Casual Encounters Ch. 02


“Mmmmm, you are so mine, Diane, give me your cunt,” and she licked me.

“I want your ass, I want your filthy bloody ass, Kate,” I whispered.

She responded by jamming her brownie into my nose. I slowly circled her eye with my lips, breathing gently, warming the hole, and tongued it lightly.

“ugghhh, mmmm,” she responded.

I licked the tiny ringlets and entered her dank asshole, the smell fierce and inviting. I probed and explored until I was all the way in, her sphincter loosening immediately in gratitude.

I pulled out and stabbed my index finger into her ass, she moaned. The ring was easy so I added another finger. I pulled them out and spat a thick wad into her ass, pushing the fingers back in deeply. I twisted and rolled them inside her rectum as she met my rhythm. She was an ass queen, I knew.

I felt a little clump of chocolate, I was sure. I worked at it, trying to grab it.

“Push, love, push it out, please,” I murmured.

“You really are a hot nasty lady, Diane, that’s over the top. I’ve never done that, ohhhhh.”

“Go on Katey, do it for me, now.”

And her muscles tightened as she pressed down. I watched her wrinkles puff outward as the hole dilated.

“Uggghhhh,” she whimpered, and pushed harder. The small turd emerged. Slowly it slipped out, shiny, greasy, and delicate, about the size of my thumb. I rolled it onto my tongue and Kate turned around and looked in amazement as I took it in my mouth. I savored it, moving it back and forth, from one cheek to the next. I bit into it, releasing a heady scent and dark bitterness that enveloped my senses.

While I savored that amazing treat, she jumped back to my twat, getting it frothy with her tongue and two fingers diddling me. The sensations were making me lose my concentration; this was going to be about her, not me, and here I was about to cum like a cheerleader. It was the eggbeating of her fingers and the flavors in my mouth and nose that pushed me over. I writhed in her mouth, shooting my liquid into her, swallowing her filth, noticing every inch it coated as it slowly slid down my throat. I jammed my nose deeply into her rectum for complete pleasure.

I moaned and yelled slightly, “I want more, you have more, I know, please Katey.”

“I don’t have any, Diane, that was it. Wow! You are amazing, you’re something else entirely, I don’t believe what you did.”

I kept my head in her crack as my breathing slowed.

“Have you ever tried it?” I challenged her.

“No, it’s just that….”

“Kate, come here, closer,” I interrupted, regaining my composure.

“I love coming and shitting at the same time,” she went on. “On the toilet, if I have a big shit and it’s coming slowly, I bring myself off and push out with my climax. Oh I could do that for hours. I’ve never played that way with another person. You amaze me Diane.

“I want to try something, are you drunk yet?” I asked.

“Giggly, not drunk,” she answered.

“Get on your knees,” I commanded, and helped position her ass in the air.

I licked her anus, carefully opening it up. I tongued her deep again and got her moaning. Her head was buried in the corner of the couch, in the soft pillows. I took the scotch bottle from the table and placed the mouth against her upraised hole.

“Katie love, this is going to be a little cool.”

“What are you doing,” she asked in alarm.

“Relax,” I said calmly. And I pushed the neck of the bottle into her bum. It slipped in.

“Ohhhhh, noooo.”

“Drink this slowly.”

I tilted the bottle slightly and scotch poured slowly into her gut. I heard gurgles and gulps. She resisted only slightly. I stopped after about half a cup.

“This will go deep and cleanse you, love,” I said. “But you’re going to absorb it really fast and get sloppy drunk, that ok? Do you trust me?”

“Diane, it’s so warm, so full, I have to go, I feel I need to shittt, let it out.”

“No love, not yet, have you heard of a high colonic? You’ll shit and come, I promise you.”

“Diiiii, ohhhhh, the room is swimming and dizzy, I feel giddy, I think it’s, you know, kinda, working, ohhh, fuck me Diane, more shit. Oh mmmmm.”

I pulled out the bottle and took a drink, hoping for her ass scent on the neck.

