again, her forefinger and thumb encircled me. but now her other hand caressed my balls from behind. I felt her warm breath bahis firmaları and awaited the touch of her lips.

She began with a kiss, then her lips slowly parted, taking me in. When her lips slipped over the rim of my glans, she paused to let me savor the experience of having the head of my cock in her mouth. I could hardly breathe. She made me wait, before slowly sliding all the way down the taught skin of my shaft. She paused again when she’d taken me all the way, then slowly withdrew.

She asked casually, “Feel good?”

“Oh Candy, I…”

“I know. First time, isn’t it.”

I admitted it; why lie? She held me while slowly running a finger around the head of my cock and patiently gave me her first-timer sermon in slow measured sentences.

“Ron, You have a really nice cock. Now, listen carefully. OK?”


“It’s gonna feel really good and your first time will probably be quick. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s what we both expect, right?”

She waited for me to agree.

“When you come, don’t try to pull out. I want your cum in my mouth. OK? So, don’t worry, I’ll be ready for it. I know exactly what to expect and how to deal with it. OK?”

I responded, “OK.”

Then she gave my final orders, “Just RELAX for me, and LET IT HAPPEN.”


She went back to work, holding me and taking me all the way in. Then she began to slowly bob up and down; her lips caressing my shaft. Her attention quickly had the desired effect. I was getting tense and began to quiver. Several times I got really close, but because I didn’t want to come in her mouth, my orgasm would slip away.

After the third time I said, “I’m sorry Candy, I can’t do it.”

She stopped, “Yes you can. Remember what I said, ‘Just relax and let it happen’. OK?”

“No Candy. I don’t care how good it’s gonna feel, I can’t do that to you.”

“Ron, you’re very sweet and I know you care; Vic had trouble his first time, too. Remember, this isn’t just for you, it’s something I want, too. Now, c’mon. For me! Just relax and let it happen.”

She let that sink in for a moment, then added, “Try thinking sexy thoughts. Think about Susan; she’s your girlfriend, isn’t she?”

“Yeah. How’d you know.”

“Never mind. Just close your eyes and fantasize about her — like you do when you jerk-off.”

I hesitated before admitting, “Actually, I fantasize about you.”

She was surprised and took a deep breath. “OK. Well, do whatever you need to do to let it happen. OK?”


We both got quiet. She took my hand in hers and went back to work on me. I squeezed her hand to let her know I would try. Having confessed, I found it easier to surrender to it and was soon fantasizing about kissing Candy’s tender lips. I imagined feeling her lips kissing mine and it worked. Hormones began racing through my body and soon I felt a familiar fullness in the base of my penis. My body was getting ready. Candy’s pace never faltered; her hand reassuringly held mine. As my legs began to tremble, I was experiencing the feelings that every male reader knows as we approach the point of no return.

I wanted to warn her. The moment would soon arrive when a series kaçak bahis siteleri of involuntary rhythmic muscle contractions would eject pulses of my semen. I squeezed her hand, just before the first muscle spasm injected the first full shot of it into her mouth. With her lips were sealed around my glans; she’d been ready for it. The ejaculation triggered my orgasm causing me to squirm and writhe in ecstasy. I felt Candy’s mouth tighten around me as she swallowed. Several more strong contractions followed, each delivering another dollop of semen. She took each one, swallowing and sucking. Finally, weaker contractions squeezed out the last of my sperm-laden fluid.

I was spent; I relaxed my grip on her hand as I drifted into that wonderful post-orgasm sleepy-dreamy state. She slowly withdrew, licking the last drops of cum.

Through the haze, I mumbled, “Oh god, Candy. That was amazing!”


I lay there for a moment exhausted, then overwhelmed with tender feelings for her, I sat up and kissed her on the lips. She tasted of cum, but I kissed her for a long time, trying to hold onto the moment as long as I could. When our lips parted, she seemed agitated.

“Candy, That was so amazing, I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

She looked away embarrassed, “Ron, I’ve had lots of practice; and not just with Vic; I’ve done it with the other guys, too. Surely you know you’re not the only one.” she paused, “Ron, I know what your feeling and it’s not what you think it is. I like you. I like you a lot and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Suddenly, I felt deflated and foolish.

“I understand.” I said quietly, “Does Vic know?”

“Of course, but I spare him the details. It’s enough that he knows I enjoy sex with other guys and that I love making them come with my mouth.” Her voice was serious and somber.

She reached behind to re-clip her bra and tried to lighten the mood by adding brightly, “Did you know; all you guys taste a little different?”

Then she smoothed her blouse and draped her arms around me. I was still too in shock to say anything, so she changed the subject,

“The other girls are very curious about you. Do you want me to pass the word?”

“What word?”

She took my face in her hands, looked into my eyes and lowered her voice as if telling a secret, “The word is that you’re gentle, thoughtful and just the right size for a girl to really enjoy.” Then she quipped, “Better get some condoms and learn how to use them. The other girls expect that.”

I asked, “The other girls; but not you?”

“No. Vic hates condoms. He liked to pull out and shoot his load on my stomach. But, one time he was late — really late — and most of it went inside me. After that I decided it would only be fellatio and I got good at it.”

“Lucky guy. He must love it.”

“No, silly. Since I’m on the pill, all he wants is my pussy. The other guys, too.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, but it’s not the same and I miss it.”

“So. I guess that’s why I’m here?”

She grinned as if caught-out, “That’s enough of my secrets for today. Wanna hangout again sometime?”

I couldn’t resist her, even if I’d wanted. “Yeah. How about next week?”

“Same day?”

I agreed. She turned and disappeared into the darkness; then came the sounds of her footsteps on the stairs. I pulled up my pants and returned to the band room. There was a lot to think about.

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