Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 02


I woke up, and Stacie was just getting out of bed. I watched as she took her clothes, and went into the bathroom to change, lest I see her naked in even the short time between getting out of that damn nightgown, and into her day clothes. She breezed out into the hallway, closing the door. I heard her stop by Joyce’s room, exchanging a few words with her niece. Stacie then went downstairs, and out the front door. Hearing the bedroom door open, I looked up, and Joyce peered in with a smile.

“Like some company Uncle J? Auntie S is going grocery shopping, how would you like a good morning blowjob?”

At my eager nod, Joyce stepped into the room. My cock started to surge up, she was wearing just a thin, see-thru half T-Shirt, leaving her body bare from just below her breasts, down to the tiny black bikini panties that hugged her hips tightly.

“Ever since I stroked you off a couple of days ago, my pussy has just been aching, I have to stroke her 4 times a day just to get her to calm down with a nice, shuddering cum! Now, I want to suck that nice hard bulge I see tenting up the sheets!”

My 7 inches was rock hard and ready, she pulled back the sheet, her eyes full of lust.

“Stand up Uncle J, I want to be in the classic subservient cock sucker position, with your hard, arrogant cock demanding satisfaction!”

I stood up, and ordered her, “On your knees, and suck my cock, now!”

I saw the shine of hot lust in Joyce’s eyes, as she was on her knees in a flash. I felt her hand wrap around me, squeezing, as she slid her hand up and down my shaft.

“Mmmm so nice,” she murmured. “So very nice”.

Joyce pulled down on the foreskin, the head popping out. She started to lick at my cock-head like a lollipop, drawing a moan of pleasure from me. She slid her lips around my cock, and took me in until just my cock head was in her mouth, letting her saliva coat the head, and swirling her tongue all over it. I growled with pleasure, holy fuck that felt so good. After a minute or so, she slid her mouth down, down, swallowing me slowly. She took me in halfway, pulled back, and bobbed her head back down, again with the tight, wet slide, taking in just a bit more on each bob. With a gasp of pleasure from me and a moan of pleasure from her, she slid her hot mouth down over my cock, the tight, wet grip as she had my cock buried right to the balls. I felt my balls smack gently against her chin, she tightened her full lips down on me as she drew back, and she went to work on me.

Joyce was an expert at cocksucking, tight, true cocksucker lips, bahis siteleri the hot swirling tongue action, her oral talents were second to none. She ran her mouth up and down, deep throating me, bathing my shaft in a tight, wet heaven of sucking. My balls were boiling, and she grabbed them and started to tug on them gently.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck, YEEAHHHH!”

My cock erupted, I felt like a geyser going off, my cock pumping rapidly. Joyce’s mouth filled, then she had to pull back, my cock wasn’t done yet, and I saw the super hot view of my cock gushing, hosing her face down with thick, hot ropes of cum. She was smiling as she kept her face in the spray, getting a very juicy facial.

Joyce licked at my cock head, to get every drop, then used her fingers to scoop up the trails of cum on her face and lick her fingers clean.

“Mmmmm, Uncle J, I’ve never had such a mouth-filling rush! You were so pent up, what’s going on, is my Auntie not doing her wifely duty?” she giggled.

I could see she was kidding, but I couldn’t hold back. I lay down and she cuddled against me, and I told her all about Stacie, her hangups about sex, the mercy fucks, and how sexually frustrated I was. I could see a mixture of anger and sorrow on her face.

“What the hell is wrong with her, doesn’t she have any idea about what she’s missing out on?”

I replied, “Apparently not, and she doesn’t even want to try. I’d love to go down on her, but that is not even possible. Just dry fucks, missionary, no kissing, and once I’ve cum, she rushes to the bathroom, to douche out everything I pumped into her.”

Joyce growled, “Silly bitch! Doesn’t she know that walking around afterward, feeling the trickle of hot cum deep inside her pussy after sex would feel so good? We’ve gotta fix that, would you like to go down on me Uncle J? I love to be eaten, get my little pussy naked, come taste my pussy.”

She lay back, the thin mesh of her panties was pressed tight against her crotch. I hooked my fingers into the waistband, and Joyce wiggled her hips as I slid them down off her ankles, she lifted her legs up and apart, and oh what a sight. A soft, well-trimmed tuft of red pubic hair, surrounding the hot, slick lips of her pussy, she parted them with her fingers and showed me the glistening interior.

“Right there Uncle J, get your face down there, and go crazy on my cunt!”

