Captured to serve at her pleasure


Captured to serve at her pleasureMy name is Mark Goodwin, I’m 38 years old, a University professor in ancient civilizations, but I specialize in Mayan culture, also covering the Incas and the Aztecs. To further build on my expertise, I spend the summers in South America, focusing on the Amazon and the people who live there now, studying what I can on the previous generations who lived there before the present time. Many of the tribes in this region have not changed their life style in some cases for centuries, so this gives me a better understanding on what life may have been like during these ancient times. A couple of years ago, our group had gained acceptance to live in a village that dated back well over a thousand years and one that had not previously been discovered. One afternoon I was out walking and exploring the surrounding village, when I heard a scream from what sounded like a young man. Rushing in that direction, I discovered the King’s young man, caught on the edge of a huge cliff, by some limbs that were quickly being pulled out of the ground by his weight. I also spotted a large snake making it’s way to him, I’m sure figuring he’d be a tasty treat for the day. Long story short, I killed the snake and saved the young man, who went running back to the village, frightened but alive. Since the village does not waste anything, I gathered the dead snake, looping it over my shoulders several times, heading back to the village. I was in total shock when I entered, the entire village was out to greet me, the leader of the village, thanking me for saving his son’s life and promising me something in return, no one, except him knew anything about. The next day he lead a small hunting party along with me on a two day journey from his village, ending up showing me a cave that had never been discovered by any modern man. Entering it, with a torch, I was amazed at what I was seeing for the first time, scrolls on rolled sheets, carvings on stone tablets, figurines of women warriors. Speaking to the leader, this had been passed on to each ruler going back hundreds of years. It was the last remnants of a tribe made up primarily of women, most if not all were warriors. He then surprised me by giving me permission to bring in experts from my world, but I must never tell them of his village or it’s location. I agreed, made contact with people I knew to organize a research party to come down here and see what I had been given. I also contacted the university, explaining I would need to take some time off, possibly a year at least to study what I had found. While I was waiting for the team to arrive, I spent my time previewing what I had found. The ancient language was similar to some I had studied, so I could make out some of the words, but what blew me away were some recordings made in Spanish, modern day Spanish, combined with some Portuguese – very easy to read and written by a lady named Mamanea. From what I read, she was living in a small village not far from here, and had been taking care of this site since she was young. The more I read the more convinced I was that a village much like this ancient one was still operating someplace in this region. I kept these journals and any reference going back several hundred years, to myself, figuring I’d try and find this lady and see what she could tell me. But as luck would have it, the discovery was broadcast to major news networks, linking my name with the discovery, along with my University and what I had been teaching. It took some time, but I was finally free of the press and any other people I needed to answer to, giving me the chance to visit the small town and see if I could meet Mamanea. As it turned out there were two of them. I meant the older one first, she had native blonde hair, bronzed skin, and what had to be biggest and most perfectly formed breasts I think I had ever seen. She moved to me, almost cat like, a sudden fear seized me, every fiber in my body was screaming for me to back away, but before I could do anything, a younger version came into view.Walking directly to me, she was easily close to 6 feet maybe more, not extending her hand, but showing how powerful she was, “So you’re the gentleman who not only discovered the history of our people, but gave it to the world to make fun of” The older one was now behind me, her breasts pressing into my back, blowing lightly in my ear, the daughter almost as close. “We are both called Mamanea, as was all of our grandma’s going back hundreds of years, we take care of what you destroyed” I placed a large box on the ground, not saying a word. She looked at it, “What is in it?” “I know how important it is to not have all the ancient villages discovered, so I removed anything that referenced your’s was still alive and operating, going back several hundred years. That way the historians will just assume the people became extinct and will leave your people alone” She opened the box, looked inside, studied me for the longest time, “Perhaps we should all move to our small home and discuss this more” With my help, the three of us carried the records I had taken down the street to their home. Once inside she poured me a beer, handing it to me, “Our Goddess read and re-read all of the information about the discovery and she came to the same conclusion, you wanted to keep our existence hidden, that means you want something or you really are one of the few good guys. Which is it?” I did not see her slip a small white pill into