“Now, I’m going to turn you over on your back, don’t release any yet Kate, try to keep it in. Complying with me, she clenched shut as we maneuvered her onto her back. I pushed abidinpaşa escort her legs back against her ears and started kissing her closed asshole again, opening it up.

“Kate, relax, I have to pee now myself, really bad, stay just like that.”

Her betty loosened a little, even in that awkward position. She was contorted and felt vulnerable, and getting quite drunk as the alcohol seeped directly into her system through her intestines. Facing her, I kneeled in front of her pubis and licked her vagina deeply, bring focus back to her slit. I gently squirmed my index finger in her bum to prevent any leakage and she hardly responded. Her discomfort was empowering me in a sadistic way. I in no way wished to hurt her, only to feel a sense of domination.

I kissed and sucked her nether pussy lips and stuck two fingers of my free hand in to frig her. Her grinding was limited by her holding in the liquid but I could tell she was enjoying it. I brought her breathing up a few notches and then moved to her lovely asshole. Removing my finger, I stabbed my tongue inside, it now tasting of whiskey and flesh. I licked in circles and sought to open her. I slathered the ring, and the ridges.

“Don’t let go sweetie, please hold it in for a little longer.”

“SSHHhhhhh, Diannnne, ohhh, it, I have to go pee, or dump, or, let me loose, pleeeeze… the room is spinnn, oh jeez you are so gorgeous, fuck me lover, fuck…

“Oh, my love, you’re acting sloppy now, you’re so cute, you’re wonderful. Please keep it in.”

I was almost praying to her in this position and that relaxed her a bit. I stuck my index finger back in her, up to the hilt. This time, no shit, but I felt the tension in her muscles. Another finger slid in, she jostled, and resisted, but I pushed. I twisted them to open her hole up again. I took the bottle and pushed the neck in once again. This time she reached around and pulled her own cheeks apart and tried to push the bottle inside her.

“Di, fuck me with the bottle, fuck my ass, bar slut! Ohhhh.”

But I only poured a little more and pulled it out. She was now fully relaxed and the hole became mushy. I opened it wide with my fingers and it stayed gaping, almost an inch in diameter, pink, grey, and red staring at me. The liquid was well inside her now, gravity keeping it in.

I got up, turned around, and sat on her ass, my hole as close to hers as possible and I released my bursting gusher. Hot scented piss shot out of me across her ass onto her face. She raised up a surprised face and then tried to catch some in her mouth. I readjusted and managed to get a hard jet into her bowels. I was now prying her buttocks apart, trying to give her a urine enema. It was filling her up and spraying everywhere. But it was inside her. I emptied my bladder into this lovely woman, receiving me from the floor. I could love her, I knew. I finished and immediately plugged her up with my thumb, releasing her legs and letting her lie down.

“Ohhh, I can’t, I cannot hold it any more, your pee is so hot…. in me… it’s breaking me, please, whatever you want Diane, let me free, let me go”

Not wanting to lose it here, I quick helped her up, around, and on her knees.

“Katie, I’m going to make you come. Hold it just a little more. This is all for you.”

I lay down under her and slid my body under her legs, my face in her crotch, my pussy under her head. She took the hint and began biting my cunt lightly. Two fingers went in me and I gasped with surprise.

I in turn tongue fucked her pussy like no other. Wet, she was ready. I groomed the clit and danced circles around it. I mimicked her fingers in me with my own deep in her tunnel. A slather of red mucus came out again, which I thickly drank in.

“Uggn, mmmmm, oh Di, yes, yes, go, go, more. Like that, oh.”

And her hips gyrated, putting more weight on my head. Between her pussy and ass, my face was underwater and I could hardly breathe.

I was getting the feeling of my own rise to orgasm when her tongue poked my asshole. My opening loosened for access and she responded with a darting motion. I was exhilarated. I felt her generous mouth gaining inside me, trying to enter my forbidden smell hole. A finger slithered into my rectum. Then another. She started finger fucking my ass and I met her rhythm enthusiastically. Now they were pumping me hard, to the hilt. I felt my ass full of something, her fingers, maybe some adana escort of my own richness, I couldn’t tell. I squatted into her pistoning hand. She hand pumped me while her mouth ate me furiously.