I could see the hot crimson flesh parted for me as I lowered my face until her beautiful red-topped sex was only inches from my mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing her sexy fuck-hole that canlı bahis siteleri close. I could feel the heat from between her legs and smell the scent of Joyce’s arousal, hot and musky, her neatly trimmed muff was dewy wet with her arousal. I ran my finger along Joyce’s pink trail, hearing her soft moan as my finger slid just inside her hot tunnel.

“Oh yeah, now lick me, lick me, taste my juices, I’m all hot and juicy just for you Uncle J,” Joyce growled huskily.

I quickly slid my tongue along Joyce’s luscious pink inner lips. The soft cries of pleasure Joyce let out pushed me on, and she let out a squeal of pleasure as I pushed my tongue in, stuffing her tight pussy, pressing my mouth tightly against her heated center. The taste of her 18-year-old tight teen snatch was exquisite, and I ate her ravenously, my tongue dipping deep into Joyce’s fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding my mouth. I started flicking my tongue against Joyce’s straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, eat me, eat my horny box, make me cum!”

I slid my fingers around in the juices running down and with a finger now nicely lubed up, I slid my finger down and rubbed right around Joyce’s tight little asshole. She started to buck her hips up to me, her body was virtually vibrating, and as I probed that tightness, gently stuffing my finger up the tight clamp of her ass, she screeched and came immediately, spraying her juices at my face with a force, sobbing and crying out in pleasure, her body shuddering all over as she rode her climax.

I pulled back, and let her orgasm spend its force inside her. Her eyes were closed, and when they opened, I could see the post-orgasm shine.

“Uncle J, I’ve never had a pussy licking like that. You made me cum so good, I almost felt like my head was going to blow off!”

She smiled, then her face turned stormy, and she growled, “A man who can lick a pussy as you can, and my Auntie won’t even try it? She’s crazy.”

I said, “If Stacie wasn’t just grocery shopping, I’d want to spend the day in bed with you, would you like that? We’d fuck as often as you wanted sweetheart.”

Joyce cooed, “Mmmm, oh yeah, I’d like that very much Uncle J. How long does Auntie take getting groceries? Long enough for a hot, wet ride?”

I replied, ”No, she’ll be back shortly. I want to take my time when we make hot, steamy love, I don’t believe in rushing the pleasure.”

Stephane purred, “Mmmmm, neither do I. How about another hot, wet blowjob to tide you over, canlı bahis so pent up, your cock so hard again, I want to help get out the loads that my silly Auntie had been denying you. Next time, I want you to plunge deep inside my hungry, wet pussy and fire your pent-up load deep inside me.”

More than ready for that, I watched as Joyce was once again on her knees, and she growled, “This time, grab my head, and fuck my mouth like you want to fuck my tight little pussy!”

I gripped her head between my hands, holding her steady, she smiled as she saw my cock, hard and eager for her, opening wide and clamping her mouth around me as I slid in, the hot, wet sensation making me grunt with pleasure. Once my balls touched her chin, I pulled back and started to fuck her mouth, building up a rhythm just like I was fucking her tight little pussy. Ummmm, Joyce’s mouth was a wet, clinging vortex of hungry need, my cock slipping and sliding in and out, enjoying the sucking and slurping noises, while she swirled her tongue around my shaft as I fucked her hot lips. She started to make little noises of passion around my cock, I saw her slip her hand down, and she started to masturbate, pumping two fingers into her dripping pussy, while her other hand started polishing at her straining clit. Watching her going at it while she was sucking me started the cum churning in my balls, and I felt the climb towards orgasm. I wanted to feel her mouth tighten down on me when I came.

“Oh yeah baby, gonna make me cum, keep sucking me, baby!”

I felt the purr of response, making her mouth vibrate around my cock, and her fingers were really working her pussy over, she was really fucking herself furiously. I felt constant purrs and coos around my cock as she rode closer to her own release. Just as my cock jerked up, Joyce let out a loud, muffled moan, making her throat vibrate, as her fingers took her over, her body stiffened up, quivering in the throes of orgasm. Her mouth tightened down on my cock, and that took me over, my cock erupted, splattering the roof of her mouth, then more thick streams poured out, coating her tongue, her mouth sucking hungrily, eager for all the hot sperm to fill her mouth. She swallowed me down to the balls one last time, then with her lips clamped tightly around my shaft, drew back slowly with an exquisite milking pull, draining every last drop from me.

When she released me, she smiled up at me, opened her mouth to show me the fresh load that had just creamed her mouth, then closed her lips, and swallowed, a look of bliss on Joyce’s face.

We heard Stacie’s car turn into the driveway, and Joyce hopped up. She picked up her panties, and she went to the door. Just before she stepped out, she cooed, “Next time, I want your cock creaming my tight little pussy!”

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