my kaçak iddaa drink, so when I began to enjoy the cold drink, the relaxing effects the d**g would have on me, began to take effect almost immediately. She moved close to me, her mother had pressed up against my back, already kissing my neck, I could smell there perfume or maybe their scent – it was arousing and wild feeling, much like they seemed to me. “Would you like to see the village and meet our Goddess?” The d**g was effecting my ability to think clearly, but I knew I’d do anything to see this civilization today, so I nodded yes, I’d love to. Moving now closer to me, her breasts almost making contact with my body, “Even if it meant you would never be allowed to leave, but remain with us for the rest of your life?” That is when even the d**g did not have control over me, shaking my head, “In that case, I’d have to say no, sorry, but I have learned so much that I need to share what I have learned, but thank you two and your Goddess for the offer” She was now pressed up against me, her body pushing into my midsection, her mother had reached around me, slipping her hand down the front of my pants, taking a good hold on my ever growing cock. I was quickly loosing all control of this situation, the two of them were just too much for me, but before I could do anything, the daughter wrapped her arms around me, pressing her hand to the back of my neck, the pretty ring she wore contained a needle and a heavy hypnotic d**g, designed to bring me into total submission immediately. One of them were talking, I had no idea which one, “There now, we all figured you wouldn’t want to give up your freedom and serve our Goddess and our sisters, so now that we have your attention, you’ll sleep here tonight. One of our sisters will empty your room and check you out. Should anyone ask, you went on a trip down the river, but no one knows where. When it is sunrise, we’ll drive to a meeting point, then move slowly to our village. Our Goddess chose you as our next breeder, so we will be getting you ready for that life style. Do you understand what I have said?” In a complete hypnotic haze now, nodding my head, “Yes I can hear you and understand what you are saying” Before I was put to bed, the mother mixed a large glass of something, telling me to drink it. Finishing it, somehow, I was now totally nude, through hazed filled eyes, I watched my cock go form semi hard to rigid, then began to throb. One of them began to stroke my shaft, it seemed like quickly, much to quick for me normally, I lost a full load of cum. More drink, more stroking and many more ejaculations took place, finally allowing me to get the much needed sleep I was craving. The next morning leaving my jungle boots on, I had a tunic style cloth put on me, a hole in the center for my head, the rest of me was nude, but covered from the sun or rain, should it happen, the three of us drove for several hours, meeting up with several more ladies who looked like they were all related, same figure to die for. They had a small large wheeled carrier that I was strapped down to, more drink was given to me, each lady took turns riding and jacking me off until I exploded, then a switch, more drink and more stroking. The condition I had been put in, barely let me have the ability to think, “Your new breeder, what do you mean your new breeder?” Everyone in the group let out a small laugh, “Every two years, Goddess selects a male as our village breeder for all the females able to get pregnant. She was so impressed by what you did, she selected you as this years chosen male, but we have to get you ready to accomplish this task” I was able to understand what was said, but linking the thoughts together was impossible, so I just nodded. Another young lady began to pump my cock, it only took a few minutes for me to explode in a orgasm, how many now, I had no idea, but I was surprised to see, my shaft didn’t become soft, staying hard, more stroking was continued, my eyes rolling up in my head, it seemed a short time, but I really had no idea how much time escaped when I exploded again. The more I drank, the more liquid I was now exploding with, it felt like and looked like I was now giving up three maybe four tablespoonfuls of liquid, it also felt like my cock was becoming bigger and I knew for sure my balls were larger now. Drinking, pumping and exploding for two days was my now new normal, except for stopping to eat lunch or rest for the night. Finally, we arrived on the outskirts of the the village, I noticed I was now shooting close to a half a cup of cum all over every where. The area was large, many more women came out to meet us. There was a strange looking chair in the center of the open area. The middle of the seat, had a rubber looking cock sticking straight up, a cage looking device below it. I was led to the front of the chair, lube was applied to the fake cock, then carefully they lowered me down on it, slipping it up inside my girly whole. My arms were secured on the arm rests. I watched them bring a large snake to me, slipping it in the cage. Holding its mouth open, they poured some sort of a liquid, immediately sending it into a writhing effect. The body twisting this way and that – the cage was linked to the rubber dildo making it jump and twist inside me. My eyes rolled up in my head, my mouth shooting open, but no sounds came out of it. The snake was writhing so furiously, that its body was slamming the sides of the cage, directly kaçak bahis driving me to an erotic sexually filled place, I had never experienced