I responded by finding her precise spots to bring her screaming in ecstacy. My own tongue attacked her bloody slat from behind, but kept returning to her bum, warm and full, clenched in tightness. I pushed in, I could wait no longer. It remained tight. I slowly forced a wet finger in, her sphincter opened. Then another. We had tow fingers in each others’ assholes, deep. We a reciprocating pulse and moved together.

“Diane, oh, oh… yeah, mmm, yeah, mmm, oh, no, no, I can’t, mm..” her rate increasing, her tiny yelps getting louder.

Then suddenly, a jet shot from her anus into my waiting mouth. Hot ass piss, my piss trickling down her crack and my chin. I drank from the fountain, filling up. Oh, was it heavenly, this wine. Salty and dirty, with her deep dirty. Strong seedy and ammoniac in scent, but earthy with subliminal bitter flavors. My mouth was overflowing, my ass was writhing in excitement from her fingerwork, I was close to coming myself, but I needed to kiss Kate, I needed her mouth in mine.

I jammed a hard finger back in her asshole and toppled her over on her back, leaning over to kiss her hard, my lips pouring piss into her mouth. She met me and locked her lips on mine. We drank each other for a long time, engaging teeth and tongues. I fully tasted every piece of her luscious mouth. A long glob of cunt blood was clinging to her eye brow, which I licked off and offered to her. She was crying in anticipation and the ever fullness of her gut, still full and plugged. Her nipples were biting into mine as we shackled each other. I felt her taught stomach, gurgling with my liquor enema.

But I needed to finish my business. I turned around one last time and now on top of her, dug my mouth back to her muff and ass. Her fingers found my brownie, and two, then three went in. Her delicate fingers slid in, but began forcefully trying to grab at the inside of my rectum. I felt her twist her fist and push deeper into me, a lone finger pulsing my clit. I pushed back into her as her ass exploded. Another huge jet shot out and I rushed forward to catch the flow. The whiskey was hot and brown now, smelling still of alcohol, but also of her dank shit. My pussy was in a froth and my ass was stretched full with her three fingers and who knows what else.

I drank and licked, hoping not to lose anything, I was lost in ecstacy. I wanted to get drunk with her scotch. I slurped it down, and sucked more in. Heavy alcohol and sulphur flavor and very bitter, again. The relief brought her release.

“Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, oh myyyyyyy, yeah, um, um, umm, um,” she started screaming, “Diane, oh, oh, love, yeah, oh, I want….” And she came and came. Her shaking nearly suffocated me, buried in her crotch, and during the hurricane, she pushed out a turd the size of a walnut. “mmm, mmm, yeah, ohhhhhhh,” she screamed in absolute delight. She didn’t stop her cunt licking and ass plunging though. I was close to panting for orgasm.

“Kate, love, come, more, yeah, ohh, deeper,” I murmured in a daze.

The shit was followed by a huge shudder of a girl fart, wet and sloppy, which splattered my face. Brown, yellow, golden, white, and blood red splatter from her pussy raked the couch.

This spectacular turd was hard and shiny, locked in her upper colon for months, tarry and waxy. I bit into it as the first waves of orgasm shuddered from my uterus outward. My pussy quivered in her mouth. I ran the roundness across my lips, into my cheeks and separated the twisted strands. My saliva melted the crisp shell, reducing it to brown syrup, which flowed down my throat.

I started coming, heaving my privates into her face with a violent bucking motion. Without thinking, I grabbed her hand and thrust it into my ass, the remaining finger and thumb, getting the entire fist into my now distended gaper. I shook in her face, I came and came, her hand up to the forearm in me, I pulled it deeper without regard for pain.

“Kate, Kate, oh, go, yeah, yeah, mmmm, oh, ouwwwwww, innnnnn.” I shouted at her to push it deeper. It fit! It was in. We were both drunk with lust and filth and our bodies screamed at each other, locked together in total decadence. As my orgasm raged though me, my head flew from side to side and my rectum opened to shit out her adıyaman escort fist. With a slurp, it popped out of the bludgeoned orifice, my lower torso liquefied with her licking and eating, and a soft heavy mound of defecation poured from me, soiling the pillows, releasing an odor that thickened our senses. There was nothing I could do, it happened without control; I drunkenly pushed it into her, mashing my feces between her teeth. She eagerly accepted my chocolate without hesitation.