before, my cock now leaking a steady stream of cum. More of the liquid was given to me, then the pumping had me shooting cum almost immediately. When the snake stopped writhing, he was taken out and put in a cage to rest. The daughter came to me, kneeling by my side, “I know this all new to you, but the increase in cum we are building up in you is necessary for the breeding. The Goddess places one lady with you, we give her a d**g that makes her need to fuck as often as physically possible, then after two days, you have one day to rest, the next two days a new lady is put with you. This goes on for almost a year, then you are retired, but the build up of cum will never stop making these huge amounts of cum. Our beliefs do not allow sex, unless it is for breeding purposes only, so you and the rest of the retired breeders, spend their day fucking each other, all day long. We currently have five retired breeders, when you are done in a year, you will be the sixth one to join them.” My future suddenly took a turn for the worse. tears began rolling down my face, having had no choice in the matter, the Goddess chose me and that ended my future. I however had no real time to feel sorry for myself, more liquid was given to me, more was given to the snake and I was now being pumped multiple times an hour and the snake was being d**gged three times per day. This routine went on for a little over a week, when suddenly I was released from my restraints, washed and made ready to meet my Goddess. My cock had grown longer as well as an increase in the girth, my balls were now maybe four times larger then they had been, larger then a baseball, not as big as a soft ball. I was lead to her tent, standing at the door, she was even more beautiful then I could ever have imagined. Nodding, “Thank you Mr. Goodwin for volunteering to help us populate our small colony. I will be your first candidate, in the morning I will meet you in the breeding tent, then each lady who is ready will be brought to you after that. We do hope you are successful in getting all of us pregnant” She was breath taking beautiful, beyond any magazine or model photo shoot, her skin was so naturally soft and bronzed, no touch up, no cosmetics, just pure perfection. Her breasts were as large or larger then any of the group I had seen so far, but they were not rigid nor did they sag, just moved as her body moved, captivating my sight, plunging me into a slight hypnotic trance that brought out any and all submissive sides of me, making me realize that this female was the poster c***d for all females to be the Alpha’s. I couldn’t speak, only nodded. I am sure this wasn’t the first time a male was unable to speak in her presence, so she just left, leaving me breathing heavy, thinking what the following day would be like. I was fed a fantastic meal, along with some sort of an alcoholic drink, the combination put me to sleep easily, giving me a restful night. Waking by one of the ladies shaking me gently, I showered, was fed a filling breakfast. It was not yet light out when I was led to the breeding tent. Once inside, it was a large round tent, covered with a****l skins, the floor deep in soft furs from various a****ls, making walking on them like being on the softest deep piled carpet available. My boots were taken off and placed outside. I had not been in there for more then a minute or two, when the Goddess was helped in. One look at her, it was easy to tell she had been d**gged heavily – she had a wild hungry look, one that I have never seen before, but her eyes were only looking at my cock. She moved slowly, cat like towards me, finally jumping up on me, her legs straddling me, just as my cock plunged balls deep inside her. Her weight, the suddenness of her movement, toppled me back onto the furs. Before I landed, she was riding me up and down, much faster then anything I have ever experienced, much like a dog fucks. I had just started to play with her tits, when my body exploded, filling her pussy with my warm seed, hopefully accomplishing the task I had been brought here for. The d**gs she had been given, must have been designed to have her experience an orgasm at the same time my warm cum filled her- her eyes rolled up in her head, she screamed, combining her juices with mine. I stayed hard, so as soon as the erotic feelings began to calm down, she again was riding me, up and down on my shaft, until as before, I exploded causing her to do the same. We fucked in this position for a long time, finally our bodies were exhausted as she climbed off of me. Some fruit and drink had been put just inside by the door. Both of us crawled to the door way, drinking and devouring as much as we could, her perfect round ass, our cum dripping out of her pussy, was something I couldn’t take my eyes off of. With my index finger, i gathered some of our combined juices, using it to coat her rear entry, pushing my finger just inside. Apparently this had not been done before, she dropped the fruit, her head hitting the furs and a low moan escaped her. I have no idea why I did it, but moving in behind her, taking my cock head, rubbing it on the opening, pushing it just inside, while she was reaching back to stop me, I plunged the whole shaft deep inside her. The pain must have been unbearable, she let out a low mournful sound that I’m sure no one in the illegal bahis village had ever heard, then her head dropped along with her upper body to the flat surface. I took this opportunity to set up a slow steady rhythm of plunging