Swimming in extreme ecstacy, it packed her mouth and she coughed and retched in retreat. I was laughing lovingly at the scene when her coughing abruptly shot an enormous fart out of her ass into my face, followed by a final river of liquid piss and whiskey, bringing with it thick clumps of intestinal scrapings, all smelling and tasting of woman anal slime. It was as if someone was filling my mouth with sperm, pouring love jism down my gullet and enjoying watching me swallow it all. Only it was a beautiful, daring woman. The brown sludge flowed into me and we feasted ourselves to a purr, calming down with our slowing breath.

I crawled over to her and nuzzled her in my face, finding her mouth, still caked with my sticky shit, some draping off her nose. We kissed longingly and lovingly, ignoring the stench, the reeking odors and the mess surrounding us. It was a real lesbian kiss, she pushing her tongue up under the bottom of mine, she moved and swirled deeply on the bottom of my mouth.

“Oh, Diane,” she exclaimed breathlessly, “You are so divine, such a nasty slut. You’re making me so hot. I can’t stop here, I can’t.”

Her kisses grew deeper and more passionate still, I couldn’t believe she had more in her. She grabbed my head and began sucking my lips and running her tongue all around them, cleaning the brown crud between our skin. She worked on down to my tits, nipples still standing hard. She smeared our brown around the hard nubs and bit sensuously, but her gyrating hips indicated her next round was forthcoming. Before I knew it, I was on my back, she was tonguing my gash again and sticking two fingers back into my asshole, loosened and ready. She placed her crack over my mouth and squatted, slapping vulvas teasing my wet chin.

A sweet thick sugary sulfuric odor of putrid stench gassed out her rear flap, I drank it up my nose and actually tasted it on my tongue. It finished with the rhythmic stutter of a diesel engine.

“That’s for you, love ass slut,” she murmured, “drink me.”

I penetrated that stink hole with two, then three fingers, all the way up. She bucked and moaned with satisfaction and tried to pull them deeper. She thrust her entire bottom down on my mouth and I responded by licking and chewing everything hard and fierce.

“Oh, Di, fuck me hard, fuck my ass now, now, NOW!”

Her hole bucked forth as it spewed forth my fingers and a glowing red protrusion, the prolapsed cauliflower of her distended bowel begged for a suck. I dove on it taking it into my mouth and tongued the soft form all around as it pulsated. Each lick, she pushed into me and it quivered, her shit tube seemingly turned inside out for me to actually embrace with my teeth. The taste sensational, rich, aromatic, salty, bitter like her shit. I licked and kissed that engorged fruit, it a bright summer raspberry sweet and tangy, hard and nutty, bending with my lips as I took it inside me. She bore down with all her weight and a thick slurry of chocolate syrup covered the morsel, messy liquid chocolate covered raspberry! The taste and smell was too much for either of us. She screamed as I tongued and slurped the gushing bowel drain, I drank.

“Oh, shit, shit, shit, I’m comingggggg Diane, mmm-uh, mm-uh, mm-uh, fuck me, open me hard, in me, in me, in me,” she shouted. Her pace was fast and her weight was bucking on my head, slamming her soaking, stinking holes all over me, breathing their fumes and wetness.

Though her mouth on my cunt, she was focusing on herself and without so much as another touch, it threw me over the edge again, like a roller coaster, I yelped and spewed my girl cum inot her face, spraying a salty stream everywhere.

I watched and bathed in her log flow as it came out of her in long tubes, breaking under its own weight. It got looser as the deeper strands emerged, mushing onto my tits. We heaved in synchronized exhaustion and found ourselves in a final lover’s embrace, completely soiled and messed about, brown frosting covering our bodies and sticking them together as one.

“I’ll drink with you any night, Diane,” she said.

I kissed her a long time, taking in the scents and touches.

“Call me when you’re back in town,” I whispered to her.

“No strings attached,” she responded.

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