deep inside her then pulling almost all the way out. The sounds had now changed to a combination of moans, whimpers and a****l like cries, but she was pushing back to meet me. Reaching around her, grabbing both of those huge udders she carried, pulling on them to steady me as I picked up speed, we fucked like this for a long time, eventually I emptied a load deep in her ass, the amazing thing was, she had a matching climax, leaving her almost panting and small a****l like sounds emitting from deep with in her. Pulling my cock out of her ass, plunging it back into her pussy, picking up a steady hard rhythm, reaching under her, grabbing those tits, mauling, pinching and pulling on them – the pumping this time seemed to go on for a much longer time, until I could feel my body had reached its maximum. I shot a final load deep into her, she, as before matched it, then both of us collapsed. It took time, but she finally started coming back to normal and it looked like the d**g she had been given when she entered was wearing off. I was on my back, she moved to my side, folding her legs under her, taking hold of my cock, stroking it slowly, “I’m sure I am pregnant, but you know what you did could get you beheaded if I said so. What were you thinking?” I think for the first time, I realized the danger I was in, looking at her, running a finger over her rigid nipple, “I guess I wasn’t thinking. I figured it was something you had never experienced before and you might like it. I think you did, didn’t you Goddess?” She laughed, “I did enjoy it, once the pain went away and I want to have you do it again, but I’m so sore, I won’t be healed by tomorrow evening. I wish there were some way I could have you do it to me again” We talked about opening up the village, having sex be a central part of the community – all of the older ladies who no longer could get pregnant, would love to be fucked, many of the younger ones who wanted to experiment – we also talked about the five past breeders. If they were released to have sex with any female who wanted it, they would be kept busy and I’d be here for you to enjoy any time you wanted to have me fuck you. She moved up to me, her back to my chest, wrapping my arms around her body, pulling me to her, raising a leg, so my cock fit comfortably between her legs, rubbing her pussy. “You know we’d have the whole village pregnant with those that could be, at any given time. Would that be a good or bad thing?” Playing with her nipple, “I think the increase in happiness would make up for any additional work those that were not pregnant would be easily accepted” Then she turned to me, facing me, “And you’d be all mine, mine and my immediate staff, but mainly mine. Would that be OK with you?” I kissed her deeply, much more sexual then I think I have ever kissed anyone, she in turn, let her tongue begin to explore the inside of my mouth, while she guided my cock inside her pussy, breaking and looking at me, her body starting to move so I was slipping in and out easily, “Tomorrow in the evening I’ll make the announcement, after we’re sure you’ve gotten me pregnant with your first daughter” My life had changed, but all in all … not a bad change. The rest of that day and all of the next, we made slow passionate love, she enjoyed being in a doggy position on all fours and having me take her from behind, finally the most enjoyable time I have ever experienced in my life had come to an end. “Why don’t you tell the other breeders the good news, I’ll gather the village to let them know of the changes, then you will be brought to my tent and the tents of the ladies who work with me. Everyone in the village was nude, so walking to the area where the past men were kept, I was lost in how gorgeous young and old alike were. A true paradise. That is why I didn’t notice my guide unlock the door, let me in, then locked it back up. The inside was darker, so as my eyes adjusted, I saw one man fucking the other in the same doggy way I had just fucked the Goddess. Before I could say anything, I was pushed to my knees, a huge cock driving deep in me, the fucking was so fast, my world spun into a new sexual high, I again never knew was waiting for me. Almost the same time a second cock filled my mouth, I was now giving my first blow job. As soon as one emptied his load in my ass, or my mouth, that cock was replaced by another. Eventually I needed to empty my balls, this was the first time I had fucked a man, but the need to empty was so great, I held onto his hips, pumping away, just as my own ass was filled. I have no idea how long I was there, I had long since forgotten why I had come in here, fucking seemed to be all that mattered, however eventually the doors were opened, the changes that were going to take place were explained, and everyone was released. I was escorted to the Goddess’ tent, on the way, I noticed every guy was fucking some lady before they had gone to far. Once inside her tent, I was forced down on my knees, “I had the feeling you may have forgotten who is the Alpha here and it will never be you. You will fuck me when I say, you will do the same to every lady in this community, do you now understand what you are and why we let you live?” Dropping my head, “Yes Goddess and I’m sorry for being out of line, it will never happen again” I was taken to the showers then brought back to the older Mamanea, she put me on my back, climbing up on top of my shaft, “Welcome to the family Mr. Goodwin”

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